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Monday, 30 June 2014

Dinner at Restaurant Seri Melaka, Amcorp Mall (Revisited)

Went to Amcorp Mall again during School holiday

 Yup myself a pair of specs.

 Nice or not? Now don't you call me SPECKY ah....Mamarazzi said it's RUDE.

Actually during Parent-Teacher-Meet, Cikgu  told Mamarazzi am squinting when looking at whiteboard. So we went to Elite Optical shop here to check lor. The shop recommended me to go to Dr Pritam Singh Eye specialist who checked and said I have "Sang Kong".

Back to the shop and the ladies help me to get a pair of specs. Few days later went and pick up the specs.

As we have to pick up Ah Kong and Ah Mah from the airport that night, we had an early dinner in Restaurant Seri Melaka.

 Mamarazzi had her "stinky beans". Said taste great wor, '

 Papa had his Sweet Sour Chicken.  

 What about me leh? 
I eat "Taufu" lo. Needless to say the food there was terrific as usual. Yup...glad the standard of food there have always been constant.

 As a treat...ABC for me and Papa. 

A short detour to Citta Mall while waiting for the plane. I kept asking Mamarazzi to snap my photo with this apple worm

A book worm sitting next to apple worm.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Mamarazzi's "Volcano" Chocolate Banana Cake

Sometime ago, Mamarazzi saw Phong Hong blog about Chocolate Banana Cake. Looks simple enough leh. Self raising flour, Banana, Cocoa powder, sugar, milk , oil and vanilla essence. All also have leh.

So guai guai follow the recipe lor....And I get to lick the bowl.

Aiks...but mana tau after the cake come out from the oven, the top was like volcano leh. Oven too hot. Guess no two oven is the same . 160C in Phong Hong's oven doesn't means the same in ours. Guess ours need mor trial and error to get the correct heat.

Mamarazzi tried to cover it with Chocolate Ganache. Hmm.....errrr.... close one eye dei.

After cut ... a bit presentable la. 

Sprinkle some colorful sprinkles on top....bring to Funland Class and let my friends eat. Taste ah.... still needs a lot of practise la. Maybe the oven too hot, so it was not that moist.

Well, it was a good attempt.

For proper recipe and method, you had better hop over to Phong Hong's Blog.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Restaurant Kuang Fong (revisted), Klang

Basi post.*LOL* yea..... The Rice Noodle with Oyster really had us going for more. Tried coming here a few times but as lucky would have it.. each time it was closed. The staffs said they close on Tuesday. Guess , Ah Kong and Ah Mah lucky this round that it's open then .


The noodle really had us slurping will nothing left leh.....found the serving bowl interesting with the various picture of moo moo.

The fried spring rolls was a hit. Yum. Mamarazzi like it very much. 

Marmite pork. The adults like it but I rather have the noodles. 

Yup..i love their noodles.....the Gangnam noodles taste so good too. Almost as good as the Oyster noodles.

See....crunchy also can

Why that lady looking at me ah? 

Slurpee like this also can.

Looking back at this post and previous post ...the food we ordered are similar leh . Taste wise also similar. Guess can say the standard of food in this restaurant remain constant gua. A good thing right? will the comment you leave here also similar..or copy and paste? *LOL*

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tips on Cleaning Pig Stomach and Intestine - Mo Sang Kor Bakuteh

Some time ago, Auntie CC gave Mamarazzi a packet of Bakuteh. It's the famous Mo Sang Kor BKT. She kept it so long coz she was lazy to cook BKT at home as lots of work involve. 

Mamarazzi loves BKT especially with a lot of intestine and stomach but she doesn't know how to clean them.

Looks like gotta call Sifu Elin. Her Sifu told her not to cut the intestine.

Get a small onion and sumbat it into the intestine a few times. Then the let water go through the intestine to clean it  up.

Throw the intestine into the soup and cook without cutting. When wanna eat baru cut the intestine as it will shrink when it's being cooked.

As for the stomach, have to scrape it clean. Sorry no photo as Mamarazzi was lazy to snap photo liao after cleaning the intestine. Hand stinky.

After scraping the stomach clean...them cover it with lots of flour and throw into a heated wok/pan to sear it.

Lastly, wash away all the flour and there won't be any stinky smell for the stomach. Cut and throw into the Bakuteh soup.

The end result. Soup have very strong herbal aroma. Taste better if it was left overnight. true enough, the intestine and the stomach doesn't have stinky smell after going through the method taught by Sifu Elin.

Me? I don't like the meat but I like the soup.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Restaurant Seafood Village , Teluk Intan

Papa asked Mamarzzi to google what is good to eat in Teluk Intan. Adui....line was crawling and what's worse is most of the returns says Chee Cheong Fun. Pengsan kau kau.

Most restaurant was close or were closing around 8pm. Round and round , found one in town. Looks like expensive restaurant choice la. Hentam and try la..

They had quite an extensive Menu.  But Mamarazzi avoided ordering fish ....Fish usually very pricey in restaurant leh. Mamarazzi forgot to withdraw from ATM. Later kena "wash plate" cham liao lor. Not sure if the restaurant accept credit cards.

 We had simple meal. Sizzling Taufu.  Nice. Love the gravy

 Wait wait...snap photo.....

 Spring Onion and deer meat. 

Salted vegetable soup. 

Ah enough la for three people. 

 Mamarazzi love the teapot. Really unique looking. 

Was surprised that the bill comes up to RM32 only. 

The address of the restaurant is  No 89,Jalan Bandar,36000 Teluk Intan,Perak., Teluk Intan, Perak

Monday, 23 June 2014

Liew Kee (Ah Lek) Chee Cheong Fun vs 三少爷猪肠粉 San Siew Yeah Chee Cheong Fun, Teluk Intan

It was rather late after our hunt for Pomelo at Jalan Ampang. Initially Papa said no need go Teluk Intan la. But as we pass by highway, Papa saw the word Kampar. He asked Mamarazzi whether wanna buy Kampar Curry Chicken Bun or not. Mamarazzi said okay.

We must have missed a turning or something as the next signboard we saw was going to Bidor and Teluk Intan. Oh well....maybe it's meant to be that we go Teluk Intan.

Journey seems forever. Me sleepy leh

Finally arrived at Leaning Clock Tower of Teluk Intan. Didn't stop to snap photo. Just click click from the car. 

 The purpose of going Teluk Intan is for their famous Chee Cheong Fun. Papa wanted to try out the Chee Cheong Fun

It seems that there are several shop/stall that are famous for the Chee Cheong Fun.

 Among which is Liew Kee(Ah Lek) Chee Cheong fun . This place was easy to find. It's located at :

No 725 Jalan Hill
36000 Teluk Intan

Business must be super good. There were many baskets full of Sengkuang (Yambean) waiting to be process.

 This man was busy washing and have the machine to chop up the sengkuang(Yambean). 

 Mamarazzi got down from the car and bout 3 packets of Kar Liu(CCF with extra ingredient) Chee Cheong Fun at RM4.40 each

 Hey! This house looks familiar leh.....are we in Sibu?

Next stop...hunting for   三少爷猪肠粉 San Siew Yeah Chee Cheong Fun.  Some how Papa got the impression that the CCF place is somewhere near the town center. We round and round the place and yet couldn't find. 

tried to google the proper address, the mobile telco provided\r was sleeping that evening. Crawling slower than the snail.

 Ah.....finally found it after an hour search...

 Looks like big restaurant wor...maybe can have dinner here? But then when we went in, we found that they only serve Chee Cheong Fun. Knowing Mamarazzi not keen on Chee Cheong Fun, Papa said let's "tapau" and find other food food dinner.

Location for this shop is at No 1 Lorong 1, Taman Hong Kong, Jalan Sultan Abdullah, 36000 Teluk Intan Perak

That night, when we arrive home....Papa was anxious to try out the two Chee Cheong Fun. Left was the 三少爷猪肠粉 San Siew Yeah Chee Cheong Fun while the right was Liew Kee (Ah Lek) Chee Cheong Fun.

Mamarazzi did not taste them as earlier stated, she is not fond of these type of CCF. She can see that the Liew Kee CCF is more oily.

As for Papa....he said he likes Liew Kee's better ...however....he quoted that both did not have him "jumping up and down". For him, the best is still the ones that he tasted at Restoran Aneka Selera Chicken Cuisine Noodle House in Kg Subang.

Mamarazzi said most probably both kena penyet and when arrived home it's already cold. The next day Papa heat up the rest to eat and said it tasted better...but.....oh well....

Friday, 20 June 2014

Papa Cooks - Simple Chicky Meal

 One day, Mamarazzi complains dunno what to cook.....Papa said .."i cook la".

he dug in the freezer....found some sotong....cut cut cut...saw cabinet have some shallots..chop chop chop...put some butter.....throw into rice cooker.... Ta Da! Nasi minyak.... LOL

 Found some Chicken....dunno what sauce he use.....ding dong ding dong.....fried chicken...


with black pepper something something sauce. 

Taste? Nice....a bit salty la.....must practice more.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

It's Time for Book Hunting at Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Kuantan 19 -24 June 2014!

 (photo taken from BBWBS Facebook Fanpage)


Yay! BBW is in Kuantan now and will be there till 24 June  from 10 am to 10pm daily. The Wolf lair is once again located in SAICC at Zenith Hotel.

Parking should be no problem. Habis book hunting can just walk to opposite of the hotel for food hunting leh.

 (Photo credit to Auntie CC)

Wanna know what's my haul from BBWBS Kuantan? Yup Nancy Drew's Graphic novels. From BBWBS Johor, I got Hardy Boys Graphic Novels. Thanks to Cikgu Lau for helping to buy.  A set of 4 only RM30.

(Photo credit to Auntie CC) 

Also spotted some Disney Tumblers and Lunch Box at RM4 each , buy 3 for RM10. 

Me likey.

(Photo credit to Auntie CC)

Thank you to Auntie CC who was there super early this morning to "borong" books and stuffs.

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