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Thursday, 19 November 2015

ShopBack Gave Us The Best Deal With

School holiday is just around the corner. This is the best time to relax and enjoy a plate of Penang Char Keoy Teow. Yup, Papa have been eyeing a good plate of Penang Char Keoy Teow for quite some time already but due to work commitment and my schooling, we can’t find a suitable time to pop over to Penang.

Looks like we left the booking of hotel a bit too late as price of rooms have increased.  Most of the place we called seems to have been fully booked or the price is over our budget.

She told Auntie Claire about this and maybe can’t go Penang this school holiday. Then Auntie Claire told her about ShopBack, the best shopping deals and cashback site in South East Asia. ShopBack is now in Malaysia. They are well established in for Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia too.

ShopBack is like a One-Stop-Center for all shopping needs from fashion to hotels, air tickets and more. Just imagine how much time we saved with the advantages of getting  all the best discount and deal all in one place- ShopBack. On top of that, ShopBack also give shoppers CashBack whenever the buy/book through ShopBack.

I am sure that you have heard of Lazada, Ensogo, Agoda, Zalora, Qoo10, eBay and AliExpress. These are just a few of the many big names that are listed under ShopBack.

How ShopBack works is that they refer shoppers to the Merchant. The Merchant give ShopBack commission. Instead of keeping all the commission, ShopBack share the commission with the shoppers.

Here is a video about ShopBack that she found in Youtube .

Mamarazzi found that the instruction how to use ShopBack is easy to understand. She just need to click on the store that she wanted, eg Groupon. Shop as usual and once payment is made, she will get cash back in her SHopBack account within 48 hours. She can cash out from ShopBack when the amount reached RM10.

Anyway, back to our trip.  Auntie Claire suggested that we look at as it is  a part of ShopBack too. We can get the best coupons when we travel with On top of that we will also get cash back from our booking. With this, maybe we will  have more accommodation options opened to us. No joke. Mamarazzi registered promptly and discovered the wonder of booking online. She also noted that,, and a few others also listed there. It’s not limited to booking of hotels/accommodation only. They also have deals for buying luggage and stuffs like that.

While browsing, Mamarazzi discovered that ShopBack have Black  Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Mamarazzi had heard of Black Friday sale but this is the first time that she sees the word Cyber Monday Sale. Seems that many countries around the world have this Cyber Monday sale as a complementary to Black Friday Sales. There will be one coming soon on ShopBack at this month end and early December. Just in time to shop for something to wear on our vacation.


  1. Go Penang? Not coming to Sibu? Don't lah so sombong, throw stones (buang batu)... :(

  2. oolala, Paparazzi is bringing Mamarazzi and Small Kucing to Penang!! eih not only CKT lah but there are many other delicious food to eat there leh.. Uncle SK also like the rojak, laksa and nutmeg juice there, yum yum!!!

  3. school holiday is coming?? wah sure Small Kucing is very excited about it leh, did he keep on "reminding" Mamarazzi to book hotel?? Mamarazzi must be very stressed up lah right?? last minute and all hotels are full and if not very expensive..

  4. this ShopBack is something new to Uncle SK leh, looks like something very interesting that they share the commission with their customers through cashback.. wah, Uncle SK is a frequent online shopper woh, must go and take a look at this ShopBack and understand how it works first..

    1. Something new and interesting for Auntie Lina also.

  5. online shops are most of the time cheaper than retail shops leh, now somemore with this ShopBack means we can save even more?? good good.. can beat the increasing prices and living costs and also GST leh~~ :)

  6. I am past the day of having children going back to school.....glad you got a deal

  7. Interesting site. Gonna check the depths now.

  8. Enjoy your holiday in Penang.

  9. This is something new to me. ShopBack is definitely a must for all the shoppers.
    Anay and Thambee are certified shopping queens. Muahahaha

  10. Must look into this. Thanks for the headsup.


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