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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Breakfast At Restaurant Riri Fatt and Explore La Familia Orchard, Sekinchan

 Last Saturday very very hazy ah. Ah Kong and Ah Mah came back from their overseas vacation, we decided to bring them jalan-jalan cari makan in Sekinchan lo. Nearly cancelled the trip due to the haze.

Early morning had heavy smell of smoke. Adui.... but but.....lucky we approaching Sekinchan, the sky turned gloomy and dark. Not long after rained cats and dogs. Kinda bummer for me coz I brought along my bicycle and looking forward to cycling in Sekinchan .

 First breakfast. Mamarazzi google and saw a shop selling wantan mee with mushroom with chicken feet but when waze..pusing pusing cannot find. So pakai hentam la and tembak a shop along the main road.

Restaurant Riri Fatt. Prosperous Daily? Certainly living up to it's name coz quite a lot of people eating here. Probably coz they had quite a variety of chicken rice, pork noodles, curry noodles, wantan noodles and etc.

Mamarazzi ordered Wantan Mee with Chicken Feet for all of us. I love chicken feet but then that morning I was too excited. I wanted to go cycling so I said I'm not hungry. End up Mamarazzi shared this plate of wantan mee with me while Ah Kong helped me to finish off the Chicken Feet

 Rainy morning...Mamarazzi like to have he cup of hot Kopi O. Eh...they make good Kopi_o here. At least according to her la. Not too sweet and taste thick enough. Even Papa said good.

 Papa ordered this Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun to share. Got 3 types of fillings- meat, prawns and one more is what ah???? lupa liao coz Mamarazzi only ate the meat ones. The Cili Flakes syok oh.... spicy.  Surprisingly this dish quite cheap. RM6only if not mistaken.

 Papa dunno what he wanted to he just grabbed the prepacked Nasi Lemak on the table. Surprisingly he liked it very much. Said the rice very aromatic.

 By the time, we finished eating...the rain started to slow down.  Sky was much clearer. Less hazy.

Wah.....this time...can see the paddy field filled with seedlings. ....

 Eh eh eh...who is that ah? 

Oppss..... it's me la...Finally got the chance to cycle there. Drizzling a bit but Mamarazzi said hentam la. Let me cycle la. She told me if I fall into the longkang(drain) there, make sure to catch a fish or two for her to cook at night .

 Finally arrived at La Familia Orchard. early already buzzing with visitors liao.

 Parked my bicycle. The lady still remembers me. 

 Wanted to go exploring in the orchard but the started to rain again. 

Mamarazzi bought some jambu air, papaya and bananas from the orchard. She said nice wor. 

Then off we go to the next stop. 

Went to the Nan Tian Temple for Ah Mah to Pai Pai. Me pulak wanted to climb the tower again...Aiyer....after rain...very slippery leh...scary dei....

Cannot smile liao......knee knocking against each other liao....errr...can we go yet? Next stop???....


 Restaurant Riri Fatt
45-B, Jalan Besar 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Red Mooncake Festival 2015

This year's Mooncakes Festival  was rather quiet in my neighbourhood.  Probably due to the haze, nobody felt like celebrating much. 

Mamarazzi even forgot to get me a Tanglung (lantern). Last minute went to Tesco and Econsave...both also tarak sell.

Oh well....guess it's  D.I.Y time. Got some 100Plus drink cans. She said these are similar to the Tanglungs that she used when she was a kid. But in the old days they used Milo tins ir Milkmaid Condensed Milk tin.

I didn't have much mood to  have dinner but die die Papa and Mamarazzi  said have to finish my dinner first or else straight to bed for me. Slurp up my noodles and off I went.

Me and my tanglungs . Ready to bike to my gf's house.

I called and called her but nobody answered. So early gone to sleep ah? 

Nevermind la...I play by myself lo. Cabut Mamarazzi 's Pandan leaves and Lemongrass , pretend to make Satay. Who wants satay???

They said this year Red Moon...tarak saw moon pun...only black black sky...

Haze! Haze! Go away! Don't come back another  day....

Monday, 28 September 2015

Fun Time at PLAY-DOH® “Shape a Colourful Community” Roadshow

 Do you remember Mamarazzi blogging about "PLAY-DOH® - Shape a Colourful Community" thingy #playdohmonth2015? Well, we went for the event despite of the heavy haze that cover the whole of city. Cough cough cough...#stopthehazejokowi. 

Got there real early. They were just setting up.Did my Gangnam's dance. Just joking la.'s like a dream come true.....I can play Play-Doh whole day and let my imagination lead me. No worry about shortage of Play-Doh as they supply it to me. The best thing is that I get to join in a meaningful activity...which is to participate in The Malaysian Books of Records attempt for the most PLAY-DOH®scupltures created in a single day .

 Thank you to all the Kor Kor and Jie Jie who are staffs there for helping me to get the colors that I wanted and also ensuring a comfortable environment for my imagination to run wild. the end ....These are my creation , joint venture with Mamarazzi. Sorry the time I finished playing creating, Mamarazzi already half pengsan liao. Fingers numbed liao. Wanna snap photos also fingers shaking liao.... 3 hours only leh. I wanted to stay longer but Mamarazzi said beh tahan liao. I hope this join effort by all participants will be enough to get into Malaysian Books of Records.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

"Star Wars Rebels S2" Premieres on Oct 3!

The Rebel crew returns to Disney XD Saturday, 3 October 2015 in the Season Two premiere of Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal – a special one-hour movie event!

The Rebels return to Lothal to save a defecting Imperial officer, only to draw the attention of the Empire’s most dreaded agent - Darth Vader.  The highly anticipated Star Wars Rebels season two is set to premiere on SATURDAY, October 3 at 8am on Disney XD (Astro Ch 617) and 11am on Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615). The season will kick-off with a special one-hour movie event "Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal". Following the one-hour movie event, the season will continue to rollout new episodes from 24 October 2015. This exciting new season is filled with more thrilling adventures with the Rebels that will include appearances by fan-favorite characters Darth Vader, Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, Wolffe and Gregor.

Video Clips:
Here are two featurettes and two clips from Star Wars Rebels “The Siege of Lothal”

“The Padawan Lives”- Ahsoka Featurette

Star Wars Rebels Season Two Featurette

Star Wars Rebels Season Two Trailer

Clip from “The Siege of Lothal”

# # #
NOTE : Hope you will catch the show this coming October.

Comments have been disabled.  Still on holiday  mood. Yay! Tomorrow  Raya!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Launch of ‘Immunisation Controversies: What You Really Need To Know’

Book on immunisation provides a comprehensive look into vaccinology to help parents and healthcare providers make informed decisions
18 Sept 2015, Kuala Lumpur...To curb rising concern and unfounded fears among parents who are choosing not to vaccinate their children, the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM), Islamic Medical Association & Network of Indonesia (IMANI) and MyHealth Outreach (MHO) launched a book titled ‘Immunisation Controversies: What you really need to know’, at the Shangri La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The launch, held in conjunction with the 37th Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA) Congress and Asia Pacific Vaccinology Update, was attended by celebrity parents who shared their opinions on vaccination.
Undoubtedly, immunisation is among one of the medical interventions that has brought about tremendous improvements in health and quality of life for mankind. The recent years, however, has seen a rise in anti-vaccine sentiment fuelled by dubious internet sources.
This worrying trend is causing alarm among healthcare professionals and concerned parents, as dipping vaccine uptake in the general population would mean a return of childhood diseases such as diphtheria and measles that are almost eradicated.
“Where vaccinations are concerned, we are really victims of our own success,” declares Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin, a consultant paediatrician and neonatologist who is the editor-in-chief of the book. The Chairman of the Federation of Islamic Associations (FIMA) Advisory Council and former President of the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) expressed concern that many parents are being misled into believing that some or all vaccines are unsafe, not Sha’riah compliant or will cause severe side effects.
The book follows an earlier version of the same title in Indonesian language, which saw sold-out success in the largest Islamic population in the world. “There is a lot of confusion and doubts among parents on the topic of immunisation, so the information provided was highly welcomed by the public and healthcare professionals. We are delighted to work with Malaysia’s IMAM to produce an improved version of the book in English for an international market,” says Dr Siti Aisyah Ismail, Foreign Affairs & Project Manager, Islamic Medical Association and Network of Indonesia (IMANI).

Chan Li Jin, a writer who has been covering medical news since 2003 and founder of MyHealth Outreach shares that she has seen many changes in parenting approaches in the last decade. “Today, vaccination is such a contentious issue because people tend to get agitated easily when the topic is broached. My favourite part of this book is where one of the writers mentioned that there should no divide between pro-vaxer or anti-vaxxer, because the ultimate aim is to give children the best healthcare possible. In reality, there is only one camp.”
One look at the content list shows a wide spectrum of important issues related to immunisations including medical facts, perspectives, opinions of distinguished personalities as well as an extensive FAQ section. Although peppered with Quranic verses and hadiths (sayings of the prophet Muhammad), the book is suitable for all audiences, including non-Muslims, as a reference point on vaccinology.

Marion Caunter, Vivy Yusuf and Vanida Imran, celebrity parents who were present at the launch, shared their own experiences with child vaccination and expressed appreciation for an insight into something that many modern parents take for granted.
Both mothers agree that prevention is the best approach to take where child health is concerned because a sick child can affect the entire family’s social, financial and emotional health, more so for life-threatening vaccine-preventable diseases such as meningitis and pneumococcal pneumonia.
There are already requests for the book to be translated into Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and other languages, while an e-book version is in the pipeline for digital readers.
‘Immunisation Controversies’ is retailed at RM38 (or USD10) and all proceeds of the book will be channelled to health educational programmes for children. The book can be purchased from selected hospitals, clinics and bookstores or via post.
Currently, the book is available at:
  • Dato’ Dr Musa Nordin’s clinic, Damansara Specialist Hospital
  • Datuk Dr Zulkifli Ismail’s clinic, Selangor Specialist Hospital
  • Klinik Pakar Kanak-kanak Yong at Mutiara Damansara
For updates on distribution points, to place a booking, purchase via post, or for further enquiries, please visit the Facebook page Controversies  or call Junainah Mohd Jaafar at 013-2761761. 


Note : Yay! school holiday is here. Thought wanna "ponteng" blogging this week but received e-mail from the writer cum founder of MyHealth Outreach, Chan Li Jin. 
Well, most of you know one of my relative is a paed and she had advised Papa and Mamarazzi on my health since birth. There are so many pro-vaxer or anti-vaxxer out there and it is hard to decide which would it be. We are sure lucky to have good advice from my relative. However, there are many who may not have the opportunity. Hopefully, this book can help with some clarification.
Therefore, Mamarazzi have no hesitation when, Ms Chan Li Jin asked us to help to spread the news about this book. Moreover we are informed by Ms Chan , in her words " ...the book is really a labour of love - all proceeds will be going to educational programmes for children and all of the editors and writers have contributed their time and money pro bono. All we wish is that parents and healthcare professionals will be able to make wise decisions for their children." 
Wow.. Mamarazzi really salute those who are involved. Jia Yoh!
Oh need to look for comment box in this post as comments have been disabled. School holiday ma. Hopefully, readers out there who are interested in purchasing this book can visit the venue stated above or follow them in their Facebook.



Thursday, 17 September 2015

Sale! Sale! Sale! Curious Corner Sale, Crocs Warehouse Sale and MPH Book Cafe

*Reading is dreaming with your eyes open* the sign states

Haze~Haze ~haze ~haze~
Haze~Haze ~haze ~haze~
When I smell you, I feel so cham~
When I breath you, my health is harmed~
I'm feeling so FED-UP ,
Coz all I ever see is haze~

Have you heard this song before?  If you have not, do view the video in Youtube titled All I Ever See is Haze by Alvin Oon.

Schools were closed on Tuesday coz of the haze but tuition still ongoing. After tuition, Mamarazzi said wanna go Curious Corner at Amcorp Mall to buy tumblers coz saw in Facebook that they are having Garage Sale . Got 50% off the tumblers wor.

But when we arrived there...alamak....all the ones that Mamarazzi was eyeing habis liao. People grabbed all liao. Left are those smaller ones which is not suitable for our needs.

Browse at their gardening corner. Wei wei....also got 50% off wor. 

Apalagi...Mamarazzi grabbed a bunch of these pots lor. RM1.50 only leh after discount . Some more stated there "biodegrable". Errr.....better than using plastic pots gua.....some more these are so colorful leh. Nice to put indoors.

The sale is on till 30th September 2015 at both Curious Corner outlet (Amcorp Mall and Fahrenheit88).

Hiyak! Bookxcess is 8 years old! ahem....only a year older than me la. I certainly #Enjoy going to BookXcess each time leh.

This round I managed to get Mamarazzi to buy me a Garfield book and Mamarazzi finally completed her "The Inheritance Cycle" collection by Christopher Paolini.

Now BookXcess is having "Buy 5 and get a 6th book free " promotion till 31st October 2015. For more accurate information, Terms and Conditions, do visit their Facebook.

Me syok syok have 2 days holiday.... *SCREAAAAMMMMMM!!!!** Dies... I forgot to wear my school shoes to school today. Wore sandals only.

Papa said not turning back to get my school shoes coz this is a repeated offense. Ask Cikgu to kasi roti panjang aje.

Instead...after dropping me to school, they went for Crocs Sale at Bangunan Bakti Siti Hasmah in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Papa bought his shoes but Mamarazzi didn't buy any.

Instead....she came away with these. There is a MPH Book Cafe right opposite of the Crocs Sale vanue.

Books there seems to be pretty cheap. Heard from Uncle Twilight Man that this shop is supposed to be MPH reject shop.

Got these 6 books at RM7 a copy. Buy these no sakit gigi but buy Crocs she had to think think think so long whether to buy or not.

Said these suits me wor. Not solely sentences but have a bit of comic and normal pragraphs. The one above is Kung Pow Chicken book by Scholastic. It's about Gordon Blue who is a second grader who became a Superhero. She likes the colorful illustration.

The Monkey Me Series is also by Scholastic and similar style with Kung Pow Chicken. Only that it's in black and white.

Guess....this is the random ramblings for now. Do check out the above sales if you have the time

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

GeekOut Cafe, Kota Damansara

After my Massimo Junior Chef Workshop which follows Malaysian Time, we fast fast zoom too to Kota Damansara pulak. 

Super late for dating with Mamarazzi's Method kaki(s).  Tai Kar Jie(Big sister) said got Method sale in Sunway Giza and since long time the gang haven't meet-up, she suggested we have lunch at nearby cafe before popping over to "borong" stuffs from Method. 

Tai Kar Jie very pandai oh. She choose this cafe as a meet-up point. It's a Cafe/Toy Shop/Collectibles Store. 

Very unique Menu. Mamarazzi thought it's a comic and was looking for the "Menu".

Mamarazzi is "slow" lah. The real comic is in my hand . Got it from the counter. It's free reading for customers here while waiting for their food. 

Hmm....I have to complain la. I haven't finish reading, my food arrived liao. So fast leh. Started off with mushroom soup. 

Warm from the kitchen. Very nice to "celup-celup" my "roti" in. favourite watermelon juice. No added sugar. Pure watermelon Juice. 

While I "celup-ing" , this group caught my attention. You don't say me "four eyes" ah but my eyes very sharp one you know. 

The Lady Boss' eyes also very share leh. She saw me eyeing the group and said they are playing the latest Japanese card game called  " Yo-Kai Watch Card Game"; and that I can join them if I wish. 

Then came my Chocobo Burger(Chicken). 

Woi! Tak aci ni! The Burger really not same as in the Menu leh. Clearly the case of  "For illustration purposes" leh. How come this Burger so big one compared to the one in the photo ? So much meat, vegetables and Cheese inside . 

How to finish fast fast so that I can join the group play games ah? 

Hmm...Maybe I eat the fries then pretend to be full liao then can go play first. Burger "tapau" home to eat la.

Mamarazzi was feeling adventurous. She had the "Yoda Soda". you know why it's so green ya. Not coloring but blended Mint leaves. According to her it was very refreshing.

For her main, she had the Sugoi Smoked Duck Sesame Soba. Portion looks small here but actually it was the normal size. It's the plate that is big.

In fact she couldn't all of it. Had to ask Papa help to finish it but Papa also had his hands full...or rather mouth full.

Papa had the Lasagne

........and a piece of this yummylicious lamb chop...if not mistaken the name is Silence of The Lamb Chop. Glamour name leh. No wonder, Papa eat till speechless. How they make it so tender and without gamely smell ah?  Must try this Silence of the Lamb when you drop by this Cafe.

Papa this Iced Salted Caramel  drink. He likes it. Asked Mamarazzi to have a taste. 

While they busy eating, I went "international roaming" . to get Papa and Mamarazzi to buy these toys for me ya? 

Uncle Sherman! Look what I found! KING BOB! Nah....see...ask you to join us for makan, you busy pulak. Now you know where to get this King Bob ya.

Mamarazzi die die ask me to pose with this wall mural. She love it wor. Ahem ahem....actually I also love it la.

Lucky the owners didn't mind us snooping around and snapping photos

Roaming roaming ,..then some how I ended up here. Learning to play Yo-kai Watch The Card Game, one of the hottest game. And guess what....they gave me a demo pack and promo card for free. It seems that all participants of the Learn to Play session gets a demo pack and promo card FOR FREE

Mamarazzi's gang really Judgehead leh...some more can order Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich. Oppsss.....looks like Darth Vader also want a bite. The Cafe owner took out they toys for Mamarazzi's gang to play with. Aiyoyo....big kids lah.

Nice food...cozy environment...friendly wonder Tai Kar Jie said she kept coming back to this Cafe again and again though there are plenty of other makan place to choose from in the area.

After makan, the Method kaki(s) said it's time to go "borong" stuffs. I was enjoying myself too much to go off leh. So Papa stayed behind with me while Mamarazzi go "borong" stuffs.

The owners of the Cafe were happy-go-lucky and willing to pose for a photo for Mamarazzi and the gang. From left is Kor Kor Alvin. Heard Mother Geek , Sophia, called him Ah Boy. That's Sophia in the middle  while on the right is the Major Geek, Kor Kor Ben.

When Mamarazzi came back to collect me and Papa, I spotted this sign. have to think of a way to "bodek" Papa and Mamarazzi to bring me here again.

If you happens to be around, Kota Damansara area ...don't hesitate to drop by GeekOut Cafe.
The address is  :

GeekOut Cafe
19-1, Jalan PJU 5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
Tel : 017-633 7570
Business hours : 11am to 10pm
Close on Tuesdays

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