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Monday, 17 August 2015

Yong Tau Foo , Fishball and Beach @ Sekinchan

 Been saying wanna "makan" since last week but till now baru managed to post up about what we ate in Sekinchan.

Actually nothing much la. Papa suggested seafood as the place is famous for that but Mamarazzi said since there were only the 3 of us...chincai eat la. Go seafood restaurant also can't order much to try coz it would be too much food.

After a few round, she saw a Yong Tau Foo Restaurant. Just hentam la. Went in. Only one table was occupied though it was lunch hour.

Ordered a few Yong Tau Foo. It came in a claypot.

 I wanted noodle. Papa ordered Yee Mee for us. Nothing special . Just your normal Yee Mee. 

 Hentam long as it's noodle ..I like. As for the Yong Tau Foo, it was so-so la. 

 Next was the hunt for the fishballs. Like Tanjung Sepat, Sekinchan is also famous for its fishball and seafood.

Google and found this Dong Xin Trading is well know for Yong Tau Foo , Fishball and its related products.

 True leh..outside can see loads of YTF having a sunbath before being packed to be sold . 

In the shop, we found these. Mamarazzi was eyeing the Fried Eggs coz read in a blog that it tasted very good. 

In the end we bought these. Came home, Mamarazzi heat up some of the fried fishballs and the stuffed fried eggs for Papa. He said nice. The texture is a bit rough as compared to those in Tanjung Sepat. 

On the way out, Papa asked Mamarazzi if she wanted to buy some fish but she said no. Saw seafood being sorted here. 

In front of a shop, Mamarazzi spotted this stall. Papa stopped the car and Mamarazzi got down to buy some of the fried munch. RM1.50 a piece for this Cucur Udang. There was quite a number of shrimp on the fritter. Taste wise tarak tau lo coz it was for Papa punya le. 

 Next the beach ....Pulau's Pantai Redang.  pass by the famous Wishing Tree. Human mountain human sea....moreover it was pretty hot weather...Mamarazzi said no need to go down la. Just see from the car enough lo. Not making any wish leh.

I agreed coz I was looking forward to play at the beach. 

Found a very good parking spot. Near to the beach and under a big tree. There were a few stalls selling fried Oyster, Fried clams and etc under the tree. Also stall selling drinks there too.

 But I was too busy watching this lady playing gigantic bubbles rather than eating or drinking.

 Dun wan coconut water leh....Can get me the bubble thingy or not. There is a boy selling this next to our table. Mamarazzi told me to asked the boy what's the price .

Adui...chicken and duck talk. The boy English not good and he can't seems to understand my Mandarin. In fact, Mamarazzi also tarak understand what the boy is saying.

In the end, we went to the next stall. The stall that belongs to the lady that was playing the bubble. Oh.....rupa rupa the thingy is for rent. RM4 per round. The lady gave us a small pail of bubble water. If the bubble water finish liao then have to pay some more . Also have to pay RM10 deposit, just in case you don't return the sticks and pail .

 Finally got my wish. Playing big big bubble.  Very fast finish leh. Then Mamarazzi said let's go back la.

 But I was still not satisfied leh. Still wanna play some more. Five minutes more on the beach la......

 Lucky Papa left some coconut water for me. 

 Bodek Mamarazzi to buy me an Ice Cream. happy liao. Can go home liao.

Muahhahaha....Half day trip to buy rice from the factory can lead to a 4 days blog post. Long winded hor....

The end.....


  1. Playing big bubbles looks like so much fun! :)

  2. Nice lah, I enjoyed reading this post. See you eat the ice cream like so syiok like that. I also want some ice cream!

  3. Saw the photos, thought you all went to Tanjung Sepat again. Had yong tofu that day - real pathetic, so miserable, not nice at all...would not want to go for it ever again. Miss all the nice ones over there, Che-che especially. She loves yong tofu!

  4. Aiyo. Good food and good outing. Need a break soon.

  5. A fishing village. I like the last picture. Ice cream!!

  6. Never been to Sekinchan and I heard so much interesting things there especially at the beach where the Outbound Love is filmed...hope to go there and look see one day...

  7. YTF sunbathing, can? The fish paste will not get stale?

  8. I rather sit around makan ice cream while watching cute little girls play blow bubble. Maybe belanja them ice cream too. Got cute little girls there anot? Wakakaka! XD

  9. If i were in the shop, i sure eye spoilt, overbuy...

  10. fuyoh, that was just a half day trip meh?? eih, doesn't look like just half day trip with so many places to go and then so many things to see, to buy, to play and to makan leh.. at least one full day leh looking at the activities in all the four posts.. or maybe the places are nearby and then the Cat Family just stay at each place for like 15 minutes?? :p

  11. aiyoh, lunch time and only one table was occupied?? hmmm, and also not much comment from Mamarazzi about the food hor?? hehehe, wokay wokay, we all understand lah.. anyway, just to fill up the stomach to continue the trip and Mamarazzi's main purpose was to buy rice and also some fishballs only right?? maybe over there not famous for YTF kot??

  12. wah.. deep fried eggs!! hehehe, that is actually something nice leh.. Uncle SK made that before, cook the egg until full-boiled then cut into halves and then put into hot oil to deep fried, and then he put the eggs and cooked together with some sambal onions, nice!!! but that was during his uni time when he's forced to cook himself lah, hahaha.. Uncle SK thought Mamarazzi was going to steamboat at home looking at those packets of fishballs and fish noodles..

  13. huh?? sekinchan got beach??!! eih, something new to Uncle SK leh.. look at Small Kucing there, so happy lah playing with the giant bubbles, but not cheap also huh?? RM4 for one pail of soap water and then cannot last for 15 minutes ke?? did Mamarazzi remember to get the RM10 deposit refunded?? think the happiest is Small Kucing lah, can go to the beach, can play bubbles, then can drink coconut water and also eat ice-cream leh, what a happy trip!!

  14. Wah! looks like you had fun on the beach playing gigantic bubbles. And coconut water and ice cream to quench your thirst. When I visited the beach it was a weekend and it was very quiet.

  15. Happy Small Kucing, got so many activities and food in a day, and also get to play bubble some more, he must tired till fall asleep in the car later...

  16. oooh..... YTF at Sekinchan!! I love this place but didn't know they are famous for YTF. I have been there once and love the paddy fields on one side and the beach on the other side. We had seafood there.

  17. So many fun activities! Thanks for sharing. At least I can go cuci mata as well. hehe.

  18. Food, bubbles, beach - I don't know what's more fun than that! A great trip. ^.^

  19. wahh that giant bubble, my sons would love those.

  20. Wow! Wow! Fantastic big bubbles! This is new to me and I never knew they could rent.
    I must set up my cart there and sell solarized water!

  21. That boy must be a refugee who could not understand you. He probably just arrived by boat to the beach the day before.

  22. The YTF and noodles look delicious leh. Next time I also want to go to the wishing tree la. So your wish come true mou?

  23. Fried Oyster!! My Hubs would love those


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