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Friday, 30 January 2015

D'New Burger, Subang Jaya

 Recently been feeling very hungry leh. Like can eat and eat and eat yet cannot full one leh. One Sunday after going to JayaOne for scooting, we pass by Subang Jaya . Was hungry then but since it was odd ah? Not yet dinner time but lunchtime over liao lo.

Mamarazzi thought go Tong Kee (B9-G, Jalan SS 15/4D) to buy some egg tarts. Then Papa spotted this Burger Truck.

Ordered a Cheese burger for me... No Chili ah. 

Wah.....much much bigger than ahem ahem ahem burger wor.

 Mamarazzi also kaypoh....had a messy burger also. But hers a bit too much sauce. Taste wise and price was good. Better than ahem ahem burger. Maybe coz so many things made up the burger...Mamarazzi couldn't fininsh eating that. Less than RM5 ...not bad leh.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Chicken Cuisine Noodle House, Jalan Pekan Subang

Long time ago, we talked about this Chicken Cuisine Noodle House. We love the Curry Noodle and the special wanton noodle there  but now they had added a lot of things too. 

 They have these lovely Anson Chee Cheong Fun.

Papa loves them. Said that it taste even nicer than the famous Teluk Intan CCF. They also have Yam Cake which Papa loves but sorry ah...tarak snap photo pulak.

 Not sure what Kuih are these . Mamarazzi simply snap photo only .

 They have Mee Siam. Not bad-Mamarazzi ate once before, Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice. 

 But Mamarazzi's favourite eats is still this. Curry Mee. 

 And also their Nyonya Kuih. 

For me, am more "adventurous". Have tried their Keoy Teow Soup, Noodle soup, Kon lou mee, wantan mee and Chicken Rice. I like them well enough. Oppsss...have not/dare not try the Curry Mee. Spicy ah!

This shop is located along Jalan Pekan Subang. It's the row of shops just after Ah Seng Bak Kut Teh which is located at Jalan Alfa D U6/D , if you are coming from Monterez Country Golf Club direction. Parking is a bit susah coz limited space available. Hmm.....maybe should not have blog about this place. Nanti they have more customers then lagi susah parking la for us when we wanna go...hmmm......

Update : 29 April 2015 - changed owner. 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Thank You for the Gifts and Big Bad Wolf Books FIRE Sale 2015

Papa came home from work and brought a surprise for us. Hehehe....Samsung Tab S. Said it's all in one pressie wor....New Year, Valentine Day, CNY, Birthday, Hari Raya, Deepavali , Christmas, Mother's Day and Children Day pressie wor.

Was very anxious to get my hand on this. Asked Mamarazzi to download "Hayday" for me. But Mamarazzi said no. This one for me to do homework one leh. Download Pleco to do homework leh. *Sulk* but last last she got download Hayday for me la but she said cannot buy anything ah. She set up a restricted profile for me.

Second gift was more for Mamarazzi than for me . She blogged about her collection of Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Bookmarks last year, right?

Last year, BBW was "Baddest" ever. They came out with these 15 special bookmarks . Each day they would give out one design.

Only on Preview Day was different. BBW gave out The Knife Thrower Bookmark when you do a survey and Aerial Dancer Bookmark if you make a donation to The Red ReaderHood.

There was a furore among BBW die-hard fans to have a complete set of these bookmarks. Fans "pm-ed" each other to trade bookmarks.

Mamarazzi was thinking sure cannot have complete set lah coz not possible to go to the sale daily due to the distance and she did not have enough bookmarks to trade.

We went on the second last day of the sale for a final grab.

As we were on the way home, Mamarazzi saw the announcement in FB that the sale have been extended to 21st December and and and and...... ARGH!!!!!!The Limited Edition Bookmarks Set would be on sale starting 12am 16 December!!!

Desperate time calls for desperate measure. Whatapps, pm and message every kaki see if anyone going at midnight. Few friends responded but only one managed to grab a set. Thank you Chee Yee! It was selling like hotcakes.  Heard it was fully sold off very fast.

The Wolf also responded. Muhahaha.......was busy with year end holiday and school we only managed to go and collect these last Sunday. She was super-duper happy! Thank you very much Mr Wolf!

On Monday when I was in school , Mamarazzi went and got Char Keoy Teow. Nope....not the edible Char Keoy Teow but rather Personalised Char Keoy Teow CD from SK .

Mamarazzi can't help laughing when she saw the CD. Naughty naughty SK. Now , she is enjoying the Char Keoy Teow songs in the CD while drafting this post. Thank you very much SK . Love the bonus tracks.

 Oh ya...for those who missed the Big Bad Wolf Books main sale, you still have a chance got there will be a FIRE SALE from 2nd February to 9th February 2015

Venue will be MIECC  but time will be 10am to 12am .

 The prices....crazy lah.... all markdown some more. Super pengsan. So don't forget to go ya....after all 2nd and 3rd of February is holiday leh.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Delicious Chicken Set Lunch at Restaurant Haeun Khon, Amcorp Mall

This is another "Once upon a time..." post.....meaning "basi"(Stale) post la.

We went to Amcorp Mall (again!) and you know which location la that we usually heads one to....You are right. It's BookXcess and now Curious Corner too.

Well, after all the walking around sure hungry , right?Ngum ngum it was lunch time.

 Mamarazzi recalls SK mentioned that their Fried Chicken Set taste very good and knowing me...she ordered this for me. many stuffs here...which one to makan first ah?Got Fried Chicken(obviously), fried rice, egg, salad, fruits and even ice cream. Mamarazzi had forgotten the exact price but it was around RM10 plus minus la. Really berbaloi (worth it) leh with so many things included. There was two pieces of fried chicken leh. if we eat at certain fast food piece of fried chicken already RM4 lo.


Forgotten what Papa ordered for himself but it's somethig in the line of Beef teppayaki or something like that la.

The portion of beef quite a lot leh. One bowl of rice not enough to finish off the beef and those additional dishes. Had to add one more bowl of rice. Think if Mayor of Sibu come here and eat, he might even approve of the portion and price.

Mamarazzi wanted something soupy that day so she ordered rice with Oxtail soup. Errr... sorry lah...basi post. forgotten the exact name and price liao.

It also comes with a few side dishes
At first, mamarazzi was "blur sotong". Huh? where is the Oxtail? The yellow round thingy is Oxtail ah? Looks like egg wor.

Then dig dig dig....uiks! at the bottom have a lot of things leh.....not only the oxtail but also have "noodles". Think it's Tang Hoon. Mamarazzi asked me if I wanted to try some of the noodle or not. At first I said no thank you but then See she syok syok eat, I revised la. Tasted a bit of the noodles. Yummy!. I end up abandoning my fried rice and wallop all of the "noodles" in the pot. 

Mamarazzi had the rice with the delicious soup. Papa also "helped" her to finish the soup to the last drop. 

Overall, we are happy with the food here la. Price okay also. Belasan ringgit(Between RM10-RM20). Only down side is service was slow. But good things comes to those that waits , right? And for us, the food here was worth waiting for. 
Here is the address  Lot 336, Third Floor Amcorp Mall, No. 18, Persiaran Barat, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Osmanthus Flower and Goji Berry Jelly with NuStevia Simple Syrup

When we went for a wedding last December, the restaurant served this Osmanthus Flower and Goji Berry Jelly as dessert. Papa said can actually make this at home.

So one fine day Mamarazzi dug out the sad looking Osmanthus Flower from the fridge. Think maybe expired kot but when she smell it...still strong smell of the flower.

I dug up my jelly mould pulak but Mamarazzi said don't wanna use these la. Wanna try out the jelly mould that she bought some time ago from a closing down sale pulak.

Supposed to use Konnyaku Jelly powder but Papa doesn't like the texture. Hence Mamarazzi used the normal Double Swallow brand

Agak-Agak(agar-agar) recipe :
1 packet of double swallow brand jelly
1 litre of water(agak-agak)
1 tablespoon of Osmanthus Flower
1 Tablespoon of goji.
NuStevia Simple Syrup - to taste


1. Boil the water till it's boiling and add in the jelly.

2. When the jelly is fully disolved, add in the Osmanthus Flower and Goji. Kept it boiling in small/slow fire for another 5-10minutes.

3. Turn off the fire, add NuStevia Simple Syrup into the jelly. Stir well before scooping the liquid into the moulds.

4. Put into fridge to chill and wait till it's harden before serving. 

This one was for Papa. Heard it's good for cough wor. 

 While these cute ones are mine.

Friday, 23 January 2015


Due to the flooding in several states, school holiday was extended an extra week. School term supposed to start 5th January but was postpone to 12th January. 

 Actually I also had tuition la during that one week. The principal said if not "Otak berkarat"(Rusty) liao coz too long school holiday.

 But after tuition, Mamarazzi surprised me with a trip to the cinema. We watched "The Night at The Museum: Secret of The Tomb".

Oh my kucing! It was darn hilarious. Soooooo funny. Mamarazzi and me laugh the most at the part where Kapuchin came to the rescue of Octavious and Jedediah at "Pompeii".

Not watching this show but I asked Mamarazzi to snap this photo and "put in Facebook".

That night, Mamarazzi tarak cook lo. Buy Pizza. Now PizzaHut having promotion. Buy on Personal Pan Pizza for RM5. And if you use the receipt and do a survey, you can buy another pizza personal pan for RM1. Ngum lo.....just nice .  Came home..mandi can eat liao.

First day of school, Mamarazzi throw me to the sharks. Didn't follow me to school. I took a school bus to school.

Second day of school, Mamarazzi said school bus arrive home too la. She went to the school one hour early to wait for me. Saw other parents were there and they went into the school. She also follow la to spy on me. 

Mak Oi! Banyak cantik....saw pretty teacher, I fast fast raise up hand wanna "help" teacher to carry her books. Mamarazzi said why at home ask me to help keep folded baju into the cabinet, I slow slow ah but got Lenglui teacher, I so fast raise up hand sibuk wanna help. 

Last week, school called parents to come take RM100. Government give wor. Mamarazzi went early la and it was ngum ngum my recess time. Cham........spotted again.

Got girl flipping her hair at me wor. When I spotted Mamarazzi, I told her to scram. Not macho la . Don't follow me around. I wanna go "walk around".

When time to collect the money, Cikgu told her that am very talkative. As of todate Cikgu already changed my sitting place 3 times already. Mamarazzi said one more time, Cikgu gonna put me in front of her at an individual desk liao.

Oh well....see la....Maybe nobody chat with me , I will chat with myself gua.

As for homework...past two week have been good. Much easier than my kindy year. Usually each day kindy I would have 3-4 homework but so far Cikgu only gave us a page of join the dots and coloring ....according to me la. Coz when Mamarazzi check my "List of Homework Book" ...she saw I wrote the date and num1..num 2....when she asked me what is it about...I said dunno. She asked why? I told her Cikgu erased the note from whiteboard before I can copy coz I was day dreaming.  Mamarazzi said *PENGSAN*.

Second week nearly over....many more weeks to go.......end of broadcast for this week.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Once Upon A Wedding In PJ

Told you.....December many weddings leh.... Second wedding was our neighbours'. It was held at The Elite Seafood Restaurant. If not mistaken it was formerly known as Ah Yat Abalone.

Restaurant was brightly lit and have a affluent kinda ambiance.
The Elite Seafood Restaurant 富豪海鲜酒家
The Elite Seafood Restaurant 富豪海鲜酒家
The Elite Seafood Restaurant 富豪海鲜酒家
The Elite Seafood Restaurant 富豪海鲜酒家

Ahem ahem......not familiar with the people sitting same table as us. Hence "Paiseh"(shy) to snap photo of the dishes.

So Mamarazzi just "kiap" some of the food and snap photo of her own plate la. First dish 'glamer' name was "Prosperous Four Combination Platter"

Instead of being served in a flat plate with 4 compartment, they serve it in a four tier plate stand. Very dainty like those you have in high-tea.

 I don't care la. I was super hungry leh as the dinner followed Malaysian Time. I wanted the plated that made of fried bihun. Mamarazzi tried to break it but it was too hard.

When everyone have finished with the first dish, and the waitress want to clear the stand; I told her I wanted the "bihun plate" Yup! Got it! was really hard leh......Not crunchy type of hard.

 But lucky me...the next dish was "Braised Thick Soup with Four Treasure" .

 Found a way to "eat' my fried bihun. Celup-celup lo.......just like you celup bread into mushroom soup. Same principle.

See! Can eat!

 Malaysia boleh!

 Next comes the Crispy Roasted Chicken.

 Kept asking Mamarazzi to give me the Chicken Skin. I love the skin leh...errr...pardon the "scarf". Was feeling super cold as it was raining that night and the Air-conditioner was working overtime. Mamarazzi lend me her "scarf"as she had forgotten to bring a sweater for me .

For her...she was not cold eh...coz the evening was full of this and red wine.

 Next comes Steam Patin. Am not fond of fish.Me still happy with the roast chicken.

 Blanched Tiger Prawns with Chinese Wine. 

 Not bad not bad at all. Too bad I was feeling full liao. More share for papa and Mamarazzi lo.

 Braised Beancurd mushroom with Broccoli. Mamarazzi says yums coz the mushroom were thick . 

 By this dish...Mamarazzi surrender liao. Too full. Cannot eat any more. But terbalik, I seems to have "digested" earlier food. Managed to polished off two bowls of the rice.

 My tummy was half tank like this but after the rice.....full tank liao. 

 Still got a bit of room for this la

Came with Jelly and mochi like dumplings. 

Love the Jelly.....Papa said can make at home leh the jelly. 

So much good food. Happy Wedding to Bryan and Suki. 

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