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Monday, 29 June 2015

Easy Soya Bean Jelly with Lychee Recipe

Mamarazzi saw this Soya Bean Jelly recipe in the Facebook not long ago and have been meaning to make. What better timing than to make for my Funland Parents Day...more guinea pigs people to share this "delicious" treat.

You know's no fun in make only one or two cups. Must make a lot then baru syok.

It's very easy .

Things that you will need :

1 sachet of jelly powder -10grams
1.5 litre of soya bean milk
(Short Cut : Mamarazzi uses Yeo's prepacked soya bean drink but you can use other brand or the long way where you make your own soya bean drink.We are not advertising for Yeo's....hmmm...unless Yeo wanna sponsor us ...*wink wink* )
 1 can of lychee


Mixed the jelly powder with the soya bean drink till the powder dissolved.

Pour into a pot and with small fire, bring it to boil.

Let it cool down a bit then you can put into the jelly containers  and put it to chill in the fridge till it's set.

Add Lychee or whatever fruit to the soya bean jelly (optional). 

You can also pour in some of the Lychee syrup but Mamarazzi felt that it had too much preservative would be too sweet so she omitted this step .

Managed to make 10 cups of jelly out of this. The cups are the mini Frozen Fanta Cups that McD give out not long ago. Hehehe...yeah...we went many round for the frozen cola and Frozen Fanta.

Texture wise a bit hard. Maybe she should have used 1.8litre of soya bean milk instead of 1.5Litre. The original recipe called for 2 TEAspoon of the jelly powder with 1.2litre of soya bean milk.

Wanna try some?


  1. looks yum...anymore agar agar recipe?

  2. Hahaha! You know what? I also saw a similar recipe and have been wanting to try since I have a can of xxl sized lychee from the CNY hamper. But been postponed for months and still have not get down to it. My boy keeps stealing my soya milk so I do not have sufficient ingredient.

    Nice and good to eat on warm day. Maybe I will get down to it soon. ;)

  3. This is most welcome delicacy for the hot weather now. I love them hard like rocks so that I can slowly chew and suck them in my mouth!

    1. Wah...that one must be the dried jelly candy leh

    2. Heh heh I am kidding. Not that hard like rocks or candy hard, just the crunchy jelly is very nice.

  4. I like this type of agar-agar. I haven't tried with jelly powder though.

  5. Yes, I want some thank you, hee..hee...

  6. Taufu fa guy, eh?...can challenge that Taiwan one? LOL!!!

  7. wah, soya bean jelly with lychee!! and of course, wanna make then make more lah, just one two cups really boh shyiok right?? but then more importantly, make already must have people to "yan seong" also, so those "guinea pigs" sure give motivations, haha!!!

  8. wah, this Mamarazzi hebat lah, you went to take so many cups of free frosties from McD!! hehe, Uncle SK baru taken twice, one flavor each, hehe!! clever of Mamarazzi to keep the cups leh, Uncle SK just dumped away.. :(

  9. Mamarazzi also very smart to make them in cups, like that one person one cup more convenient to makan.. if make one big tray and cut into small pieces, sure won't habis and then some will make excuses not to eat more.. if one person one cup, then the responsibility is pushed to everyone, no blame, hehe!!

  10. I'm very lazy, I want to taste it...don't want to try it, hehe!!

  11. Interesting. Certainly must needed for the heat weather now.

  12. I tried it and liked it ... always liked Lychee ... put some of the seeds in the ground a while ago, but nothing came up yet ... does Lychee grow wild in your country, lil kitten? Love, cat.

  13. So delicious to eat during this hot weather! Make more, make more!

  14. I am 58 years young and I think that you have tried more foods than I have! :) Lovely photos.

  15. this really looks so refreshing...I think we have tried this before... not with the soya jelly though but with Lychee flavored jelly, a milk and real lychees...oh and we put cheese bits too yum

  16. Such a good idea! This is like the tau fu fah we get from dim sum places for dessert! :)

  17. Same here, I also made soya jelly (but minus the lychee) for Kz's class party last month.. Very easy to make, and kids like it also.. I didn't separate into bowls, just make everything in a big container, and let the teachers cut it themselves.. Lazy eh...

  18. Got extra to send some over here or not? Hihihi

  19. oh, can I have some please? looks and sounds yummy

  20. Good morning,
    This is dessert is most welcomed with open arms now... very hot weather.

  21. Cooling especially hot weather these days,... Nice!!

  22. Yes want some thank you. But I prefer longan. Can? :)


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