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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Maharani Chicken Rice Restaurant (Revisited) in Klang

Sorry ya. I have been doing the missing in action act a lot this year. This time what reason ah? Ahem....tuition punya pasal lo. Kena Cikgu complain...same old same old thing la. Gotta re-do bring home and re-do all the work from Jan to current work lo last weekend. Plus kena grounded some leh. Do till midnight also cannot finish. 

Mamarazzi also "pening"(dizzy) when she say the Maths that we were doing. What??? Standard 1 Maths. This was work done in JANUARY. What happened to writing number 1,2,3 in the boxes or learning 1+1 +2.

Wah lau eh...January work already so "deep". Not even one month of schooling...*Faint again*

 After being "tied" to my study table from Saturday to 7pm Sunday evening, I finally completed all the correction and re-wrote all the works that have ugly writing

Can "makan besar' liao.I was "zombiefied" and so was Mamarazzi. Wokay...just makan Chicken rice la in Klang.

Ordered whole loads of food.

 There was this Taugeh(Bean sprouts). A bit too much pepper.

 But their steam chicken was delicious. Tender and juicy. 

For me, I wanted this braised eggs.

 Mamarazzi wanted Kerabu Kaki Ayam . It's the skin of chicken feet cooked , then chilled and mixed with Thai Chili Sauce. Very appetising. 

This round she persuaded me to have some.

 Before that, I "rinse" it in the soup. I don't like spicy chili leh. Hmm...taste nice. Crunchy. 

 What is wrong with Papa and Mamarazzi ah? Gila Chicken feet pulak that day. Papa ordered Braised Chicken feet with peanuts.

 That's my television starved look. Chinese News is on the Tv also hentam la. As log as it's TV. Been "starving" liao. My Tv day is Saturday but being grounded....cannot watch....


Now multitasking lor....after eating Braised Cane with pulak Braised Chicken Feet while stealing to watch TV.

No worries....I still know how to spit out the bones.

Hopefully this weekend no need to do any more correction la or else......


  1. Maharani chicken rice huh? Not Maharaja? Hehe. Chicken rice is great on any time of the day.

    Good luck in your writing, small kucing. ^^

  2. Haha you so cute la.. Kena teacher complained ahh? Aiyoyo, nevermind la, its ok, you must rajin rajin redo all homework lor.. Got mama and papa teman, ok jugak.. Haha TV starved, chinese news pun hentam, cute la you.. Love love love that plate of steamed white chicken and braised eggs, yummmzzz...

  3. study, eat, sleep, repeat :)

  4. I like the chicken & the braised egg, but no thank you to chicken feet, not to my liking...

  5. Kesiannya,,,, Maths ah, maybe you shoud go tuition with Uncle SK. Anyway, got rewarded with a very good dinner. Not too bad lah. I love all the food!

  6. Your "television starved" look is none like I have ever seen. Chicken and rice....mmmm. :) Sorry to hear you were grounded.

  7. Oh, so much work for you!!! But I know you are very smart! If you do it right the first time, then you will have more time for yourself to play.How much longer till school lets out for the summer?

  8. such tiny bones in chicken feet. Yes, I eat them to amaze the Chinese servers :-)

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  9. Oh? This chicken rice must be the wife of the cendol here - Maharaja cendol. Not nice. Hehehehehe!!!! I want those eggs too!!!!

  10. Hmmm.. both chicken feet dishes look very yummy. At first I was worried, you were so engrossed with TV that you might forget to spit the bones out. Ha ha ha...I am so glad that you did remember.

  11. i will need two bowl of rice to go along with all the delicious dishes.

  12. yaloh, nowadays so advanced already leh.. Uncle SK remembers when he went to school, January was when school baru started, Primary 1 leh, still counting 1,2,3 up to 10 only.. but Small Kucing already doing addition and subtraction already!! Oh Your Kucing!! that is rather a surprise.. but good also lah, learn more advanced while still young then only can be more competitive mah..

  13. wah, so many homework ke?? gotta spend the whole Saturday and Sunday doing the corrections, but Uncle SK heard that Small Kucing wasn't stressed up at all, but instead giggling all the time woh.. hahaha!! maybe he was laughing at Mamarazzi, who went pening though she did not do any homework, haha~~

  14. wah, use brain juice and wrist energy for two whole days of course must have a nice dinner to pamper yourself lah.. chicken rice and a lot of chicken feet, hahahaha!! Uncle SK actually so-so beansprouts with chicken rice, but the braised egg nice leh, hehe!! the chicken feet - salad style and braised style, fuyoh, look at Small Kucing, eat until "lam lam lei"~~ :p

  15. I have never had braised eggs or chicken feet. I would try them though.

  16. Great post! I wait for my blog, follow me and i Follow you back, kisses

  17. Ya seriously nowadays the things the kids learn in school seems to be much tougher than I remembered. My kids already learn 3-D shapes etc and their Maths already double digit in Year 1.

  18. Sorry to hear you were grounded and had all that homework. But it looks as if you did get a delicious meal.

  19. laughed at the television stare. :) good luck with homework and studies. and thank you for the kind comment on my bird drawing. :)

  20. Hey, lil cute kitten ... smiles ... me like beansprouts with tiny pieces of smoked bacon on top ... so good ...
    your home work looks good to me ... smiles ... you gonna be the next Albert Einstein!!! :) Love, cat.

  21. i still cannot see properly this Maharani chicken. Anyway, I dislike chicken feet...hahaha... Dunno why, just don;t like. Initially I thought it looks like some Indian tandoori chicken.

  22. Ooo...I love those herbal braised eggs too! Wah, you very pandai eat chicken feet also :D

  23. I remember chicken feets. We do eat those in the Philippines where I came from. I am living in Norway now.
    Just saw your blog at Linda's place:)

  24. Ohlalalala!!! I think you know what I am going to say. Yes, truly what I love to eat.

  25. What to do, gotta learn this kinda stuff. Just work hard then go makan hard.

  26. Braised eggs?? I have never tried one before.

  27. I always wonder how they remove the skin from chicken feet?

  28. Aiyo! So geli. I never dare to eat chicken feet....worst is the feet skin. Bluek..! Sorry arr.

    My older siblings loved them and took my share when I was a kid. They told me the ayam stepped its own shit and never washed its own feet. They asked me to tell them how could the ayam know how to wash its own feet??? Anay bodoh and gave them his food.


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