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Monday, 31 March 2014

Restaurant Ali Cham and My Tomyum Craze

 Lately I am having Tomyum craze. Yup...gila wanna eat tomyum. so unlike me. Night time supper, I would bodek Mamarazzi said I cannot sleep . Say wanna eat noodle.

Mamarazzi threathen me say no noodles. If want then eat Tomyum noodles la. Mana tau I said "OK". *pengsan*

 Nice ah...nice ah.....wanna eat ah....but "raining' from everywhere ah...

 Lucky got 100 Plus to the rescue...

Pedas.....but nice ah

 Yesterday evening. Papa asked wanna eat what for dinner. I said wanna eat "TOMYUM". Papa was surprised...sure?? 

Stop by this restaurant to try out the food la since listed there got Tom Yum

 Yes! am damn sure!

 One Orange Juice for me and one Watermelon Juice for Mamarazzi.....RM3 each. 

Finally my bowl of TomYum Noodles. A lot of things in it

 But I like the noodles best. 

 So yummy...

"raining" ah....My orange juice not enough.Siap I sapu Mamarazzi's watermelon juice. 

 Papa's fried noodles

 Mamarazzi's Fried Rice.

For us, the food here was good. Both Papa and mamarazzi was satisfied with the food. Saw a few tables have something like Korean BBQ. Asked the Lady boos and she said it's "Daging Bukit"(Meat hill). Said it's RM20 per set.They provide 200gm of meat and also vegetable.

Papa and Mamarazzi said next time will come and try out other dishes here and the price was reasonable and taste suit us.

Ahem....thousand apology ah coz Mamarazzi is not sure where the road name ...If she is not mistaken it's located at No 021-G , Jalan Bidara 6/2(maybe. Coz can't find in Google map. She guessed the road name from WAZE), Taman Saujana Utama, 47000 Sg Buloh. mamarazzi kaput-ed liao ...coz too much heaty stuff lately. Got bit fever and sore throat...sigh...

Jalan Bidara 6/2

Friday, 28 March 2014

Coconut Water at United Garden and Coconut Jelly at Home

Was at United Garden,  Old Klang Road. Uiks!...rm2.50 a coconut.  That's cheap. Nowadays usually it's around rm3.50-rm4.50 one..depending where you buy.

Very laku. Many order from him but his hands very fast oh. In a blink of an eye, he was done tapau 4 packets of  coconut water for us.

 Came home Papa drank two packets of the coconut water. Next day Mamarazzi itchy hand.  Went to Auntie Elin's blog and found Elinluv Coconut jelly. paint. She asked why paint ...errr..probably coz Mamarazzi didn't put enough sugar. She stingy. Put only one spoon of sugar. Else I would have love it.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Birthday Dinner at restaurant Windmill, Subang Jaya

Been to this restaurant for dinner twice. Yeah...duno what to eat during my actual birthday so round and round.....end up at Restaurant Windmill

Papa and Mamarazzi had their set meal....

Comes with the soup.... smiley soup..

Another pulak come with soup with "noodles/sharkfin" in it. Dunno real or not as portion was a lot. But for Mamarazzi, it doesn't match with this thick soup taste...something like mushroom soup ....east meets west.

She loves the shrimps salad. Yummy.

For more keen on blowing out the candles....yea...crazy on blowing candles....

Papa's spring chicken  set meal. Nice but would suggest put in bigger plate next time so that easier to cut.

My "noodles".

another crazy phase...tomato sauce on everything......

Mamarazzi's Moo Moo set dinner. 

Of which...I "chupped" the corn first... Love eating this. 

eh eh...whose Ice cream is that...? 

Nobody mengaku ah....?then it's mine la...I love ice cream and i love watermelon leh more.......this time with whipped cream.........not bad leh...the set meals comes with so many items. Some more have coffee /tea included. Really worth it.

Last round came here, Papa showed me "cutting" the flame trick. I was a scaredy cat....but now...

Am not scared anymore leh....

Only turned into "Incredble Hulk" when papa went and blow out the candle ....Grrrrr...I wanted to do that !

Well, if you wanna try out the food , here is  the address...... No 10 & 11,Jalan SS 12/1B, Subang Jaya, Subang Jaya

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Basil Invasion!

Been "helping" Papa and Mamarazzi do "gardening" by "watering" the plants. Muhahaha...*evil laugh* Don't worry.....I "water" only the flowers...not the edible plants.....

 Some time ago, Mommy Ling gave Mamarazzi a basil plant. At one time the leaves were turning yellow and dying. Mamarazzi S.O.S Mommy Ling and she told Mamarazzi not to worry. Just that the plant was growing too tall. Need to trim aje.

Trim then the "excess" just plonk in a pot and it will grow. Mamarazzi didn't believe in the beginning but surprisingly....yes! they grow very easily....alamak...much too easy leh....Mamarazzi kept trimming and they kept got at least 10 Basil plants in various area of the house...

Gave one plant to the neighbour and see what the neighbour gave us...fresh brinjals from her garden!

Now still got a lot of basil in the to get rid some of the  basil ah.....Mamarazzi was think....hmm....maybe plonk a few more and give to my teachers as Teachers Day Gift. What you think....? workable?

She saw her friend syok syok planting Tomatoes ...every week can see him harvesting tomatoes Mamarazzi also took some seed from the tomatoes and cincai throw it into a container la. Hmmm....Mana tau it really grows wor.

Wondering whether these will survive and bear fruits or not....any tips?

 Finally a Lime plant's Kum Katt plant. We ate Kum Katt during CNY and Mamarazzi saved the seeds. Throw some into the pot. So far 4 tiny plants pop up. Hopefully can survive la...

Unfortunately the spinach plant not growing well....Mamarazzi bought seeds to grow it but each time the seeds grow around 1cm and it kaput-ed....

Finally fed-up . Just plonk some of the roots from the spinach that she bought from the market. They are growing but not in abundance yet.

 Our Brinjal plant....hmmmm....will it bear fruit...hopefully la

But dunno why our Cili plants refused to grow and bear fruit leh....the neighbour ones very big and loads of cili leh.....ours leaves turning yellow and don't wanna grow.....too much water? Too little water? Not enough fertiliser? Maybe I  should start "watering:" these two cili plants kot........

yeah yea....this is a very dry post...not run out of ideas ...still have load of backlog to clear  but kinda leave it a day or two first la.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Terrific Service From Tony Roma's , Midvalley.

Nearly a fortnight ago we were at Old Klang Road. It was nearly time for dinner but nobody was  very hungry.

What to makan?...After several suggestion, Papa and Mamarazzi decided to have Tony Roma's famous Fried Mushrooms. The nearest Tony Roma's is in Midvalley. So off we went there lor...

Parked at The Garden. Was surprised to see that there was a drive to Pray for MH370. I took two pieces of the "wishing paper".

There were a lot of customers in the restaurant but service was fast. We were seated in no time.

I like this outlet as the waiter here treat me like I am an adult. I asked them for a pen to write on the "wishing paper" and he came back with a color pencil for me...apologising say they don't have pen.

Adoi...I have not even finish writing arrived liao....Why so fast one....thought the restaurant full liao....service supposed to be slower mah....

Blame in on the fast service la....I had to write fast fast writing become "cakar ayam". Mamarazzi laughed say sure or not.

I was trying to write "MH370 please come back. Everybody is worry about you". But now It looks like my prayers not coming true... R.I.P.

 this fried mushroom is really irresistable. Somebody sneaking a bite liao..... 

 Mamarazzi loves it..Papa loves it...and I love it too.

 I ordered a burger for myself. Portion was super big. Papa had to help me to finish it. Tell you hor...the fries when dipped into the yellow sauce that accompany the friend mushrooms, taste very good one leh.  I wonder what sauce is that. Really terrific. Bit sweet bit sourish. Yummy...

 Mamarazzi's plate of Salad.....according to her was okay la. The leave was not that crunchy. Maybe have ot been soak in water long enough but still good enough la. 

 Wah lau eh....the waiters here must have X-ray eyes leh.... Papa and Mamarazzi's drinks left 1/4 not finished yet, they already zoom in and refilled their drinks. Super attentive service.

When we asked for bill......can you see what is written on the bill? yes...the word THANK YOU. Aren't this a nice touch? He also gave us four Mentos sweets. So nice.

Thank you to the staffs in Tony Roma's Midvalley for the terrific service!

Note : this is not a paid post nor sponsored post. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Vietnam Kitchen at 1Utama, Bandar Utama

It was our first time there though this restaurant have been in existence for long time 

Very unique "menu" . Looks just like newspaper. 

Not being adventurous, Mamarazzi dare not order any weird name drinks. Better stick with tea. 

 Papa likes the peanuts. 

I am crazy about Ham. Saw got Ham Noodle so I ordered a bowl lor. 

So big  bowl leh..wondering can finish or not leh

Papa had the Beef noodle set. Big bowl too and comes with quite a number of things like spring rolls...something kimchi like....argh....dunno all the names la.

Then Mamarazzi saw this funny looking set...seems to have beef also...asked the waitress...she said also beef but a bit spicy...wokay la....Mamarazzi tried out this one la....

She said it's like a cross between our Tomyam and Asam laksa. Verdict. ...worth the try.

Total bill comes up to RM62.75...not bad la. 

Ngum ngum that weekend Alza was having road show in 1Utama. Boboi and Gang were there too. Me sure had fun meeting them.

But most fun of all was playing all the games there for free. 

The staffs there was freely giving out chocolates, recycle bags, pen and various knick knacks to visitors.

I sure had fun.....

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