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Friday, 4 September 2015

EnviroHome - Body Wash, Laundry Detergent and Dish Wash Review

 Last week,  I was surprised to find these three bottles sitting in the flower pot. Uncle Tan and Uncle SK busy making Solarised Water to drink for a healthier living . it Mamarazzi making "Solarised" home cleaning products for our home use?

I opened the Body Wash.....hmmm....smell like Rosemary. Did she trimmed her Rosemary plant?

The Dish Wash Liquid had the scent of Mandarin Orange. We don't have any Mandarin Orange plant. Couldn't be the extract from the mysterious plant at the balcony. The plant is still too small.

As I was going  on to the Laundry Detergent, Mamarazzi came. She said these are the products given by EnviroHome for us to review.

EnviroHome is a home and personal care brand which provides eco-friendly products. The products are derives from natural ingredients. Its products are chemical-free, bubble free and fragrance free . 

Sounds good coz as we clean ourselves and our home, we should not dirty or damage the ecology system or at least we should minimise the damage. 

(Body Wash)
(Laundry Detergent)

  (Dish Wash)
Mamarazzi vetted through the list of ingredients of the 3 bottles of cleaning products. Didn't see any red alert words  like Parabens and EDTA. Paraben or anything else that have the word "paraben" like Methylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, sobutylparaben and ethylparaben that would ring an alarm bell in her head . EDTA and Paraben are preservatives that will leaves residue on skin and may even cause cancer.

Looks like the rosemary scent, mandarin orange scent and whatever in the three products came from the plant itself. Their products doesn't have any synthetic scent. Goody.

EnviroHome Body Wash

Yay! That evening itself I got to try out the Body Wash. This was the one that have the scent of rosemary. 

No wonder, coz the list of ingredients apart from Aqua, Mineral Salts, Sea Water Extract, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Lemon Extract, Lavender Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil , it also have
Rosemary Oil.

What I Like : 

-It have a refreshing scent. After using it, I don't feel as sleepy as when I got back home from school. Felt more alert . 
-My body smell nicer too.
-easy to wash off from my body.

What I didn't Like : 

Scolding from Mamarazzi for keep on pressing too much of the Body Wash liquid as I like to smell the scent. 

 EnviroHome Laundry Detergent

I also got to be the first to use the Laundry Detergent as Mamarazzi wanted me to wash my own school uniform. She said I don't take care for the uniforms and made them so dirty. Hence, I had to handwash them. The instruction says  pour 25ml of EnviroHome Laundry Detergent into 5litres of water and mix well. 

The good:-

I say : 

-no stinky (mildew) smell when the uniforms were soaked overnight. Yeah...sometimes I wait 1 week then wash my school uniforms.
-easier to rinse coz not much bubbles to wash away

She says :

-the antifoaming agent reduces the need of using a lot of water to rinse away the residue of the detergent. 
-saves water.
-the natural derives ingredients is gentle to the hands. She don't have to worry much about poison when I use it.
-love the Eucalyptus scent. Wondering if it would chase away the mozzie too.  
-those with sensitive skin will like it as it's free from dye and perfume

The Bad

- I have to continue washing my own uniforms and school shoes.
-Can't play water coz no need to use much water. 

EnviroHome Dish Wash

Uh......lucky this no need for me to do. Otherwise headache. Mamarazzi used it as this is what she said :-

The Good :-

-the mandarin orange scent.
-doesn't contain any synthetic materials. Safer for her to use.
-cleans well enough
-love the press and squirt nozzle. No need to hold slippery bottle.

The Bad:-
-Sometimes she accidentally pressed too hard, too much dish wash come out.

Overall, we love the three products given for us to review. It's easy to use and gentle to our hands and body. Mamarazzi like the chemical free concept and also that the product can easily be available through online store .

If you are interested to know more or purchase EnviroHome range of cleaning and personal care products, you can visit their page at :-


Disclaimer : 

We did not receive monetary compensation for this review. Receiving product samples did not influence the final review. All opinions expressed herein are our own. We did not guarantee and will not we be held responsible if you decide to purchase the product; and you are dissatisfied with it. 


  1. Apalah you!!! Use so much soap mandi. :D :D :D Come, come..send me samples, I can try and review also. ;)

    1. mau review...nanti I give you name to the person in charge ya

  2. Wakakakaka!!!

    Give a gold medal to your Mamarazzi for being the best photographer with creative art direction!
    Your photos are so hard sell and very cute to convince me easily how beneficial and good these products could give to the users!

    1. Piak your head la Anay....hahaha....This product used the real thing mah...not those synthetic scent. So snap photo also must be authentic a bit la.

      Don't have to convince you la since I know you are a strong supporter of all natural products one leh. Kudos to you for being so environmental friendly

  3. I always like the smell of Rosemary & Eucalyptus and they are so refreshing and uplifting to my senses!
    I see that these products contain safe ingredients. Voila.

    1. see! Baru need convincing one you...and i know you love to shop online....go their online shop and browse. Saw that they have many other things too.

  4. For the environment. Kudos to small kucing!

  5. Should I dump my Methods aside and migrate to try this brand?

    Why not?

    I should la keep trying new things.

    1. lol....why dump? I thought you hampalang brand also long as got the word "Eco-Friendly" and "all natural ", you will buy

  6. Wah nice, got free stuff to use and review.. The dish liquid smells good, got mandarin orange smell.. But I think I like if got floor mop detergent :)

    1. Yes...should get that for the new baby. Natural products will have less allergic reaction

  7. It's good to switch to environmentally friendly household products. A lot of harmful chemicals are used in the regular products and in the long run is bad for our health.

    1. True. All the chemical residue on our skins will go into the blood and can cause all sorts of problems

  8. wah.. suddenly got three bottles of EnviroHome suddenly appear in the garden!! sounds like ET brought them from outer planets and drop them in the garden while Mamarazzi was soundly asleep!! haha, macam Santa Claus lah, wake up and saw something!! but frankly, memang Santa Claus lah this EnviroHome, the three bottles are such nice gifts kan?? :)

    1. LOL...not sampan drop ya. something new to try lo

  9. wah, after the shower Small Kucing smells like rosemary?? hehehe, then must run away from the hungry Paparazzi, else Paparazzi will fantasise Small Kucing as Rosemary Roast Chicken and want to bite your drumstick leh.. hahahaha!! so one more point to add to The Good and The Bad?? hehe~~ :p

    1. asalkan Mamarazzi don;t mistaken me as the chicken and stuff me into them oven sudah lah. LOL

  10. hehe, with EnviroHome detergent, now Small Kucing seems to be very happy washing his own clothes leh.. he can even hang some clothes using his mouth!! eih, want to become oink-oink ke?? wait, Uncle SK saw one underwear there, whose underwear is that?? tsk tsk tsk, shame shame leh.. but seems good leh this detergent, don't have the mildew smell and can chase away mozzie!! Uncle SK likes this feature..

    1. hahahaha.....very long mouth leh....whose else is there wor....mine lor....take kan la go school no wear that

    2. tarak guarantee can chase away mozzie ah....only smell of Eucalyptus oil...usually when smell that will think of minyak angin and minyak angin usually associated with mozzie lo

  11. dish wash with mandarin orange smell, that is very refreshing lah, unlike the common lemon or lime that can smell like the toilet freshener, hahaha!! and it's pump mechanism woh, that makes washing more convenient and easy leh, like Mamarazzi said no need to hold on to and squeeze the slippery plastic bottles.. eih, Small Kucing so relieved huh, next time if naughty again, Mamarazzi must make him wash the dishes also!! kikikiki~~ :D

    1. wah you so naughty...don't start giving Mamarazzi idea ah...later i cry baru tau

  12. So why the 3 bottles sitting among the plants leh??

    Quality-wise, I'm pretty sure any healthy/organic/environmentally-friendly product is better than mainstream Glo/Lux/Fab. Just whether worth the higher price!

  13. Wahhh hand-washing your own uniform already! Good on you for being so hard-working :)

  14. Never heard of this brand...

    Have a wonderful weekend ya!

  15. Very impressive review. I like the fact that these products have no chemicals.

  16. I love eco products!

  17. Sounds like you've got some pretty wonderful products to try, dear. xoxo

  18. The scent is amazing. I love such natural products. Let me check out on their page.

  19. Sound like great products to me! Will check it out! ^.^

  20. Sounds great! Will check it out! I am such a sucker for new products. ^.^

  21. darn why the bottloes look alike but for totally different used? body wash to dish washer to detergent. what if you took the wrong one for bathing :D

  22. Like the packaging...looks very natural and healthy choice!

  23. Make me think of my rosemary plant yang sudah mati :(


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