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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Dinosaurs at Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village, Ipoh

 After "borong" mooncakes at Ming Yue Confectionery, we met up with Auntie Claire at her house. Together off we went to Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village.

Entrance fees was RM4 per person. Same price for kids too. Auntie Claire's hand very fast leh. After paying the entrance fees . they gave us a bunch of bookmarks as souvenir. Auntie Claire mentioned it used to be keychains leh.

Wah lau eh...that day was 人山人海(human mountain, human sea) leh. Hmmm......all must have read Auntie's Claire blog hence this place become so popular liao. Used to be pretty quiet leh when Auntie Claire went the first time.

Despite everything, I managed to get a free bicycle to ride there. Yup..they provide free bicycle for the visitors to ride around. The place is quite big

 Argghhhhh!!! where is the brake......gonna fly into the lake liao.......

  Mamarazzi kept asking me to stop and pose for photos. Adui...kacau la.

 Am doing fine zooming here and there. Mamarazzi said very scenic here. Sure on weekdays many couples will come and take pre-wedding photos here.

 Then I spotted many people going up the hill. I wanted to go to. Mamarazzi had to follow me up. She was walking so slow leh. Slow coach.

Papa very clever oh. He stayed at the foot of the hill and enjoy a bowl of cooling Cendol leh. Quite cheap leh . Only RM3 a bowl.

 Hello! hello! emergency. Can get me an ambulance? Mamarazzi wanna pengsan liao. Said no more breath to climb further up the hill leh though we had barely started.

 Phewitt! so many love notes here. Stingy Mamarazzi don't wanna give me money to hang a few love notes here for my girlfriends.  Said gonna pokai lo coz too many girlfriends liao.

 Aiya...Papa should have follow us up leh. Here also got Cendol leh. least got the machine la.....a bit dusty but can still use gua.

 What's this? A  flour mill? Very antique leh. 

 Along the hill there are many small partition building with old junks antiques. Mamarazzi kept stopping and exclaiming at the sights.

 Very thirsty by the time arrive near the top of the hill. I wonder what is at the very top . How I wish I could just take an open one of these bottles and drink...but probably expired liao gua. Another old bottle from the time when Mamarazzi was just a kid wor.

 HELP!!!!!!! Dinosaurs!!! Run!!! I thought at the top of the hill got something interesting....mana tau there is a nest of dinosaur leh.!!

 Wanted to run and hide in this little hut. 

But Mamarazzi said why go and hide in the "jamban"(toilet) la. So stinky dei!

Alamak! That one is "jamban" ah? Better get some water to clean my feet leh. . running water ka? Have to manually pump ka?

Also no water here.

 Maybe can take from this well kot? Or maybe this is a wishing well. If it is, I would wish for a Mosasaur come out and eat up the Indominus Rex lo. Ah? not Indominus Rex ka? They are Massospondylus ah?

Errr.....don't care la. I better cabut lari. I wonder if this motorbikes can still run. Next stop...time to makan leh...hungry liao.

Okay...if you are keen to see the can pay a visit to this place. Plenty of things to see and bicycles to ride.

Address: 22A, Persiaran Pinggir Rapat 5A,Taman Saikat, 31350, Ipoh, Perak,


  1. Very interesting this place! I love the photo of you lari lintang pukang from the dinosaurs hah..hah...

  2. nice pictures, enjoyed this post.

  3. It was a holiday so must have many crowds. Nice shots. Haha. I like your expression running away from the dinosaurs.

  4. Hello, wha a fun place to visit. It is nice to ride the bicycle. and the dinosaurs are cool. I can understand that you have so many girlfriends, that would be a lot of notes. Fun post, thanks for sharing your day. Have a happy week ahead!

  5. wah.. the Kucing Family went to Qing Xin Ling!!! Uncle SK also knew about this place from Auntie Claire leh.. true enough, that time when she went there the place was not crowded at all.. but seems now it gets so popular after Auntie Claire blogged about it.. nice place leh, but never expected need to pay RM4 entrance fees woh, hahaha!! but okay lah, probably that's the bicycle rental..

  6. nice photo leh, luckily Mamarazzi didn't lazy and followed Auntie Claire and Small Kucing to go up the hill.. looks like there are a lot more things to see there.. errr, besides the pool of dinosaur, there are also many antiques being displayed.. one surprise to Uncle SK would be the old time "jamban", hahaha!! luckily there is a sign there to tell the people that they cannot use this "jamban", else really will be very stinky leh, hehe!! :p

  7. adui, why Paparazzi didn't follow but just stay there at the foot to enjoy his cendol huh?? the cendol looks good leh, especially after some cycling and walk under the hot sun, RM3 considered cheap lah for touristy place kan?? but the one Small Kucing found on the hill, for display only lah, nobody is selling ABC or Cendol there.. got money also cannot buy, haha~~ :D

  8. so many activities for Small Kucing to do there, just to find water, haha.. now Small Kucing knows how difficult to get clean water in the old times and must appreciate the water from the tap, cannot be wasteful okay?? somemore in this bolehland, anytime can have "unscheduled" water disruption without prior notice one.. good education the Qing Xin Ling placing the water pump and well there leh~~ :)

  9. ... Looks like u had lots of fun on your excursion with your mom, lil kitten, what did you eat and drink all day? ... anyhow, now you are back to school, hmmm? Wishing you a successful new school year, k? ... Love, cat.

  10. Looks like you enjoyed your visit to Qing Xin Ling very much. So now the dinosaurs are completed and with the addition of love notes. One thing I like about this place is the beautiful scenic view.

  11. I think have to visit this place soon, seems like so many things to see. According to auntie Claire, the place is deteriorating slowly already is it?

    You want those oldies soft drink bottles? Still got one, those kopitiams in places like Bidor or Kampar will have those..

  12. It looks like you had loads of fun- even escaping from the dinos. Have a great day!

  13. wah ..what place is this ? Never heard of..... and thids kucing having so much fun! But if I were there, I will follow your papa footsteps...enjoyed the cendol. hahaha

  14. Looks like everyone had fun there!

  15. Nice cendol? Where are the dinosaurs? Ahhhh!!! I see one in the background. You sure look like you had a whole lot of fun.

  16. Looks like a lovely place, and such fun! :)

  17. Ipoh the next cuti cuti Malaysia I have planned. Nice fun and interesting I can see.

  18. Haha I enjoyed this post! So amusing the digs at Mamarazzi.

  19. seems a wonderful place for a day trip... but the crowds are frigthening!

  20. Yes, go again when it is cooler especially in the evening... less people, can dance to the juke box music without feeling shy... i did that last time! hahahaha..

  21. Entrance fee seem quite cheap as there are quite a lot to look look see see in the park (from your photo lah as I never been there before :P)

  22. Funny photos like a comics script. Muahahaha
    Mamarazzi has started venturing into comics kah!

  23. Goodness! I think I remember this place. Long ago it was nothing but hills and lakes.
    Wow! Now it has become so interesting.

  24. Looks like a fun day at the Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village.


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