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Monday, 30 November 2015

Hari Kebangsaan Parade in Ipoh

Yes...yes....this post is 3 months late but better late than never , right. Just to record our trip.

Mamarazzi google about Independence Day parade the night before but there was not much information about that. Not sure of the time and venue but "agak-agak" know the location since the night before we pass by the stage.

It was hard to wake up the next morning. Initially Mamarazzi said aiya just sleep la. But then she saw from our hotel room window, there were many people going to the parade...okay la...woke me up lo. Papa slept in while Mamarazzi and me went and find the parade.

Oh so excited

Ho ho many people in uniform here...this must be the place for the parade. We stopped by and "grab" a nice seat...hmmm.....8am come haven't started.

Look see look see....saw some people walking to another direction. Aiks...we waited at the wrong place leh.


Follow me! It's this way. 

Finally found the correct place. Sat quite opposite to the stage where the King/Sultan going to appear. 

Pretty soon , the Sultan of Perak arrived. 

The inspection of the Royal Guards begins.

Pretty Dayang presenting the Royal Family with refreshment....think it's refreshment lah ...too far away to see.

Come on! everyone stand up for our National Anthem and also sing Jalur Gemilang song. Yes! Let's be proud and wave our flag!

Things start get "cooking" when the parade started. Aiyo.....people appeared out of no where blocking our view leh. I climb on Mamarazzi's shoulder to see also cannot see properly.

Then Mamarazzi had an idea...let's get out of there.  Off we went further down the road. Not many people here. Can have front line view of the parade passing by. Goooooood idea.

So nice to see them marching by in their full glory.

Our boys and girls in their uniform

I love this part of the parade. There were so many types of vehicles on display...Hey! that one I saw every morning 8am will bee boo bee boo from the remand center to the Court House leh. bicycle wor.....I wanna join the parade too la...can ah?

No no no...this one seems to be better...I wanna ride on the speed boat and also the big bike. Vroom! Vroom!

after like two hours, the parade ended. But Mamarazzi insisted to snap some photos along the road. 


Merdeka! My first time watching a parade. 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange and Church Camp.

Still remember the trip that i "korek"  my coin box to go? It was yesterday. It was 1 day church camp. Mamarazzi said just nice coz on the same day she saw there was an event in a gardening group. They were having a Plant Exchange/donation/giveaway activity in Bukit Jelutong. 

Hence, very early in the morning, Mamarazzi dumped dropped my at my former kindie...yes kindie coz though I have stopped going to kindie but attend their Funland programme every weekend. 

There they, send a bunch of us to the church for our fun camp. 

After dropping me, Papa and Mamarazzi zoom zoom to Bukit Jelutong lo. The organiser, BJ Green Rangers, were there very early in the morning. Already there were plenty of plants to be adopted on the table. 

Mamarazzi also dropped her two boxes full of plants on the table lo. Paiseh paiseh....all using nice pots but Mamarazzi's using recycled bottles. Ahemm...hentam la....after all when go home, they will still need to replant the plants kot...

 It was a plant galore according to her. There were Indian borage, basil, mints,  misai kucing, mulberry, curry leaves plant, spider plants, adenium, cactus, lily and many more that she lost track.

Many people came by and dropped plants and cuttings. They also bring home some plants.

Guess depending on the timing when ones arrived ; coz when the table were nearly empty, new people arrives ..they will drop their plants there and took new plants home.

Some plants owner stay back and wait for their plants to be adopted and to gives advices. It was fun listening to so many who are willing to share their experience.

 A young gardener looking for a plant for himself under his mom's guidance. That's right...start them young .

Mamarazzi noted that edibles plants were snapped up very fast. Hmmm....people listening to the call of planting edibles instead of flowers?

Anyway, she was very happy that all plants were adopted.

 So what did she take home? Also a box full of plants and cuttings.

Among it , is this "Cekur Batik". If not mistaken, the scientific name is Kaempferia elegans (Silver spot) . The pattern on the leave is so unique. Just like batik cloth. It's from ginger family. Can be use for cooking meat wor.

Papa also found the plant that he wanted. Jeng! Jeng! he have been hunting for this birdnest fern for quite sometime. Happy to have found that and also made some friends too.

There were a couple there who invited Mamarazzi and few others to his home to see his plant. Alamak.....shy shy la....not only see...he also gave out some of his plants. Mamarazzi got two pots of beautiful adeniums from him. She so happy leh.

I asked her...where's mine...she said I can choose any one of the plants that she brought home as mine. I choose Chamomille. 

Thank you very much to BJ Green Rangers for such a meaningful event. Hopefully there will be more plant exchange session in the future.

By the time, they came to pick me up from camp in the evening, I was "hyper" too. I had so much fun at the camp that I talked about it non-stop....Oh well...maybe got stop la...stop to eat before continue talking. They are going to have Christmas Celebration on 25th. Asked me to bring parents go wor. I wanted to go leh. 

After makan...oi-oi is the best lo... Mamarazzi said me snoring so loud till flies also can go into my mouth leh. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Dinner at Restaurant Khunthai, Kepong

A long long time ago.....till Mamarazzi also forgotten the date and time and why we were around Kepong area....we end up at Restaurant Khunthai Kepong. It's was our first time there. First time heard of it was from Uncle Pete.

Sleepy ah...but gunrgy also leh....thinking of the mouth watering dishes at Khunthai....

Papa wants the fried Tofu. Taste great with the dipping. 

Mamarazzi knew that I love to eat Lala so ordered some for me lo. Quite fresh.

But they seems to have forgotten our instruction of not putting cili padi into it. Hot ahhhhh....gimme the whole hug of Watermelon juice please.

Mamarazzi pulak wanted the Chicken feet salad. Said appetising wor. 

Not sure about this but both Mamarazzi and Papa ate till "raining"...spicy but can;t seems to stop drinking that soup.

Guess food quality wise , it is have the same high standard as Khunthai in PJ and Klang. Environment.....make sure don't wear shorts if you decided to sit outside at night. Inside the restaurant itself looks more spacious and comfortable than the one in PJ.

Overall...happy with the service and food here. Address : No17A / 18A, Jalan Desa 2/8, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-6277 3523

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lai Fun Tou at No 295, Gopeng (Restaurant Yik Wong)

During our last trip to Ipoh, Auntie Claire and her gang brought us to a famous Lai Fun in Gopeng. Wah lau eh...they are sure makan kaki to the max leh.

Just finished the dinner at Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman(Restaurant) Cui Hu Jing and then one of the gang suggested to have Lai Fun while on the way back to Ipoh town. Apa we went Lai Fun hunting.

Arrived there quite late...think it was around 9pm (?). Not much "liew" (additional ingredients) left.  Heard that this shop start business at 8pm .

But we managed grab a bowl or two of "liew".

Initially ordered a bowl of Lai Fun to share. Everyone were quite full from the dinner earlier but just wanna try out the Lai Fun there since we were in that area. It's said that this Lai Fun is homemade. Taste and texture is unlike the machine made which is more chewy.

From the look of it, Mamarazzi thinks it look something like the Lai Fun used in Trengganu laksa but not as dark color.
End up ...ordered a bowl for myself. tummy can fit in some more leh coz I didn't eat much during dinner. Some more tapau-ed back one packet to eat in the hotel.

Verdict- Gooood.

Errrr...address ah.... Errrrr...have to ask Auntie Claire and Auntie Nancy coz Mamarazzi tarak jot down. The restaurant have no name...only saw it's at number 295. Mamarazzi tried and image..but no address but no image.

Saw one Lai Fun restaurant listed in google search.. Restaurant Xin Kim Hoong  : 295, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Gopeng Jaya, 31600, Gopeng, Perak. Suspected it might be the same restaurant that we went to as the chances of two restaurants selling Lai Fun, start business around 8pm and having the same Lot No : 295 is quite low right? Anyway...will update the correct address if there is any readers out there who can help. Thanks

Updated : 26 Nov 2015
Found it!  managed to dig up a photo snapped in the restaurant. Restaurant name is Restaurant Yik Wong.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Homegrown Taugeh(Bean Sprout)

 Second last day of school, Cikgu asked us t bring some cotton and a plastic container to school. Said it's for a science project wor.

She gave us some green beans and added some water to the container. Told us bring home. Said it will grow into "taugeh"(Bean Sprouts) ...then can eat wor.

When Mamarazzi saw that...she said...not enough la..Just a few seeds. Won't have enough to cook leh. You know her la...everything also big scale one......She pour more green beans that Papa bought into a basket. Added some water.

Ne need cotton meh? She said no need wor. Just water will do.

 The next day her "taugeh" had sprouted. She drained away the water. and kept a dark place. Said have to "wash/rinse" the taugeh 2 or 3 times a day and the taugeh is to be kept in dark place . This will make the taugeh Pui Pui (fat) just like the taugeh that we eat in Ipoh.

These are my taugeh after 3 days. All tall and slim like me. 

 These are mamarazzi's Taugeh after 4 days(yesterday). All short short and fat.

 Mine vs Mamarazzi's . Can see the difference? Mine not kept in dark place. Mamarazzi's taugeh is just a day younger than mine

 Had "Ngah Choy Kai"(Chicken with bean sprout) last night. It's one of the famous must eat dish if you go to Ipoh.

Again, Mamarazzi used short cut when making the Chicken dish. She cooked the chicken in a pot of hot watter. Added ginger slices, spring onions and an old cucumber. Forgotten to add salt. But okay la...can add salt later on.

When the chicken was cooked, she just took out the chicken and let it cool before chopping into pieces loh.

 As for the pot of become the soup of the day lor...Kill two birds with one stone.

My taugeh how ah? Too "old" to eat liao. Can plant it in the garden ah? Then became tall bean stalk...just like Jack and the Beanstalk. I want the goodies but I don;t want the "people" up there come chasing me wor.

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