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Friday, 31 July 2015

Primary 1 School Sport Day 2015

 Dear Diary...

This is my first experience of proper Sport Day in the school. Initially I was disappointed coz I was not selected for any of the running event. But on the second round of selection, I was selected for the "Acara Aneka" .

Kept reminding Mamarazzi that school Sport Day is on what day and be sure to arrive early.

 The score for various "houses" at the mini sport/selection event was as above. Here we have to battle it out see which house will be the Champion. Blue House was leading.

 Another first....first experience in "marching" to the field. Still blur blur sotong as in what is marching. First time mah.... school ground not much space for marching leh.

 Some wise words from the Head Mistress and  PIBG Chair Person

 And Bang! there goes the balloons as a sign our Sport Day had begun. 

 Opsie....... a pair of runaway balloons....errr. is it an omen that Yellow Team and Green Team gonna be tied to the first placing?

 We had to recite an Oath to be play fair . It was leaded by the Sport Girl and Sport Boy of my school. The Captain of each team were there to holding our team Flags.

Then we had to go back to the place allocated for participants to wait for our turn. Some helicopters parent who wandered off to our place, taking up space allocated for the participants.

Seeing this, the two MC of the day repeatedly inform the parents to go back to the seating allocated for parents. Unfortunately, some still ignore the announcement.

Maybe frustrated or what, one MC told US (the students)  to tell our parents to go back to their own place and that we can take care of ourselves. There are ample teachers and emergency medic team there to monitor the needs of the students. Let this event be an event for the students to enjoy themselves with their school friends and team mates

Lucky got emergency medic team oh ...coz when we got home, Mamarazzi told me that two girls had fainted on the  field. 

 Don't mess with us..we have got a good Wushu Team . Kecil-kecil cili padi, makin kecil-makin pedas.  Muhahahaha

 We also have an impressive team of Chinese Yo-yo Dance Group. Wow....the way they manipulate the Yo-Yo was really impressive. Very professional leh

 What Sport Day is it if it's without Cheerleaders.  Phewitt!

 More than 10 events went on and 2 participants lost their shoes while running , before it;'s time for my event. Yup...not bluffing leh...the first runner from my team lost a shoe while running but he did not stop. He just kept running with one shoe till the finish line then went back to retrieve his shoe. The show must go on!

Note to self : Must ask Mamarazzi to get me proper running shoes and I must learn to tie shoe laces.

After waiting for quite a long time, finally my event time. It's running with pingpong ball in a spoon. Yeah....kiddy event but still had fun la. Even the parents have this event at the end of the Sport Day.

Tried our best but we didn't win  this event. 

Few more events, then it was time to announce the Championship for year 2015.

Naughty MC tricked everyone by saying Blue team won the Championship. The scores for each Team was very close 169 vs 177.

Imagine our delights when she it's Yellow Team that managed to capture the Championship. Hooray!!!

Then it was the Parents vs PIBG vs Teachers event


Naughty MC strike again. She ask whether are there any parents that is game to challenge the teachers for a 4 x100metre running event. The event was not in the schedule. Just a friendly match.

Fuiyoh! don't play-play. In the Dads vs Teachers.  Teachers ate dust that day. Some of the Dads ran without shoes and they managed to beat the teachers with much time to spare.

Mamarazzi also got roped in on this impetuous event by one of the mommies there.  I was not aware that Mamarazzi joined. Suddenly saw her down at the field. Thought she went there to sneak a photo of me.


There were 4 mommies groups vs 3 teachers group.

Mamarazzi can or not punya eh... more than 20 years never run leh. Last was during school days sport day selection even leh. Even that already half dead.

Mak Oi.... 100metre so darn far to run one ah....lucky shoe never fly off.

 Hey...not bad leh.... her team got second place leh. All due to the strong 3rd and 4th runner in the team. First placing also by by prize but group photo can la. After all it was a
友谊赛. Hip! Hip! Hoorrayyyyy..... got any company wanna sponsor Full Body Massage Session for Mamarazzi ah? She said her old bones all kruk-krak-kruk-krak liao

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Khunthai Restaurant @ Petaling Jaya(Revisited)

 Uh~la~la~.... Look quite clear but actually very spicy. More spicy that the news online. But ......sedap least according to Mamarazzi la. The Tom Yam soup tasted so nice to eat with rice. Can have at least two plates of white rice with this.

 Added with the Kerabu Chicken Feet. Syok max. The crunchy skin and the sourness of the lime. No cili padi here. Asked them not to add.

 Papa wanted the grilled Cockles but that evening they were out of that. He had this fried taufu instead. It's another dish that Papa likes from this restaurant.

Am still not that adventurous. I ordered Cantonese Fried Noodles instead. Not much noodles in this plate but they are sure very generous with the vegetables and gravy. After I had the noodle, Papa and Mamarazzi had the mixed seafood vegetable from here pulak. 

Nice place to have dinner. 

Khunthai Restaurant
Address: Jalan 5/44, Bukit Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mamarazzi Bakes - Prawns & Eggs

 Not long ago Papa brought home some big prawns. I love it when it's simple stir fry with garlic and Soy Sauce. I can have my rice with the gravy. But always make that boring pulak. Change a bit la. Bake prawns pulak.

She said bake prawns are easy wor. Just chopped a few pips of garlic with some rosemary. Put a spoonful of butter into the pan then heat it up. Throw in the chopped garlic and fry a bit. By right have to chop the prawn meat too but she kinda forgotten about it. Put into the freezer to freeze up the butter so that it's easier to stuff the prawns.

Stuffed the prawns. Added some cheese on top. Put the prawns into the fridge and go fetch me from school. Came home just need to stuff it into the oven  and baked for 10 minutes. 

Due to her "agak-agak" recipe, there were leftover chopped garlic, rosemary & butter. Not to waste. Experiment pulak.

Not long ago she read how mommies tricked their kids to eat vegetable but making these "tarts" . No tarts pastries. Just hentam used popiah skin la. pour in the leftover stuffs and eggs. add cheese one top. Baked with the prawns.

Oppss.....oven too hot. The top of popiah skin burnt.

 Errrr...can eat or not punya ah?

Bottom looks okay. can lah...can eat la. Taste okay la...need to do some adjustment. Practise more then maybe she can make it nicer la.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Jet Mei Seafood Restaurant, Ijok

 Last trip Ah Kong and Ah Mah came, we went out for dinner in Ijok. There are many Chinese restaurants there. It seems everyone know about The New Beggar Chicken Restaurant but nothing much being said for the rest.

Mamarazzi whatsapps a friend who is staying in Ijok. She recommended Jet Mei Seafood Restaurant. The food said to be good and reasonably price.

Me being "anarazzi" with my phone . Camera eat first. 

 One of her recommendation, Taufu Kang. genuine crab meat in it. Not one of those crab sticks as used by some restaurant. 

 Ordered this Salad Chicken for me but terbalik I didn't like that.

I got hooked on this . Pork knuckle. was so so so  yummy. Kept asking for more. Slurp.....the fatty meat tasted so good. Ah Kong was surprised to note that I ate so much.

 The adults pulak seems to be hooked on this paku vege .

A fortnight ago, Mamarazzi beh tahan the "garden jungle". She "go" and do gardening. From noon to evening cleaning up the "jungle".

Aiya.. her choice and her sukak la but pity Papa and me got pulled in to be her minions pulak.

By the evening, the "jungle" have resemblance of garden la. But tummy hungry liao leh and Mamarazzi said said no more energy liao  coz didn't take lunch yet.

Okay la. Eat out. Where to....Ijok la.
Wah ...we arrived around 6pm and the restaurant was 50% full already. Lucky we were early coz after that, customer non-stop coming in.

Once again ordered the Pork Knuckle since I love it so much. 

 Saw most table have this dish. Mamarazzi asked the waitress what dish is that. The waitress informed that the dish is called " 3 Sin"(3 fresh). she recalled her friend did recommend this dish.

 Okay okay....nobody wanna do the "opening ceremony", let me do it la. 

 It's 3 types of seafood  Lala/clams, Squid and Prawns. Spicy. Not sure what style it is . A bit sourish and a bit like sambal pulak.  Mamarazzi love the taste of the gravy. Pork knuckle was ignore and this dish become the "Heroine" of the night pulak.
Nevermind, more share for me. 

 So much meat, must have some vegetable also la. Mixed vege. Not bad la. 

 Saw nearly every table ordered this thingy. Not sure what is was. Asked Mamarazzi's friend and she said should be Chicken soup. Very nice according to her. Hmmm... Next time must try out la.

Price wise for the dishes here are okay. Not that pricey. The first round with Ah Kong and Ah Mah which we had the pork knuckle, chicken, seafood taufu soup and Paku Vegetable cost around RM80 including Chinese tea

The second round which we went a fortnight ago cost RM61 (Pork knuckle, spicy seafood and mixed vege) . Worth the price la.

Wanna try the food here?  The address found from google is Jet Mei Seafood Restaurant, Laluan 54, Simpang Tiga Ijok, 45700 Batang Berjuntai, Selangor, Malaysia. Kinda weird right. But if you are using Waze, then point it to SJK (C) Ijok. The restaurant is right across the road from the school.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Raya in KL -A Movie and Teatime

I started my Raya holidays with a surprise trip to the cinema by Papa. I wanted to watch Minions again but Mamarazzi said already  watched ma.

Instead we went for Jurassic  World . She wanted me to know more about dinosaurs but I think after this movie, I have had enough of dinosaur.

Gosh..I was practically shivering when the Security  Guard got eaten up. My poor popcorn doesn't seems to know the way to my mouth. By the way, what happened to Planet Popcorn ah? Changed to Eureka Snack ka?

Seeing the dinosaurs gobbling up people was scary for me. But it didn't deter me from bodek Papa bring me eat Sushi.

Ngum ngum Sakae Sushi have this promotion  buy one red plate  sushi , get one free. Mamarazzi  choose the fried baby octopus. She was disappointed.  Not crunchy  and doesn't  taste good. Told the staff. But maybe our English not good.  The foreign staff doesn't  understand.  Then Papa called the Manager  who apologise and had kindly took away the  plate.  No charge.

Me more pandai. I took mochi. Yum. I love it.

Mochi alone of course not enough  la. I had their RM9.90 meal. Opt for noodle and it came with two extra sides.

The fried stuffs and miso soup. The red dish of sushi was with Mamarazzi's set of Teriyaki Chicken. Also RM9.90 only.

Just nice for small water. She loves the yellow stuff. Hmmm...wondering how to make that at home.

Next stop was to pasar malam. Supposed to go jalan-jalan with Mamarazzi  but she said I complain too much. Left me in the car with Papa. I was chatting with Papa rhen suddenly Papa see...why no more sound geh. Rupa-rupa ..I  had doze off while talking..Adui.....

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya to all. Not too late right?

Long holiday over here. School started Raya holiday since 16th July. Tomorrow  start school lo .

This holiday didn't go anywhere. Kinda "helped" Papa and Mamarazzi  clear up the "jungle" garden .

Managed to saves some Cat Whiskers's leaves for juicing and make tea. It's  good for diabetes,  hypertension  and etc. 

Did some "charity" work. 

Why la you ran away when your owner wanna catch you and bring you  go for holiday?  

See! They left without you. End up have to beg for food everywhere.  Some more you bring along your orange boyfriend/girlfriend come for breakfast, lunch and dinner ah? What happen to the owner? Also left for holiday ya. 

Speaking of eat..I went to the dentist yesterday.  Got a hole in my tooth. Painful  leh.

Mamarazzi said cham gonna put cement  in the hole. I said NO, WAY JOSE! Kept looking to see what the dentist is doing. Lucky me. He said he is filling the hole with DURIANS. Yummy.

Teeth  okay can chase Happy Meal again lor. This month they having Thomas and Friends promotion leh. But not as bad as Minions promotion la.  This one only have a new Thomas and Friends toy once a week.  

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