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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon (SCKLM) 2015

 I was looking to forward to running at the Kids Dash event in the SCKLM since last year . After my short run last year, I kept reminding Mamarazzi to sign me up for the Kids Dash again.

But this year, when they posted the date of the run, Mamarazzi nearly did not sign me up for it coz it's just a day away from my school final term exam. After a lot of pesteringbegging...finally she did it.

Then came the Haze. They said they will announce whether SCKLM will proceed by Friday came say YES. I was so happy. Then late Saturday afternoon, Mamarazzi received an e-mail saying the SCKLM is cancelled due to the worsening haze condition. I cried when I read the e-mail.

*Note : Bravo to the organisers for making a brave decision and also ensuring news reach participants via timely e-mails, SMS and Media release. And also for giving proper procedure and instruction on collection of the participants' entitlements. 

The next morning, Papa drove us to the nearest LRT station to take a train to Dataran Merdeka. Actually the organisers had mentioned that for those who can't go to collect their entitlement of Sunday, they will announce alternative arrangement but we might as well go collect la since Papa also have some work to do that day.

 Many peop were at Kelana Jaya LRT station. A lot of runners going to collect their entitlements. 

 Makcik! Pergi shopping ke? Or pergi running?

 Determined to see whether they got bluff or not....maybe got running leh....

 Mamarazzi, you said the running have been cacelled but why the (portable) toilets are still there *Mamarazzi sweat*

 Really no run ah? 

 It was a breeze when comes to collection of medal. There are signboard that states which lane to go to to claim participants' entitlement. In my case....Medal and Certificate and banana and 100 Plus drink.  No BIB no claim. They checked the BIB before they release the stuffs to me.

The pretty Jie Jie that manned the 3km Kids Dash encourage me to sign up again for next year run.

 Wokay....Lenglui punya pasal...I will sign up again next year!

No run...but got medal....hmmm..... mehhh......but but but it was still very festive here leh. So many runners here snapping photos and meeting up with friends.

As we were walking back to the LRT station...we heard exciting kind of shouting... What's that? Wah a marriage proposal.....That's what the D.J. said.  ...Fuiyoh! Glamour!

 Saw a man in the middle of the road.....Snap photo support Childhood Cancer Awareness.

 Dropped by Petaling Street to get some food. Wah....many runners also have the same idea as us. Food stalls were full of customers. Good leh.

 Told Mamarazzi to message Papa. We take bus home la. No need to come down town to pick us up la. Now the bus station had changed so much liao. Mamarazzi also didn't know where to take bus liao...a Bangladeshi man told Mamarazzi where to get the bus that is going to our place.

Off we went.... 

Guess what we bought from Petaling Street...

Top left are some fried stuff...many people queue up for the prawns fritters... top right was "Siew hau joh"...a type of muffins ...these have sesame seed on it...Papa said not nice coz have funny smell. 

Bottom left was the Madras Lane Chee Cheong more red color sweet sauce ka? Don't care.....hungry punya pasal....hentam aje la...

And the most yummy ....Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck...super yummy..... had this for lunch and dinner. 


  1. Small Kucing, don't despair. Next year sign up again to run. This year the haze is really bad, just look at the photos, behind you all so white, can't see far. Mamarazzi really keng, know how to take bus all the way back home. How long was the bus journey and how much did it cost for an adult?

  2. Lots of great photos today! I can still see the haze, though. Stay safe.

  3. Congratulations athlete! It is good you wear your mask and save your lungs for a long healthy life!

    Warm ALOHA


  4. Poor thing! Next time if there is any Run here, I will let you know. You can come over to join. Your papa and mama no need to come lah, I can take care of everything here - they are not running bah. Muahahahaha!!!!

  5. Oh ya, I heard my BIL said also.. The run is cancelled, but the cert will be given to all participants..Fuiyoh, I see lots of kudap-kudap at the last picture.. Give me the prawn fritters please !!

  6. Well done! I like that you wear your mask to stay healthy. Great photos!

  7. hmmm guess everyone was anxious for whether the SCKLM would be held as plan due to the haze.. but for sure the organizer has done a great job to cater for all situation, and the minds behind must be on standby mode to give the final call on whether to proceed or to cancel..

  8. sure it was like a fiesta downtown with the "haze runners" collecting their medals and cert.. Uncle SK also heard some did not want to collect because the medal and cert are already meaningless if there is no run at all.. guess most also sign up because of the wish to have medals in their collections huh?? :)

  9. everything was ready for the run including the planned road closure, facilities and also giveaway.. the organizer as well as the staff were ready got whichever condition, that shows how well planned and change-proof the event was!! guess the SCKLM now gains more experience and would consider to set the date to sometime more away from the "haze season" next time huh?? :)

  10. good also for Small Kucing and Mamarazzi huh?? no run means more time to lepak around the area.. look at how many stuffs Mamarazzi has bought back home!! and hehe, taking bus home from Pasar Seni with the help of a friendly Bangladeshi, nice experience wei~~ :)

  11. Remind your mama to sign up for you next year...

  12. Not bad "harvest" even though not running... good food esp the roasted duck and free medal too!

  13. What a shame about the haze. Oh well, at least you still had a day out.

  14. You are so cute to cry!! What a big boy now.
    Next year I doubt they will organize again at the same months unless they hold it earlier, This year the Indons started burning later and they seem to clash with this marathon dates over the last 2-3 years.

  15. Next year, don't forget ask Mamarazzi to register you again, ya. :)

  16. Many people were disappointed like you. Look forwards to next year pulak and hope no haze then. But still, ok lah can get to eat roast duck. Sedapnya!

  17. I was a good runner and back flip hi jumper, when I was young, got many medals for my province ... never made it to the Olympics though, smiles ... I still run 1 kilometer every day ... keep running, lil kitten ... I love ur pics, smiles ... Always, cat.

  18. Madras Lane??? Here's where good curry laksa comes from. Wonder still there.

  19. Small Kucing, even though the run has been cancelled, it looks like you had a wonderful time after all. You collected the goodies, enjoyed the roast duck and had a bus ride home. Remember to sign up for next year's run.

  20. Aiyo, the haze was seriously sick, luckily it got better today, glad to see the clear sky! =]

  21. Ah---so sorry about the cancellation of the run... Sorry about all of that haze also... Yipes!! BUT--glad you did what you could and had a great time.... Keep on RUNNING....


  22. Hopefully the haze will be gone soon.

  23. No run but still can party...nice also.

  24. kesian. Awesome that you guys took the bus. I haven't done that in a year. ^.^

  25. the haze is really such a downer.. I hope it clears up completely soon!! But I think I read somewhere that it will only be one in November bleh.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  26. I signed up for SCKLM too. So dissapointed didn't get to run :-(

  27. Looks like you had a great lunch... even though you didn't get to run.


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