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Friday, 29 August 2014

Over Ambitious Fish Maw Dinner

 Some time ago, Mamarazzi saw Sonia blog "Claypot Luffa gourds, Black fungus and Fish Maw 胜瓜云耳浸鱼肚".

Seeing that we have some fish maw given by Ah Mah during Chinese New Year, Mamarazzi pun attempt to make the dish la.

The Fish Maw must have been kept too long coz it had "oil" smell. Rinsed many times with hot water still have the smell. Pakai hentam la.

Too bad Mamarazzi didn't have sole fish. Guess she just have to make do with ikan bilis la.

The dish turns out quite okay la. Just not enough gravy. Must remember to add more water next time. *Do hop over to Sonia's blog for the proper recipe*

 That night syok lor.....I get to have my Ayam Goreng Kunyit. 

And this funny dish....fried and blanched Kai Lan. Mamarazzi thought I would love the fried "leaf" but sorry, I didn't.

Instead, I love the crunchy stems.....I can just chomp chomp chomp like a rabbit.

You want some?

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hari Raya and My First Horror Movie

 This is not my first visit to raya open house but it was quite some time ago that we went to one. 

Went to one of Mamarazzi's old chums open house. Wah lau much lovely food. Even have Lemang leh....

This is my first time going to Auntie Azila's new house.

But that is not the only "first". It was also my "first" time watching horror movie. It was a Thai show where the students were disrespectful to the teachers who had pass on. If not mistaken, they peed on their photos or something like that

The ghost of the teachers came back to haunt them.

It was very scary leh. Mamarazzi can see me shivering watching that.

Scared but still wanna watch....errr.....I didn't really noticed how the food taste like coz eyes were glued to the TV.

Lucky for me,.....that night no nightmares.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Result of GIVEAWAY : Tricycle worth RM300 by The School !

 #Photos credits to Ms Sharon Kuan of Jaya One Management.

Did you went and have fun at the "Sun day Out" organised by The School, JayaOne? Did your kids meet the friendly clown?
 How about the food there?

Not only indoors...outside there were food trucks too. is the moment that you have been waiting for. Thank you to everyone who join the contest .

And the winner is :

I love to chill out at The School at Jaya One as it is near my home and the whole building's layout concept is modern & exciting. This is definitely a wise event to organise the "Sunday Out" which would benefit both the parents and kids tremendously. The kids would have lots of fun riding indoors in a safe environment while the parents could relax and have a peaceful mind on Sundays besides giving their kids the chance to enjoy and learn to ride in safe manners.

The organisers are so generous to give away a handsome and cute bicycle which would excite and make all kids happy! How nice if they could also invite the orphans and under privileged kids from homes to enjoy on all Saturdays. Those poor kids are often sadly holed up at their charity homes with no outside excursions and outings as they have no parents. They only rely on the public and kind samaritans to bring them out.

If I win this cute tricycle I would pledge to donate it to one particular orphanage home in Klang where many young kids could share and enjoy many hours of fun with this tricycle. You can see their faces in this blog link here >>>>

I have also clicked "LIKE" on both the Facebook links of The School Facebook and Jaya One Facebook.

You have the name of my Facebook!

 Message from Mamarazzi : Congratulation to Twilight Man  You have moved us with your reason and generousity. We hope the orphanage will be very happy with your gift. 

For those of you who have join but did not win, don't give up. Hop over to Isaac Tan's blog as he is having the same giveaway. Good luck. 

Simple Watermelon Sorbet with NuStevia Simple Syrup

I love watermelon. They are just so thirst quenching. Quite some time ago, it was watermelon season. Hypermarket was selling 99sen/kg. Super cheap. Nearly every day we had watermelon

After cutting the watermelon, there is always some odds "shape" that just couldn't fit into the container to be put into the refrigerator. Usually , Papa and me would eat those but sometimes it's just too much.

Well, since we have a bottle of NuStevia Simple Syrup, why not try make watermelon sorbet.

Her method is simple.....just put everything into the ice blended. Throw in the watermelon slices, a dash of NuStevia Simple syrup, a squeeze of lemon and ice cube. Blend........

 Placed the blended watermelon into a stainless steel bowl...underneath put some ice cube with salt added and stir....

Very soon.......yummy sorbet is done.

Hmmm.....lemme taste...hmm....not as sweet as the ones she bought from the store but Mamarazzi said too sweet is not good for me. Well...guess this will do.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Wanna Eat Milo Oreo Jelly in a Pot?

Mamarazzi have been seeing a lot of this Taiwanese dessert online lately....It's ice cream in a flower pot....they usually stuck a flower on top to make it look like a plant. 

She thought it would be nice to make this for my Funland Class but how ah....Ice cream will melt in no time. If use cupcakes, the cake may not be moist enough to keep the "plant" alive as she was planning to use mint. We have loads of mint. 

 Okay la....hentam...try use "agar-agar"(jelly) la. Bought a packet and boil. How much water....errr....just "agak-agak" (estimate) lah.

After all the strands of jelly melted, add in the Milo...also "agak-agak" to taste la. then pour into cupcakes cups...put into the fridge.

Next morning before going to Funland class...took out from fridge and "decorate" it.

Crushed some Oreo ...before that...peel off the cream.. I ate the cream...yea...not good but but but sedap wor....

Put in the "soil" and "plant" the mint into the pot. 

Don't you think it look just like a potted plant?

And our "Mint Garden" is ready to go...

Cupcakes?Errr....plan B ma...just in case they don't like the Mint garden. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

De' Champion Roast Duck Rice at Restaurant Unlimited, Subang Jaya

papa had a meeting to attend to. It' was nearly lunch time. No time to go home and cook. Mamarazzi said just "Tapau" lunch la.

Papa likes the Mixed Rice from Restaurant Unlimited in Subang Jaya. Mamarazzi dunno what to eat.

Then saw this stall at the restaurant. The "light bulb" blinked. Auntie Fay mentioned before the Roast meat here very nice.

But dunno why Mamarazzi end up buying roast duck rice instead of roast meat rice. Very generous portion of roast duck.

If not mistaken the price was RM6. ....Mamarazzi old already. Not good with numbers.


Mmm...quite good leh. I would love to eat this again...but this time maybe try out their BBQ pork ..

Address : Restaurant Unlimited, 78, Jalan SS14/2, Subang Jaya, Selangor

Friday, 22 August 2014

White Pepper Pork Tripe Soup

Quite some time ago, Auntie YL gave Mamarazzi two packets of Mo Sang Kor White Pepper Soup. 

Seems instruction is simple enough. Just add chicken meat or any kind of meat...some peppercorns and boild. Mamarazzi omit adding MSG

Because MSG have already been listed in the ingredient

add some button mushroom as seen in the restaurant


Boil for one hour.

There! White Pepper Pork Tripe Soup.

Hmmm.....something is missing la

I think she should add a tomato and a bit of preserved vegetable(Ham Choy) . Then the taste would be perfect liao. Agree?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Kepong Food Court, Kepong

I was very hungry after the visit to the temple. Beh tahan. Papa stopped the car at one of the petrol station and Mamarazzi bought some bread for me to eat  Papa's friends also offered me some spicy keropok. Yikes! spicy leh....but but but....spicy I also hentam and eat la.

Where to go for dinner? Initially, Papa's friend want to have Bak Kut Teh coz it was such a cold day but one of the friends doesn't take pork. Called up the usual BKT shop that we went to. They don't have Chic-kut-teh. 

Last last...detour to Kepong There got food court. Each can order his/her favourite food. 

Guess what they ordered? 

 One big plate of fruits. 

 For me...I had Lobak.....aiks...where did the photo of the Lobak went? errr......

 Papa ordered Fried Carrot Cake for his friends to share . Just for the taste.

 For himself...he had the fried Tang hoon.

Mamarazzi was cold. Though ...okay order Boiled Soup la...but that stall was not opened....then went BKT stall...also not open...No luck .

Lucky for her the Fish head noodle stall was open. She ordered a bowl of fish paste noodle without milk. Hmm...very generous with the ingredient. Price was RM5 or RM6. Can't really remember.

So far the food that we have ordered there suit our taste. As for papa's friends...they had the Portuguese Grill fish with rice. Not sure if it taste good for them or not as Mamarazzi did not ask.

Location of this food court : Kepong Food Court Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 14, Kepong (Near Kepong Carefour / Opposite Jusco)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Chin Swee Caves Temple, Genting Highland.

After Papa's friends had eye opening experience in Genting Highland Casino, we started our journey back. 

Nope..they did not gamble. . They went in and "look see". Saw saw some happy face and also one crying. 

They didn't have time to visit the theme park coz it was quite late. Wanted to get back to town before traffic jam. 

 On our way down the mountain , we had a slight detour. Went to Chin Swee Caves Temple. Gosh...mamarazzi was amazed.So much have changed since the last time she visited this place...that was at least a decade before.

Now there are very nice building there and vegetarian restaurant too.

Oh my kucing! it's cold here.........

So what do we do here?

Hah? Snap photo ah? Make cute face? This one cute enough or not? 

Okay....let's ascend the something sky stairs....

Errr...Mamarazzi's "sick cat" face...started to fever coz kena rain.


Which way now.....behind me seems to be many people....wondering what are they reading...maybe have map there.

Again kena Mamarazzi "catch" to pose for photo.

Along the wall at the hillside there were many statues. Saw it said something Lohan. Maybe 18 Lohan? Didn't count coz it started drizzling ....walk fast fast trying to see as much as possible before the rain come pour down hard.

Journey to Enlightenment?

Up the hill seems to have various "caves" that depicting various Hell Chamber. It started with the registration office.

Can read? Too blur or not ? Battery in the camera kaput-ed. Snapped using phone.

According to the board "Qin Guang Wang of First Hell Chamber manages the book of birth and death of human realm, their longevity or a premature death. He centrally controls the penalties of human being's while in the hell realm. After death, a good person will be sent for rebirth to Heavenly Realm or Western Pureland of Great Bliss, while a person who had done equally virtuous and evil deed will be sent to the tenth Hell Chamber for rebirth to human realm. Those who had seriously committed unwholesome actions would be taken to the right chamber, to review his or her wrong doing and the penalties for that action."

Quite interesting...We only managed up to the 5th Chamber of Hell when the rain start pouring down hard. maybe next time can go see. Hmm...not advisable for those who are easily scared coz some figures were a bit scary.

Come on...let's run.........raining hard liao.

Tak aci ni.....rain like wanna stop already time bar continue the journey up the caves la.

Mamarazzi said if she is not mistaken...behind of me are the statues of 8 Immortals who are famous for the story of 8 Immortals Crossing the Sea.

Adui...hungry liao leh.... Let's go cari makan...
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