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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

GeekOut Cafe, Kota Damansara

After my Massimo Junior Chef Workshop which follows Malaysian Time, we fast fast zoom too to Kota Damansara pulak. 

Super late for dating with Mamarazzi's Method kaki(s).  Tai Kar Jie(Big sister) said got Method sale in Sunway Giza and since long time the gang haven't meet-up, she suggested we have lunch at nearby cafe before popping over to "borong" stuffs from Method. 

Tai Kar Jie very pandai oh. She choose this cafe as a meet-up point. It's a Cafe/Toy Shop/Collectibles Store. 

Very unique Menu. Mamarazzi thought it's a comic and was looking for the "Menu".

Mamarazzi is "slow" lah. The real comic is in my hand . Got it from the counter. It's free reading for customers here while waiting for their food. 

Hmm....I have to complain la. I haven't finish reading, my food arrived liao. So fast leh. Started off with mushroom soup. 

Warm from the kitchen. Very nice to "celup-celup" my "roti" in. favourite watermelon juice. No added sugar. Pure watermelon Juice. 

While I "celup-ing" , this group caught my attention. You don't say me "four eyes" ah but my eyes very sharp one you know. 

The Lady Boss' eyes also very share leh. She saw me eyeing the group and said they are playing the latest Japanese card game called  " Yo-Kai Watch Card Game"; and that I can join them if I wish. 

Then came my Chocobo Burger(Chicken). 

Woi! Tak aci ni! The Burger really not same as in the Menu leh. Clearly the case of  "For illustration purposes" leh. How come this Burger so big one compared to the one in the photo ? So much meat, vegetables and Cheese inside . 

How to finish fast fast so that I can join the group play games ah? 

Hmm...Maybe I eat the fries then pretend to be full liao then can go play first. Burger "tapau" home to eat la.

Mamarazzi was feeling adventurous. She had the "Yoda Soda". you know why it's so green ya. Not coloring but blended Mint leaves. According to her it was very refreshing.

For her main, she had the Sugoi Smoked Duck Sesame Soba. Portion looks small here but actually it was the normal size. It's the plate that is big.

In fact she couldn't all of it. Had to ask Papa help to finish it but Papa also had his hands full...or rather mouth full.

Papa had the Lasagne

........and a piece of this yummylicious lamb chop...if not mistaken the name is Silence of The Lamb Chop. Glamour name leh. No wonder, Papa eat till speechless. How they make it so tender and without gamely smell ah?  Must try this Silence of the Lamb when you drop by this Cafe.

Papa this Iced Salted Caramel  drink. He likes it. Asked Mamarazzi to have a taste. 

While they busy eating, I went "international roaming" . to get Papa and Mamarazzi to buy these toys for me ya? 

Uncle Sherman! Look what I found! KING BOB! Nah....see...ask you to join us for makan, you busy pulak. Now you know where to get this King Bob ya.

Mamarazzi die die ask me to pose with this wall mural. She love it wor. Ahem ahem....actually I also love it la.

Lucky the owners didn't mind us snooping around and snapping photos

Roaming roaming ,..then some how I ended up here. Learning to play Yo-kai Watch The Card Game, one of the hottest game. And guess what....they gave me a demo pack and promo card for free. It seems that all participants of the Learn to Play session gets a demo pack and promo card FOR FREE

Mamarazzi's gang really Judgehead leh...some more can order Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich. Oppsss.....looks like Darth Vader also want a bite. The Cafe owner took out they toys for Mamarazzi's gang to play with. Aiyoyo....big kids lah.

Nice food...cozy environment...friendly wonder Tai Kar Jie said she kept coming back to this Cafe again and again though there are plenty of other makan place to choose from in the area.

After makan, the Method kaki(s) said it's time to go "borong" stuffs. I was enjoying myself too much to go off leh. So Papa stayed behind with me while Mamarazzi go "borong" stuffs.

The owners of the Cafe were happy-go-lucky and willing to pose for a photo for Mamarazzi and the gang. From left is Kor Kor Alvin. Heard Mother Geek , Sophia, called him Ah Boy. That's Sophia in the middle  while on the right is the Major Geek, Kor Kor Ben.

When Mamarazzi came back to collect me and Papa, I spotted this sign. have to think of a way to "bodek" Papa and Mamarazzi to bring me here again.

If you happens to be around, Kota Damansara area ...don't hesitate to drop by GeekOut Cafe.
The address is  :

GeekOut Cafe
19-1, Jalan PJU 5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
Tel : 017-633 7570
Business hours : 11am to 10pm
Close on Tuesdays


  1. I am laways amazed to see how much your son enjoys food. Top.


  2. What a fun looking place! The food looks pretty good, too. I love the name of it. :)

  3. I know this place, opposite where I live! :)

    I've never been in there though coz generally board game and hobby shops don't serve good food, people go to gather and play board games, Magic, Hearthstone etc. Good to hear the food (except the burger) is decent.

  4. Oh, I would like some of the Smoked Duck Sesame Soba, please, lil kitten ... hmmm? Love, cat

  5. Got Archie comics? If they have, sure Melissa Cheh-Cheh wants to go there. :D

  6. I do not mind geeking out here. Kids happy, I am happy tok.

  7. Bookmark this place, your mama know what to do when i go KL, wink wink hint hint...

  8. wah.. really a happening weekend lah.. in the morning went Massimo Bakery Workshop, and right after that got to rush to GeekOut for the Method's kaki gathering.. so happy lah, can bake, can makan and can play too!! sure Small Kucing very happy, and Mamarazzi also very contented after borong some of her favorite Method products..

  9. nice leh this place, so special with games and comics, hehehe!! Uncle SK also dapat the invitation two days before the event but it's like just less than 24 hours for him to make a reply.. too bad lah, Uncle SK very busy mah, got other planned appointment leh, else he will be there to play with Small Kucing lah.. and sure he will be admiring that King Bob like Uncle Anay admires the exhibits in museums.. :p

    1. Uncle SK so sombong lah.Must give him a week notis one. Hahaha

      Otherwise, auntie lina also can meet him that day. ;)

  10. wah, this gang of Method's kaki really can eat also.. got soup as starters, then a big portion main dish (some even had two), drinks and then a desserts!! eih, the ice-cream sandwich cookies looks good leh, Uncle SK also want to try to make this, hehehehe, okay, he has got some ideas in mind already, will try and then if successful blog about it later, wakakakakaka~~ :D

  11. eih, Mamarazzi did not show us what she borong-ed leh?? the hands are carrying too much stuffs that she was not free and had no "hands" to take photos of her loots?? Small Kucing didn't help to take a photo meh?? :p

  12. hey, small kucing eyes are sharp or shares? I was thinking .. apa sharing.. or caring... hehhee... so what method products did you borong? Can share?

  13. yay for good cafes that sell delicious food at a decent portion!! :) interesting theme too.. we just opened a new Comic Heroes cafe at MBS

  14. I love the minions, my husband likes darth vader

  15. What is eye share? I also want to know. The lamb chop is huge! I surely cannot finish eating it. Don't quite like the name though - makes me think of cannibalism as in Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lamb movie.

  16. Looks like a nice place for makan. Must come here one day.

  17. Looks like an interesting place to eat and play. The food looks yummy too!

  18. WAH ....seems an enjoyable cafe! So many things to play and good food to eat!

  19. i like the name of the shop and also their menu so nice... must get that King Bob funko, not easy to get leh. Hahaha

  20. Haha, so funny la you ni.. Pretend to eat fries, then say full, then zoom off to play.. Eh, it's normal.. I think all kids also the same.. Kz also.. Pretend eat a few mouth, eat some fries, then finish his Milo, then rub tummy say full, haha..

  21. What an interesting cafe! I will pop in one day - husband would love this. The food looks pretty decent too. ^.^

  22. wow.. I definitely like this place.. this is a place where kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy..

    gosh love to see some Marvel toy collectibles here

  23. No indication of food prices? :) Interested to try now after your review!

  24. Seem like a great place for collectibles fans!

  25. This restaurant is so interesting right from its comic menu, food and names! I love its creativity and I am sure my wifey would love the concept. We will hop over soon.


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