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Friday, 30 October 2015

Banana Leaf Rice At UMAC House, Petaling Jaya

Quite some time ago, Mamarazzi saw a blog post by The Ranting Cynic about a hidden Banana Leaf House in PJ

Been meaning to try out that place but.....oh well....only recently did we managed to drop by. Kinda secluded. It's operating from a Bungalow right opposite the road from MAHSA.

One set of Banana Leaf Rice(BLR) cost RM5. Quite cheap as compared to others nearby there. Moreover it comes with 5 types of vegetable and heard that on certain days they have more than 5 type of vegetable.

Mamarazzi loves the way they cooked the vegetables. Suit her taste well. But the curry can be a bit fiery . So if you can't stand too much of spiciness, do watch out. Spicy but nice.

Had chicken Varuval. Forgotten how much was that but taste good enough. Meat was tender and well marinated.

Two days later, we came here again with my Kaw Kaw. This time they had fried chicken to go with the BLR. Hmm....not bad. Mamarazzi like it coz the chicken meat doesn't have blood coming out when she cut it. Sometimes when she had fried chicken in BLR, the meat would still be reddish though it's well cooked. Might be due to frozen chicken meat or something

Anyway....Papa ordered Manggo lassi. 

Taste good. RM5 only leh for such a big glass.

Hey! wait up....I managed to get their brochures. The BLR only available day time from 11.30am to 3pm. Then evening they will serve, Western and local favorites like nasi lemak, iddiyapam, Mutton Burger and etc. 

Address : UMAC House 
No 1 Jalan 12/5, Petaling Jaya

Tel :  017-615 6876

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hypermarket Stock Clearance & Discount; and EnviroHome Sample Giveaways

Aiyoyo.....Class party is tomorrow. This year special wor...Cikgu say parents can join our Class Party if they want to. Cikgu already gave Memo asking what food/drinks to bring for the Class Party.

I kept pestering Mamarazzi to join my class party as Cikgu say every student must bring food/drinks. See the highlighted words? My main aim is for Maria Mamarazzi to bring food for the Class Party but she said she is lazy wor. She said she will just buy some Soya Beans for me to bring to school. Okay lah...better than empty handed la.

Yesterday she went to a hypermarket to get the SoyaBean drink. While browsing around, a sign caught her eyes. It made  her "garu" her head.


Next to it is the placard showing the BEFORE and AFTER discount price. Noticed anything strange?

Mamarazzi had saw 1sen discount before but this....? Hmm.... was it typo error ? Or maybe the store just wanna clear the stock without giving any discount ...? Macam -macam ada kat Malaysia ni.

Anyway..... back to the grandmother story.... here are two sets of Baju Melayu that she "dig-up" from another Hypermarket. 70% clearance. Left one set . The Baju size 26 but the Pant size 38. Hmmm....wondering what happened to the matching pair to this.

Oh well...hentam la....Pants too long she can adjust it for me.  Gonna wear this to my Class Party tomorrow. Muhibbah Malaysia ma.

Also grabbed another set of Baju Melayu for me . This time, the pant just nice but the baju a bit roomy. Said for next year wor.

Mamarazzi received E-mail from representative of EnviroHome last week. He told her that EnviroHome is giving out sample of Body Wash 100g  plus another product which is either Food Wash 50ml or Environmental  Cleaner (Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner) to 10 readers of this blog who write in to them  . Please take note that there will be a postage cost of RM10.

For those who are interested to try out the EnviroHome abovementioned products, you may contact them directly at Just need to mention that you are reader of Small Kucing blog.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Kedai Makanan Laut Yalim, Pandamaran

 The first evening that Kaw Kaw came back, it rained cats and dogs. Super-duper heavy till my school also flooded a bit. Needless to say, i kena hujan also la.

Aiyoyo...this Mamarazzi ah.....she knew how to bring slippers for me and also an extra baju for me...but why she tarak bring extra pants for me leh..... cold leh after kena rain.

 Decided to brave the storm to go to Pandamaran for dinner. Ordered Superior soup lala to warm up the body but I merajuk didn't wanna eat coz I had eaten a packet of bihun in the car that Mamarazzi that bought earlier.

Uiks....not order Lala fried bihun meh? How come turn out to be Crab fried bihun ah? Mamarazzi must have  been blur sotong again.

Mamarazzi did not like this dish as it had fishy smell least to her la....maybe coz it was roe crab instead of meat crab. But the rest had this and like it very much leh. Even Yi Poh who is watching her food intake had second heaping leh.

Another mysterious dish. The lady boss said something in Chinese but none of us understand what it is ...we wanted something cooked with salted eggs. So this is the dish la....errr....either it's prawn or....taste like prawns la.

Quite yummy...goes well with white rice.

Must have vegetables too la.....stir fried sweet potato leaves

Next time must go there with super empty stomach so that we can enjoy the food more. That evening food taste was passable ...probably coz we were tired and stressed out by the heavy down pour. Yup.....stress can affect enjoyment of the food leh 

Address :-
Jalan 19, Kawasan 10, Pandamaran, Klang

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Zombified at Sunway Pyramid

Mamarazzi been zombified for more than two weeks liao. Maybe from the shock of seeing zombies in an event in Sunway Pyramid gua.

No la...most likely due to Mamarazzi being lazy la. Internet connection darn slow and very fast used up. When the credit all used up have to top up pulak or else YES become NO liao. Grrr....fed-up lo. Some more heard a rumour about a genius out there say Malaysian preferred  slow internet as Malaysian is not willing to pay more. ****** paying thru nose and teeth already la. Tabung duit already korek habis liao no more money to buy diamond rings, invite hair dresser back for a personal hair perm and buy pasar malam "Bikin" bag liao la. Maybe need to korek kids tabung pulak. Korek the annual RM100 also can pay half month internet bill gua. much ranting in the morning...sorry ah.... Anyway...back to the story...walk jalan jalan-ing in Sunway Pyramid ..bring my Kaw-kaw who came back from NZ for a visit. At the eleventh hour, Yi Poh from KT also decicded to come over to surprise Kaw-kaw.

 While the ladies goes shopping for Birkins bags and Jimmy Choo's, I found a place where I can hang around. Ngum ngum there was an event...I saw many people playing...I also wanna join la....

First have to snap photo to get my "POLICE ID" .

Jeng! Jeng! am the official member of Gotham City Police Department. Time to catch the bad guys.

The obstacles course was easy peasy for me la 

But the target practise was very hard. I made many attempts but never get the bulls' eye. 

Even "The Arrow" made an appearance and gave me some tips...still "kantoi". Last-last the Kor Kor gave me the badge la seeing my perseverance of queueing up for more than  10 round trying to shoot.

Then comes the Zombie Challenge. We gotta go into a Zombie infested room; search for 5 brains and run out before time is up.

I was affraid a bit afraid when it was near my turn. I kept holding Mamarazzi's hand and told her to find the brain while I "karate" the zombie.

Then two girls who are supposed to go into the room before me suddenly cried and howled when they saw the lagi panic la.....turned green liao...

Pretty soon it was our turn to go in. The room was very dark.....The Zombie must have been shocked by the girls that he stood motionless there while Mamarazi hunting for the brain. Darn it! who said the brain might be hidden in the zombie's pocket ah? Raba-raba only found handphone geh. Lucky never teraba something else. *sweat* .Tunggang terbalik the whole room and found 6 fast ran out!

Now I can "eksyen" and pose for photo with the Zombie liao.

What happen next ah....errr.....they gave me some a pen and a memo pad to "saman " people. Oh ya...there was some awesome stickers too.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Imparting Entrepreneurial Skills to the Underprivileged Children

PETALING JAYA, 20 October 2015 – The world is divided into haves and have-nots – and that division begins early.
Millions of children around the world fall short of basic human rights – food, clothing and shelter – and often education that facilitates the pursuit of a better life to escape the cycle of poverty.
It is hard to imagine legions of underprivileged young for whom fast food is a rare luxury, have never washed with shampoo or owned a toothbrush.
They are not just in desperate Third World countries. They are right here, in our midst - in Malaysia's prosperous cities and deep rural reaches. They are of different family background and races, reflecting our nation's multi-cultural composition.
Children's Day - an occasion to cherish our junior citizens - is an opportunity to reach out to these needy ones at the Children’s Day Charity Bazaar on 8 November at The School in Jaya One, organized by Living Hope. 
Living Hope is a non-profit organization that aims to reach out to poor, needy and marginalized children in Malaysia and internationally.Living Hope's outreach programme is for children below 12,” explained founder and Chairman, Dr Peggy C Wong. “Under the supervision of an older mentor, they observe and learn simple business skills during the buying and selling at the stalls. It is also a boost for their self-esteem and life skills,” she added.

Charles Wong, Executive Director of Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd, developer for Jaya One and The School affirmed, “We believe that every child deserves the best start in life as well as an equal chance to fulfill their dreams, regardless of their cultural and socio-economic status.”
Held from 11am until 5pm, various college-age volunteers and younger kids will be manning more than 60 booths ranging from food, creative and imaginative products as well as participating in exciting performances and activities to show off the entrepreneurial spirit of young Malaysians.
The coupons are available for sale at RM50 per booklet with everything is only priced from RM5 at the bazaar. More than 5,000 visitors are expected to throng the bazaar to support Malaysian small businesses and also do their bit for charity.
“Through the meaningful collaboration with Living Hope, we hope that funds will reach out to more underprivileged children, so that they are able to receive education,'' added Wong of Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd.
Coinciding with the organization’s 8th anniversary, the proceeds will go towards Living Hope's myriad of activities - such as hot meals and educational materials to help children from families with income under RM700.
“We and the children are deeply grateful to Mr Charles Wong of The School for the kind generosity in working with us to make this bazaar a success,” Dr Peggy C Wong concluded.
The public can opt to purchase the coupon booklets at The School’s information counter on the Ground Floor or the Living Hope office at Damansara Utama (03-7727 5887) from now until 8 November. For more information about this event, visit the Facebook page at
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