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Friday, 24 April 2015

EnerZ Kids Edutainment Programmes at EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park, Subang Jaya

Last Sunday I was very lucky to be invited to join EnerZ Kids Edutainment Programmes Trial Class by the Management of EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park.

What is this "Edutainment" program all about? It is actually an adaption of the Australian Edutainment Programme which have been modified to suit the kids needs in Malaysia.

EnerZ Edu aim is to provide something new to learning. When they tell Mamarazzi about Edutainment, she was like "HUH? Is it those apps download from Apps Stores?"
Nope, here kids don't sit and learn like in the classroom. We get to learn through fun activities.

That's how the term Edutainment comes about. We get to learn, understand and explore through physical activities which at the same time nurture our leadership skill and team building. But most of all , it's having fun while doing it!

We got there early and registered. I was given a pair of anti slip socks. Safety comes first .

After that we were greeted by Ms Tamilselvi, Head of Edutainment Programme who happens to be our "teacher" for the day. 

She explained the Programme structure and schedule to the parents whereby the first part will be Team Building activities and followed by Gut Builder activities later on

For the first part, we were brought to a special section. Away from all the noises  and distractions. Parents are not allowed to follow us .

Instead they gets to go "dating" at EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park. They can try out Gut Builder, Sky Ropes and Trampolines (GST!) for a fee. *Do check out their RM 4 entry promotion!

Mamarazzi found that Ms Tamilselvi is a very good teacher. Mamarazzi observed that there are a few shy kids and there are  also one or two difficult "active" kids like me, in the group. Instead of reprimanding and scolding, she gently prodded us to the right direction. 

Ms Tamilselvi managed get us to work together. She did not just instruct us but rather give suggestion and let us think and decide whether what we did is right or wrong.

We get to learn about give and take. Everyone wanted to be the leader but she managed get us to decide who is the best leader for each games.

Yes, we learn through games. 

In the beginning, we were like a pile of loose sands. No Team works but through her prompting, we learn how to cheer our team mates on. 
After each games, we get to sit down and analyse what we did great and what we did wrong. We learn to take responsibility for our actions. 

Time flies when we were having fun.

Next we were brought to the Gut Builder Challenge. My team mates and me get to test our bravery through this challenge.

Oh my ! Oh my!... scary man! But my new friends cheered me on. 

I didn't get to climb till the top as we ran out of time but it was really fun while it lasted.

Through observing the first lesson, Mamarazzi knows this Edutainment is good and can bring out many good qualities from  me. Not saying this just because we were invited for the class but honest truth. Already, I learn how to give and take.

 Mamarazzi saw EnerZ Ed Programme Structure. Beginners were called "Rookies". Then followed by "Transitioner", "Cultivator" "EnergiZer" and the list goes on.

Each stage have 12 lessons that is developed for the kids need and have been tested by professional edutainment syllabus designer. Kids will be evaluated daily and after completion of 12 lesson. They will be awarded  a Certificate.

Packages Fees seems quite reasonable.
 For those who are interested, the above are the Intake Schedule.

Or maybe like me, you would like to go for their Trial Class 

For more information, do visit 

EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park is located (besides Honda Service Centre Subang Indah)
Lot 791, Persiaran Subang Indah, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 011-1500 0066

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Restaurant Yin Her, Sg Buloh New Village Revisited

It have been ages since we last been to Restaurant Yin Her. Kinda far from our house now.

Revisited this restaurant in February (yea basi post again)  and was so surprised. it had become a very classy restaurant leh. No longer a village restaurant. front portion have been converted to fully air-conditioned and with a new look.

Luckily, the back portion remains the same. The lovely view of the fishing pond remains...not that I was looking at it much. Kinda sleepy leh after school..or was it tuition...forgotten lah which one. So long ago. 

Mamarazzi wanted to have crabs. Yin Her price was not that expensive the last time we went.

This round, price had gone up. Nearly double the last time we were there. Oh well, seafood follow market price mah. At least the crabs were fresh and meaty. Portion a bit too much. Had to "tapau" home to finish it the next day. 

Papa and Mamarazzi had fried rice. Said nice wor. They added Char Siew BBQ pork) to fry the rice. 

Ordered Spinach soup to got with the rice. Not bad. They added century eggs into it and the broth was made of fried dried shrimps. Surprising leh. Usually people would use ikan bilis leh

For me, I preferred their Cantonese Fried Noodles. So slurpy. 

 During Chinese New Year, we went there one more time with a friend. Yup...this is a 2-in-1 post. Ordered more or less similar dish .

This time we had additional Pai Kuat Wong. How to translate ah....hmm...fried pork ribs with sweet sauce?

 Change mood again. I had Hokkien mee while the adults had fried rice.

Will we visit this restaurant again? Sure. The way they cook the dishes suits our taste . Will go there again . 

The address remains the same : AL 114 Jalan Welfare, Kampung Baru Sg Buloh . In case of takut sesat.....look out for their signboard on left hand side of the road after you turn into Jalan Wellfare

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Rewarded by Maxis for Loyalty *Not Paid Post*

Earlier this month Papa saw this news in The Star Newspaper "Telco Offers Exclusive Privileges to Good Paymasters". Asked Mamarazzi if she got anything from Maxis before as she have been subscribing to Maxis line for two decades.

Mamarazzi read the article. Hmmm....have to be RM150 and above ka? She was kinda angry unhappy lah coz why say loyal if the reward is based on amount spent. She wrote a rude  "love letter e-mail" to them pointing out this issue. Didn't expect Maxis to reply la . Maybe they will just junk the e-mail as ranting of a mad woman.

Must be her CB mouth bad karma la coz on 12th April, her phone caught Sudden Death Syndrome. No joke. Really have this Sudden Death Syndrome for S3 phone. Try google about it and see.

Cham ah? Buy new phone? Dun want la. Papa just bought Samsung Tab 4 for Ah Mah birthday. She was asking about iPad the last time she was here and Papa got the idea to buy for her birthday. Buy new phone some more? Debt increase lo. 

Yea yea .... Ah Mah's birthday was in February but the February you know la CNY leh. Baru recovering from December year end bills and January begin school year bill. Darn it...why bills all comes year end and beginning of the year one ah?

Then come Chinese New Year lagi die kau kau. Budget exploded like volcano la.  Wanna buy vegetable also have to think twice. So...sorry ah..."Oh Tang dulu ah"(hutang-IOU).

Anyway, Papa managed to find a phone repair guy. Terry from Low Yat Plaza Forum. Many praise his good service. Kinda hard to get this guy coz currently he seems to be busy with the grand opening of his phone repair shop in One Utama Shopping Mall. Managed to get the phone "resurrected" without data lost.  

A few days later... on 15th April, Mamarazzi received a surprise call from Maxis . Oh my! They didn't junk her e-mail . They read it and was responsive.

The lady told Mamarazzi that she checked and noticed that Mamarazzi have been with Maxis for a long time. Hence, she offered Mamarazzi TWO units of Lenovo A606  phone free of charge. Only catch is that Mamarazzi to upgrade her supplementary line to the new plan and sign contract for the two line for two years.

Hey, no problem on signing up for another two years as she have been with Maxis for two decades already. Two more years...well..."sap sap sui"(wet wet water-meaning small matter) la. After all , Maxis service have all along been good and the line have good coverage in the city.

As for upgrading the package also no problem as based on the new package , the lady offered Mamarazzi...she will be saving RM20 every month leh. Really nice of them leh. If not, Mamarazzi will "bodoh-bodoh" keep on paying a higher phone bill. 

Mamarazzi asked Papa apa macam lo. Papa said try and bargain for a Samsung phone la since Mamarazzi's phone kaput the other day. They allowed but have to top up some money. Since Mamarazzi very stingy one so she said no need la. Just sapu the two phones. One can act as back up phone lor; in case any phone rosak while the other phone Papa might wanna give Ah Mah.

Papa told Ah Mah about it and he said she is very happy. Some more excited asked is it a camera phone.

The TWO phones just arrived this morning. And last night, Papa phone just did a timely "kaput". Thanks to Maxis, Papa don't have to buy new phone lo.

Hey! this Lenovo phone nice leh. Saw in website some say color dull but Mamarazzi see not dull. Some more they give free screen protector and "condom"...what you call that ah...the "housing" or "casing" ah...? everyone have a phone or two....when will I get a phone for my own ah? I dream of it till saliva also come out liao.....anyone wanna sponsor me a phone? 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Mamarazzi's Birthday Eating Galore- Tony Romas's, Yuen Steamboat & Devi's Corner

This year very "geng/terrer" leh. Really eating galore leh. From pre-birthday to post birthday eating non-stop. 

But most "terrer" is Kor-Kor SK. Seven early eight early Poslaju honk honk...delivered this surprises to Mamarazzi. Aiye...she didn't realises he remembered. The packet of postcard is the cutest of all. There are 32 postcards(minus 1 coz it's too cute. I chupped one from her)  with cats picture on the front. Sayang to use. 

Thank you SK for the "FC" "FBG"(First birthday gift.

Friday evening, I decided to treat Mamarazzi for a pre-birthday dinner at Tony Roma's.  Ordered her favourite fried mushrooms.

Psss psss ....Papa, I got no money to pay leh. Can borrow me ah?

On the evening of the actual day, we had steamboat dinner at Yuen Steamboat in Kelana Jaya. Apparently they have moved from the old place (Sunway) to here.

Nearly loss our reservation as we were 10 minutes late due to sudden heavy rain and jam . Did call up the restaurant but they can't hold our reservation if there are people waiting.  So be sure to be on time ya.

A more comfortable environment then before. Nicer tables and chairs. Soup base taste the same. The only down side is that they don't have or run out of side tables. But they did help by giving us this chair to put our teapot and ice bucket on instead.

Not sure whether Mamarazzi recalled correctly or not but variety seems to be less than in the old shop. But there were still plenty to choose from.

They also have fried rice, fried bihun, curry chicken and even these fried baby crabs. 

Taste great when add into the fried rice. 

They still have these lovely BBQ chicken wings but it took very long for them to replenish. I waited at the chicken wings place for them to replenish. Kept asking the Kor Kor that take care of the section whether what time they are going to replenish the chicken wings.

Once replenished, it was gone in a blink of an eye. everyone were snapping it up. Yummss....

 (Recycled photo from our previous visit)

 Last night we "celebrated" by going to Devi's Corner in Bangsar pulak . This round we managed to get a good parking spot , right in front  of the restaurant itself. A small miracle as yesterday there was Pasar Malam nearby leh.

Guess birthday old lady's girl's luck gua.

This time we sat upstairs. very comfy place. Marble tables, comfy chairs and air-conditioned. Staffs were very responsive.

They had these cooked mango dish again. Fuiyo....sedap to the max. Mamarazzi asked and the staff told her that they have this dish every FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY. So if you want to try this dish, must go on those days ok.

Our makan locations were :-

Tony Romas's Restaurant
 Lot G-46, Citta Mall,
Jalan PJU 1A/48, Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 603-7859 9068
Fax: 603-7859 9069

Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant
8G, Block A, (same row as Cosway at the car park entrance)
Zenith Corporate Park (behind Paradigm Mall)
Jalan SS7/26 Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Devi's Corner
69 Jalan Telawi 2
59100Kuala Lumpur


Friday, 17 April 2015

Mamarazzi Barmy Homemade Barley Drink With Stevia

Late to blog again today. This morning woke up early to send Ah Kong and Ah Mah to airport. Still early thought can go eat breakfast geh but it seems to be just not my day. Go Dim Sum shop ..not open..go KFC, closed for monthly spring cleaning. 

Go mamak.. ordered maggi sup TAK MAU PEDAS...they gave me maggi curry.....hence kept sipping milo ice while trying to eat.

Papa bought me a can of cold chrysanthemum tea . When Mamarazzi got home she thought..hmm...why not make barley drinks . Its cooler. 

Went to the garden and plucked some Pandan leaves. Add a packet of barley into the pot.

We have quite a lot of aloe vera in the garden. Got some and sliced it. Throw into the pot.

The thing is...Papa doesn't take sugared drinks if he can. And both Mamarazzi and me likes our drinks sweet. How? She recall that she have a packet of dried Stevia leaves. Ok..opened and throw a handful of it into the pot. Boiled for about an hour. 

Put into the fridge to chill. End result quite good. Taste a bit like boiled sugarcane drink. Cooling.

Okay la...happy weekend to you. School gonna be out soon. Mamarazzi is waiting outside while blogging!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Random Thursday Thoughts

Random Thursday. ..ahem...a.k.a. nothing interesting to post about la. This week been very busy. Not enough sleep. Homework getting to be heavier as the school exam coming up middle of next month.

My latest fad....eating with hands...even Bak Kut Teh I also wanna eat with hands. Mamarazzi pengsan (faint) awhile when i said wanna eat BKT with hands.

Speaking of eating...sad news..all my fishes and tadpoles had gone to heaven. Only this little fella is left. I thought that are growing up and need to eat a lot like me.

One evening after I got back from school I fed them lor....mana morning all floating upside down already... left two tadpoles but the other one went to heaven soon after.

Hopefully  this little fella will survive till its  ready to leave the aquarium  lah. Now have two back legs already.

This morning while Mamarazzi was harvesting some leaves and herbs for Papa green drink...spotted this little cheeky fella ...look at the mouth..looks like its grinning away. Maybe he knows something that I don't...

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Chen Chen Roast Duck, Jalan Pasar

 Another basi (stale)post. This Chinese New Year we were late to go to Petaling Street. The famous Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck at Petaling Street were all sold off *sobs sobs*. Papa want to buy roast duck back for Chinese New Year

Went round here and there search...what la......whole KL everyone start to rest so early ka for Chinese New Year?

Then pakai hentam la...just try our luck see if Chen Chen Roast Duck in Jalan Pasar opened or not.

Uiks.... still open leh...
 While buying roast duck, might as well have lunch first la....

Ordered roast pork and roast duck. I love the crunchy skin. Yummm...So I "curi-ed" all the skin and left the meat for Papa and Mamarazzi to eat. Muhahahaha..

Mamarazzi said she don't like the rice coz they use Kunyit powder to cook. too much kunyit taste . But Papa and me was okay with it. Less oily this way.

Here is the address  if you want something less oily for your rice :-

Chen Chen Roast Goose
Jalan Seladang,
Off Lorong Yap Hin, Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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