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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lover Bridge Restaurant (Tj Sepat) & Wan Tee Longan (Sg Pelek)

 Quite some time have not been to this restaurant. Everything still the same...even the service. Looks like this round again there was only one cook in the kitchen gua. Food took quite some time to arrive our table.

 Despite the wait, the lala Fried bihun was sure delicious. It was so delicious that after makan all I wanted some more. Papa ordered one more plate for us.

 Had the Sweet Sour Crab. 

The crabs taste was okay . The gravy was something that we are not used to for sweet and sour crab recipe.  Or maybe it had too much garlic and no egg?

 These Mantao was ordered to eat with the gravy but I use it to make "bihun burger" pulak. Opps....Mamarazzi forgotten to snap photo of my "bihun burger".

 Also had their Oh Chien...Papa and a friend helped to eat all as Mamarazzi still phobia from an incident in Penang . She still preferred the dry and crispy version of Fried Oyster Omelet.

During our trip there, we also managed to drop by Wan Tee Longan Farm . The Ping Pong Longan were all sold off.

But they still have some of the normal sized Longan. Learn something new from the Boss. They put the longan into the ice cream freezer box. Offered us some to eat as "sample". Eh ! Super nice leh!

You know sometimes we buy Longan and put into the fridge either peeled or unpeeled, after some time water will come out? Well, in freezer wit won't wor. The "flesh" stay crunchy.

Mamarazzi immediately bought a plastic home. Stuff it into our freezer. Now we can have chilled longan when we want it. has been a month now...we still have some of the Longans in the freezer . Yum.....

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Journey Home and Yan Village Restaurant , Kepong

 Love the flag formation. 

 Stopped at the beach for a run . No swimming allowed but can play sands. Still fun. 

 Managed to grab our usual Lemang from Kijal . worth it RM10 for 4 batang of lemang. What's the price over here ya? RM10 a batang?

 Thought eating lemang will be enough but ....i bodek Papa say I wanna eat something else pulak. 

 Stopped at one of the chinese restaurant and had fried rice. looks plain but surprisingly have a lot  of Wok Hei.

 By the time we got back to 6 hours later...Papa was super tired liao. Can't think of where to eat. Pakai hentam just go to Sze Ngan Chye Restaurant in Kepong  lah as it's on the way home. But but but...can't find any parking there...adui...

Change venue la...saw one restaurant few doors away have reserved parking. Wokay...just eat there la. Nice to have parking there.

 Got penyakit berjangkit from Mamarazzi....first thing....snap photos ! *LOL*

 Soupy Wantan Mee for me and Mamarazzi. 

The "dry" version for Papa.

The taste...hmm...not bad la. But Mamarazzi saw that this restaurant seems to be famous for it's porridge. Maybe one of these days will go there to try out the porridge there.

Oh which restaurant's Yan Village. Located at No 40 & 42, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 3, Taman Usahawan Kepong, Kepong Utara, 52100 Kuala Lumpur Tel  03-9212 1000

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Big Bad Wolf Preview Passes to be Won

Guess almost everyone here know Mamarazzi's craze on Big Bad Wolf Books Sale ya?

It will be held in MIECC, The Mines Seri Kembangan from 5th to 16th December 2014. So you'll know where to find Mamarazzi during this period ya.

But it's not necessary start on 5th Dec. Some lucky people will be able to go to the sale a day early and grab the delectable books. Yup...those who gets the precious PREVIEW PASSES.

These Preview Passes really like gold bars leh. Each year, Mamarazzi would try our luck to get one.  Those who holds the Preview Passes can browse at their leisure and get the first choice of the precious books.

How to win? Well....just go to Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Facebook and join in the contests there. There are  preview passes to be won.  Hop over to now and follow them. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky people .

Okie-dokie....Mamarazzi hopping to there now and hopefully can win us a Preview Pass . Wish us luck!

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post.

Monday, 27 October 2014

D'Choco Heaven and Uncle Chua Kopitiam, Kuala Trengganu

 Mamarazzi wanted to get some Butterscotch Caramel for friends as they like it very much. The only place she can think of was D'Choco Heaven

 Wah ....the shop now have been fully renovated leh. So nice. Stocked up with so many things
 Even have some handmade chocolates 

They even have hampers leh....bestnya...

While Mamarazzi looking for the Butterscotch busy with this..

the lady boss gave me this Melty Cheesy Oreo dessert...

Me love....

 Then it was time to look for dinner pulak...As it started to rain, we can't go to the Peranakan Festival for the food from the sidewalks.

Decided to go to Uncle Chua Kopitiam nearby. Yikes....given this Menu.

Really gotta laugh when saw this being scribbled on the Menu. How many of you used to call eraser as "rubber"?

Papa had their Sweet Sour Chicken with White Rice. The taste...errr......errr....well let say there are room for improvement la.

 Papa said the ABC not bad la

Mamarazzi had their fried rice. Portion quite big. However there are room for improvement in taste and "wok hei".

 I saw their pan Mee and i wanted their Pan Mee. Papa said he will write my order for me but I refused. I wanted to write it by myself. After writing I don't want Papa to double check my order pulak.

I ordered Pan Mee but but come this one appear leh.....Papa asked for the order chit and mystery was revealed. My number "7" looks like number "1".

 No choice....Papa and Mamarazzi said I had to eat what I ordered. Very hard to swallow leh. I only like the sausages....

In the end.......Papa ordered the bowl of Pan Mee for me. Next time must remember to write clearly and allow Papa to check my order.

Mamarazzi said  just wait and see how long will I remember this la....sure will forget again.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Roasted Buah Peruh.

Still remember Mamarazzi blogged about buah peruh earlier? 

The ones we bougt was "rebus"(boiled) ones. Mamarazzi saw in Pasar Payang selling some raw ones ...hmm....since the Buah Peruh tasted nice....why not buy some and bring home leh.... So she bought half kg la...RM8/kg. 

Come home already...lazy to boil pulak coz the lady said need to boil at least 2hours for it to be soft. 

Pakai hentam....throw into oven. Maybe can roast la. 

At first she thought if throw into oven...put some salt on top of the Buah Peuh...when heated the shells would pop and the salt will drop in....

Hmmm....unfortunately thought the shell not that hard but still it did not pop ... Oh well long did she roast them ya.....errr.....Roasted till got "hangus" (burnt) smell lo. Coz search in the internet, no guide noted on how long should she roast them. 

Peeled the shell...ah....lucky...tarak hangus. Mamarazzi said taste like almond wor.... Nice.... time can balik kampung and borong more to make roasted Buah Peruh. Much cheaper than those roasted nuts out there leh.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Warung Katana, Kuala Trengganu (Revisited)

This was grandaunt have never been to Warung Katana before. Thought she would have known this fabulous makan place.

Papa ordered ABC with ice cream . One for himself and one for grandaunt.

Me merajuk coz Mamarazzi said I ate too much Ice cream liao. Cannot eat. But in the end, Papa let me eat some also la

Ordered a plate of freshly fried Keropok lekor. Wadui.....taste so so so nice leh.....just the right level of crispiness.

One plate was not enough. Ordered one more plate.

Mamarazzi wonders where they sourced the keropok lekor from. Next time must really ask them.

Mee lakna for me

Too much vegetable eh...can anyone help me to makan some? Lucky Papa and Mamarazzi "helped". 

Mamarazzi ordered wrongly...should be simple garlic stir fried kangkung but dunno why she blur blur sotong ordered Kangkung belacan. True enough....they even put in some sotong for Mamarazzi who was blur blur sotong.

Jeng! Jeng! Tomyam that is not pedas(Spicy) our request. The Chef must be very puzzled...where got people have Tomyam but don't want to taste the spiciness.  Weird.

Well, at least Mamarazzi had her favourite Grilled fish. Too big leh the fish but that was the smallest they had there. Papa and Grandaunt helped to finish off the fish.  Yums.

Total bill comes up to RM70+. Not exactly cheap but at least it was not cut throat . Food was good. Tummy full liao...nice to zzzz leh.

Can't find the exact address but it's at Jalan Kuala Hiliran, Kuala Trengganu ...right behind of Wisma KOGURU. (GPS : 5.320418, 103.128734)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Kuih-Muih Hunting at Pasar Payang, Kuala Trengganu.

Papa missed Kuih Bom and that morning we went hunting in Pasar Payang. Grandaunt recommend we go to this Gerai Kuih Pok Him. He have a very large variety of kuih-muih at his stall.

Sooooo many kuih....which one to choose? Love the price being display up there 

Going to Pasar Payang, sure have to buy these triangle "ketupat" too. Basically it's glutinous rice wrapped in Daun palas(palm leaves). Papa loves them...especially the deep fried ones.

There are load of stuffs being sold in Pasar Payang.

Next stop was hunting for pickled fruits. Mamarazzi likes to buy from a stall outside the pasar as it have a bigger variety and price much cheaper too.

Duku season was on at that time. Very cheap. Roughly RM1/RM2 a kilo.

Spotted...this Roti Jala Emas. According to the lady, she uses duck eggs to make this. 

Taste? hmmm.....dunno leh..have to ask Papa. 

End of the trip.......bought a jar of Pickled Buah Salak, Pickled Petai and Salted Duck Eggs. 

But....not before detouring to Losong to grab some Keropok Lekor to bring home. 

Hey! Now the Gerai Warisan Losong 14 have vacumm packed Keropok lekor leh. ! Price still the same Big ones RM1 a piece while small ones are RM1 for 5pieces.

Pasar Payang were selling RM1.20 a piece for the big ones. But the size are slightly bigger than the ones at Warisan Losong 14 lah. 

As for taste....both also have lotsa fish. Mamarazzi likes the one from Warisan Losong  14 while Papa likes the ones from the Pasar Payang. 

As for say lo...drink cold orange juice from my new tumbler. Got it from Auntie CC who bought it for me during the Kuantan Big Bad Wolf Books Sales.

By the way....the main Big Bad Wolf Books Sale will be from 5th-16 December 2014 at MIECC, Seri Kembangan. It will be 278 hours non-stop sale! For more information check out their Facebook at Mamatazzi is trying to win us some Preview Passes there. Hopefully can get la this year.....You can too coz now, on and off they are giving out Preview Passes in FB. Good Luck! and wish us luck too.
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