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Friday, 28 August 2015

31 August

Cikgu say, we must wave Jalur Gemilang on 31st August because it's "Hari Kebangsaan" . It's a national day here. It is the day that The Federation of Malaya got its independence from British colonial rule back in 1957. This leads to the forming of  MALAYSIA on 16 September 1963.

Three days ago, we had a coloring contest in school. Coloring our National Flag. Not sure who is the winner but I sure had fun doing it. 

It's also a long weekend here. For those who are traveling or staying in town, be safe and be strong. Don't drink and drive ya...unless it is coffee. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Salt 'n Koffie, Jaya One

 Once up a time......we got some Salt 'n Koffie Gift Vouchers. Since it was expiring this month fast go us it up lor.

 First time going into the place. Wah ! Unique deco all sorts of table and chairs for us to choose from. Got this looooong bed type of chair...then got like kitchen counter like Bali type...even have a sewing machine table leh.

 Chammm.....very very cham...forgotten the name of the cake and drinks. But Mamarazzi said this piece of cake have strong coffee/chocolaty taste wor.

Her cup of cappuccino was pretty strong too. I "sapu-ed" her piece of biscuit. 

Papa had ice something something.

But I like mine the most. Hot chocolate that comes with some marshmallows. I love it. The marshmallows melted very fast. I said I want some more. Papa told me to go and asked for more la but I shy shy tarak ask lo.

How was the verdict? Well, the prices that they are charging, they certainly put in a lot of effort to make it good for the customers. 

Oh ya....on an unrelated matter, Mamarazzi found out why people willing to queue long for the dessert at Hong Mei Restaurant, Damansara Jaya liao. That day she tried the Bubur Caca....wah RM2 but a lot of things in it leh. Got sweet potatoes, yam, sago and beans. Taste not that sweet too. Just nice.The lady boss said only Monday, Wednesday and Friday have this dessert wor.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Mamarazzi's Minced Meat & Chives Chai Kueh (Vegetables Dumplings)

  Half a week gone. Ready for a laugh?

She made Chai Kueh last week. As usually la...when in the wet market, she sees nice and fresh green vegetables, she beh tahan will go and buy one. Buy, buy buy...but slow when it comes to cooking,

Last weeken when she was digging in the fridge, she found a bunch of Chives(daun kucai) that is going to rot if not used soon. What to do ah? Wanna fry egg too much pulak.

Okay okay ...make Chives Chai Kueh la. Not sure what's the ingredients for the Chives Chai Kueh coz usually when she bought from the Pasar Malam, its Papa who ate it geh.

 Pakai hentam la...just stir fry some mushroom, minced meat, dried shrimps and chives together with a bit of oil, salt and pepper should be okay gua.

Then dig dig dig...ALAMAK.....what happened to the packet of Tang Mein Fern(flour). Thought still have some at home geh...where did it went?

Errrr.......checked in a blog...saw one lady used Rice Flour instead of Tang Mien Fern. Okay la....hentam . Just hentam 1 cup of rice flour and half cup of tapioca flour, add some oil and salt. Pour in super-duper hot water. She got a very sticky dough. Roll the dough bit by bit into round shape but not before spreading generous amount of flour on the table.

Used a cup as cutter to cut the round shape. Stuffed the  ingredients into the "skin" and seal it. the problem. No banana leaves to layer ah...but we have abundance of daun Kadok in the garden. Plucked some. Again pakai hentam and put everything into the wok and steam la.

"Oh my kucing.....", she said. The whole house stinks reeks smells of daun Kadok after like 15minutes of steaming.  She is not particularly like the smell of daun kadok but Papa is okay with it. 

Anyway...when the steaming is all done and the kueh is cooked, it was Papa who finished off the whole tray of Chai Kueh. When Mamarazzi asked whether the Chives Chai Kueh tasted okay ka...he was surprised...huh? got Chives in it meh? 

I think Papa had invented new way of eating Chai Kueh. He ate it with the Daun Kadok too. 

Nothing left for me when I came back from school But I don't mind la. I get to eat mango. I love to eat mango and I discovered that the seed is the sweetest part of a mango.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Danny Penang Tua Pan @ Bandar Sri Menjalara

Went for a Hari Raya open house the week before this. Yummy food but I was too busy playing to eat much.

Then time to go home lor.  Mamarazzi asked hungry or not? Wanna eat what?  I said wanna eat noodle...pan mee..

Mamarazzi friend told her some where nearby there is a restaurant that sells delicious noodle. Famous for their Ee Fu Mee.

Thanks to Waze, we found the place quite easily.  Not bad wor. Not pricey.

Ordered the noodles that we wanted. But have to wait for quite some time leh.

This is coz the Sifu fry/cook the noodles as per  order instead of in bulk or pre-cooked. Like this baru fresh. 

Papa's Char Keoy Teow arrived first. He ate and said not bad wor.

Then come my cantonese fried noodles.

Followed by Mamarazzi 's Ee Fu Mee. She said this Pete recommend  manyak bagus wor. Sedap.

According to Pete, the owner bring the Ee Fu Mee  all the way from Penang. No joke leh.

Lemme try first ya...

Yummy...manyak bagus...I like.

Don't waste leh. Gravy I also slurp up. Can order one more ka?

Lucky, Papa say can. Hehehe..

Okay, here is the address of the Danny Penang Tua Pan that Uncle Pete recommended to us :  11, jalan 9/62a, bandar sri menjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

Do check their Facebook  to see when is their business  day and hours as the owner is quite active in Facebook  leh. They  seems to update  there.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Wanna Buy My Story?

Last week I got nothing to do  after finishing my homework.  Got grounded. Not allowed to watch TV, not allowed to play tablet and had to wash my own school shoes and baju..

Started from a poem that Cikgu gave me to memorise. Cikgu choose me and 5 others to memorise  the poem for a contest. Its about a boy, Xiao Lee, who have a " 没关系 " attitude.  Everything he also say "never mind". As to do clean up , do review, exam get only 10 marks ...he also say "没关系".

Mamarazzi  told  me  to practise  memorising the poem but I also 没关系 attitude.

On the day Cikgu asked us to say out loud, i told Cikgu I don't want to join the contest lah coz too lazy hard to memorise.

When Mamarazzi  got to know about it she was angry at my没关系 attitude.  Grounded me say no tv no tablet  till my attitude  improve.  After all no tv no tablet should be 没关系 for me mah.

A day or two after that, she asked me help he to fetch something  from downstairs.  I went and complain to Papa say she always ask me do this do that.

That's  when she decided to  throw back all the chore like folding my clothes, washing my school baju and washing my dishes  all back to me. No more  lending me her books to read.

Alamak.... jialat lo. After a few days i got bored. Been trying to be good. Nothing to do  so I decided to write a story  to entertain myself lo.

Nice or not...short short only. Four pages only.

I try "bodek" Mamarazzi to read my story. Say I wanna sell RM1.

Mamarazzi  read say sound like Rapunzel  Story...copycat geh...nobody wanna buy la like that...

But but but ..story maybe similar to  Rapunzel but I wrote it using my own words wor...tak laku ka?

Friday, 21 August 2015

Minions Drink Recipe

Still remember Mamarazzi purchased a pot of Stevia plant not long ago? Weird plant. It kept growing taller and taller but no new branch sprout. And the existing stalk tend to be droopy coz too heavy. Hence, Mamarazzi decided to give it a hair cut.

What to do with the stevia? Well, she have some Blue Pea plants in the garden that is flowering. Plucked some.

Just add hot water to the Stevia and Blue Pea Flower. Stevia is a natural sweetener . Can be use to replace sugar. Do NOT pour the hot water in a glass okay. The glass will break. Use a cup or something else ya.

 Jeng! Jeng! I named it "Minions drink" when Mamarazzi told me about it.

Papa said...squeeze some Lemon Juice into it. Wah!!!! It changes color to PURPLE! This purple drink must be for the Evil Minions leh.

I told Mamarazzi not to give this purpule drink to Papa coz later he might turn into evil minion leh.

The she asked me to drink pulak. Errr...dun wanna drink can ah?

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Meeting King of The Day and Fantastic 4.

Last weekend we were invited to a wedding ceremony. Makan-makan in a big house. A lot of people went. Get to sit at VIP table . This gave me a good view of the Host Table.

At the Host table there were a very regal looking couple.  I asked if they are the King and Queen. Mamarazzi said yes and that they are "Raja Sehari" (King and Queen of the Day). But I thought King Supposed to wear a crown.

Papa asked for a RM1 note then he pointed. See! The King is wearing a Crown. That's how Crown looks like here.

He asked me to compared it with the one the Host is wearing. 

 Uiks! Looks very similar wor. Good grief! That's the King. People sitting at our table laughed. An Uncle said yes. They are the King and Queen for one day only.

 Better behave myself as the King and Queen are here.

After the ceremony, it was time to go home but I was not really keen on that. Then Mamarazzi said let's go and collect the free ticket. Papa and Mamarazzi won tickets to the Fantastic 4 show from Eureka Snacks.

Claimed the 4 tickets and they even gave us two containers of popcorn.

How was the show ah..... Maybe coz I was overtired la and inside the cinema was cool...I told Mamarazzi to wake me up when the show is over. Say only la but I did watch the show from beginning to the ending la. Not as scary as Jurassic World.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

No-Knead Artisan Bread (Modified)

Funny title? Added "modified" coz copied and modified from Yee Ling's blog . Here is the link to her blog post for the complete and non-lausai recipe

Not long ago, Mommy Ling posted her No-Knead Artisan Bread recipe online. Hmmm.....and not long ago Papa pulak started to hint about making cibaitah cibata (how to pronounce ah? Nanti wrong pronunciation , people think I say bad word pulak)... Ciabatta? Chiabatta?

A look see to Mommy Ling's blog...she got a recipe that look like Ciabatta wor...Is it ciabatta? Seems very easy wor. Throw everything in..leave it overnight and then stuff into the oven for about 30 minutes ..kau tim... 

 Kiasu punya pasal. Saw can add seeds to the Mamarazzi also added whatever "bird seeds" that were in the fridge la...flax seeds...melon seed...chia seeds...sesame seeds..whatever nut and even rosemary.

Seems like the recipe calls for 1 : 2....1 cup water : 2 cups flour. Mixed everything together. Cover with plastic clinging wrap and leave it to rise overnight.

Next morning see...ALAMAK! Pop up so high and seems to so sticky geh...doesn't look like any photo in Mommy Ling's blog wor.

Fast-fast message sifu...lucky Sifu fast fast reply say memang is like that oh. Just sumbat into the oven will jadi one. 

How to "dust" the bread ah? Pakai hentam again la. Just scoop and throw into the flour la. Roll it around till not sticky then put into the oven lo.

Come out...uiks .... Sifu memang Sifu wor this Mommy Ling. Come out not bad leh. The "skin" crusty but inside soft.

Papa saw....hmm...apa lagi...he went and made scramble eggs lo....kept asking Mamarazzi have spring onions or not...errr....sorry la...haven't grow spring onion yet in the garden. Have to make do lo.

 Hehehe...tell you hor...flax seed very good for "digestion" and "detox" least for Papa case la. After eating that, the next day... very nice to go "toilet" leh. He said not lausai but just very "smooth" wor. *No eyes see*. I eat my cotton candy la.

Mamarazzi's agak-agak recipe :-

Ingredients :- 

2 cups of unbleached all purpose flour
1 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoon of Edmonds' Sure To Rise Surebake Active Yeast
(expired liao in Feb. That's why put 1/2 teaspoon instead of less. But true to its name leh....sure rise leh)
1 cup of water
Agak-Agak Sprinkle of Chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, rosemary, raisin, walnut...(errrr...what else in the photo ah... Mamarazzi also forgotten liao.You suka wanna taruk what hentam aje la) 

Method :-

- Mix everything in a mixing bowl. Make sure it's big enough coz it will grow double the size from whatever lump in the bowl leh. Don't worry about the salt killing the yeast.
 - Add water and mix till sticky dough like you making Pan mee though not till the dough is smooth la. No need to knead mah.
-Use cling wrap and cover the bowl and set aside overnight. Mamarazzi stuff it into the oven coz it's "hotter " there than in the kitchen counter.
- Heat oven to 450 degrees. But our oven only have Celsius. So agak agak hentam to 200°C la. Mamarazzi also same like Sifu doesn't have cast iron pot. So just hentam bake cake container la. . Heat for 30minutes.
- While the containers having a sauna in the oven, Mamarazzi start playing with the dough. Scoop and throw into the flour. Tried to make it into a ball but it's just too lembik(soft). No eye see. Just cover it up and wait for the oven to beep la.
- Oven beep. Take out the containers. Put in the dough and cover it with stainless steel plates. Bake for 30minutes.
- After 30 minutes remove the lid and bake some more. At this stage must keep peeking at the bread. If see the surface brown , that means can take out from oven and put onto the cooling rack liao.

Sound simple hor? For the accurate and complete recipe, head over to Mommy Ling's blog la.  Oh ya...don't put so much flax seed like Mamarazzi ya.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Raya At "Taman"

 This year syok oh...We went to a Hari Raya "open house" at the Playground. Maybe should say " open garden"?

Residents at our "Taman"decide to have a potluck to celebrate Hari Raya two weeks ago.

 Everyone bring something to the potluck. Wah...syok max . It's better than buffet in the hotels leh. Got Laksa Utara, Spaghetti, Pizza, putu mayam, roti jala, lemang, rendang, fried bihun , Satay kajang, Ketupat, Meatballs, nasi ulam, cakes, kuih muih , fruits , hot drink and cold drinks. Got many more leh .

 Learn something new. Before makan, the President of the Resident Association give a speech then start off the party with a pray giving thanks.

Have you had Spaghetti with hand? *LOL* The one who cooked spaghetti forgotten to bring fork. Mamarazzi remembered we have some disposable fork at home. Ran home to get them but when arrived back at the playground, some already having the spaghetti using hand. Heard the spaghetti was very tasty. I spill mine so Mamarazzo says no more spaghetti for me.

Instead asked me to have bihun and satay

Guess what! I've "created" my own drink. Went and got myself some ice. Found a bottle of Sprite. Add a piece of Orange into the drink.

Jeng! Jeng! Orange Sprite drink! You want? Come come... I sell you RM7 a cup. No GST. Hey! Don't complain leh. You go drink in restaurant it's that price leh.

Mamarazzi also ordered a cup from me leh.

I love these yellow cookies with a red dot on top. As I tengah syok syok eating, suddenly heard thunder leh. Not long after that, it rain. 

Lucky for us coz by then the food were nearly all gone. Just need to clear up the place and run home. Some kids even managed to fire up some fireworks leh. 

I managed to tapau back some of the delicious cookies before cabut home. Yummy!
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