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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Healthy Steamed Cake with NuStevia

Sigh...Each time Mamarazzi bake a cake...not that many times....the cake will turn into "Volcano Cake". Think the only cake she have any success so far is steamed cake.

Since we received some goodies from NuNaturals , Mamarazzi thought of trying it out on steamed cakes...or rather muffins.

 She used 2 types was the Vanilla NuStevia (Alcohol free) and the other was Orange NuStevia (Alcohol Free). Just 3-4 drops  will do.

The one with orange dots are orange flavour while those with black marks are vanilla favour. Sorry about the ugly presentation coz she went and put chocolate chips on the Vanilla steamed muffins . they melted , of course.

I like it. Very aromatic.

 Mamarazzi loves the orange tasting ones while I love those vanilla ones


Ingredients :-

1 Eggs
50g sugar
150g Self-raising Flour
3-4 drops of Vanilla NuStevia (Alcohol free) and Orange NuStevia (Alcohol Free)
40g extra virgin oil

Method :
1. Shift the self-raising and put aside.
2. Beat the egg and the sugar together till fluffy. Divide into two portion. One portion add
Vanilla NuStevia (Alcohol free) and the other portion add Orange NuStevia (Alcohol Free)

3. Add in the shifted flour and fold
4. Scoop and put into the muffin mould. 
5. Steam in rice cooker for about 15minutes or till it's cooked. 

As usual......errr...follow Mamarazzi's recipe at own risk


  1. Mama Kucing is good in cake steaming. Indeed very healthy bake.

  2. Very healthy to eat this type of steamed sugar free cakes.

  3. They look so very good and moist!!!

  4. I steam cakes once a while too but must finish fast coz it will get hard and dry.. My trick is to add chocolate chips, then it will be moist when bitten.. I like orange cakes! Yummmzzz..

    1. if put in container wont dry la but takut fatt mou only

  5. Please send samples. Dijamin sampai hari esok... ;)

  6. I will take the risk!! Sounds easy and I like steamed cakes!

  7. Oh wow! quite easy to make and yes, I'm geared up to make.

    1. yup...looking forward to see your steam cakes

  8. Can tell its good, hmm, I feel like baking something tomorrow, haha!

  9. Sounds wonderful --and makes me hungry today!!! I love the big smile on Small Kucing's face while eating his cake/muffin.... YUM...

  10. Orange cake ? That's my favourite !

  11. Wow! Another food post! What is there Mamarazzi cannot steam or bake? So pandai la mama!

    1. Mamarazzi xcannot bake leh.......especially macarons

  12. This NuStevia has so many quality products from what I have gathered in several posts in your blog!

  13. Mamarazzi cooks using her instinct but the cakes turn out tasty. Very good!

  14. I have never tried making steamed cake. The closest I have come to them are dumplings.


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