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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Yong Tau Foo at Kedai Kopi Kwong Hong , Ipoh

 Wah very "the" hunrgy leh. Morning breakfast already digested long time ago.  Is this the shop? Auntie Claire said eat "liew". What is "liew" ? Is it shop name is "liew"?

 Hehehe....bikin malu...went to the wrong shop.

 Wah...Yong Tau Foo....ohhh this is called "liew" ya. Oh my kucing! so many choices leh.  

 One table not enough...add with few more table leh. Just like hotel buffet leh.

Lucky for us that Auntie Elin and her husband can early and "chup" a table for us. We don't have to stand and wait for table. Thank you very much , Auntie Elin!!!

 But for the food had to wait long oh..... half hour leh. Coz that was eve of public holiday and lunch time some more .

First, have to "kiap" the "liew" ...then the bowl of "liew" will have to queue up. Wah....very long queue leh. Queue like snake till "S" shape and "U" shape and also have "apartment" stacking up leh. 

 While waiting....drink some and eat some "Thong Sui" first la. 

 Papa spied next table ordered this. He also ordered la. Hey....not bad leh. Cooling on such a hot day.

 Finally, our food arrived liao. I had the Ipoh Hor Fun. A type of flat noodles. 

 Some fried stuffs. Very crispy as it was just out from the wok. 

 Some soupy stuffs.

 And some vegetables. Too bad that the fish paste had fell out of the vegetables. Still tasted great.

Was surprised at the price of the YTF/Liew here. Only 60sens a piece. Wah lau eh...if in KL , the price already doubled lo.

 Papa's eyes very sharp one leh....also spied next table having this mushroom chicken feet. Ordered one bowl. He said very nice wor. Not that oily too. Said next time wanna come here to eat this again.

Sorry ah...didn't manage to snap photo of the shop when it's open. The next day pass by this shop again , baru found out the name of the shop. It's Kedai Kopi Kwong Hong.

 Address :  684, Jalan Besar Gunung Rapat, Gunung Rapat, Gunung Rapat. Ipoh.

By the way, Curious Corner  at Amcorp Mall and Fahrenheit88 are having Garage Sale. Check out Mamarazzi's write up at Mama Kucing Meow  Blog


  1. I like the fried stuffs, Cicah with chilli sauce very nice!

  2. O, the food looks good ... i'll have a bowl of everything, please!!!

  3. No ownder long queue lah... price so cheap!

  4. I like yong taufu, coz I like those meaty assortments.. Usually when I go kopitiam, I will order konlou noodles, plus assortment of yong taufu.. My favourite are always brinjals, fishballs/porkballs, fried sui kow (MUST) and those popiah rolls.. Sedappppp...

  5. I love yong tofu! Prefer the one in clear soup. Ummm...your papa can have all the chicken feet. :D

  6. Wah, the Q so long....they should build a conveyor belt (like sushi) for the cook. Then press the button and the bowls can need to move the bowls (by hand) one by one lar....haha!

  7. Wahhhh.. how come I didn't taste the fried one? hahaha.. maybe order too little... next time we order more, OK!!

  8. go to Ipoh must eat "liew" leh.. besides the famous one in Pasir Pinji there are also a lot of nice ones.. Uncle SK also been to this one in Gunung Rapat leh, looks familiar.. but he went there after the lunch hour so not packed with ppl already, but of course not much "liew" left to choose lah..

  9. muahaha!! was Small Kucing too excited or too hungry ah?? masuk to the wrong kopitiam pulak, hehehehe!! so embarrassing leh.. but so nice of Auntie Elin to go there earlier to take a table.. she didn't pre-order the "liew" first so that the Cat Family can gasak right away without waiting?? hehe..

  10. wah, really long queue leh, but long queue most of the time means nice food kan?? lots of choices, now Uncle SK thinks Auntie Elin pre-ordered some but Mamarazzi went to add on, hehehe!!

  11. wah, Paparazzi's eye like laser gun can scan here and there "making reference" at what other people ordered huh?? but Uncle SK not interested with the chicken feet leh.. anyway, the len chee kang looks good for a hot afternoon.. and looking at this bowl of LCK, confirm Uncle SK also went there before as he remembers that, hehehe~~

  12. Yum! That looks worth waiting for.

  13. I've only had tofu in soups...
    You do keep busy and your blog shows it. Well done.

  14. The food looks great and I bet it was worth the wait! :)

  15. That looks so good. I would love to try the soups.

  16. I have not been there before, must go check it out one day.

  17. wah .... you guys really ate all the Ipoh food! I also dunno some of these eateries you featured in your blog lately.

  18. Really affordable yong tau fu and looks really tasty too!

  19. Walao, so many types of stuffed vegetables, seem like can stuff anything ler LOL

  20. I also love to eat Yong Tow Foo sometimes for a change. The most important is their soup that needs to be tasty as well otherwise some tasted like plain hot water to me! LOL

  21. Adoi. Papa Kladip loves that Chicken Feet Mushroom. Anay cannot swallow la, sorry.

  22. That is a huge variety of YTF! I clicked hoping for bigger photo but cannot expand one. :p I like the snaking YTF queue... hehe... at least they have a system.

  23. Sometimes when we are at a restaurant, my Hubs sees something the next table ordered and wants it too.


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