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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Meeting King of The Day and Fantastic 4.

Last weekend we were invited to a wedding ceremony. Makan-makan in a big house. A lot of people went. Get to sit at VIP table . This gave me a good view of the Host Table.

At the Host table there were a very regal looking couple.  I asked if they are the King and Queen. Mamarazzi said yes and that they are "Raja Sehari" (King and Queen of the Day). But I thought King Supposed to wear a crown.

Papa asked for a RM1 note then he pointed. See! The King is wearing a Crown. That's how Crown looks like here.

He asked me to compared it with the one the Host is wearing. 

 Uiks! Looks very similar wor. Good grief! That's the King. People sitting at our table laughed. An Uncle said yes. They are the King and Queen for one day only.

 Better behave myself as the King and Queen are here.

After the ceremony, it was time to go home but I was not really keen on that. Then Mamarazzi said let's go and collect the free ticket. Papa and Mamarazzi won tickets to the Fantastic 4 show from Eureka Snacks.

Claimed the 4 tickets and they even gave us two containers of popcorn.

How was the show ah..... Maybe coz I was overtired la and inside the cinema was cool...I told Mamarazzi to wake me up when the show is over. Say only la but I did watch the show from beginning to the ending la. Not as scary as Jurassic World.


  1. Lol. Thought you enjoyed the air con and sleep through the movie!!

    Nice wedding reception. I always love Malay wedding. Simple yet grand.

  2. So is the Fantastic Four nice? I heard it had quite a not-so-good review...

  3. Just watched Jurassic World on the plane cumin back from Jamaica yesterday ... me not watch TV at all ... so this old movie was very new to me ... smiles ... hope u r enjoying ur summer holidays, so far, small kitten? Love, cat. PS: here is my link of my travel blog, if u care to look ... ... smiles.

  4. Never mind King kah, Queen kah...I want the food! LOL!!!

  5. The king and queen made me smile. :)

  6. Hahaha I like your Papa's smart idea to compare with the RM1 note. Hahahahaha!!

  7. wah.. today Uncle SK saw the photo of Mamarazzi, macam like "ngan chin yat leong" (shine in front of eyes) leh, because Mamarazzi went to wedding dinner, so she puts on make up and comb her hair nicely.. unlike normal days sending Small Kucing to and from school, or when she was hentam-ing in the kitchen and garden.. hehehe!!! very pretty lah Mamarazzi~~ :p

  8. So syiokla go wedding sit at VIP table. hihihi

  9. hah..hah...I laughed when I saw the photo of the bride and groom :D :D :D

  10. Paparazzi very smart leh, took out a piece of RM1 to show Small Kucing how a King looks like.. should also show the King on RM5, RM10, RM20 and RM50 baru more convincing mah, haha!! but that RM1 and other guests punya testimonials good enough to make Small Kucing behaved himself on the table.. :p

  11. so lucky to win free tickets to the Fantastic 4 movie.. somemore went there after the dinner, still larat to watch movie in the cinema huh?? haha.. maybe got popcorns to munch lah, so maybe tired and cooling inside the cinema also won't fall asleep dei.. not as scary as Jurassic World then no need to have nightmare leh :)

  12. How come keep attending weddings geh? Must know a lot of people.

  13. Hah!hah!Now you know what is meant by king and queen of the day.

  14. King and Queen! Yes... not prince and princess... So observant la .. I never notice that the crown is almost the same as in our ringgit.. hahaha

  15. Yes, they are the king and queen for the day only. Your papa and mamarazzi very lucky to win free tickets and plus popcorns too!

  16. Fuiyoh, king of the day, kekeke.. I've been to Malay wedding once or twice only, itu pun, kenduri kat rumah, around lunch time, homecooked food, not the restaurant food.. Sedap jugak..

  17. I love weddings that are held at homes. It's heartwarming. Congrats on winning free tickets to F4. :D

  18. I've heard nothing but bad review for the reboot of Fantastic 4.

    I refuse to watch it in the cinema coz I didn't want to contribute to their foreign box office receipts. Haha. Shouldn't reward them for bad casting, it's not really about the Black Torch (hey, all the Flame On's must have had some soot effect) but coz they didn't follow source material.

    I hope the rights revert back to Marvel so they can do an Avengers with F4, currently they can't coz the property belongs to Fox.

  19. The happy couple look like a king and queen to me.

  20. The show was good and funny to me. Your mamarzaai was so scared to bring you to see for fear of violence. Adoi.


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