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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Chen Chen Roast Duck, Jalan Pasar

 Another basi (stale)post. This Chinese New Year we were late to go to Petaling Street. The famous Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck at Petaling Street were all sold off *sobs sobs*. Papa want to buy roast duck back for Chinese New Year

Went round here and there search...what la......whole KL everyone start to rest so early ka for Chinese New Year?

Then pakai hentam la...just try our luck see if Chen Chen Roast Duck in Jalan Pasar opened or not.

Uiks.... still open leh...
 While buying roast duck, might as well have lunch first la....

Ordered roast pork and roast duck. I love the crunchy skin. Yummm...So I "curi-ed" all the skin and left the meat for Papa and Mamarazzi to eat. Muhahahaha..

Mamarazzi said she don't like the rice coz they use Kunyit powder to cook. too much kunyit taste . But Papa and me was okay with it. Less oily this way.

Here is the address  if you want something less oily for your rice :-

Chen Chen Roast Goose
Jalan Seladang,
Off Lorong Yap Hin, Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. I love roast pork and roast duck, and I haven't had duck in quite a long time. I think I will have to soon! :)

  2. Omg, love the roast pork and roast duck la.. Ngam sai, now is lunch time, I might suggest the lunch gang to go eat roast pork rice.. Yummzzzz

  3. Wor Shu Op pork char made me hungry!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  4. wah.. this Paparazzi last minute want to buy roast duck back to KT for Ah Mah?? next time must plan earlier lah, because when comes CNY everything also very susah leh.. next round must give the list to Mamarazzi and let her plan then sure no need to run here run there until "gas cough" lah, hehehe~~ :D

  5. but Uncle SK must salute this Mamarazzi leh, her mind really turns fast!! the Sze Ngan Chai at Petaling Street not open, then she right away can think of the nearby Chen Chen at Jalan Pasar!! wah, this Mamarazzi is sure the Food GPS of KL leh, muahaha!! Uncle SK only heard of SNC but never heard of this CC leh.. so their roast duck is good ah??

  6. aiyoh, the rice use kunyit one ah?? errr, like very funny leh.. thought just plain rice or maybe but a little chicken grease or chicken stock.. oh BTW, Uncle SK saw that address, and he read people blogging about fishball noodles at the RHB along the same road, but two times he went there last week hor, cannot find leh, maybe they no more selling.. Mamarazzi got saw that stall or not??

  7. Yes! I like this post! My favourite rice.

  8. Where's the duck? I see pork and...that one, not chicken kah? So white. Kunyit good health benefits.

  9. wow, all the roasted pork crunchy skin.... *blink in my eyes*

  10. I can skip the kunyit powder rice and just take the roast pork and duck....ha ha I like the crispy skin too!

  11. I like the skin too. The same thing too. Eat the skin and see if there are takers for the meat.

  12. i would like the rice plain with just a bit of butter. :)

  13. hmmmm not a duck lover, somehow I don't like the duck taste. hahaha

  14. Funny! Have lunch while waiting for the duck. Maybe it will be ready by the next meal.

  15. I remember eating duck as a small kid like u, lil kitten ... smiles ... I liked the feet best, believe it or not, smothered in a mild mustard sauce, they are deliciously messy to eat, but so good ... smiles. Love, cat.

  16. Hentam saja lah, the siew yoke looks nice what! :D

  17. So how was the duck la? Never heard of kunyit in duck rice, hmm.

  18. Good morning,
    Always good old comfort food ..Roasted Pork and Roasted Duck. Almost every Saturday I buy the Roasted Pork from market.... to eat with my nasi lemak!

  19. I made roasted duck one time years ago. It was so greasy that I'll never make it again. I probably eat it if somebody else made it but I'm not making it.


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