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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Day 2 of Peranakan Festival, Kuala Trengganu.

Warning! Long posts ahead...last count 28 photos.

After a heavy lunch, it was time to become "ular"(snake) ..Zzzz till evening where weather not that hot and off we went to explore Chinatown where the main event for Peranakan Festival was being held.

Games booth, art booths and event booth selling fishes were put up at an empty car park area.  I wanted to play but Mamarazzi too cheapskate. RM1 to throw a ball? Hmm....Maybe Mamarazzi saw wrongly leh...maybe it's RM1 for 3 balls leh...but still she didn't let me play *sulk at a corner*

Then I spotted someone parked the "Wedding Chariot" at the sidewalk....Saw they used this for the Parade.

Maybe I can bring it home? Finder keepers right? Again thwarted by Mamarazzi. She said snap photos will do lah.

There was a Chinese Chess table set up. I wanted to play but Mamarazzi asked if I know all the words and rules.

Told her I know this is 馬 and this is 車. the horse fight with the chariot see who wins? vroom vroom bang bang!

Sulks! Kena scolding say too rough. 

Asked me to smile, I don't wanna smile liao...kena "forced" smile pulak. 

Went to early. Not many stalls opened yet. 

Saw one stall selling this "LALAT GAO" . It's some kind of sweet cakes. What a funny name. The first thing Mamarazzi thought of when she saw the word "Lalat" is "flies" in Malay language.

Next saw this Cendol Stall. So many people buying from her. Must be very nice leh. Mamarazzi gave me RM1.50 to buy this. Hmm.....she must be trying to "pujuk"(coax) me la coz I was sulking.

Wokay easily bribed. By the I look like the painting behind there...?

Huh? Wassup....why keep going into this and that alley? 

Mak Oi!!! Uncle Twilight Man says Mount Hua in Xian, Shaanxi have those Love Padlock thingy ...but here in K.T lagi terrer leh.... Got Love Padlock and Motorcycle/Bicycle Love leh... see! so big! even my whole head can go in leh!

Guess here is the place where I can "conteng" (Scribble) on the wall without being scolded leh. 

#13 this is where they sell the Love Padlock. RM10 each. Eh not that expensive leh. Usually one normal padlock already cost Rm5 to RM8 lo. This one they have to paint and decorate it leh.

Lelong lelong...who wants Silk Batik. RM50 a piece only. But not hand draw punya ya...Those hand draw punya is pricier. 

Eh more beca wor....can bring home or not? people waiting to "ride' this. Abandon project la

One more Alley....errr....can skip this one la...tired leh. 

Hungry...Can buy me this Nasi Dagang...don't want CILI ah.

Hmmm walk faster la.....hungry leh...and show gonna start soon.

#19 filming video. Not the first couple that we saw here. There were few  couples who took the opportunity to have their pre-wedding photo taken during the festival. 

Very very hot leh....nice to have a cooling cup of Soya Bean. 

Burp! what you mean "smile"? This is my "smiling" face. 

Can see my "ekor" (tail) going up? Phewitt! Got some Lenglui(pretty girls) standing in front of the temple selling flowers. Mamarazzi asked me to go and pose with them but me shy shy wor..... *blush*

Yay! The many empty seats ...can sit anywhere la. 

Aisay....Papa and Mamarazzi said still too early. Go have dinner first la

Went to restaurant nearby. Mamarazzi had Chicken Rice. Too bad the Chicken was undercooked. But the rice and soup taste good. 

Papa had fried bihun while me had Cantonese Fried Keoy Teow. Food taste okay la. 

At least Papa managed to have his Nasi Dagang. Said preferred the gravy to be thicker.

Finally.....wah....managed to get several seats at the back. 

Papa! Grandaunt!  Faster! The show is starting .....I reserved seats for you.

Some late comer came and stood in front of us. Blocking my view. First 2-3...the..4-5...the 9-10.....GRRR!!!....Papa told me to be brave and go tell them to find a seat.

Some listened to me and they promptly move away or squat down . 

But Mamarazzi really salute the old lady who sat behind of her. You know what happen? The old lady used her umbrella and POKED those who stood in front of her. Wakakakaka!   Great work granny!

The shows were impressive. There were traditional dances, kids performance, rappers, magic show and YoYo Champion from Taiwan even came to grace the show. 

We didn't wait for the show to finish. Too tired and hot already. Went back around 10pm plus I think. Next day is another fun filled day.


  1. You really know how to do a proper sulk! And don't tell mama, but you look very cute doing it! You must sulk all you can now, because when you grow up, cannot sulk anymore!! The Wedding Chariot is gorgeous!!! Do only the rich use it at weddings? Phil plays and teaches chess at school, he would love to play with you and teach. Drop by any time!

    1. LOL....thanks Ginny.

      Hmm maybe one of these days will drop by your part of the country and learn how to play chess proper

  2. LOVE the little old lady, good for her! A great funny story!

  3. Kurang ajar those people, so inconsiderate. These days, people with smartphones and ipads also, sibuk sibuk go in front to take photos at weddings - block the professional photographers, spoil their photos only. Not that the photo they take are very nice - all horrible ones!

    Must find out the dates for this festival next year - would be a good time to go. Usually, 2nd mid-semester break, school holidays?

    1. not sure wor...this is the first year they having it. hopefully next year will have it again kot

  4. Haha so funny la mamarazzi, say first long post ahead and give warning first.. But ok wor like this I like.. Huh, lalat gao? Maybe the kuih shaped like lalat, I'm wondering.. The thing attracted the most is cendol coz I like cendol ma.. Can eat 3 bowls, serious.. Wah you syiok oohh, play and kaikai whole day, you not tired ka? Follow mamarazzi here there, geng ahh you!!

    1. Hahaha of coyurse give waring ...later readers scroll scroll scroll till finger tired. wish i can make SK script. Too much to load.

  5. I don't know how to play he chess also...found it very complicated, hahaha!!

  6. Small Kucing, bring me there the next round the festival is on, if not, my turn to sulk in a corner...

    Not only sulk, but sobssss...

    1. Errr if there is a next year la...duno is it annual event or not

  7. Seems a lot of fun and not very crowded.

    1. crowded leh.......but Mamarazzi wait till less people baru snap photo

  8. Good morning,
    what a wonderful carnival - are you all nyonyas too?

  9. You will shy with lengluis one meh? I don't think so... You see, here's proof:
    Good job granny, those people really kurang ajar, come late still dare to block the view!

    1. hehehehe that one blame it on my youthful indiscretion :p

  10. Wah, your day was full of activities!

  11. haha what is lalat gao? funny name for a delicacy. Mamarazzi so suck dun let u play the games....nvm u r not mama also used to be like dat when I was a kid (looong time ago)..hehehe

    1. different place they call it different name. Here also have this. We eat with coconut.

  12. Wah did so many things in one day. *salute*

  13. What a fantastic day, plenty to see and plenty to makan makan. And I also see your little one having a good time.

    1. sure school and get to run around here and there :)

  14. Wahhh... memang a fruitful day!! So much activities.. auntie Claire shu liow!!

  15. #1.. aiyoh, how come Mamarazzi so kedekut?? RM1 only lah, just let Small Kucing has RM1 and play for once lor..

    #2.. wah, why snap Small Kucing on the "wedding chariot"?? should let Paparazzi and Mamarazzi sit on that and then Small Kucing take a photo of them!! aiyoh, so sweet kan??

    #3.. huh?? how come only knows 馬 and 車?? that's not good at all, hahaha!! even Mamarazzi knows more words than Small Kucing then~~ hehe!! :p

    #4.. muahahaha.. that poker face!! really priceless leh~~ :D

    1. RM1 can buy one ice cream wor...LOL

      Mamarazzi paiseh to sit leh

      haiz...what to do....teacher teach out there , i play at the back


  16. #5.. of course lah cannot smile.. this one don't allow, that one say will do lah, this one say enough.. hahaha!! can see Small Kucing rasa potong stim lah~~ :D

    #6.. wah, the four people there standing so neatly like wanna welcome Mamarazzi as their first customer pulak.. but then Mamarazzi just snap photos and lagi :p

    #7.. OMG!! what a name.. LALAT GAO, haha.. so what is that kuih actually?? did Mamarazzi borong some??

    #8.. wah, cendol!! so long never had cendol already.. hehehe!! see?? just now only RM1 Mamarazzi tarak kasi, now need to pay RM1.50 to bodek Small Kucing back.. rugi RM0.50 leh~~ :D

    1. ya lor potong stim betul la..... buy snap photo enough la...not feeling like eating kuih muih.

      nope...tarak buy that...that one i think our side also have leh....maybe just name different la.

      drink ma...water going in....kira as one of those 8 glasses of water a day lor :)

  17. #9.. hehehe, RM1.50 cendol can "kao tim" this Small Kucing already?? this Mamarazzi so pandai lah

    #10.. why?? because got one pretty jeh jeh there lor?? the one with pony tail and wearing orange t-shirt.. :p

    #11.. wah, looks like this padlock thing is very popular dei.. but i think they have this not because of Mount Hua in Xian, Shaanxi but most probably because of the TVB drama series "Triumph In The Sky II" lah.. that one was at Pont des Arts in Paris~~ :)

    #12.. yeah!!! finally can conteng conteng as much as Small Kucing likes!! and Mamarazzi also won't bother at all~~ :p

    1. so cheap front of the jie jie have kor kor leh...

      duno what drama they following. their brain very pandai leh. can think up his

      hahaha ya lor...can conteng wall without being scolded

  18. #13.. wah, RM10 for one padlock ah?? Uncle SK won't buy lor.. next time will bring own one lah, haha!!

    #14.. awww, nice silk batik!! did Mamarazzi bought one for herself?? aiyoh, the blue or the pink one would look so nice on Mamarazzi leh~~

    #15.. wah, the beca so big!! Small Kucing sure or not?? haha, maybe when Paparazzi and Mamarazzi sit on the beca, Small Kucing can never make it more anymore..

    #16.. errr, what Alley was that?? didn't see pretty jeh jeh so aja say tired and skip right?? :D

    1. wah....mana ada orang bring padlock everywhere leh...heavy wor.

      no la...mamarazzi lazy to go tailor to make the baju leh lum try belum tau :p

      duno what alley is that....coz mamarazzi tired liao of snapping photo of alley

  19. #17.. wah, nasi dagang!! looks nice leh.. errr, don't want cili meh?? later not nice already~~

    #18.. eih?? dind't buy the nasi dagang from makcik ke?? haha, so heading where to makan now??

    #19.. wah, got free parade to be captured into the wedding video leh.. must be a very big event in KT that's why many couples chose to get married that day huh??

    #20.. hmmm, after Cendol then cold cold soya bean?? so shyiok lah..

    1. dun wan cili baru best tomyam dun wan cili :p

      find a place to sit and eat lor

      ngum ngum schoool holiday. memang wedding seasons leh

      drink too much....lucky no need find toilet

  20. #21.. haha, nice sweet selfie of Mamarazzi and Small Kucing.. errr, selfie mah, no need to be so serious lah, make all kinds of funny expressions lagi best~~ :D

    #22.. hahaha, got ekor meh?? thought already cut off?? hahaha.. but then saw pretty jeh jeh and the ekor started to grow back huh?? aiks, never go and take photo with the jeh jeh together meh??

    #23.. wah, Mamarazzi must be very early lah.. no people around yet, so can choose the best seat and nearest to the stage leh..

    #24.. hahaha.. yalah!! no people at all, means still early.. hungry must go and makan first lah.. wah, look at those food!! so delicous lah.. the fried beehoon looks good leh, and one at the bottom right is what?? grilled chicken kot?? aiyoh, looks nice, and the chili also looks appetizing leh..

    1. This one like hantu leh LOL

      Got invisible ekor :p

      too early leh hence must isi perut first. then baru comfortable leh else like previous night kebuluran

  21. #25.. aiyoh, no wonder lah.. just now still siang hari no wonder no people yet.. now malam only got people started to take seat and waiting for the show to start lah.. luckily went to makan first, else like the previous day, habis parade want to find makan also susah oh..

    #26.. hehehe, grandaunt also followed ah?? so good boy lah, "bah wai" for the elderly~~ :)

    #27.. muahahahaha!! Uncle SK also must give LIKE to the old lady, she is really smart lah.. next time Small Kucing also must bring umbrella or a long stick, so that he can poke anyone who is blocking the sight.. memang so inconsiderate lah those people~~

    #28.. wah.. really bermacam-macam of performance lah.. sure enjoy that very much.. and this day was earlier woh, 10pm plus already reached home ah??

    1. yea still too earlyu ; start du no 7.30 or 8pm la.

      yes grandaunt also follow . she not elderly leh quite young. like ANay like that

      Got bring umbrella but Mamarazzi chicken leh dare not poke....nanti kena lempang susah leh

  22. Mamarazzi is so cute, trying to get Small Kucing to smile.

  23. Nice post! You are making want to visit KT someday. Oh, did you join the Love Padlock? Hehe

    1. Thanks Azura. No leh no buy the love padlock :p

  24. Wow!! So many colourful and interesting photos by Nenek Kebayan. Anay pening to comments 28 comments as he always lost to Mamarazzi in spamming contests.

  25. #2 The Wedding Chariot is the best! Small Kucing will cycle next time and fetch his bride by himself. So you have started the training already.

  26. #3 Anay is expert in playing Chinese chess although I am a banana from English school. Let me teach you how to play. I even beat some old men playing under the trees in Taipei. Ahem! ~ show off~

  27. #9 Woeiiii you looked soooooocute to mimic the cartoons behind. I wanna cubit your face before you turn adults & box me back!

  28. #11 - What Xian and KT? Got people hang locks in Malaysia?? I don't know why hundreds of thousands of padlocks are everywhere in the Mountains of China and Korea.

    1. New fad a relationship what lock also no use la....

  29. #14 The silk batik fabric is cheap at RM50. I wonder whether it's just the fabric or ready-to-wear dress? Kaldip got buy for Mamarazzi ka?

    1. Just fabric only. nah Mamarazzi lazy to go find tailor to make la...unless letchumi wanna make

  30. #15 - So many empty trishaws! You should fetch Papa Kaldip around and tour the city to see Ah Mois.

  31. #23 - I got goose bumps looking at the lighted stage and empty chairs like the recent HKG movie - Hungry Ghost Ritual.

    1. Choi! Choi! Choi! knock your head la.....seram la u ahhhhhhh

  32. #28 - Wow! So many traditional dances and variety shows to watch. This is my favourite past times to sit, relax and munch kuaci to watch! Ask Papa Kaldip buy a long zoom lense camera for Mamarazzi since her occupation is full time blogging!

  33. Even though you didn't get to play all the games you wanted, it still looks like you had a long, fun day.


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