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Friday, 26 February 2016

Steamed Sea-Cucumber

 Mamarazzi was blog hopping after long hiatus during Chinese New Year. Usually she would go to the latest post of each blog (except for 1 blog)...but some how her "magic nose" must have scent something delicious in Mommy Ling's blog which made her click the on "Previous Post".

What a bonus it was. Spotted one of Papa's favourite food there. Sea-cucumber. It seems that Mommy Ling's uncle steam the sea-cucumber instead of braise it or making soup with it.

Interesting way of cooking the sea-cucumber wor. She quickly shoot Mommy Ling a few questions and next  morning went to the nearby super-market to get some sea-cucumbers. Of course not those good grades ones la like what Mommy Ling's uncle bought.

She bought some cheap ones to experiment. Since it's cheap one....size also very tiny la. two bites finito.

Came home..stuffed them with minced meat (Pork+chopped Prawns+ grated Jicama) . Add some salt and pepper to the minced meat. Before steaming, she drizzled a bit of oyster sauce on top and cover the plate with clinging wrap.

 Yikes! surprising come so much water come out after steaming geh? Papa tasted the gravy and asked mamarazzi if she added sugar ah? Mamarazzi said no and tasted a bit herself. Uiks...really sweet wor. The gravy goes well with rice.

The steamed sea-cucumber taste pretty good leh. Not "lembik" or melted. It was rather "springy and chewy texture" as Mommy Ling said in her blog.

Yummy...this recipe is for keeps then. Thank you very much to Mommy Ling for introducing this lovely way of cooking sea cucumber.

I'll leave the sea-cucumber for Papa and Mamarazzi to enjoy la. Me....i am eyeing the crazy about fish lately.....

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Seeking High Quality Dental Care in Malaysia

Mamarazzi can still remember from her own experience many years ago of a visit to the local dentist to have a tooth extracted through surgery. At that time, she had no choice but to go to the only dentist near our area. She ended up with half of her face so swollen and a huge dental fee. She was very traumatized by the incident.

Recently, she was faced with a decision whether she should do an implant or a bridging for her front tooth. She procrastinated for some time until a friend recommended her Dental Departures. She went online to check it out for herself. She began to browse through the list of dentist in Malaysia. To her delight, she could easily compare the price and quality of doctors and dentists listed in and around our state.

Information such as the dentists’ education and experiences on their job, the numbers of years the clinic has been in business, payment methods and hours of operation are easily available. With all these information, Mamarazzi’s anxiety lessen. She was able to decide and confidently picked the dentist to book an appointment, knowing that the dentist is a highly qualified and experienced in his job.

Once her online booking was confirmed, she was contacted by the clinic and the process of her appointment and the necessary treatment recommended started. Mamarazzi was happy with the whole process and she went for her appointment with the dentist. To cut the whole story short, Mamarazzi bridging was done to her satisfaction. She is now happily sharing her dental experience with her friends.

Visit Dental Departures and find the best global dentist. Get your Free quote Now!

Thanks Dental Departures for helping us get the best dentist with high quality.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Embarrassing Moment at My Birthday Dinner

Looks like my hint hint wink wink worked wor.

Yesterday  after school, Papa and Mamarazzi  came and fetch me.

Mamarazzi  asked where would i like to go for dinner. Straightaway  i said Tony Romas. She said sure ka? Don't  want Bubba Gump? Sushi King? Big Brothers? McDonald's? many choices...which one to choose...okay...go Chilis  la *Mamarazzi  pengsan sekejap*. I said i like the Mac & Cheese there.

Got my wish...hehehe

Mamarazzi try out their new Avocado something something steak. The sauce was nice according to her but i preferred  the steak by itself...nicer leh. Yup... i "helped" her eat a bit of the steak. Must ask the restaurant to put on a bigger plate. Kinda hard to cut the steak in this rectangular plate.

Papa had Beef Fajita; which i also "helped" to eat a bit.

Okay...finished makan....can pay liao?

Must be I cheeky in the photo and put tanduk(horn) behind Mamarazzi's head. ...she "play" me pulak after this. Yup...she wrapped up like a nangka(jackfruit) coz she was a bit under the weather...Hmmm...under the weather also can play people punya ka?

Suddenly the staffs came to our table and sang Happy Birthday song..Aiyoyo...shy shy leh....dunno where to embarrassing leh....look left look fast blow out the candle before anyone sees me.

Wanna fast fast finish the Ice cream and brownie but but but....big cup leh.....Lucky Papa helped me to finish it. So yummy.

Came home.....did my school homework and went to dream land.... giggling  in the dreamland some more....

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Papa's Birthday at Suki-ya , Paradigm Mall

Yesterday was Papa's birthday. Early in the morning  I gave him red eggs that Mamarazzi  had prepared.  And after my tuition, i asked Papa what he wanna eat. My treat.

Tony Romas? Papa said no. Chillis? No again. McDonald's? Super no...

Hmmm....then Mamarazzi  suggested the what what shop...neh the Japanese  one...with steamboat buffet one...

Papa said Suki-ya ah? Wokay ..let's go.

First pick.....Papa likes sushi hor ? * bodek mode*.

Noodles for me. Love noodles  leh. Suki-ya very healthy.  A lot of vegetables  option and have the mushrooms that Papa likes.

Again bodek mode....took one super tall bowl of green tea mixed with chocolate for Papa.

Papa ate till so full he said cannot go in anymore  lo. Time to make a move.

Before going home, i kept asking Mamarazzi  what about Cake? Papa went to the Gents and i spotted Mille Crepe nearby.

 Let's buy a cake from there for Papa la. Mamarazzi  said no need whole cake. Just one piece will do. I tasted their Vanilla  crepe nice. Bought a piece of that. Then treated Papa with a cup of coffee.

Yesterday  was Papa's birthday.  Today is my birthday  but I already  got my birthday pressie from Papa liao. He got me tickets to Kidzania which i utilised last Sunday.

Managed to get my pazzport upgraded to Honorable Citizen Pazzport.  With this pazzport I get many perks. Can sit next to the driver in the Fire Engine.  And what's more exciting  is that I am allowed to drive the Plus Ronda Car. SEE! Got flashing lights!. It was sure a  fun day. Any early birthday pressie.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Restoran Ipoh, Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar

Good morning.  It's the last few days of Chinese New Year.  Guess this weekend everyone will be busy going "Pai Nian ". Most restaurants would be full. 

Tonight we will be going out with some good friends for makan too. 

I hope the food will be as good as the food at Restoran Ipoh at Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar which Auntie  Elin treat us to during our trip to Ipoh last year.

The tilapia fish was good. No mud smell like in some restaurant.  Mamarazzi still trying to puzzle out HOW to make the paste.  So yummy.

Paiseh...knowing Mamarazzi 's love for stinky beans,  Auntie  Elin pre-ordered this dish.

Not everyone would enjoy this bean but Mamarazzi and Papa sure enjoyed it very much.

Some greens to go with the food. Portion just nice.

This one was ordered specially for me. Got gravy and all in one pot to go with my rice.

Wah lau many dishes ..where to start ya?

But if you ask me...this one is my favourite.  Fried just nice. Crunchy  and well marinated.

Thank you very much , Auntie Elin and Uncle B, for the lovely dinner. Hope you guys will be having a great Chap Goh Mei !

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Fun Filled Days at KidZania Kuala Lumpur

Kai! (That's Hi in Kidzanian language ). How are you this morning?  As for me, am still snoring at the time Mamarazzi typing this post.

Super excited for the past two days coz I got to go to Kidzania. It's been my dream to go there ever since my friends told me how much fun they had in KidZania.

Thank you very much to Kidzania Kuala Lumpur for giving me two adult tickets and two kids tickets. Finally, on my birthday month my dream is fulfilled.

Was super excited on Friday  morning. Was there as early as 9.40am. Caught the 1st flight off to Kidzania.

After a small matter of opening a bank account and getting  a Kidzanian passport, I was off job hunting .

I know what job i wanna do first. Mamarazzi  said "Alamak!". Me say "Poslaju. Dijamin sampai within 15 mins".

Am not shy at all. I asked all the "abang " and "kakak" in Kidzania for directions.  All parcels under my responsibility were delivered in good condition. No updating online as "unable to deliver " or "missed delivery".

Mamarazzi  got me to clear off the Fire Fighter job after doing  Poslaju as it was still very early and no queue there.

They were just starting out a new session and Mamarazzi told me to ask the "abang" if i can join them. The Abang said yes as they still need some more fire fighters.

 The trick here is to see if there are still any empty spots. Can always ask to join if there are empty spots and that they are just starting a new session. The Kidzania staffs are very nice.

I also managed to clear off some of the jobs that i wanted to do when i grow up. Such as Police Officer, Pilot, Newspapers  Delivery boy, mechanic,  toll officer and etc

And i got to try out some jobs that i have never dream of doing such as an Accident & Emergency  Paramedic, nurse, dentist and all those that involves needles and bloods. 

After earning loads of Kidzo, i was confident  that i have enough for to pay for a driving car game. 

I  had a shock when the  Kakak there told me that i have to get a driving licence before i can drive car there! 

For a driving licence,  i had to get my eyes checked and get insurance coverage.  

I speed to the optician shop there and had my eyes checked. Then zoomed tp the insurance company and got an insurance coverage.  

With both documents in hand, only then am allowed to sit for a Driving Test. real world leh.

After all the tests, I finally got my Driving Licence. Yahoo!!!! I can drive!!

Mamarazzi  said it's a good experience for me.

Like in real live, there were some who drive like they are driving bumper cars. But the drivers were quickly  cautioned by the staffs there. Those who doesn't listen would be grounded for a round. Mamarazzi saw a driver got grounded. Good job.

We went again yesterday.  Some of the staffs still remember  me and some even addressed me by name. Mamarazzi  said maybe am too naughty hence they remember.

Here is my new gf. *Lol*

On second day, i had everything  planned. I know what job i wanna do.  Among it all , i wanna climb the F&N building.

But oppsssss...i sandals allowed.

 Lucky for me...i have very big feet. Same shoe size as Mamarazzi.  That's how Mamarazzi end up wearing my sandals while i went climbing.

Ya another achievement.  I managed to conquer  my fear of height. Climbed to the tippy top...rang the bell and come down again.

Mamarazzi said BBW kalah by Kidzania  liao....Friday walked 10am to 5pm ...Saturday  walked 10am to 7pm. Even in BBW she tarak walk like this two days straight.

Second  day discovered something  awesome.  Paid 12kidzo to work at MarryBrown and get a free burger.

Aiyak...should have done IT the 1st day la. Too bad didn't  know about it.

Caught the last flight out on the second day. Hopefully  can go again la.

Learnt a lot of things from Kidzania. ..on how to be patience. .on how not to be my mouth and ask when i need it...on planning..on rules when having fun..on how earning money is hard but spending it is fast.... bought this toy for 400kidzo. 

Lucky for me my KidZanian passport got upgraded to Distinguished Citizen  Pazzport. Got extra discount when I buy things there. Next passport will be Honorable Citizen Pazzport. I need another 16 stamps . 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Fried Nian Gao with Popiah Skin

Some people  can fry nian gao with flour very nicely but not Mamarazzi.  Each time the batter would  either be too watery or too thick. Not fluffy at all.

She was lamenting about this to Auntie Claire  this morning  over breakfast.  Aunt Claire who had travelled  far and wide suggested  fry Nian Gao wrapped  with popiah skin.

Apalagi mau tunggu? No need to wait for next Tuesday. She immediately  went and find sweet potatoes and yam.

Cut them into small size. Should have been smaller size but Mamarazzi was lazy.

Layer it with yam,  nian gao and sweet potato.

Wrap them into neat little "bundle".

Deep fry them with low fire. Yup...low fire....coz 1st batch got burnt as the fire was too "big".

Jeng! Jeng! After fail 2-3 times...finally  got two presentable  looking  fried Nian Gao.

Can't wait to have a bite. Mamarazzi  made 11 pieces of these.  Took 1 for herself. Papa said make so many how to finish leh.....but later on when Mamarazzi  want to take a 2nd piece, only 2 were left on the plate.

Wah lau magic show oh...

Tastes okay. For Mamarazzi  , this is a less messy way of frying Nian Gao. No need to pening about the batter.

Thank you  Auntie  Claire for the yummy idea.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Gong Xi Fatt Chai 2016-Home Sweet Home

恭喜发财, 红包拿来. 没有红包, 不能进来. Hahaha...learnt this from school  friends.

Yes , it's  the 3rd day of Chinese  New Year.  Just got back in town late last night.

Today, Mamarazzi  cooked up a storm to feed me. I seems to be famished 24 hours a day.

For lunch,  we had my current  favour  fish-Jumping Fish dish. It's actually  Patin fish but i call it Jumping Fish coz they like to jump and splash around in the tank.

Also have Papa's  favourite sea-cucumber and the Prawns that  Papa bought from his work place.

The Patin fish is from Temerloh.  Yup.. we stopped by Temerloh  for dinner on our way home yesterday.

Dinner was another yummy affair. Mamarazzi  made dumplings. She fried half and cook with soup the other half. 

Again mixed vegetables with sea-cucumber. Golden pumpkin with oink oink. Not my favourite dish. My favourite dish is the soup dumplings.  Very slurpy. Yum. wonder people complain say will gain weight during Chinese New Year.  If everyday eat like this...wah lau eh...

Well, tummy full liao. Time to sleep. Tomorrow morning  gonna meet a very important  person for breakfast. 


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