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Friday, 28 November 2014

Collection of Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Bookmarks

 There are people whose hobby is collection stamps....some collecting coins...some collecting angpau packets but Mamarazzi have a weird hobby....

She likes to collect Big Bad Wolf Books Sale bookmarks .

This is one of the oldest in her collection. Dated back in 2010.

Follows by The Returns of the BBW Books sale back in 2011.

 Each year, they have a few designs I think but these were the ones that Mamarazzi managed to get. Ah.....this was back when the sale was in MAEPS.

Fuiyoh...the venue super huge and we had to park very faraway and take a bus to the venue. But that sale really syok oh.....went there noon and stayed till late in the evening. That time we have only one preview pass. Mamarazzi share preview pass with Auntie CC who came all the way from Kemaman for the sale.

Papa and me went "dating" together. The Lady boss saw Papa there and invited him to go in even without the pass but that time we malu-malu kucing la. Paiseh.

 In 2012, BBW Books Sale shifted to MIECC. Parking was much nearer to the venue. Though there were some hiccup here and there but I didn't mind. You know why? Coz they have this super-duper big Playland there.

Mamarazzi dumped put me in the Playland and I get to play whole day there while she shops for books. So many lenglui jie jie there who jaga me. I was happy to be there. Wanted to go daily

 Maybe that's why Mamarazzi managed to get two of the bookmarks which are different in design that year.have different design.

Year 2013 really crazy oh......BBW sail to Penang in March, we also went hunting in Penang. Ngum ngum school holiday katakan...

BBW went to Kuantan in April....we also went "surfing" in Kuantan

Managed to collect two designs. 

That time syok was held in Zenith Hotel and we stayed in Zenith Hotel. Mamarazzi and me just have to take the lift go downstairs and we were at the sale already. No need to worry about parking and all that. Opposite Zenith hotel also have lovely place to makan.

 Errrr.... But we didn't follow it to Johor la in May/June.

Ngum Ngum Mamarazzi's friend, Cikgu Lau was there. She went and helped us borong and got us these two bookmarks.

Year end we went to the Main Sale. Pirate Theme. Love it! Mamarazzi managed to collect this bookmark. 

Mid this year, papa's friends from Indonesia came. Wanted to go Penang for a day trip. Hmmm.....Day trip to Penang not viable la. Some more Raya time leh. All hotels fully booked leh. 

Off we went to Ipoh instead la.....and collected one more bookmark from the BBW Books sale there .

 Now yesterday, the Postman came and brought us an envelope. Uiks! Sender's Signature is "B.B.Wolf" wor.....could it be......???

An envelope inside of the big envelope . 

Phewit!!!!!! A letter from The Wolf! A Preview Pass for this year's sale!!! Yippeee....

 Wah.... The wolf have six sense ah??? How he know Mamarazzi collects BBW Books Sale bookmarks ah? The wolf enclosed a bookmark from their first sale...that was back in 2009! That time we got to know about the sale , it was last few days already. Didn't know they giving out bookmarks. Didn't get any. Maybe they ran out of stock by the time we went.

This year, I think Mamarazzi will go crazy coz BBW will have 15 new designs bookmarks to be given out!

Argh! Wouldn't it be nice if BBW would put the bookmarks into a set to sell. Just like the BBW fridge magnets and badges previous two years. Am sure many will grab the limited edition bookmarks leh.

Haiz...if not....liddat have to camp at MIECC from 5th Dec to 16 Dec to collect all the bookmarks lor. 


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Restaurant TK Chong Ipoh Hor Fun, Damansara Perdana

I was exhausted after the Concert and Graduation.  Not sure what to eat . Round punya round ...arrived Damnsara Perdana area. 

Papa said eat the Hor Fun la but Mamarazzi was worried about parking. Yup...the reason we have not visited this shop for long time is because of the parking. Kinda hard to get parking

But that day must have been my lucky day. As we approached the shop and it started to rain, one car pulled out. Zoom zoom zoom...Papa pull into the empty parking lot. 

Again....I ordered Chicken rice instead of Hor Fun. Now not crazy about noodle pulak. Change of taste.Quite big portion of chicken meat. Papa had to help me to finish it.

 Me? "Battery low" leh.....

Papa and Mamarazzi had the Hor Fun. The broth still taste as delicious as ever but they must have been running low on prawns that day coz only found 1 prawn in each bowl. But they gave quite a lot of chicken meat. Maybe as a replacement for the prawn la.

Papa had always liked their shrimp wanton . Ordered a bowl .

The Hor Fun here nice least for us la....if you wanna is the address :-

 No 5-1, Jalan PJU 8/51,
Perdana Business Centre,
Damansara Perdana,

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kindergarten Graduation Day 2014

 Last week was very hectic week. Not only that we went for The Grand Opening of SPROUTS at The kindergarten also had various activities...there was Report Card Day, Class Party Day and our Concert & Graduation Day.

Mamarazzi was lazy this year. Decided to fry nuggets only la. No need make muffin, jelly and whatever coz from previous years experience very "laku". Most kids will like nugget.

When I came home, I told Mamarazzi that my class teacher "belanja"(treats) us KFC.

The evening before class party, Mamarazzi decided to make some Gingerbread man cookies. I also wanna "help" make la. Ah Mah was there and she wanna learn too.

I told her about my Class party and that Saturday is my Graduation Day. Invited her and Ah Kong to my Graduation which is to be held Saturday morning. She told me to snap more photos for her to see la coz she won't be attending as they have been away from home for a week already. She "rindu"(misses) her home and anxious to get home quickly. Worried about her 8pm flight on Saturday night.

Oh well...Nevermind la. It's only Kindergarten Graduation. Not University graduation. Can always come for my next graduation la.

Mamarazzi said Mamarazzi may not live that long to see my next graduation leh. Why? Coz she said I made her "vomit blood" wor. Asked me to "chop" the cookies properly, I went and shake here and there. Ahem....can you see from the above pic...which one "chop" by me and which one "chop" by Mamarazzi?

On the morning of my Graduation Day, we dropped Ah Mah and Ah Kong at a relative house. They go "partying" la while we head over to the Concert & Graduation Venue.

Had breakfast. The "buffet" breakfast they provided this year was very good. Got Curry Puff, Sponge Cakes, Donuts and Soya Bean drink.

One of my "Cikgu" did the "make-up" for me. Had to put "ICI" very thick or else will look pale on stage.

 Waiting for our class turn to perform on stage. 

Mamarazzi said this year concert was very good. No idiots anxious parents went in front of the stage and snap photos of their kids with their camera, phones, iPads or tablets. Two years ago, our concert video  ended up looking like pirated video from pasar malam due people crowding the stage.

Got a small trophy this year for Best Improvement. Yup....Mamarazzi said under this teacher, can see my Mandarin had improved much.

 *kiss kiss*?

 I wonder......

 Nope...can't see through.....not a magnifying glass. 

Our year we had two performance. First was the dancing and second one is Drama. 

wei "raba-raba" allowed.


Our Drama was "My ambition" . Can you guess what is our ambition here? 

Yay...Finally got my "scroll".....errr.....where is the square hat ah? 

After getting the "scroll" , time for a group photo pulak.....LOL....thorn among the roses. 

Last performance by the Graduates. A Chinese Poem and Auld Lang Syne Song.

 One thing Mamarazzi likes about this Kindergarten is that the Concert is not solely about the kids but also about the parents and teachers.

During the concert they also took the opportunity to teach us about gratitude. Graduates are to present a cup of Tea to the teachers as a mark of gratitude for their years of teaching them

 Also...each teachers and even helpers of the Kindergarten was also presented a gift by the Graduates. 

 Thanks to inspiration from another mummy from previous year, Mamarazzi very "pandai". After the concert, went back stage and "borrowed" the Graduation robe from the teacher to snap a few photos around the venue

 Kakak fast fast helped me into a robe

 She is the one who saw me "naked" when I "opsie" in the kindie leh. 

 Fast fast snap coz everyone were going home. 

 Muhahaha......"Harry Potter" graduate from "Hogwarts" my specs ah......forgot to wear. 

 My teachers from "Hogwarts". All very "sporting".

This is my Class Teacher "Mdm McGonagall". She is someone who is not to be crossed,  a rigorous disciplinarian (she is the Deputy Principal)  but also have a kind heart. She really worries about my survival in primary school as am a bit blur sotong like Mamarazzi .

This is one of my partners in crime. The three of us always makes "Mdm McGonagall" vomit blood. Always fighting and making noise.

The chapter....Primary school. .....

oh ya.....before is the Points To Ponder by the my Kindergarten Principal .

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