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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mamarazzi's Hokkien Mee Recipe

If you are a follower of this blog, you will know that sometimes I will go crazy eating and eating a certain type of food only. Used to be crazy about chicken rice, that is over now. Same goes for Keoy Teow Soup, Yellow noodles, pizza and etc.

Not long ago, I gila wanna eat Hokkien Mee pulak. Darn it, said Mamarazzi. Our area where got people sell Hokkien Mee la. Wokay la....when she went to market she bought the thick yellow noodles, some cabbage and some fat/lard . 

When I want to have hokkien Mee, this is what she cooked up.

Recipe/ Ingredients : 

1. thick yellow noodle - portion up to you la. Mamarazzi made just enough for two person
2. 2-3 pips of garlic chopped.
3. Some cabbage 
4. Few pieces of thinly slice pork
5. Some fat from the pork.
6. dark sauce
7. pinch of sugar and salt
8. Bit of cornstrach
9. bit of cooking oil

Method : 

1. Fry the lard till crunchy. Take out and put aside.
2. Using the same oil fry the garlic till fragrant. 
3. Dump in the pieces of pork or chicken meat . Fry till half cooked.
4. Add the noodle and the cabbage into the wok
5. Add a bit of water just enough to cover the noodle. 
6. pour in the dark sauce, sugar and salt. Let the noodle cook till soft.
7. put a bit of water into the corn starch and pour it into the wok to thicken the gravy. 
8. Scoop out the noodles and serve. 

Okay la....a lot of "agak-agak"(estimation) involved but still it does looks lie Hokkien mee la. Taste like it too.

Sprinkle the fried lard on to the noodle...wah perfect leh.

Makan till become budak comot. 

As usual....follow Mamarazzi's recipe at your own risk ya...

Monday, 29 September 2014

Makan All The Way - SS2 Durian & Sri Grand City Restaurant

After having late lunch at Sze Ngan Chye Restaurant, we went searching for dessert pulak. Auntie Claire was looking for durian but before that we detoured to have some Thong Sui. Well, it was "on the way" also to SS2 leh .

Finally arrived SS2. There were a few stalls there but all tarak durian buffet. Season over liao.

Saw SS2 Durian have the most fruits. Choose that stall la.

Saw the works there busy opening durian and packing them into boxes. Asked and they said RM25 per box. Buy 2 free 1.

Sounds pretty good coz this way we can "taste" a few types of durians instead of asking them to open 1 or 2 fruits. .

 I better count my coins first. See if enough to pay or not. 

Psss.....psss.....don't worry....I have enough money to pay. I "taxed" from Mamarazzi's purse. Don't tell her ah.

*naughty chuckles*

 Eat liao durian, scared heaty? No worries. They also selling cooling herbal tea leh. 

 You full or not? Jom go for tea break. many "kuih-muih" here at Sri Grand City Restaurant leh. 

 I love this "donut" Vadai. 

 Only 3 types ........where got enough......wait...Papa go order more...

Wait..,here is the Apom with eggs...

 What? stop? Still have plenty kuih coming leh.... enough liao? 

Headache liao one how to finish ah? 

No worries la...I'll help you to finish off this Vadai. I makan first ya....

Friday, 26 September 2014

Jom Be A Star - A DUGROSTAR!

Who wanna be a star? A DUGROSTAR!...I have been listening to radio and television advertisements.

Currently there is this super-duper big talent campaign being conducted nationwide by Dugro for kids aged between 3  to 10 years old; where kids can showcase their talent.

Parents or guardians just need to submit a video of the child introducing himself/ herself/ themselves and record their singing, dancing, playing musical instruments or a combination of the said talents, either as an individual or group,  not exceeding more than six (6) children.

You think I should join? Being a STAR is good and the prize is even better leh...*KACHING$$$*

According to the FAQ in there website , the prize are :-

The Champion prize in each location is a cash prize of RM5,000.00
1st Runner-up prize at each location is a cash prize of RM3,000.00
2nd Runner-up prize at each location is a cash prize of RM1,000.00
Other finalists who are shortlisted and performed at the finale live performances will receive a consolation prize.

There are 7 final performances in various locations and in each location the kids will have chance to win the the above prizes leh. Wow, 7 Chances!

No need to buy their product in order to enter the contest leh.


Very easy to enter leh..... Just log on to

Click on  "Pendaftaran"(Registration) and then select "Borang"(Form)

Fill in the form

At the "Kod Rujukan Video" , key-in HH0007 and attached your video to submit.

After that just wait for their reply. If no reply within one week then call Dumex CareLine at 1-800-38-1038.

Or you can direct record your child's performance at selected Dugrostar roadshow locations; 

Or mail your CD/DVD/USB  thumb drive to Dugrostar c/o Ecopia Sdn Bhd No. 27, Jalan 17/47, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

But before that I better practise leh....deadline to  register/upload video to their website must not later than 12 October 2014, 12 midnight.

 Money, money, money ~
Must be funny in the rich man's world~

Hmm....cannot la...this pose at home not "glamer" enough. Some more I have no talent in this area leh.... Need a more "natural" environment...

 Ah....just nice......I can imitate Ah Niu.

對面的女孩看過來 看過來 看過來~
dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai kan guo lai kan guo lai
這裡的表演很精彩 請不要假裝不理不睬~
zhe li de biao yan hen jing cai qing bu yao jia zhuang bu li bu cai
對面的女孩看過來 看過來 看過來~
dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai kan guo lai kan guo lai
不要被我的樣子嚇壞 其實我很可愛~
bu yao bei wo de yang zi xia huai qi shi wo hen ke ai voice not in Ah Niu's league ....have more similarities to William Hung instead but but......

我很丑可是我很温柔 markah kesian or not? Siap with the two missing teeth leh.....

Apa macam.....jom let's join the  DugroStar  Contest. 

Two Down..Eighteen To Go...

Still remember my teeth growing post? It seems like it's not one but three are coming out....two from the front and one at the back.

My milk teeth very stubborn leh....The two adult teeth already halfway out but the milk teeth still refused to budge.

Mamarazzi said cham lo...have to go to dentist to cabut lo. I refused. Not because am scared but coz in October there will Class Photo Session leh. Not hensem leh if no gigi(teeth). Then Mamarazzi said if don't cabut, then my gigi will grow crooked and lagi no more hensem leh....

Ai sui punya pasal...die die...I brave it la.

Very funny leh....The dentist is more afraid of me than I of him leh.

Came into the room, Mamarazzi straight told him "Cabut gigi". Please give injection ah. His face turned green and start to say "hush hush..." Don't say that word.

He put some gel on my lip/gums...duno where la and I told him I don't like the "jelly" taste. Mamarazzi was wondering hmmm...only put numbing gel , no injection ka? Again she asked. Again he turned green. Maybe he scared that I would cry the clinic down kot?

He got the nurse to cover my eyes and hold my hands so that I won't "see" the needle. It was a bit painful la but I didn't cry.

After that, my lips feels uncomfortable.....feels like got "stone"...Mamarazzi said not feel like sausage meh? Dentist pulak said feels like "sotong" . Funny...

Very fast leh he extract my two front teeth.... The nurse covered my eyes and in a wink...the dentist said done.

Mamarazzi was surprised too....done? so fast? one or two? Dentist said two... two front tooth gone.....but behind growing very fast.

 My reward? tooth one ice-cream.....but Mamarazzi bargained...two scoop la instead of two Ice-Cream...

Wokay la.....yum.... I like the "toothpaste" ice cream the best. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

KFC (Kampung Food Court) , Klang (revisted)

Yea yea....Mamarazzi "mogok" again. She craving for Curry mee pulak...Papa wants Char Keow don't know what I want. Best place to find would be food court lo.

Off we went to "KFC".
Mamarazzi found her bowl of delicious Curry Mee. So much Kerang. She loves it. They even add in long beans leh. Errr......sorry "blood" here. Anyway, she doesn't like "blood".

Papa cannot decide between Char Keow Teow or...

Chicken Feet with Mushroom Wantan Mee so he ordered both. 

In the end..I had to "help" him finish off the Wantan me. i must taste pretty good leh. Mamarazzi also likes her Curry Mee. As for the CKT...well...of course good la  coz had it before this.

For me...I wanted "lobak" and Papa "tumpang" me to buy some of the "ears". taste? good enough la

Think we will definately come here again to try out other food. 

Location of this place? Jalan Lang, Taman Berkeley, 41200 Klang, Selangor

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sze Ngan Chye Restaurant 四眼仔烧腊面饭店

Before school holiday, we received news that Auntie Claire is coming to town. You know her lah....when we went Ipoh, she bring us around the town and makan non-stop. Not only's makan and tapao too. 

Well, "revenge time". Muhahaha.....die die also have to go "kidnap" her. 

One thing we know is that she also loves to eat Roast Duck ...same as us. During our recent trip to Petaling Street, we got to know that the famous Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck have opened a restaurant in Kepong. 

Guess this is the perfect time to pay this shop a visit. Quite easy to find this place but parking was a bit problematic. Seems that we were lucky that day...or maybe someone up there knows that Auntie Claire is coming to town and "reserved" a parking space for us right in front of the restaurant kot?

First item that caught Auntie Claire's eyes...... Hot Spicy Vegetable a.k.a. Asam Chai. Ordered a small bowl to be shared by Auntie Claire and Mamarazzi. Me and Papa don't like to eat Asam Chai leh.

We like to eat noodle instead. Papa had the Spinach Noodle.

Yikes...really big size wor. This really scared Auntie Claire and Mamarazzi coz they order normal Wantan Mee ...if the size is so big how to finish ah?

But lucky when their plain Wanton Noodle came...the size was rather small.....then Mamarazzi was wondering why so small size one eh....

Dig around...ohhhh....looked small sized coz they top the noodle to make it look like a small hill.

The noodles was fine as compared to the noodles that we had in some other Wantan Mee stall but taste very nice. Springy. 

And this is MY plate of noodle.....why so weird looking? coz Papa, Auntie Claire and Mamarazzi all took some from their plate to give me lo......

The Restaurant have many variety and combination of roast meat. We opt for Roast Duck with Two Combo( Roast pork and Roast Chicken) Wanted to choose the famous BBQ meat instead of Roast Chicken but they ran out of that.

Taste.....hmm.....Roast Pork and Roast Duck was least for us la. Roast Chicken was a bit pale when compared to the former.

While we were enjoying the food, Mamarazzi notice that staffs were bringing in freshly grilled BBQ meat. Can't help it.....ordered a small portion of the meat.

Mmm.....yummy! it was still warm....adui..nice......

Total bill comes up to RM66.70. Not bad la. Who can guess whose hands are faster?

Seen this photo before? Yup, Auntie Claire have blogged about it in her blog. Hop over to her blog and see what she has to say about the "kidnapping". *LOL*

Here is the address of the restaurant : 

Sze Ngan Chye Restaurant 四眼仔烧腊面饭店

No.48 , Jalan. Metro Perdana Barat 3, Taman Usahawan Kepong  52100 Kuala Lumpur

Business hours :  Tue.-Sun. 10:00-21:00(Close on Monday)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Gardening- Beans and Attack

Good morning! School holiday is over liao. So fast time flies. Feels like holiday not enough . 

What did I do during the holidays? Help Mamarazzi do some gardening and also balik kampung. Balik kampung photos will have to be later as Mamarazzi have yet to sort out. 

So you want the good news first or bad news?

 Okay...the bad news first.....Mamarazzi's mint and basil was attacked by these yucky black bugs.

 From various gardening groups, she got to know that the bugs suck the plant dry and will eventually kills the plants.

Too bad can't use the commercial bugs killers coz these leaves are grown for consumption. Dangerous leh.

 Then friends from various group taught her to use Neem Oil. Add 1/8 teaspoon of neem oil into 1 litre of water, bit of dishwashing liquid and fermented garlic water. Spray the plants every 2 days.

So she was busy "chasing" after them coz these bugs kept migrating from one and another of her plants.

Till now she is still "chasing" coz its quite hard to get rid of them

The good news is that the Kacang Panjang(Long Beans) plant that we planted during Hari Raya is growing well.

It started to flower during the holidays.

 So funny looking at the beans.

 In the morning they "yawn" and "stretch" up...or maybe they are dancing to a new day ahead. In the evening it become the letter "M" pulak.

As mentioned earlier, we went for a short holiday. Came home the beans were also "attacked". This round was by black ants and some black bugs.

Again...spray spray lo...

Managed to harvest 4 long beans.....adoi...her sifu already told her to TWIST the long bean when harvesting ...instead she pandai pandai snip off the whole stem.....adui......more beans are supposed to grow out from the same stem leh.....too late...

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