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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Massimo Junior Chef Workshop With Chef Nur Zamahuri

Mamarazzi was chatting with a friend last week, yakkitty-yak...somehow it ended up about this Massimo Junior Chef Workshop that was to be held last Saturday. Her friend saw it in KUNTUM Magazine. 

Aiks! Mamarazzi must have missed that news. She check up in The Star newspaper  and Kuntum. True enough, saw the news.

She asked me wanna join or not and I immediately jump at the chance. Registered.

The night before, I was so excited. Can't barely sleep. Next morning woke up earlier and zoom zoom we drove to Massimo factory.

Aiks! I thought am early but there are some who are much earlier than me.

Saw the KUNTUM van is already there. KUNTUM is a magazine for school going children. This magazine have been in existence for more than 30 years, if Mamarazzi is not mistaken. She read that during her school days.

 Fast fast snap a photo. Security very strict there. Cannot simply snap photo.

Was surprised that Massimo had prepared breakfast for the Participants of the workshop and the parents/teachers/guardian.

Following Malaysian time, the workshop started at 9am plus. After a short briefing, we were ushered into the Cooking Studio. Strictly no photography and video. Parents/guardians/teachers wait at the lounge and they can see us cooking through a glass window.

The above photo was taken at the lounge la.

We learn to make assorted canapes,  Truffle and Cheese Tarts using Massimo bread.

After making the first recipe, we had a short break. Wah.... my favourite....they served sausages, nuggets, sandwiches and drinks. So yummy. I told Mamarazzi I like the darker color sausages.

Pretty Jie Jie gave us a short briefing about the importance of having Breakfast. After that, they had a short Q & A session to see if we were paying attention of not.

Those who answered correctly, gets a prize. I was nervous as I know the answer in English but my brain can't seems to translate it into Bahasa Malaysia fast enough. End up using pakai hentam la...English also can la.

I wonder what's the prize. 

Yay! everyone of the participants also managed to get the answer correctly and we all got a prize each.

I asked Mamarazzi why cover the face of the other participants ...and she said for Internet security and privacy. Cannot simply post up photo of other children online without their parents permission. 

The ones with the ribbons on top are girls while the boys are without ribbons. many boys like me are not shy to go and cook in the kitchen leh.

One more photo with Si Comel, one of KUNTUM mascot.. Errr.....the Jie Jie behind camera shy kot. 

Then off I went and continue "cooking"  the 2nd and 3rd recipe. 

Jeng! Jeng! one and a half hour later....we all got our Certificate of Participation.

Thank you very much to KUNTUM magazine , The Italian Baker Sdn Bhd and Chef Nur Zamahuri for this wonderful workshop. Hopefully they will organise more of this in the future...seeing that we didn't kaboom-ed the kitchen.

One more photo with Si Comel 

...and with Chef Nur Zamahuri. 

Big goodies bag from Massimo....Think of bread...think of Massimo. 

We get to "tapau" our "master piece" or rather in my case...pieces home. Got mess up along the way coz was rushing to second event.....was super duper late liao coz the workshop ran overtime.

Next meet up with some lenglui! Muahahahaha


  1. What a fun experience!

  2. wah ....untung la this kucing! So much takeaways!! oh my.... I also read Kuntum when I was a kid and that was a long long time ago! I also participated in their contest though not like these ... those times, it's simply post your answers to them and try to win something, like t-shirt etc...

  3. Your Mum gets you many wonderful opportunities!


  4. ... so proud of you, lil kitten ... but ... what was the prize ??? Love, cat. ... PS: The picture of Chef Nur Zamahuri and You ... is sooo precious ... one day you'll be world class cook ... mark my words ...

  5. What a pretty van, beautiful colours! I love your smile, and the peace sign in your first photo. :)

  6. Why your face not covered leh? People see that face, quickly run away? Muahahahahaha!!!!!!

    Bright future, being in the food industry. Can start learning how to cook at home, ask mama to teach you...develop the passion. To succeed in anything, one must have the passion, the love!

    Ummmm...what's in the prize? Their chiffon cakes?

  7. Something to fill up your weekend. Nice participation. I tasted the Chiffon cake before. It sold here but not the other buns.

    Kuntum? Er. I do not think I read it before. Or maybe not available in EM.

  8. Eh same here, I also read Kuntum when I was in primary school, hehe.. Wah, fuiyoh, sekali pandang macam Junior Master Chef wei..

  9. Congratulations.... a foodie and baker in making, taking over mamarazzi soon!

  10. I am a massimo fan. Whoa!!! I am sure you have lots of fun in baking class.Next time mamarazzi can rest and wait for delicious bread.

  11. Nice haul from the workshop ;)

    Speaking of KUNTUM, I also haven't read it since primary school... Ya, I know I dated myself a little bit there.

  12. friends are indeed helpful, if Mamarazzi didn't bobek bobek with her friends, then sure missed out this very interesting experience to bake in a factory leh.. Uncle SK raised his eyebrows even when just read the title of this post, it's fun to go to a baking workshop leh, and happy for Small Kucing that Mamarazzi can make it to register on time for him for this very good experience.. :)

  13. errr, Uncle SK have not heard of Kuntum before leh, maybe he was in chinese school lah, so heard of other magazines instead of this Kuntum.. but wah, so the very nice of Massimo to organise this workshop for the kids leh, and also provide breakfast and refreshments for the participants as well as the parents.. also to have a presentation to tell the importance of having breakfast, thumbs up!!

  14. hehehe, of course have to be strict lah, inside the factory and this is where they keep all the trade secrets lah, later some Ganninia people come and read Mamarazzi's post and saw them then copy & paste not good lah, right.. but at least can tangkap a bit of gambar here and there in public common areas inside hor.. nice photos and Small Kucing so handsome like Paparazzi dei~~

  15. very generous Massimo to give such a big bag of goodies leh, so one week no need to buy roti for breakfast already huh Mamarazzi?? hehehe.. and the "masterpiece" from Small Kucing, Uncle SK is indeed impress that the kids were taught to do so many stuffs there.. what are those?? sandwiches, bread pudding and some desserts?? good lah, can tabao back home to makan on the car~~ :)

  16. Now can be Mamarazzi's kitchen assistant!

  17. What a good experience for you to don the apron to become a chef for a day!
    You look like a future culinary chef and hope you will make it your career someday.
    The money is good and we can be your guests! Wakakaka

  18. Wow! They were so generous and gave you such a big goodies bag from Massimo!

  19. Wah Kuntum! N years since I last heard about this magazine! It was my second best friend when I was in primary school too! Best friend was Reader's Digest..

  20. wahhhh so syioka lah went got the workshop.

    Learn a lot and come back with plenty of goodies too.

  21. Looked like such a fun event! When are you going to practise the recipes again for everyone to try? :)

  22. Syoknya..I will let my daughters join in the workshop if there is any here.

  23. Oh this is so fun! I've always wanted to visit a bread factory. Heard Gardenia does some tour thingy too.

  24. Truly a great thing for the little one. Very nice.

  25. A great and wonderful experience for you. Good to get exposure in workshops. So who gets to eat your master pieces? Lol!

  26. What a fun and interesting place to go. I love bread, so I definitely would like it. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  27. Oh I ate the bread from the event bag too. Haha!

    The chiffon cake has a longer expiry date though so we still have some.

  28. Small Kucing, you can now make breakfast for your mama and papa using what you have learned to cook here.

  29. Yea I read kuntum when I was in primary school too. Now they have improved so much on the magazine.

    Wahh ini chef manyak Gaya

  30. Cute! ^.^ I used to read Kuntum when I was in school. Amazing to see that it's still around.


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