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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Teacher's day Food : Stained Glass Cookies

Mamarazzi have been debating whether to make the Water Chestnut Thong Sui for Teacher's Day Celebration or not coz it's cumbersome to bring be it in container or pot.

After reading all the pro and cons comments, Mamarazzi decided, aiyah no need to bring food to school la for Teacher's day Celebration. Just give Teacher's Day Gifts enough la. 

After all, she saw that previous years not many bring food too. All buy junk food in bulk and give to teacher; which Cikgu made into party packs for us to bring home.

But then on Friday, Cikgu again remind us to bring our favourite food to share. I fret a bit also la since I scare Cikgu will scold me if I didn't bring any food to share.

Think think think....Saturday morning Mamarazzi woke up early and decided to go for a second attempt of the Stain Glass Cookies which was featured in Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover blog

There were some leftover candies from the first attempt the week before.

 In the first attempt, we've  got "Bubbles cookies"  instead of lovely Stained Glass cookies. 

Puzzling.....why bubble punya eh....Mamarazzi must have opps-ed somewhere again.

 Let me taste first...

 Hmmm...It's soft and it's hard...

Funny cookies....I like the biscuit part but I don't like the hard middle part.

Mamarazzi said I am the funny one...not the cookies. Usually kids would love candies mah but me pulak opposite. Doesn't like the candy part of the cookies.

Papa suggested maybe the candy not supposed to be "cooked" . Just need to melt it. 

 Bearing this in mind, Mamarazzi made these beauties last Saturday. 

 Yup! quite perfect.  

Compared to the week before, this batch was a success. Mamarazzi baked the biscuits for 15 minutes then put the candy in the middle of the star. Set the oven for 3 minutes. She kept peeking ...once saw the candy melted, she took it out quickly.

See so much different between the two .

Mamarazzi modified (yea yea yea what else is new) the recipe a bit coz she didn't have cake flour.

She used :-

50g salted butter
(*reminder to Mamarazzi -BUY BETTER brand of butter. Cheepo brand Papa said got weird smell)
40g icing sugar
juice from 1 slice of lemon(She was lazy to measure )
100g self rising flour
1 tsp of corn flour
FOX Candy ...each piece cut half.

1. Beat butter, icing sugar and lemon juice till fluffy.
2. Sift both flour into the mixture and fold it.
3. Place the dough onto baking sheet. Use rolling pin to roll it till thin about 4mm. Put into freezer while she clean up the used utensils. About 10minutes gua...
4. Took out from freezer and start cut with cookies cutter, The center she used knife to cut. Kinda hard coz have to work fast. Kept have to freeze the dough as it kept bully Mamarazzi. Each 6 cookies...freeze.
5. Preheat the oven to 160C . Bake for 15minutes. Took out and put the candy into the center and bake for another 3minutes or till the candy melted. Once melted , take out before bubbles formed.

She managed to make 26 cookies out of this. And surprisingly my friends sapu finish. Mamarazzi thought they would be like me..may not like to eat the hard center.

I saw Mamarazzi snapping photos I also wanna snap photos la. These  "extra" stars are from the extra dough. Mamarazzi said made 26 enough la.

By the way, heard friends said these stars originated from a TVB drama wor. Mamarazzi also don't know coz she doesn't watch Astro. Ask her about books she knows la.

Errr usual..... for the proper recipe, please visit Sonia Nasi Lemak Lover Blog. That one guarantee won't go "Holland".

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Random (Rojak) Wednesday Post

Argh...what happened to my Tuesday post??? Adoi...Mamarazzi already scheduled the post but clicked on the wrong it's gonna be publish tomorrow instead of yesterday. 

Lately Mamarazzi really blur sotong dei....she is going to be more blur sotong the next two weeks or so coz school holidays starts today. Yipee! no school....which also means she can't go "office" daily and I will "Ma Ma Ma Ma" her from morning till night. So don't be surprise of there are days with missing post ya. 

Random post right? Yesterday morning...went out of the house....found a mother cat waiting at our front door ....Poor cat....must have been very hungry and cold from the heavy down pour the night before. Fed it some food and shoo shoo it away.

Then while waiting for me to finish class, this little kitten came and bully Mamarazzi pulak. Trying to bite her shoe laces...maybe thinks it's noodles??? Pink noodles....*LOL*

Went to Post Office to collect a parcel.....this cat pulak jump up and sat next to Mamarazzi.

Went to Petrol station to fill up.....adei......saw this pulak....Kucing overload ni....

Came home....Mamarazzi harvested her first Cili Padi (bird's eyes chili)...okay la okay la....pitiful harvest right but still it's something la. The Cili plants that Ah Mah gave have gone to heaven already. These are from the seeds that Auntie Florence gave. Don't see it no up leh.....though's super spicy. Mamarazzi don't dare to eat it at all. Just cut and put into soya sauce and dip food in the soya sauce only.

Papa's Spinach fried rice. Saved RM6 or RM8 coz if order this in the restaurant sure the price is around there.

Collected a surprise from NuNaturals. Guess there will be loads of cooking and baking post coming up. This product came highly recommended by her friends.

I think Papa is secretly delighted with NuNaturals products as their products contains NO MSG, soy, milk, sugar, synthetics, artificial colors/flavors, saccharin, aspertame, sucralose or artificial sweeteners. You have read about Papa's medical thingy previously.

Another surprise awaits me.....a very top secret. Two layers of envelopes man!

Can you guess, these goodies are from who? 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Going Green For Teacher's day Celebration.

Hmm...what to give my teacher's for Teacher's Day leh. Mamarazzi garu kepala.  Last year gave fruits with pen and the year before was Famous Amos cookies. 

This year ah...she thought Go-Green la. Got a lot of empty tins...then abundance of Basil plants....Cut cut cut...chop chop chop.

 Planted some Basils in the empty cans. 

We have colorful Japanese Roses too. Well, maybe give them these too? She planted extra as some may not bloom on Teacher's Day. Just select those which will be blooming la.

 For me....poor me...had to do the most work.....spent whole afternoon writing little notes .

 Mamarazzi made them into little flags. 

 Yesterday was Teachers Day celebration in my school. 

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! each teacher gets one can of basil and one can of Japanese Roses. Plonked into the basket that Mamarazzi weave from recycled magazine. Really cheepo Go-Green gift lor.

Japanese Roses are also called "Ten O'Clock Flowers". That's why when Mamarazzi snap photos early in the morning , the buds was not "open" yet. Hopefully my teachers likes the flowers la.

Ah Mah was worried that the Teachers may not know how to eat basil but oh well....maybe if they don't eat Basil, they could pass it to those who eats leh.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Ostrich Oh Ostrich Sport Day 2014

Kwang ...kwang...kwang....last Friday was Mini Sport Day for my school. Very simple. Two Teams. Ostrich vs Parrot. Six games all together. The Team that wins the most games is the Champion. 

Me....Ostrich team lo.....kena Mamarazzi's laugh...why?

Coz  I was selected to be the "Cheerleader" for my team. Mamarazzi asked Cikguneed to wear skirt ka? 

Cikgu said I was selected coz I was the loudest ....but Mamarazzi said I loose out la. The girl in the Parrot Team  cheered much better. Me cheer not loud enough and very "wooden". 

Our Cheer" We love sports. ..Run run run...ostrich run..."... The other team, the girl just need to shout "Parrot! Run! Parrot! Run! Parrot! Run! Parrot is the best!" ...

Again Mamarazzi laughed at me coz I shouted "woo woo woo"....Jadi burung hantu pulak..... 

Then it was year 6 game pulak. In the beginning the "Parrot" fly very fast oh....But as we "corner" , I managed to gain speed.  Yay! Our Team won.

 United Nation Teachers Big Meeting....3-3... Unexpected result.

 So we had to play one more game....Very kan Cheong team teacher very pandai those who are hyper active super active with long legs to go for this game.

 Zoom zoom zoom.....Can't catch me......

Yay! again our team won.. 

Mamarazzi's escaped this year's Parents and Kids games as quite a number of parents turned up for the Mini Sports day. 

The Parent have to carry the kid in his/her sit down and the kid feed the parents eat banana. Mamarazzi said lucky she escaped else sure backache liao...22kg eh...more than 2 bags of rice leh.

The good thing about my school is that everybody wins. No medals. Everyone gets a token of gift. This year, champion gets a packet of snack while the runner up get a candy. Not bad eh. Everyone are happy and Mamarazzi happiest coz no need to pay extra for the sports day mah.....

P/s : For those who will be asking why blurred my friends face....well....coz it's other peoples kids ma...not good to publish their face in public blog without their parents permission leh.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Mamarazzi's No Bake Lego Lunch Box Bailey's Cheese Cake

The farewell dinner was supposed to be potluck. Papa said why not make Cheese Cake as almost everyone likes Cheese Cake. But Mamarazzi said no la. Make Loh Mai Farn better la.

But then when she was in the Bakery supplies shop her hands was itchy pulak. Saw the ingredients for the Cheese Cake was rather simple.

Just some Digestive Biscuits (crushed) and mixed it with the melted butter from the frying pan. Chill for some time.

Whip cream, cream cheese ...tarak grated chocolate so she replace with Chocolate chips. Alamak...not enough cream cheese leh...recipe calls for 600gm cream cheese but she only have 250gm....errr....looks like cannot use the 7" pan la...

Korek korek...found my Lego Lunch Box. use that one as "pan" la.

The next day......errrrr.... still not hard like those sold in Secret Recipe. But hentam and cut la. 

Not bad looking leh. 

Let me try first ah. 


Hmmmm...... how many marks ah...?

The topping and cream good. But I don't like the digestive biscuits. Can replace it with Oreo ka? Would be nicer leh. 

For Mamarazzi's No Bake Lego Lunch Box Bailey's Cheese Cake, she used :

- 50gm butter
-120gm digestive biscuits
-250gm cream cheese
-10ml of Bailey
-50gm icing sugar
-150 whipped cream
-100gm chocolate chips
- Cocoa powder to decorate. 

- melt the butter in the pan and throw in the biscuits crumbs
- lined the lunch box with baking paper and put in the biscuit crumbs. Press hard. Chill in the fridge for an hour or till harden
- Whip the cream cheese and add in the Bailey and Icing sugar.
-Fold in the whipped cream and add the chocolate chips. 
-scoop out and put into the lunch box
-Put into the fridge to chill some more. Recommended two hours but we ate it the next day so Mamarazzi only dust the surface with Cocoa powder the next day.

Conclusion : Much easier and less expensive to buy Cheese cake from cake shop la. Mamarazzi not good in making cake.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Auntie Sim Kitchen, Damansara Uptown

One evening we landed here. Initially wanted have Tiong Hokkien Mee but it was not open. What to eat leh?

Then Mamarazzi recalled Uncle TM recommended this restaurant and said their Olive Fried Rice is the best. Luck seems to be with us. As we neared the restaurant, a car pulled out from the parking lot.

The air-conditioning in the restaurant was rather cold that evening. So we sat outside.

Again, Mamarazzi noticed that they have 3 layered Tea. Ordered one. Hmm...this one was quite good. Enough umph for her to stay up late reading her books.

I play it safe by having orange juice. Yea...Maybe gonna have a cold or something coz was feeling cold.

Love their menu coz I can point to the photo and order. I pointed to this Prawn Noodles. Not spicy. Suits me. Mamarazzi said so plain nice meh? Just nice for me la. portion was a bit big. I can't finish it all.

Mamarazzi was excited when she saw that they have this mixed braised meat thingy.. The fancy name was Mixed Teo Chew Pork and Duck Combo.

Taste SUPER! I walloped an egg with Papa had the other. Mamarazzi loves the meat and intestine.

Papa ordered a bowl of porridge to go with this.

Mamarazzi pulak had their Olive Fried Rice. First impression. Why so little??? It was served in a squarish kind of bowl.

But when she dig dig dig....hey.,...actually the portion was normal portion leh....coz served in a bowl so the impression looks like small portion la.

Taste wise, really good lo. I end up asking Mamarazzi to give me some of her rice. Maybe that's why I can't finish my noodles.

When comes to payment time, Papa asked me to call the Boss. I called "Boss Kira" and the boss was a comedian too as he said "Bus Sekolah?" .

Yup...this is a good place to makan. Here is the address if you are keen to try it out :-

Address: 24 Jalan SS 21/58, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pizza vs Satay, Subang Jaya

Last month we went to Pizza vs Satay ...a farewell for a volunteer of BEP. 

Hmmm ...first time here....not sure what to eat. Looks like they have a mixture of western food and local food leh.

Papa ordered ABC for himself but I sorta "help" him to eat it.

My super tall glass of watermelon juice. 

Mamarazzi saw that they have 3 Layered Tea. She was keen to try. Sadly, something seems to be missing. Must blame it on the Sibu 3 Layer Tea in Muhibbah Food Court. That spoilt all the rest of the tea layer tea for her.

Mamarazzi had their fried rice. Forgotten the exact name (Tu up so late) ...think it was Chef's Special or something like that. It came with two sticks of satay.

Papa ordered some satay. These stick are bigger than those that comes with the fried rice. For those who doesn't like fat, these satay are for you coz it was full of lean meat.

When Papa asked me what I wanna eat, I said I don't want. But later, I said I want to eat noodle pulak. Papa ordered this Tomato Sauce Pasta. Kids meal. Hmmmm...maybe he should have ordered adult meal for me ah....

Papa's Soto Ayam...The first to order but the last to arrive. . . taste....errr...errr.... wait ah I ask Papa. 

But of all the food that evening, this is the best! choco mousse cake made by Auntie Fay.  Slurps...... I love the chocolate . Yummy!

The address of the place : -

2, Jalan USJ 11/3J, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor
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