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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman(Restaurant) Cui Hu Jing, Lawan Kuda , Gopeng

 Another "stale" post. Happen way back in August. This post got interrupted by school holiday and what not....Should be read as a continuance from "Roast Meat at Restaurant First Kwong Chow, Ipoh (Not Halal)"

After a short rest at the hotel, off we went food hunting with Auntie Claire and the gang. This round we went to "Horse Fighting"'s not really the name of the place. It's just direct translation from Bahasa Malaysia.."Lawan Kuda".

Auntie Claire and friends discovered this place through her food journey. Here is how she discovered it "New Discovery Cui Hu Jing At Lawan Kuda, Gopeng". 

That evening Auntie Nancy and Auntie Claire brought us to this scenic restaurant.

 Me very sleepy leh.... padan muka coz Mamarazzi asked me to sleep in the hotel I don't want. Instead wanna go swimming pulak.

 Guess we arrived at the restaurant very good timing leh. Not long after that it was raining cats and dogs. Very windy and cold. Lucky I have got a sweater in the car.

And of course the gang did not hesitate to order warm food to warm our tummy.

 Service was quite fast.... Yummy tofu....errr..... proper name tarak tau but the gravy taste great with the rice.

 They purposely ordered the egg for me coz scared I have not enough to eat. 

But...instead ..I was eyeing the fried chicken...shy shy la...I ate two pieces only leh... Actually I ate very little at that time for dinner. They were wondering if the food doesn't suit me but maybe I have a sixth sense la....the makan gang surely will not be satisfied with only dinner...there will be more to come later on.

 Vegetable dish....very popular among the ladies... eh eh eh...there was one more vegetable dish....where's the photo ah? Missing in action. Probably Mamarazzi forgotten to snap the photo coz too happy to see that dish. Can you guess what was that dish?

 The ladies ordered two type of fish. One fried and spicy.

The other was steamed fish.  Both also unique. If to choose one...Mamarazzi would say she like the steam ones better. Both fishes were very fresh and doesn't have "mud" taste.

Syok oh going in a large group. This way, we can order a lot of food to try instead of one or two dishes only.

Errr...Mamarazzi tried to google the address but doesn't seems to be able to find one....The nearest was from Auntie Claire's blog which states near Jalan Desa Cahaya... From that road can see the restaurant. From google point to Jalan Desa Cahaya 1. Errr.... agak-agak la.. :

Restaurant Cui Hu Jing
Jalan Desa Cahaya
Lawan Kuda


  1. I love all these smaller restaurants in small towns. The food is cheap and good!!

  2. Nice to have different choices of fish!

  3. Order egg extra for you, not enough to eat? Waiyor...and still so thin. So lucky you!!! LOL!!!

  4. Its a pleasure to meet up with Small Kucing and family. Lawan Kuda has lots of delicious food to offer. If you have not tried them, its a good place to stop for the famous snakehead fish soup.

  5. Syok lah! So many dishes to dig in. And I saw Auntie Claire was so excited and giggling away.

  6. Yummy, the tofu and egg stadard dishes for me too, when bringing out the kids.. Eh the mayo chicken looks good leh, I like this kinda mayo creamy chicken one.. If got more gravy/sauce/creamy stuff, lagi sedapppp...

  7. Uncle SK always mistaken Gopeng is somewhere in Johor, maybe sounds similar to Yong Peng kot?? haha.. now knowing it's a place near Ipoh and if not mistaken the place where Gua Tempurung is, right?? :)

  8. fuyoh all the goodies aunties, oops I mean ladies, gathered together to have a feast and to welcome the Kucing Family to Ipoh, sure must order the good food kao kao lah.. indeed the food look so so yummy leh even just looking at the photos..

  9. love the chicken and love the fish.. Uncle SK think Small Kucing must surely felt no more sleepiness as the food were served huh?? got tofu and egg ordered specially for him, and he also can taste other food that auntie-auntie sekalian ordered leh.. so "hang fook" dei~~

  10. Small Kucing knows the foodie aunties so well.. at least if Auntie Claire is there, one meal will never be complete without going for another round of desserts leh.. so the next post will be on the desserts you had after the dinner?? fuyoh, a dedicated post, must be again very kao kao also.. xD

  11. The food all looks good. I like the fried spicy fish and of course the fried chicken too!

  12. This sleepy Lawan Kuda town was so quiet over a decade ago and now it is a talk of the KL town!
    Cheap and very good food for the holiday makers to stop by. I have memories of my ex boss who
    took me there to eat in almost of the different restaurants including the 'houses'. All yummy!

  13. I think the veggie looks very tasty too. I would've aimed for that dish too! xoxo

  14. I like both types of fish, but sometimes depends on mood, sometimes I like fried and spicy one, sometimes like steam one, hahaha!

  15. AFter that night, we didn't go again as yet... but we tried one shop called Peng Yau.. next time we go again, ok!

  16. Yum yum! Such a nice spread..I would prefer the deep fried spicy fish for sure!!

  17. Mamarazzia and Auntie Claire are a good gang of food hunter. All food looks good.

  18. Small kucing prefers swimming to sleeping. Good to love to exercise. Food looks good. What's the 2nd vege dish?

  19. Lots of seafood. The fish is the limelight it seems.

  20. It has been ages since my last visits here, congratulation as I just noticed you changed to dot com domain name~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  21. Ya ya definitely syok with large group, some more all foodies.

  22. The food looks great especially that fried and spicy fish.. it looks that Tilapia?

  23. The fish looks delicious betul! What a nice makan adventure. To go with friends, even better!

  24. Normally I don't like to "flood" my rice with gravy, hehe a bit weird hor :P

  25. Normally I don't like to "flood" my rice with gravy, hehe a bit weird hor :P

  26. It's good that you can still remember and write the details even after so long... most of the time I just give up :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  27. I also prefer steamed fish. Good that Small Kucing prefers exercise as in swimming to sleeping.

  28. Great dinner served. I guess SK is just sleepy, that's eat a little portion only. hehe

  29. Ini post must before Claire went to Aberdeen.

  30. My Hubs would of ordered the fish with the head and tail on. Just last week he went to China Town in Las Vegas and ordered one.


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