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Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Green Day

It have been raining here in the evening for the past week. Good news is haze seems to have gone away. Yeah..shoo shoo....don;t come back again.

Another good news is the garden is flourishing. Plants sprouting leaves wild here and there. Only down side is that the weeds had the same idea too.

Mamarazzi spent the whole morning weeding and pruning the plants in the garden . Can sing "Baa baa black sheep have you any weeds, Yes Sir Yes Sir three bags full".

 Let see......Mamarazzi's Taiwan Watercress vegetable is growing well. They seems to like the wet weather. Hopefully can harvest soon to make soup.

The mint enjoying themselves too. All standing up to try and get some sunshine. Harvested some the other day to fry with eggs. The more you harvest , they happier they grow.

Mamarazzi decided to change the crops. Stopped planting Kangkung (water spinach). Planted Sweet Potatoes leaves instead. Very good harvest. Every 2-3 weeks can harvest once. Not bad. Harvested some for dinner. 

We have abundance of the round leaves Pegaga (centella and gotu kola). It's said to be good for high blood pressure and a few other ailments.

Harvested some. Given a lot the old lady next door and she was so happy. Yup...Pegaga is for juicing or if lazy, just pour hot water over it and drink . Cheap need to buy expensive juices . 

Have too much of daun misai kucing and lemon basil. Mamarazzi is drying them to make tea. Trimmed the mulberries tree and drying the leaves for tea too. Papa said drinking mulberry leave tea helps him to sleep better. 

Mamarazzi also experimenting on Roselle. A gardening friend suggested to dry the Roselle for tea instead of making jam. 
 While clearing up the pet showed that he is not please with what Mamarazzi is doing. destroying his hiding place. He tried to scared Mamarazzi away but too bad.....Guai guai ah...keep on catching all the bad mozzie and insects for us , okay. 

Apart from the edible garden......the flowers are blooming too. Spotted two pretty yellow roses. Hmmm....getting the hang of planting roses. They don't like too hot weather and doesn't like too much water. Still no idea how to propagate it successfully yet. 

Last month Kaw Kaw came back for a visit and they went to nurseries to look see look see. Guess who was the one who ended up with pots of plants? 

You guessed right. Yup....Bargain corner at Lot 61 is a "killer" for bargain hunter. Mamarazzi got 8 pots of plants for just RM10. 

Top Left : Two naughty boy and one unidentified plant. 
Top Right : Two Geranium
Bottom left : Two Gloxinia
Bottom right : Two roses

Jeng jeng! Got lovely blue flowers liao that unidentified plant. But...still doesn't know the name. 

One of the Gloxinia's a lovely deep velvet red. So lovely. The color of the other pot is still a mystery.

 Hmm....enough about garden...what's new about me? errr....nothing much. Just discovered a new play ground which I will be "bodek-ing" Papa to bring me every weekend.

Mamarazzi also discovered the guard who jaga the toilet there also have an interest in gardening. Probably will be visiting the toilet more there. Crazy gardener.

I know la.. Gardening topic is "boring-ing" you all ....Mamarazzi saja feel like "bragging" about the  "hardwork"  that she had done this morning..hence "hijacked' my blog and post up lo


  1. Wah can harvest so much veggies from own garden, good leh.. Now got watercrest and pegaga timmm, nice.. Oooo the toad looks like smashed jor geh..

  2. Very fruitful garden. Veggies and flowers. Good to see that.

    Fry mint with eggs? This I must try. Haha.

  3. Love the rose...but don't dare to pick it back home. Scared it will not survive.

    Good weather to do some cleaning at the garden..

  4. Wow....your garden is really showing up nicely!! As are your flower blossoms.

  5. Blog title brings to mind that rock group - Wake me up when September ends. Well, it's November holidays coming soon! Lots of time to do more gardening and go here and there to eat!

    1. Wonder will Uncle STP be going KL to look for you and your Papa and Mama, and ask your Papa, Mama and you bring him go here and there, to eat, wink wink....

  6. No, no! Gardening is not boring at all! I enjoyed looking at Mamarazzi's plants and flowers. Love the yellow roses and pretty flowers. Wah, now I am so semangat already after reading this post. Must go and clear my belukar at home.

  7. Aiyo, so nice. Beautiful growth. Mine growing but bitten by insects as well. We should meet up. Want some plants, the mulberry included.

  8. Your garden looks so amazing! I won't have anything growing until March. Very sad. I hate winter.

  9. I loves to see your Mama plants, makes me happy, only that i have no green fingers, no fate with plants...

  10. Yes, haze is away, hope won't come back..

  11. Yea, glad to see the sky is clear now, hope it would never ever come back.

  12. wah, Mamarazzi's Secret Garden very nice leh, not only can tengok but also can makan as well.. Uncle SK look at those herbs and veggie, also drooling leh, he also want to tanam them in office, hahaha!! but of course can only tanam small things lah, maybe some herbs, when he is masaking in the office again, can straight away "harvest" the herbs and crush them into the cookings, nice leh~~

  13. huh?? Mamarazzi just planted the sweet potato leaves in the tumbler like that?? eih, like that easy and doesn't need space mah, somemore every 2-3 weeks can makan, good idea woh.. but Mamarazzi used mint to fry eggs ah?? errr, like that nice meh?? later the eggs taste like toothpaste leh, hahahaha~~ :D

  14. Paparazzi and Small Kucing now no need to go outside to buy flowers for Mamarazzi lah, when Mamarazzi angry and punish them to put a pineapple on his head while kneeling down on durians, they can quickly go to Mamarazzi's Secret Garden to get some flowers and bodek Mamarazzi lah, betul?? see those roses and apa bloom, so beautiful leh, as beautiful as Mamarazzi herself~~ :)

  15. wah, Mamarazzi found a new gardening kaki ah?? somemore always want to go to the toilet at the playground now, like that good for Small Kucing lah, when Mamarazzi itchy hands want to go there, he can follow and then play kao kao in the playground lor.. like that win-win situation lah, everyone gets what they want, kan?? hehehehe~~ :P

  16. wonder how you plant the potato leaves, it is good to have home grown vegetable..

  17. I always dream to grow a crops and harvest it and cook it myself haha unfortunately.. I am not a green thumb and we got no enough space to plant crops hehe
    I love the flowers you got there

  18. Mamarazzi is an excellent gardener :)

  19. Wah you really have a green thumb! :)

    My late mom was into gardening for a while too, my dad calls it her "5 minute hobby" coz she used to switch hobbies quite often. Haha.

    It's nice to have home grown vegetables though and thanks for giving us some as well. I always find your stuff at my better half's fridge or pantry.

  20. Wow!! Your Mamarazzi can now fill up her Occupation as Pekebun.
    Look at her bountiful harvests. Salute her.

  21. Baa baa black sheep have you any weeds, Yes Sir Yes Sir three bags full".
    See, this Mamarazzi should be a talented natural Tai Kum Jie who can recite pantuns.
    Next time you kahwin, she will conduct the ceremony with all her pantuns.

  22. Garden's looking good! So many healthy-looking plants.

  23. Yeee...beautiful garden with gorgeous flowers !


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