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Monday, 4 August 2014

Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple (佛光山东禅寺), Jenjarom ( on normal day)


Kaw Kaw was kempunan Fishball. Went several Pasar Malam and the fishballs were not that nice. Mamarazzi was crazy about the KFC Pau. So Papa said morning let's go Tj Sepat Cari fishball and singgah Klang Food Court Restaurant to buy Pau

Oh my kucing........the Big Pau is really that big big as my face. After eat and tapau some Pau, we head on to Tj Sepat.


As we reached Jenjarom, Papa asked if Kaw Kaw had been to the famous temple there....nope....hence we had a slight detour

Hahaha.....why Mamarazzi have horns behind her ah....

Attention! here is the way to the toilet!  Ya ya ya....drink too much water must download a bit first .


Adoi why the ladies so slow ah...... 

see the guys behind me.....Mamarazzi says that must be how I look in class when Cikgu is teaching.


Mamarazzi asked me to pose. Here is how I pose...she pulak snap picture till sitting down pulak


Now my turn to snap her photo. Silly Mamarazzi...after sat down, she couldn;t get up. said bum bum too heavy....I had to pull her up...adei.....


Pull up liao...the sibuk wanna snap photo of flowers pulak....not as many flowers as during Chinese New Year but what they have there were nice.


Hey ....we baru noticed that there is some sort of art gallery here. Got some Chinese painting and stuffs. Too bad Mamarazzi doesn't read chinese


Next stop...the Orchid Garden....Mamarazzi call it that coz it have a lot of Orchid. 


She said I can Bollywood here but no lenglui here, how to Bollywood la. Got a lot of plants only. I Oppa Gangnam style can or not?


She said I look like a cat who had swallowed a fish here.


Come one...let's go..I know of a fun place here.


hey! Who ketuk my head!?


Nah! here it is...a lot of thingy for you to play with leh....can climb can push can jump and golek...


Looks like we caught the "selfie"  or rather "we-fie" spell. 


And more "we-fie"....thought no need to buy the long pole leh.


Phew....finally time to leave...think we spent over an hour here. Very thirsty leh. Must find drinks liao...


  1. I used to go there during CNY to take pics !

    1. went there for CNY once only...takut liao coz too many people

  2. That's yip zi mei dai bao right? LOL

    1. nope...Klang Food Court Restaurant big pau. LOL

  3. THIS is your mama??? I had to go back twice and look, thought she was a young friend of yours, maybe twelve years old!! She is SO beautiful, and looks like teenager. I love the pictures today, and you are also funny. I loved the joke abut you in school with the statues behind you. Also the beautiful serious portrait of you and your mom, both so beautiful!!! You are SO cute today, and your mom so beautiful, a whole day of fun.

  4. Call me jakun.. What is kempunan? Never used this word b4 leh.. Nex time must pinjam ok.. hehe.. But based from the sentence, must be meaning of craving or missing, izit.. Ya I also heard colleaguea mention b4 purposely go Tg. Sepat buy fish or fishballs, forgot liao.. Eh have you tried the Yip Zhi Mei tai pao in Connought Cheras? Also as big (bigger) than your face leh !!

    1. kempuanan means missed I missed eating that. Have not at that for such long time

      yea have tried YCM dai pau

  5. Very nice photos of small kucing and mamarazzi. Small kucing really can pose very well. No photo of mamarazzi with horns behing her?

  6. Hehe, this reminds me about my cny long posts at Jenjarom...

  7. Wow Kathy, you boy has grown up so much. Soon he'll be a teenager....aftering girls ! haha....
    Hope you're going to have a blessed week ahead dear.
    Blessings, kristy

  8. Wahhhhhhh!!!! You're growing bigger and more and more handsome! Got girls calling your mama's handphone asking for you yet or not? Wowwwww!!!! That pao is bigger than your head! Your mama can finish one all by herself kah?

    1. waiting for santa to send me my own handphone for christmas wor...hint hint wink wink

  9. I like the pretty flowers and that big pau. Ladies take much longer in the toilet lah because our infrastructure in different leh...

  10. That pau is ssssoooo big! How to finish it?

    Nice selfie. Seldom see mamarazzi's pic.

  11. The no. 4 picture, better than the one i saw in FB, hehe...

  12. Replies
    1. y u no come. waited for your call...tell u KLANG u goi KLUANG...tsk tsk tsk... no "U" punya in KLANG :p

  13. eih.. Mamarazzi change her blogging style ke?? two things Uncle SK noticed..
    (1) the photos are now numbered.. good lah like that we can all refer to the photos more easily
    (2) the photos are bigger in size.. awesome lah like that we can see the cute face more clearly mah~~

    1. too many photos leh......gotta label else kena KNS buy you guys kao kao later muhahahaha

      same size la the photos...but click "Extra LArge " only hence photo blur

  14. Good morning,
    Seems you both have a very enjoyable time!

    1. Good morning Elaine. Yea had a good time there

  15. nice trip, and i think also quite spontaneous huh?? maybe Small Kucing's Kaw Kaw was in the car, so Paparazzi also got the mood to drive everyone around huh?? let's see.. go Klang to buy pau, go Tj Sepat to buy fishball, go Jenjarom for the temple.. no wonder Mamarazzi complained she was so tired~~ :p

    1. belakang many many other go leh...not yet finish posting....LOL

  16. oh, Uncle SK really love this post!! all the photos look so nice and happy, Small Kucing sure was excited and he look excited in all photos posing for the shot, ah, Mamarazzi must go and put these photos into photobook lah.. and rarely see Mamarazzi in the photo also, this time we all can scrutinize her pretty face leh.. Uncle SK especially love photos 15 and 16, awwww, so sweet Mamarazzi and Small Kucing selfie together.. LOIKE!!!

    1. yes....alamak...gotta complied leh...Pixajoy expirying soon.

  17. Wahhhhh the pau even bigger than Small Kucing's head!!!

  18. Been here once a few years back when CNY, too far from my house lah, lazy for the drive here again :P

  19. Wah wah all the pictures here also so nice! SK so pro in posing. Mamarazzi also very photogenic leh.

  20. So you look a little sleepy in class. Maybe you are just deep in thought.


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