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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Zombified at Sunway Pyramid

Mamarazzi been zombified for more than two weeks liao. Maybe from the shock of seeing zombies in an event in Sunway Pyramid gua.

No la...most likely due to Mamarazzi being lazy la. Internet connection darn slow and very fast used up. When the credit all used up have to top up pulak or else YES become NO liao. Grrr....fed-up lo. Some more heard a rumour about a genius out there say Malaysian preferred  slow internet as Malaysian is not willing to pay more. ****** paying thru nose and teeth already la. Tabung duit already korek habis liao no more money to buy diamond rings, invite hair dresser back for a personal hair perm and buy pasar malam "Bikin" bag liao la. Maybe need to korek kids tabung pulak. Korek the annual RM100 also can pay half month internet bill gua. much ranting in the morning...sorry ah.... Anyway...back to the story...walk jalan jalan-ing in Sunway Pyramid ..bring my Kaw-kaw who came back from NZ for a visit. At the eleventh hour, Yi Poh from KT also decicded to come over to surprise Kaw-kaw.

 While the ladies goes shopping for Birkins bags and Jimmy Choo's, I found a place where I can hang around. Ngum ngum there was an event...I saw many people playing...I also wanna join la....

First have to snap photo to get my "POLICE ID" .

Jeng! Jeng! am the official member of Gotham City Police Department. Time to catch the bad guys.

The obstacles course was easy peasy for me la 

But the target practise was very hard. I made many attempts but never get the bulls' eye. 

Even "The Arrow" made an appearance and gave me some tips...still "kantoi". Last-last the Kor Kor gave me the badge la seeing my perseverance of queueing up for more than  10 round trying to shoot.

Then comes the Zombie Challenge. We gotta go into a Zombie infested room; search for 5 brains and run out before time is up.

I was affraid a bit afraid when it was near my turn. I kept holding Mamarazzi's hand and told her to find the brain while I "karate" the zombie.

Then two girls who are supposed to go into the room before me suddenly cried and howled when they saw the lagi panic la.....turned green liao...

Pretty soon it was our turn to go in. The room was very dark.....The Zombie must have been shocked by the girls that he stood motionless there while Mamarazi hunting for the brain. Darn it! who said the brain might be hidden in the zombie's pocket ah? Raba-raba only found handphone geh. Lucky never teraba something else. *sweat* .Tunggang terbalik the whole room and found 6 fast ran out!

Now I can "eksyen" and pose for photo with the Zombie liao.

What happen next ah....errr.....they gave me some a pen and a memo pad to "saman " people. Oh ya...there was some awesome stickers too.


  1. I am rooting for you! Go catch those bad guys! :) As far as internet goes, I understand. Everything is so expensive these days. Sending you a hug. :)

  2. You using YES ah? You might want to go to their shop and ask for the FIZ package, RM 89 monthly for unlimited bandwidth quota, although the speed is capped to 1Mbps lah. But plenty fast for me, compared to even Streamyx 2Mbps. They don't market this openly, you have to ask.

  3. I am now your newest follower!! I'm Linda from Linda's Life Journal and yes - I am MeeMaw!!!
    Thank you for your every visit and comment!

  4. The zombie looks quite handsome leh? A good bath and some clean clothes would make him look really good. Hehehehe!!! Wah! Hebat you! Can become policeman when you grow up!

  5. I was at Sunway Pyramid last weekend, surprised to see that it has many brands already, not bad... (Years never been there liao)

  6. Nice to see him doing small small things. I liked his never give up mind...

  7. yah Mamarazzi has been missing for two weeks!! the kids got "haze holidays" so Mamarazzi also got holidays lor.. but this holidays caused manyak rantings from her huh?? hehehe.. no only zombified but also hippo-tised kot?? :D

  8. wah so many people came visit, sure Mamarazzi busy being the hospitable host bringing everyone here and there la.. luckily Small Kucing got "haze holidays" to follow here and there, and got an event to go while the rest went shopping for bikin bags..

  9. wah so many activities and level to go through ke?? maybe the zombie was zombified by the two crying girls leh, that's why he was stunned and stoned there!! hehe.. like that thanks to the girls la, so Small Kucing and Mamarazzi can clear that stage even easier without the zombie kacau-ing.. :)

  10. fuyoh, looks Small Kucing has bagged lots of goodies from the different stages of the events woh.. sure more loots than the rest who went shopping lah.. you see, "police" woh sure dapat more "kang tao" right?? *wink wink*

  11. You so brave ah, can posing with zombie some more. Eh, no photo of the brains? :D

  12. Uiiks, zombified.. haha.. Reminds me of The Walking Dead, every Monday 9pm kat Astro, nice.. Korek tabung anak to buy food liao lor soon, everything naik harga, gaji no naik :(

  13. Ahaaaa... So scary one ah..but can hold mommy hand never mind then.... Found six brains? Terror la your mommy... Can masuk Fear Factor already!!

  14. Hey, i saw your visitor widget.. Visitor from germany...,lol...

  15. Eeekss...big E will freak out see the zombies even though she knows is not real. I noticed she is more timid than the small one.

  16. I find this post very funny and entertaining. You are so brave. I wouldn't want to be found in the dark room with that zombie!

  17. Internet and wifi? Mmm!! A fat bill as well for me. Service - boleh tahan lah. The zombie fun - I see the fun your little one had.

  18. Wah, aren't you scared of those zombies? You're so brave! xoxo

  19. Fuiyo, fun event to join lah.

    Some more Small Kucing so brave and not scared of the zombies. :)

  20. Yea, that part about us preferring slow internet was hilarious..haha!
    What a nice event. You guys find the bestest things to do!

  21. I must tabik to you now for becoming a policeman!
    Please go catch the Sibu Big bully!!!

  22. Hahaaa really got thing hidden in the zombie's pocket?? Pity the poor guy.

  23. Those zombies are the in thing. I just can't get into them myself.

  24. hahahaha, so much fun! but a bit violent leh little kucing (not so little anymore). hahahaa


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