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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Halloween Sun Day Out at The School & Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF) @ MIECC

 Good morning! How was your weekend? Last Sunday, I managed to "bodek" Papa to bring me to Jaya One for "scootering".

They were having Halloween galore. So many lovely decorations and kids in Halloween costume. There was also a Witch walking around giving out candies ****Hansel & Gretel witch's??****

 There was a BIG bat hovering around

 ARGH!!!!! Runnnnnn!!!!

Found a new "girlfriend" to protect me . Beautiful or not my girlfriend?So tall with very slim waist. 

Gosh...The School at Jaya One sure a happening place. Every week, there will be event.

Speaking of many of you have truly read and understand the post  about "Imparting Entrepreneurial Skills to the Underprivileged Children" dated 22nd October 2015

Okay la...just in case you were speed reading like Mamarazzi likes to do or maybe missed out on that post, it is actually about this group called Living Hope. They are organising  Children’s Day Charity Bazaar on 8 Nov (11am – 5pm) on the G Floor of The School, Jaya One. Stalls will be manned by under privileged children. This is to teach them some entrepreneur skill.

No actual money will be use during the sale but you can buy things sold there by using coupon. Coupon booklets can be bought from the Info Counter at The School from now till 8th November 2015. It's RM50 per booklet and all proceeds will go to Living Hope to aid the under privileged children in Malaysia.

Really hope to see you there this Sunday.

 After scooting in Jaya One, off we went to the  Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair at MIECC pulak. We arrived around 4pm . By 4.30pm some of the stalls started to pack up already as closing time was 5pm.

Aiks...why close so early leh on weekend. Open la till 7pm or 8pm.

Didn't get to see much. Managed to catch DIGI with their innovative presentation about Cyber Bullying. Some of us may not be aware nasty remark left in social media can also be terms as cyber bullying.

There was also a presentation about how social media is used to "viral" certain situation which may or may not be good .  There are a few more presentation and games but we didn't not linger long. Not enough time

 Off we went to see other exhibitions. This one captured Mamarazzi's eye coz last week she saw this "Kinetic Sand" being sold in a shopping complex for RM200 - RM300 a small bag but it comes with all the moulds la.

Mak pricey leh.... looks like here we can make our own kinetic sand. Hmm...maybe if I make and sell for 1kg RM50 got people wanna buy or not ah?

 There were some that joined the science fair too.One school in particular used recycled items to make toys and games.

Here two kor kor helped me to "grow taller"

Wooohoo...looks like am getting the hang of it.

Haiz....only got to "see" these. The rest closed shop liao even before 5pm.

Hmm.....if next year they going to have this fair again, gottab arrive here sharp 9am and leave before 5pm coz we got stuck INSIDE the car park for 2hours!! Darn it...lucky tarak urgent wanna pangsai  else die kau kau. Wondering where the heck was all the traffic police and RELA. During BBWS they were there leh.

Later in the evening, Auntie Lina said maybe the horrible traffic due to the flooding in front of the Serdang KTM. Adui..looks like some things never change eventhough a decade had passed.


  1. Hi There, I love the way that you are always finding not only places of FUN for your son --but especially places like the Science Fair --where he can continue to LEARN.. That is just so important. I think that too many kids in our country spend WAY too much time just having fun and not enough LEARNING....

    Great post.

  2. I saw some event @ the school when i was having my investment class @ JayaOne last August.

  3. It's interesting to me that you celebrate Halloween!

  4. Thanks for the info. Will try to make it.

  5. What a lovely time you had, and I am a little late but, Happy Halloween :)

  6. i like your girlfriend. and the stilts look fun.

  7. haha I've tried those stilts before too, didn't end all that well. Good job getting the hang of it. Looks like lots of fun indeed.

  8. Looks like such a fun event! :)

  9. Me so jakun. What's kinetic sand for, ah?

  10. Happy Halloween dear.. Wah, you good la, always can bodek papa go take you out kaikai.. Me here cham lor, stuck with 2 toddlers, everywhere also can't go.. Soon, with 3 somemore, lagi few years no need to go anywhere.. Bet all parents go thru same thing when their kids/toddlers are still small.. Me, stay home watch Astro only, got lots horror movies :)

  11. I loves those Halloween decorations, so nice and cute...

  12. I agree, weekend should open till later, as weekend more traffic, so early they closed liao...

  13. wah so happy manages to bodek Paparazzi for a Halloween Sunday outing at The School.. oh yes, those decorations surely look nice, the pumpkins the bat and Small Kucing's medieval girlfriend!! hehe.. but why la, Mamarazzi didn't take photos of the kids dressing up in their costumes and the witch who distributed the candies?? maybe she's not pretty so Small Kucing also tarak aci~~ :p

  14. eih the KLESF sounds fun leh, Uncle SK was in The Mines last Friday but didn't know that.. but true huh?? how come close at 5pm so early ah?? weekends should extend the opening hours so that more people can go mah.. or maybe the organizer paid the staff normal working hours and no OT?? hehe.. Uncle SK thinks Auntie Xiao Ying will sure like this fair hor??

  15. eih, it was KLSEF but they have presentation on digital bullying ah?? wah, not bad huh though Uncle SK never expects that at all.. and what are those kinetic sand ah?? adoi this Uncle SK so outdated and "sua goo" leh, some more selling so expensively?? come Mamarazzi let us join venture to do this business!! Mamarazzi sure got lots of sand in her garden and vinegar in her kitchen.. :p

  16. eh, just half an hour there but at least dapat play something with the help of the two kor kor there lah.. at least empty handed but not empty legged, hahaha!! good ah the concept, everything they used in the experiments are recycled stuffs or simple things we can easily grab around us.. that's the fun of science leh.. :)

  17. Halloween but their decor are so cute, not scary at all, hehe!

  18. As usual, the traffic jam to get out of the car park is most "potong stim" one after all the fun >.< ... and ah, haih, nowadays it is like, either haze or flood, choose one. :(

  19. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  20. Hello Handsome Boy! You have grown taller now! No need to climb the sticks to walk.

  21. Your Mamarazzi and Kaldip are so active! They can attend events all day like this without getting tired. They must be robots.

  22. Wah! A fun filled day! I can see that you are really enjoying yourself! Have an exciting week!

  23. Indeed lots of things goes on here. But all for the good cause. I sure see the happiness of Halloween.

  24. You had a good Sunday out! Great!

  25. Your gf tall and slim waist... but bottom a bit big leh heheh.

    Ya la really sian stuck in carpark like that. 2 hours is terrible.

  26. ... loved 2 c u on stilts, lil kitten ... that's what life is all about ... sometimes low in the mud ... sometimes high on stilts ... what ever propels u forward ... Love, cat.

  27. Hahha.. Kucing seems have lots of fun !! Didn't decor himself with a Halloween costume?


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