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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Birthday Dinner at restaurant Windmill, Subang Jaya

Been to this restaurant for dinner twice. Yeah...duno what to eat during my actual birthday so round and round.....end up at Restaurant Windmill

Papa and Mamarazzi had their set meal....

Comes with the soup.... smiley soup..

Another pulak come with soup with "noodles/sharkfin" in it. Dunno real or not as portion was a lot. But for Mamarazzi, it doesn't match with this thick soup taste...something like mushroom soup ....east meets west.

She loves the shrimps salad. Yummy.

For more keen on blowing out the candles....yea...crazy on blowing candles....

Papa's spring chicken  set meal. Nice but would suggest put in bigger plate next time so that easier to cut.

My "noodles".

another crazy phase...tomato sauce on everything......

Mamarazzi's Moo Moo set dinner. 

Of which...I "chupped" the corn first... Love eating this. 

eh eh...whose Ice cream is that...? 

Nobody mengaku ah....?then it's mine la...I love ice cream and i love watermelon leh more.......this time with whipped cream.........not bad leh...the set meals comes with so many items. Some more have coffee /tea included. Really worth it.

Last round came here, Papa showed me "cutting" the flame trick. I was a scaredy cat....but now...

Am not scared anymore leh....

Only turned into "Incredble Hulk" when papa went and blow out the candle ....Grrrrr...I wanted to do that !

Well, if you wanna try out the food , here is  the address...... No 10 & 11,Jalan SS 12/1B, Subang Jaya, Subang Jaya


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How old are you now? You are braver then me, I have never put a flame out with my fingers!

  2. Looks like a very good birthday:) Sometimes I crave tomato sauce on everything too.

  3. Aaaahh, Windmill.. I think I have only been to Windmill about twice only.. I like this place, but sadly, not many places available.. Susah mau cari sometimes.. You know la, hubs is not someone who fetches us here & there for makan-makan..

    First time I had it was in Kajang.. That time, still paktoring with my hubby la.. I forgotten what we had, but it was the seafood platter.. Many years ago liao, maybe all the menu changed.. I also ordered a clam soup, but there was no clam inside.. We asked the waiter, he said all "blended" inside liao.. Hmmm... Should believe him or not?

    Then second time I had it was at Jusco Bukit Tinggi during CNY in 2011.. After "bai nian" with friends in Klang, we went to this Jusco Bukit Tinggi to have lunch lor.. Everywhere was packed, so we settled at Windmill.. We also ordered your sharkfins soup and hubs had the same as yours, steak.. Forgotten was it sirloin or ribeye, but it was steak.. Hubby puji steak is good there..

    1. now so many restaurant mushroom up then gone another day. Only this Windmill been around for more than 10 years

  4. Wah! Wah! Wah! This memang high class one, why you no bring me there? Me no class one, is it? Hehehehehehehe!!!!!

    1. next time u stay near subang la....else jam leh

  5. Antie will surely attack the desserts first!!

  6. Looks Good


    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  7. Bookmark the spring chicken, got chance, wanna go eat, hehe...

  8. I love to eat ice cream but not with whipped cream, like at Starbucks, I always said double chocolate witout whipped cream!!! =]

  9. Why papa blow your candles oh? Its your birthday leh. Hehehe.

    Hi-5 to small kucing. You are same gang with my hubby who loves tomato sauces and will put tomato sauces in almost everything.

    1. errr....both birthday one day from each other lor

  10. oh, it's Small Kucing's and Paparazzi's birthday celebration - but 1-month anniversary?? hehehe.. but then Small Kucing did have the chance to blow candles woh, become Incredible Cat in the end?? aiyoh, cannot merajuk lah, already blew candles in the kindergarten mah, correct?? come, sayang, buchu buchu buchu..

    the smiley face on the soup very cute lah, sure make the day!! but then shark's fin and noodles in creamy mushroom soup?? errr, no thank you, haha!! i prefer that on clear soup instead.. and of course the shark's fin are not real one lah, so good comes with your set dinner meh?? haha..

    the spring chicken and all the stuffs placed in a smaller plate, then looked bigger in portion mah, but true lah, the plate so small then very inconvenient lah, like there is no space at all to cut the chicken.. maybe have to finished eating the fries and the salad first, then baru got space to eat the chicken.. errr, not a problem to Uncle SK lah, because he always eat things separately in sequence one, haha!!

    and notice or not?? this restaurant very funny lah, the side dishes are all the same one?? broccoli and the mixed veggie cubes.. actually i hate my dish with those frozen mixed veggie cube lah, so unprofessional lor.. i would rather you give me freshly cut veggie like lettuce and onions and capsicum etc, at least more presentable mah, agree??

    aiyoh, playing with fire?? so dangerous lah this Paparazzi, later kena scolded by the waiter then you know?? haha.. last time Uncle SK also like Small Kucing lah, see the adults trying to play but scared, and only finally dare to try once, and since then no more afraid of that and found it very fun.. then later go and tipu those younger kids pulak~~ haha!!

    1. hahaha...basi post for 2014 mah.

      weird lor for the shark fin in creamy soup, sorta east meets west and crashed.

      Mamarazzi also doesnt like frozen pea, corns and carrot unless they are in the fried rice la

      plate small very hard to eat leh. No flying chicken to other table :p

  11. What a cute cat talk ~ " round and round.....end up at Restaurant Windmill...!"
    The author always has creative writing skills.

  12. I must thank you for this post today because I will bring my parents there to eat this Sunday night. I have been thinking round and round..... so will end up at Restaurant Windmill too.

    The food looks good and delicious to me. I first dined there like 15 years ago, I think. My old man would be delighted to see the Windmill. He is child like now.

  13. Good afternoon... and belated Happy Birthday greetings... May God Bless you always.
    Sounds good value meals!

  14. Been to a couple of times. The set lunch is definitely worth the try and price.

  15. I want the spring chicken set! Yummy. Going for lunch now!

  16. The food looks good! I would have gone for the spring chicken.

  17. Wah! Such a nice dinner lah!

  18. The chicken set looks very presentable, so many fries!

  19. The ice-cream caught my attention. It does looks very tempting. hahaha. Happy Birthday then. :-)

  20. I remember reading your previous post about this restaurant. The set meal is really value for money. Small kucing is so brave to press on the candle flame with his fingers.

    The sharkfin soup if not very expensive then must be made from something similar to what is used to make glass noodles, I think.

    1. Been there a few times. Not bad la the food there and service too

  21. Agreed with you, the plate for spring chicken is too small, how to cut lah!

  22. Hahahhaha... the flame trick. My Mom used to tell us if we would play with fire we would pee to bed. LOL


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