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Thursday, 31 December 2015

May The Green Be With You in 2016

Long time readers of this blog will surely know Mamarazzi's pakai hentam method in almost everything the last post for this year should be what leh? This year have been okay kinda year ...a lot of frustration felt by many towards the second half of the year especially about the country's economic situation.

Leaders of this country have been alleged to ask citizens to go green and plant more edibles at home. We did that. Well, maybe that's why Mamarazzi feels a gardening related post will be good for the final post of this year.

Yup our garden, there are a lot of edible plants and she is learning something new nearly every day. For example....the Cekur Batik plant of hers... the flower in the morning will be purple in color....but by the end of the day...the color will fade and turn into silky white.

Mamarazzi have heard of the nurseries opposite Sg Buloh Hospital from many sources but have never ventured there as she biasa buy from the nurseries along Jalan Subang-Sg Buloh.

That was the case till she stumbled upon this Jacky Lim Nursery in Facebook. Though the posts are written mostly in Chinese but thanks to the translate function in Facebook, Mamarazzi can guess the contents. *hip hip hooray to FB*

What made Mamarazzi wants to visit this particular nursery was because of  these....air plants. It was obscenely cheap. The air plant with wind chime cost only RM12 each .

Another nursery nearby is also selling air plants with pumpkin looking wind chime at RM18.

While these "coconutty" looking air plants cost only RM10 each. She saw in a nursery at Jln Subang - Sg Buloh, the same thing cost RM48!

(photo taken at another nursery nearby there) Mamarazzi is into air plant as they are easy to take care. Just mist them every 2 days will do. And when they bloom, they are lovely to look at. Most of all, they don't take up much space.

There are so many nurseries at that area but no proper address. But luckily, Jacky Lim Nursery posted their phone number in Facebook. She gave them a call and the man directed her to his nursery. Very efficient and friendly.

After getting the air plants, she walked around. 

Asked the man's permission to snap some photos. Scared kena scolding mah. Saw there are signboard that state no photography allowed in another nurseries at Jln Subang-Sg buloh . So better ask permission first lo. The man happily say no problem ...snap more advertisement mah... what a jovial man he is.

Adui...these adenium...cost only RM25. Think it's about a foot high. 

Some taller ones cost around RM35 , RM40....something like that la.... and some of the flowers are multi petals type. Aiyo...she felt like grabbing them all home.

For those who wants something cheaper....these were RM10 each...if not mistaken.... or was it RM10 for 3...not sure...go their FB and check.

 These lovely orchids were only RM7 a pot. Mamarazzi couldn't resist and grabbed a pot as Papa likes orchids.

 The cheapest hibiscus so far that she know of...RM15 a pot...2-3feet high with lovely bloom. It's one of those big blooms hibiscus ; some with multi petals and some with stripes.

Cannot linger at the nurseries for long as it could turn out to be a costly trip. Everything is so cheap around there. Makes Mamarazzi feel like wanna buy them all.

Within half hour trip, Mamarazzi managed to grab two air plants, 1 pot of orchid and found the Kesidang plant that Papa was looking for...RM7 only.

Chinese New Year is coming. Spotted many nurseries there are having various type of Lime Plant. Guess there will be high demand for it next month as CNY approaches.

Okay..drooling for some greens for your home or office? Well, drop by Sg Buloh and hunt for yourself. Here is the address to Jacky Lim Nursery  , Jalan Lembah , 47000 Sg Buloh Selangor.  If you are lost, can call the guy at 012-360 1769. 

Surrounding area is full of nurseries. Spare some time to walk around and you might find great bargains. Heard from a friend that another nursery there called Leong's also selling plants at a very cheap price. Will go and hunt when time permits.

 Note: Found out that Jacky Lim Nursery also can Poslaju plants to customers who are too busy or too far Sabah Sarawak also can.

Last but not least....The Force Awakens in 2015...hopefully there will be changes for the better in 2016. May the force be with you and Happy 2016!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas Lunch Buffet at Oriental Banquet, Petaling Jaya

Christmas day was spend with a few close friends. Had buffet lunch at Oriental Banquet, PJ.

Surprisingly the price for the Buffet was cheap reasonable. It's Chinese food. The kind that you might find at any Chinese 8 course or 10 course dinner. 

 Okay...don't shoot me also comes with a bowl of sharkfin soup. If you are against eating sharkfin soup, you can always ask them to omit it though not sure if they will deduct the price or not.

Aside from that, they also have cold dishes like shrimps, baby octopus, oyster and salad

Hehehe...these are mamarazzi;s favourite...sure sapu a lot la. Even have cheese baked oyster leh. 

The warm variety consis of Kam heong lala, soya sauce prawns, braise pork, asam chye and some others. 

Oh ya...they have dim sum too but Mamarazzi was too busy eating so tarak snap photo of those. The dim sum are the usual stuffs, siew mai, dumplings, chicken feet Phoenix claws, steamed pork rib and even Lap Mei rice. Lap Mei rice is the ones cooked with Chinese sausages and wax duck.

Some finger food....or shall I say "spoon food", There were some fried stuffs too like fishes , fried prawns, fried duno what ...this and that la. But Mamarazzi never really like fried stuff so tarak eat much of those. Only had the chicken wing. 
They have noodles too but I surprised Mamarazzi as I didn't ask for that. Took loads of ice cream instead. while Mamarazzi took a bit of everything.  The Peking Duck was free flow but the piece that Mamarazzi had was a bit gamely smell. 

Still have more food choices but since this is not an invited food review....aiya...malas wanna show all la....

 Discovered a new way of eating ice it with Phoenix claw very nice leh

I discovered that they have Coffee...unlike a hotel buffet that we went to that does not serve coffee or tea.

Took a cup for Mamarazzi. Burn my fingers a bit but nothing that some ice couldn't take care off

We were quite surprised to see this! Oh my kucing! Roast Pig. Of course la queue up for it. Then one of the staff said no need to queue up. They will serve it to each table.

 Wah...not bad wor...our portion. Taste very nice. Love the crunchy skin. The meat was a bit salty. It's okay. I love the taste. I think everyone at the table refrain from eating much of this when they saw me liking it so much. Left big portion of it for me.

 Then of course they also eating the BBQ pork and the roast duck too. Taste pretty good. 

 Another of my favourite......Cendol...I made it myself. With a lot of beans and corn in it

 But but who stole my Baked oyster ah while I was away???

Hmm....nevermind la...there are plenty of other stuffs to eat there.

Papa said not much choice there but for Mamarazzi it was ample choice lo. RM43++ only wor....Kira good enough lor the choice. It's better than eating at a certain buffet that Uncle SK went to, RM108 but food standard below expectation. may wanna try out the buffet. Here is the address  : 16, Jalan 19/1, Section 19, 46200 Petaling Jaya

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas Eve at A Wet Thai, Petaling Jaya

 Christmas Eve...what to eat..where to eat...really no idea ... everywhere will be full of people. Waited till nearly 8pm baru go out food hunting. Morganfield? Hmm....could be full up. ..usual western restaurant?

Okay la....hentam A Wet Thai la...Lazy to go all the way to Puchong. So try out the one in PJ la.

Our first time there... not bad...much bigger place than the one in Puchong. Not many customers too as peak hour was over. Most customers were going off liao.

 What did we had? favourite...oink oink leg. 

 Yup...delicious roast pork knuckle.  Tasted mild for mamarazzi but for me...I love the crunchy skins

She said the garlic, lime and cili padi dipping makes the dish perfect wor. Asked me to try some but for me "no thank you"

 Ordered omelet with shrimps for me . Sadly, not much shrimps in it. Maybe habis stock coz as we went so late.

 Anyway, the prawns in their Tomyum suop more than make up for the lack of shrimps in the omelet.


As for vegetable...we had paku-pakis (young ferns?) stir fried with garlic. A bit over cooked but it's okay la

 After the spicy tomyum...Papa sure want something cool la...he got the Red ruby.

While I had cendol

Nowadays, I gila Cendol pulak. Love it la. 

Overall, food here okay la. Place was spacious. Service also boleh tahan. 

Address : Jalan Cempaka, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Monday, 28 December 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

 Hello! Guess it's back to normal now. Been slacking for a week and more. How was your Christmas celebration?

Ours was great despite some hiccups. Went to PJ for hospital visitation. Got stuck in horrible traffic jam on the way home. Hence detoured to Paradigm Mall

Hey! what did you know! Charlie Brown and friends were there. Yeah...this year the decorated the place with Charlie Brown theme.

A week later I even get to watch Charlie Brown the movie when it was not so crowded. Though  one cilaka   fella kept kicking the back of Mamarazzi's seat in the cinema. Guessing that he and his girlfriend are making their own movie at the back row hiding under shared big sweater while many kids and their parents watching Charlie Brown the Movie

 Managed to drop by Jacky Lim's Nursery  opposite Hospital Sg Buloh. Wah........that area...the plants are even cheaper that where Mamarazzi used to  go. Big pot of "Christmas Flower" cost only RM18!

While Christmas plants shopping, we were blessed with another surprise. Ah Mah called said they are on the way to KL from Penang. Before that they were holidaying in Cameron Highland then Penang with my Kaw Kaw family. 

Papa asked where will they be staying as he planned to ajak them out for dinner. Surprise surprise...Ah Mah said they (ah Mah and Ah Kong) will be staying with us. lucky oh....lucky Papa's work trip was postpone that week due to an emergency .. blessing in disguise I guess.

 They were tired so inside of having family dinner that evening when they arrived, we postponed to the next evening lo. Had wonderful dishes at Restaurant Jit Mei in Ijok. my favourite "wobbly meat". I won;t show you la as I have blogged about the food there before. Must try if you ever end up in Ijok.

 The next morning, Ah Mah and Ah Kong have to go off liao. Papa had meeting. Hence, me and Mamarazzi prepared Ginger Bread Cookies for the Christmas Carolling group who were coming that evening. Roasted two chickens, fried some bihun and some other stuffs.

 It's the first time we having people coming Carolling at our place. What a wonderful bless it is. ....*happy mode*. Hark the Herald of Angels sing~ Glory to the new born King~

And I also discovered that am named after Jesus and the meaning of my name  ...

My Christmas tree? Hehehe....this is my :inverted" Christmas tree. Just to tease someone in New Zealand and Someone in Dubai.  *Muhahahaha*

Thursday, 17 December 2015

My Cake Home, Tanah Rata Cameron Highland

Wah...after cactus hunting and playing in the's sure freezing leh. Time to have something "Chi Kek". Wanna know what? ICE-CREAM!! Crazy leh?

Candle light "supper".

Yes! It's at My Cake Home

Mamaazzi not as brave as me.She rather have warm sweet potatos that she bought from the pasar malam(night market)

And....what's that?? Flower in the tea pot?

Papa ordered Hot Chocolate for me...just in case... but but but....

I rather have Banana Splits Ice Cream

One thing I discovered is that if Fries dipped into Ice-cream taste delicious leh. Do try it...muhahahaha...

Service there was good. Pricewise...KL price la...tourist area mah...

Here is the address :  No. 11, Jalan Besar , Tanah Rata, Tanah Rata 39000, Malaysia

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Fun and Safety First with FUNA - Family Locator

Big Bad Wolf Books sale finally over liao. At least for this year. 

Wanna know something funny? The sales venue was so large that Mamarazzi had to resort to this to keep in touch with me. Kept worrying that I might go missing or got kidnapped. Reception for this “toy walkie-talkie” was pretty bad

Then Auntie Claire said since I have handphone, why not install FUNA in my phone? FUNA is a family locator apps. It provide REAL-Time update of a family member’s location . The apps even have a SOS alarm. Papa  and Mamarazzi can come to my rescue if I trigger the alarm. What’s more is that the apps is FREE.

Aiyoyo…Mamarazzi sees the word FREE …of course she will go and “investigate” la. 

Yesterday morning while having breakfast at Mamak Stall, she downloaded the apps. Yes, our home WIFI doing the Chipsmore dance and she thought this apps would use up a lot of data. So go Mamak and download lah. Surprise was less than 20MB leh. Won't make her phone lag.

Very easy. Once downloaded, they sent her a verification Verification code and the rest as they say is history

 One hand clap no sound, right? So Mamarazzi sent a request to Papa phone via FUNA apps so that she can test out the apps. Location was accurate and it even provide the estimated distance.

Some maybe concern about privacy. Well, ones can opt to share or not to share ones location. Ones can say not sharing the location may defeat the purpose of the apps but like the songs says “everyone need a little time away~far away~ from each other~”.

Anyway, for like me...Mamarazzi would feel much better if I kept the share location turn on so that she knows my where about without having to keep calling me. Mana tau if I "ponteng"(play truant) tuition or what. Of course cannot keep calling me when am in tuition mah.

Mamarazzi don’t have to worry about “bad people” knowing my location as the location is confidential and only visible to family members or the ones that I added add into my  circle. 

If anything happened or if I needed help, I can always trigger an SOS alert.


Papa and/or Mamarazzi will receive an alert on their phone. They can opt either to call me and find out what’s the problem and/or they can navigate come and find me.

Very easy. Just press Navigate .


And the whatever navigation apps in their phone will take care of the rest.
Hmm….. I wonder if this apps can help me locate my phone as I kept misplacing it. If it can, maybe can use this to find lost/stolen phone too ya? Haven’t tried. If the thief did not switch off or reset the phone then can locate the phone gua.

Hmm…Papa and Mamarazzi thought only they can track me ah? I also can track them you know! Where’s my food? Say go buy food for me but till now not home yet.

Bluff me! say "on the way, on the way" .  I checked the apps and it shows that  they went “international roaming”. The map history shows zigzag here and there . Pusing till my head also sees stars.

 But no fear, according to the apps…another 5 minutes my "chicken rice” will arrive home. Get ready the fork and spoon liao. Hungry ahhhhhhh!!!

Oh ya..FUNA's people and they say they will be having a contest soon for new FUNA users . The contest  mechanics are as follows : 
Download FUNA the Family Locator app and and be 5 daily lucky winners to win 5xRM20 in Aeon cash vouchers each day from the 18th to the 23rd of December 2015
To participate, simply download the FUNA app here: 
Then add this phone number within FUNA: 010-2983235. 
Winners will be contacted from the App itself.
 May the odds be ever in your favor

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