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Saturday, 3 May 2014

GIVEAWAY - Name The Gem Giveaway By SerendipitybyJoW

Who doesn't love gems? What's more it is handmade and it is the only  one of its kind in this world. Wanna try your luck in winning this gorgeous necklace for yourself or your Mom...ahem ahem...Mother's Day is just around the corner *wink wink*

In conjunction of Labour Day,  SerendipitybyJoW  had launched their first ever GIVEAWAY. 

What do you have to do ? It's easy . This gorgeous necklace doesn't have a name yet. All you have to do is just to "LIKE" Serendipitybyjow and share this naming contest on your facebook publicly. And leave the name you have given to the gem on their comment box with your email address on Serendipitybyjow. This contest will close on  23rd May, 2014 EST time.

Let's not wait anymore. Hop over to SerendipitybyJoW's Facebook Name the Gem contest  and let the naming, begin ! 



  1. It looks very nice, like the red.


    1. Looks like an Empress surrounded by her noble ladies in waiting

  2. When I read your title I thought name the gem.. Hmm I'm very bad at this coz seldom wear ma.. But if see red sure I guess ruby.. Hehe..

    No need to name the necklace, just click like and share only ahh?

    Hmm if ask me to name this necklace also I'm very lousy at it, somemore this is meaningful, for Mother's Day, cannot simply name it like Princess Ruby necklace.. Wahaha..

  3. Good luck to all!!!

  4. Nice necklace. Will hop over and check the page out.

  5. wah, beautiful necklace.. and i am sure it will look even more beautiful if it is being worn on Mamarazzi's neck.. :p

  6. Cool!

    Thanks for sharing Mamarazzi!

  7. It's really nice, thanks for sharing and good luck to all!!! =]

  8. Waahhhh... Mother's Day giveaway!! What name to give... hmmmm....

  9. Going over after seeing the beautiful piece.

  10. They look like candies to me! So I would like to name it Sweet Loving Gems!
    So I need to hop over to FB....

  11. Nice...good luck. Very blinking..hehhe


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