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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Food Hunting at Bazaar Ramadan

After Funland Parents Day, it was nearly 5pm. Time for food hunting as Mamarazzi was lazy to cook. First thing...durian hunting. Been seeing a lot of durian post in Facebook. Beh tahan....stopped at a road side stall and bought two durians. Yummm...

Seems like almost everyone have been to a Bazaar Ramadan this month but us. This is the first time we venture to a Bazaar Ramadan near our house.

First of my latest favouring food. Roti John. RM4. Not bad la but can't compared to the one in Putrajaya. That one gave more vegetables.

I can't decide what else to eat so opt for this Chicken Rice. RM5. For me it tasted so-so only. Nothing special.

But for Mamarazzi, she found one stall selling her favourite Nasi Minyak. Wah...this one cost RM4 only leh. Taste delicious some more.

Can you guessed what was for supper that night? Yup....yummy durian. 

Want some? Better start go durian hunting before the season ends then.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Easy Soya Bean Jelly with Lychee Recipe

Mamarazzi saw this Soya Bean Jelly recipe in the Facebook not long ago and have been meaning to make. What better timing than to make for my Funland Parents Day...more guinea pigs people to share this "delicious" treat.

You know's no fun in make only one or two cups. Must make a lot then baru syok.

It's very easy .

Things that you will need :

1 sachet of jelly powder -10grams
1.5 litre of soya bean milk
(Short Cut : Mamarazzi uses Yeo's prepacked soya bean drink but you can use other brand or the long way where you make your own soya bean drink.We are not advertising for Yeo's....hmmm...unless Yeo wanna sponsor us ...*wink wink* )
 1 can of lychee


Mixed the jelly powder with the soya bean drink till the powder dissolved.

Pour into a pot and with small fire, bring it to boil.

Let it cool down a bit then you can put into the jelly containers  and put it to chill in the fridge till it's set.

Add Lychee or whatever fruit to the soya bean jelly (optional). 

You can also pour in some of the Lychee syrup but Mamarazzi felt that it had too much preservative would be too sweet so she omitted this step .

Managed to make 10 cups of jelly out of this. The cups are the mini Frozen Fanta Cups that McD give out not long ago. Hehehe...yeah...we went many round for the frozen cola and Frozen Fanta.

Texture wise a bit hard. Maybe she should have used 1.8litre of soya bean milk instead of 1.5Litre. The original recipe called for 2 TEAspoon of the jelly powder with 1.2litre of soya bean milk.

Wanna try some?

Friday, 26 June 2015

Breakfast Fun Dash 2015 at Centro Mall, Klang

 Thank you to Auntie Lina for tagging me in Facebook about this event. Since it was free I was free, Mamarazzi registered us for the event lo.

Saw the fine print that said "Most creative family will win special prize"

Well, we got the idea of me wearing my "floaty" as a Runaway Donuts and Mamarazzi chasing me with a fork and spoon.

 Go there early. Sign in. Things were pretty sober and quiet till the Clown came. Yea, they had a clown there to entertain the children. 

Hmm....why nobody wearing any costume geh.... hmm....last minute decided to run without costume.

(photo credit to Centro Mall Facebook)

Before the run, a group of adult took us through a series of warm up exercises. 

 (photo credit to Centro Mall Facebook)

 Finally the most anticipated moment....ekkkkkkkkk...brekkkkkkkkkkk.......we interrupt this programme with a group photo first. Can spot me?

(photo credit to Centro Mall Facebook) 

and off we go....we followed the man in the red T-shirt while the parents followed up from the back

(photo credit to Centro Mall Facebook) 

 Hmmm....where is that Mamarazzi ah? so slow one leh......

Errr ...can we run one more time? It felt like a short distance only leh. Sure 800metres ah? Just one round infront of Centrol Mall wor. Got 800metre ka?

But Mamarazzi said enough with the running la. Makan la the free breakfast provided by Centro Mall . She tired liao. Ish ish to run SCKLM?

 (photo credit to Centro Mall Facebook) 

Before we last group photo. Next run to look forward to......Kids Dash SCKLM 2015.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Restaurant Kee Hiong Bak Kut Teh , SS2

Rainy morning today...time to dig up old "basi"(stale) photos that haven't be posted up . Papa and Mamarazzi went to SS2 few months ago. was that "stale". Lunch time. Not sure what to eat so tembak again.

This time they tembak Kee Hiong Bak-Kut-Teh. Said to originate from Klang.

When time to order, Mamarazz was wondering...huh...order this or not ah...coz the name of the dish sound like ahem ahem in Cantonese.

They end up ordering a claypot of mixed BKT la. Portion not bad la. Soup wise, Mamarazzi would prefer to have stronger herbal taste.

When the waitress came with these two containers cili and and garlic, Mamarazzi was puzzled. Why the bottle of the cili container have white color.. Maybe that one they used to put garlic kot?

The rice was nice. they put some fried shallots on top to make it more aromatic. 

 Total bill come up to RM37. But that was pre-GST time la. Now not sure whether the price had increased or not

Hmmm...o wonder so many people eating BKT here though it was a hot day. Nearby shop have planted pineapple plant. Seems Pineapple plants are said to bring in good Feng Shui,

Here is the address to the BKT shop :-
. 72, Jalan SS 2/67, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya,

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Visitors to Our Little Garden

Aha! The perks of gardening. Each morning  before I go to school I get to enjoy seeing various flowers blooming in the garden. Sometimes they are so tiny that it's hard to these. May look big here but actually  it's  smaller than my palm.

Another bloom in the garden. Papa said this flower will attract insect to come and eat up all the bugs in the garden. does attract a lot of ants leh.

Hello there little ladybug... looks like you are hungry too ya..are you eat the leaves on the brinjal plants?

All these insect are okay la but at times Mamarazzi would get a nasty surprise.

Like this one.....from far she thought  it was a snail. thought  of picking it up and throw it away but....

Yucks! Geli to the's the larvae  of a beetle....argh...scarrrry man...not one...found 3 of these and this is the largest one. Heard from gardening grop that it will destroy the root of trees.

That night Mamarazzi cooked noodle for me to have as dinner...nope..she did not add those worms into the noodle. Don't  be surprise coz there is a type of worm that is edible here. Anyway, these are not worms but are "big head prawns" that Papa bought. YUMMY....

After dinner, i get to watch my "latest " favourite show...Snoopy! No worms there.  Pretty safe. you dare to eat Sago Worms? If you don't know what they are, Google it. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul , Paradigm Mall (revisited)

Ever since I had Cendol marathon with Papa in Melaka, I become crazy about Cendul. The ither day I went to Paradigm Mall with Mamarazzi, she asked me what I wanted to eat and immediately  I told her Cendol.

But she said it's  not "food"...but in the end she did ordered me a bowl of cendul lah.

For herself, she ordered this bowl of Penang Curry Laksa instead of their famous Asam Laksa . 

Feels kinda weird as it looked so white. I thought not spicy la so I asked for some to eat lor....

Alamak!!!! Beee boo bee boo....Spicy lah....

But as usual..where thereis a wil thee is a way....I ate it with my cendul...nice....not spicy liao.

Mamarazzi laughed at me . She said lucky tarak lausai (diarrhoea ) after eating curry laksa this way.

Conclusion.....the curry laksa can eat la..... wanna try eating it my way?

Monday, 22 June 2015

A Movie Date with Mamarazzi

Last weekend was Dragon Boat Festival. Initially Mamarazzi felt lazy to make Bak Chang(Dumplings) but the Papa said wanna eat wor. Hence last minute pakai hentam and made some la

Bak Chang is Glutinous Rice Dumpling with various types of fillings. But Mamarazzi made the normal Bak Chang with meat , mushrooms, beans and a few others ingredients fillings

 Friday evening, Mamarazzi again lazy to cook. Just heat up Bak Chang and have Bak Chang for dinner. Yummy. I like Bak Chang but I only like to eat the glutinous rice and not the ingredients.

 The next morning, after my funland class, I went for a movie date with Mamarazzi. 

 Went to Jom Bali for "brunch" . Had their Chicken Wanton Noodles. 

 Shared with Mamarazzi. Taste okay okay la. Mamarazzi said the soup tasted a bit too sugar sweet for her.

I was pretty excited about this movie. Kept asking Mamarazzi is it time yet but she kept saying no. 

 Finally she said okay...let's head to the cinema.  Yay! Minions! Here I come. 

Our tickets! errrr......still cannot go in yet. have to wait for the people to come out first. Did I enjoyed the show? Of course!

But but....too bad we didn't get the Minion Key Chain. Previously, Mamarazzi received e-mail that say buy their value pack popcorn will get a limited edition Minion KeyChain. Guess they ran out of that very fast. 

Came home, can't stop talking about Minions. Love the way they zoom here and there looking for a Despicable Master to serve. 

Hmm..Maybe this birdie watched minions too. Zoom too fast and hit our window glass pane . Fell to the roof. Mamarazzi thought it was a goner for sure since it just laying there, not moving. 

But later on , she heard loud bird noises. Seems that a bunch of birds came and "attack" this fella. Surprisingly , this fella got up pretty quickly. Glad that it's okay. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Amazing Cupcakes from Dripping Drizzles and A Happy Birthday

Good morning! A wonderful morning indeed . Today for the first time, Mamarazzi's Sunflower bloomed. Tried planting Sunflower a few times but this is the first time successful. People say Sunflowers are easy to plant but not sure why it doesn't work for Mamarazzi.

Oh ya! Another 1st time for us. It's the first time we ordered Cupcakes from Dripping Drizzles.  This shop is owned by one of Mamarazzi's schoolmates, Roslinda,  from primary school. Have not seen her for 20 over years. Only reconnected recently via Facebook.

This friend of Mamarazzi very "terrer" leh.  She learn how to make amazing cake decoration through YouTube. *clap hands*

The Cupcakes aren't for me but it's for Uncle Sherman. It's his birthday today . HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE SHERMAN!

Thank you very much to Lynn for making such lovely Cupcakes and also personally delivered to Uncle Sherman.

For those who are reading this, do drop by Uncle Sherman's blog to wish him a Happy Birthday ya, And for those of you who are keen to see what great Auntie Lynn can make, do visit her Facebook at Dripping Drizzles.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Restaurant Bui Bui , Ijok

After all the digging at the Big Bad Wolf Box Sale , Mamarazzi was famished for a god dose of Banana Leaf Rice.

Zoom zoom over to Devi's Corner in Bangsar pulak.... I was not hungry. Had some Bihun at the BBWS with Papa while Mamarazzi went digging.

 On the way home...Papa said he was still hungry pulak. Felt like wanna have Oink Oink rice pulak. Hmmm....our area where to find Oink Oink la.....

Okay Okay...zoom zoom a bit further to Ijok. Never really went food hunting there before coz usually go to the famous Beggar Chicken Restaurant only.

This time again we pakai hentam. Saw this shop. Not bad. Have air-conditioning and looks pretty new.

 I wanted "Wat Tan Hor" Noodle. Portion for two persons. Not bad leh. Quite big plate and a lot of vegetable.

Papa ordered Sweet and Sour Pork Rice for himself. 

Service was very fast that day. Probably coz we were one of the earliest customers there. According to Mamarazzi's friend who stay nearby, sometimes food takes long time to be serve. Probably due to peak period la.

Price wise okay la. Normal KL price.

Didn't really get the exact address but it's located along Jalan Bukit Badong, not far from the police station.

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