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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mamarazzi's Roast Chicken

Cham...gonna kena again...coz Mamarazzi found another basi post....Yeah...CNY period leh ...3 months ago?

Was in Bangsar again...collecting medicine for Ah Kong and Ah Mah again

Since going to that area lor....might as well detour to Petaling street and buy Roast duck. Mamarazzi called the lady boss selling the famous Sze Ngan Chye Roast duck to order.

Papa and Mamarazzi just need to swing by and collect. At the same time she muka tembok and asked the lady if she have those extra bones or not. The lady was generous and gave her one big packet of extra bones from the wings, neck and etc. Great to make into Asam chye leh..

The next day she stayed home and cook her favourite Asam Chye. Too long time to cook leh.....

While cooking the asam chye she lazy to cook complicated lunch pulak...dig dig in the fridge. Found got chicken meat... many types of roast chicken..

Okay okay...time to pakai hentam...chopped garlic. Tarak fresh thyme or dry ones only. Pound those la. All mixed together and give the chicken a "herbs massage" with salt and no oil.

One hour before I came home from school she popped the chicken into the oven. Drizzle bit of olive oil over it.

Hmmm....Turns out quite good leh..

I didn't like the Thigh and drumstick. I preferred the Chicken wings. More taste. 

In the afternoon, her Asam Chye finally ready . Asked me to take a bite.

emmm....spicy...but not bad leh....

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

House Of Pakeeza Restaurant - Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Another basi post....after going to the mattel warehouse sale we went to have an early dinner lo. Makan what...tired of banana Leaf rice....Think think think...okay la go eat at House of pakeeza la. Moreover Auntie Claire had posted about Pakeeza in her blog not so long ago.

My glass of Mango Lassi....I like.

Mamarazzi saw that they have the Beef briyani. Ordered a plate. She liked the rice. The beef was a bit tough for her.

I tried the rice but I didn't like the rice coz of the herbs.

For me..I had the Capati with Papa. He ordered a few dishes to go with the capati

Me ...I just eat plain Capati enough la.....later go home I will bodek Mamarazzi to cook noodles for me. 

But not before I enjoy the bowl of ice cream first . muhahahaha
House of Pakeeza
Address: The Right Angle 16, Jalan 14/22, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone:03-7956 4564

Monday, 28 April 2014

Indian Rojak at Jalan Selesa 1 , Happy Garden

One afternoon we went to Sri Petaling to meet up with a friend. After the meet up Papa suddenly said kempunan wanna eat "NICE"  Indian Rojak  pulak....where ah....

Mamarazzi think think think....there is/was one Indian Rojak quite popular during her school days. Located at Jalan Selesa 1 in Happy garden. Maybe try our luck la...maybe it's still selling there after more than 20 years

Found indeed there is an Indian Rojak Stall at that location but for the life of her, Mamarazi couldn't recall whether it's the same stall or not. But hentam and buy la

Papa ate said not bad leh. RM5, and the man give quite a lot of Rojak leh. Got one whole eggs instead of half.  Also have sotong.

For not moody because can't eat the rojak leh but rather Mamarazzi refused to cook noodle for me as supper.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Live Well With Diabetes

Do you know what diabetes is? I have no idea what diabetes is until one fine day, I overheard Mamarazzi scolding papa for not watching his blood sugar level and not practicing proper diet. Mamarazzi said if papa didn't watch his diet, his diabetes will get worst soon and will face the danger of leg amputation. I'm not familiar with the terms Mamarazi use, but to cut the long story short, diabetes is some sort of illness that screws up your biological system; where your body can't control your sugar level and can slow your body's healing process if you get injured.

Mamarazzi said if someone with diabetes didn't take care of herself or himself properly and injures themselves, the injuries will get worst, and the injured part needs to be surgically removed because it is already damaged. Scary huh? Mamarazzi is worried, that papa might have developed diabetes, I suppose, as he has been complaining tiredness and numbness.

Anyway, Papa has recently visited the doctor for a check up, and the doctor have him a very long lecture that high blood sugar level in the body for an extensive period of time will cause free radicals, a harmful by-product in our bodies that will cause nerve damage and Papa needs do regular self-monitoring blood sugar. Regular exercise will help improve his condition too.

Doctor was concerned with papa complaining about numbness and stuff, so he recommended proper supplementation Live-well Mecomin, apart from self monitoring his blood sugar. Mecomin is an active form of Vitamin B12. It is said to be helpful to help people who are suffering from diabetes and nerves damage.

Papa have been taking the supplement and there is positive effect on him,Livewell Mecomin helps to regenerate nerves. Hence if ones got injured, ones could detect the wound. Now he hardly complain about numbness anymore and I guess if Papa gets injured or something, he will be able to detect the wound and get treated early before it become worse. Mecomin regenerate peripheral nerves so that your nerves can feel better. If you were to get injured, you would be able to detect the wound. By detecting the wound, you will get it treated before it get worst.

If you have damaged nerve, your feet will feel numb, hence you are unable to feel the pain from your injury and your wound would be left untreated since you were not able to detect the wound.

If you are a diabetic and wants to take this supplement, do consult your physician first, yea? Listening to doctor's advice and recommendation is very important for long term health benefits.

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