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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Funland Parents Day 2015

 Last Saturday we celebrated Parents Day at my Funland Class. It's a free class conducted by Church members for kids from my former kindergarten. Kids who are not from the Kindergarten can also join this class.

What we do in Funland Class? Well, as the name goes..we had fun there. We sang songs. We had story time, We had Art and Craft lesson.

On and off, the people from the Church will have some events like this Parents Days where we honour our parents.

Me and other kids were also asked to give a short speech to thank our parents. Here is a short video of my bullet train speech. Yup, that was what Mamarazzi said. Mamarazzi asked why I spoke so fast like a bullet train. Papa pulak wonder why I grip the microphone so tightly. Scared the teacher take away the microphone ka? WOI! I tengah nervous mah!

Then before ending, each of us presented our parents with a bouquet of flowers that we made during Art and Craft class in Funland and a Happy Father's Day card to our dad.

After that....apa lagi...wallop time lor....FOOOOOOOOODDD....lovely lovely food......hmm...which will it be...Karipap? Cake? Pulut lepa?

Oh ya....the grandson of the Funland Teachers recited this lovely poem to the parents. Mamarazzi is banana but understand a bit bit la. She asked the Principal for a copy of the poem and with the help of Google Translate, she managed to "agak-agak" translate the poem la. Not accurate ya.

Exchange Childhood.

Dad, grandma said when you were a kid,
you were mischievous and naughty,
You dare to climb up the tall roof by yourself,
You dare to go alone,
to the river to catch fish ,
to swim,
You dare to bring uncle go shoot birds, catch cicada,
Also dare to beat up mischievous pranksters who bully girls ,
Oh! Dad you are awesome,
Your childhood was awesome.

 Dad, don't say your childhood is not equal to mine,
you did not have video games.
only have little friends up the hillock,
vigorously launching war against the enemy.
You did not have Yamaha organ,
Only used bottles and pots,
to come out with a rock song,
you did not have high quality watercolour,
only used red mud,
with own hands sculpted canons and aeroplanes

Dad, when you were at roof top,
caught sight of the blue sky,
was it extremely high, extremely blue, extremely vast,
why then do you lock me up in a a small house,
and let me see sky the size of a window,

Dad, the little bird that you caught with your own hands,
was it cute , fluffy and chirruping,
 especially cute
but then why you did you giveaway my little cat
and handed me thick pile of revision books

Dad, when you and your little friends play wars games,
was you proud as proud as a real hero
But why are you so cold to my classmates
did not let me go picnic with them

Oh Dad, 
you always says
"you have much better than I when was a kid"
But Dad, 
how I envy your childhood, 
why not,
we try to exchange childhood

Not easy to be a kid nowadays. Yesterday, Mamarazzi saw in Facebook a Standard 1 child lament how he wished that there are 8 days in a week . The extra day he can do the things that he wish instead of study, enrichment lesson and tuition daily.

Something must be not right with our education system if a child have to study 24/7 a week. Kiasu parents? Education policies? Some of the things that she saw in my school books really had her stumped. What is diphthong and digraph? She had only slight recognition of these words . Think it was in Form 6 when she saw those words.

Yikes....turning into a ranting post liao. Better sign off now. Ciao!


  1. You looked so cute and tensed gripping the mike so tightly and close as if you were eating ice cream cone. Well done boy! I am sure Mamarazzi shed tears behind Kaldip!!

    1. Hahaha tense many eyes looking at me wor...

  2. The poem is funny and touching. Many lines sounded like my own childhood life!! Sobs!

  3. I thought you did very well in your speech. Well done! I agree lah, childhood now is very stressful. Tuition here, tuition there, piano lessons, this lesson, that lesson. So competitive. I am glad I am not a kid right now.

    1. Thank you thank you. Yes very stressful nowadays as a kid

  4. Seriously not easy to be a kids nowadays, I mean as a student, even for primary school, me and brother always have to help out our nieces to do their homework =.=!

    1. You coached them you know ah. Their lessons nowadays getting more and more complicated. Wonder if the policy makers got think of the kids life before making those policy. Yes they can always say parents can refrain from burdening kids with so much activities but now the syllabussays if you can get ouside cert, then you will have better mark in your standard 6 exam

  5. Clap! Clap! Clap! Bravo! Bravo! Great speech! My! You sure have grown taller, big boy now! food! I want to join too!!! LOL!!!

    Lovely poem! Yes, those were the days...time has changed so much.

  6. Nowadays students not easy as in my time...

  7. Diphthong? What the heck is that? Thong I know lah!

    Sometimes I am confused. I keep seeing people say our school's standard deteriorate, the syllabus downgrade, but sometimes I see those standard 1 and 2 books, they stunned me, seems more advanced than what I was used to. What the heck is going on?

    1. now things had changed a lot lo. ya wor....a lot more advance

  8. Awesome post, small kitten !!! So proud of you ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  9. The snack time would probably be the most enjoyable time LOL!

    1. ya ...hahaha and the singing time also fun

  10. wah, so nice and meaningful leh this event.. good that the kindergarten allows kids from other places to participate too.. actually Small Kucing also the alumni, by right should be considered "from" the kindergarten also lah though not "of" lah.. and very eksyen lah, giving speech, hehehe, maybe Small Kucing was nervous kot?? grabbed the mic firmly and spoke like bullet train, sure thinking must finish fast and quickly go back, haha!! weren't we all also like that when we were kids?? :D

    1. yea they welcome anyone who wanna join can join :) scared also la. so many pairs of eyes looking at me

  11. wah, got flowers to Mamarazzi and card to Paparazzi leh, so sweet.. somemore can take photo when presenting the "awards", hehehe!! okaylah, Small Kucing has been a good boy that morning, so must also reward him with some nice food mah, correct?? hehehe, so there were karipap and the pulut, that were all?? hehehe, really light refreshments :p

  12. nice poem but very true, kids nowadays and kids back then really live a very different life lah.. but also have to admit, time has changed and we also gotta adapt to the changes as well as to admit what is best and most suitable to survive under the trend.. anyway, i am rather curious if this poem is written by a kid or by an adult, to me, it seems like it is written by an adult but putting himself as a kid to look back at his own childhood..

    p/s: go and ask any kid out there, running outside or playing with iPad at home, choose one.. :D

  13. oh, you did very well, you really sound like having a fun time in the class.

  14. Fuiyoh, Funland activities wor, sure fun lor hor.. I'm down with flu and sore throat, sigh, not fun for me looo...

  15. Bullet train speech is good!

    Nice poem. Bet it sounds even better in Chinese (me banana also).

  16. Haiz, talk about education... I really worry about Sam which is going to be in Standard 1 next year :(

  17. Hey Mama kucing and family... I am missing you all.. Hope to see you all soon...

  18. For the first time, the kids wanted to go that Saturday after hearing there will be gift exchange session.LOL Didn't make it since it was my brother's wedding day.

  19. Beautiful poem and yup, school is tough these days the wrong way!


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