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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Water Fun at Gold Coast Morib Resort

Papa bought Gold Coast Morib Resort stay voucher back in Dec 2012 or early 2013. Valid for a year but we didn't seems to be able to make time to go. It's valid during week days only.

Since it was December 2013....die die have to use lor else wasted leh.


Made reservation for 26th December 2013. Christmas decoration is still up. Everyone still on a Chrismassy mood. 


We arrived pretty early in the morning but can only check-in after 2pm-3pm.  Papa went to the counter to get tag for the Water Park. They were giving two free entry to the water park for adult. For kid have to pay RM20. 


Off we I went playing water. 


Though there were a huge crowd due to the holiday season, I had great fun. 


Hopefully the guards at the Water park gate will be more stringent on people bringing beer into the park is instead of bringing a drink or a bite for kids. After all we have to respect others religion too.


Pretty soon, Papa and Mamarazzi said it's time for lunch. But I didn't wanna go off leh. Having too much fun playing water.

But they insisted. Off we went to Tg Sepat. As we got into the car, my tummy started to  grumble. Lucky still have half packet of Nasi Lemak from the morning. 


Had lunch at Baywatch restaurant. Food as good as ever.

Borong some fishballs and pau back to the resort. 

By the time we arrived back to the resort, there was a huge crowd at the reception.

Good thing about them is that they opened two more counter at the Customer Service for Guests who had check-in earlier to pick up their room key. 

We got kinda lost  coz did not receive proper direction to our room. Finally found our room but the room key not working pulak. Got kinda angry but kudos to the staff who "ronda" the floor as he was quite calm. 
After some ding-dong.....managed to get into our room. 


Mamarazzi was kinda dissapointed at the room condition as there was a musty smell when we entered room. Saw some holes on the wall.

The cup in the mini coffee bar have stain. Nevertheless, all these can easily be rectify. Small matter.  


Found the water Kettle not in a good condition. The power cord was wrapped in black tape and there was exposed part.

Hopefully the Management will look into this in the future as it could be hazardous to Guests. 


Mamarazzi was looking forward to the jacuzzi but the condition was not too good. The handle bar was gone. There were holes where the handle bar should be. 

Please note that the above is just a feedback. Am sure by now the said room would have been fixed and  in a tip top condition. It could be because the sudden huge crowd during holiday season, the Resort Management did not have enough time to do all the repair needed. 


One quaint thing that she found in the bathroom is the tap at the sink was "movable". Clever idea. Sure makes the Cleaner job much easier.No need to use toothbrush, like Mamarazzi  to clean under the tap


I had fun in the Jacuzzi. Had fun time puzzling which knob is for what. 

Mamarazzi also no help coz she also didn't know how to operate the jacuzzi as there was no instruction . 

Press here ...choo choo there ..brrr brr massage? syoknya. 

Cheese! Auntie Claire's trademark


By evening I was dead exhausted but Papa and Mamarazzi said let's go downstairs for free buffet dinner. Not free for me la coz I had to pay. They free for adult only.

Me no mood to eat. 


I had their cute cakes and dessert.

for Mamarazzi...she ate a lot oh...Found her favourite Petai there. Lucky we arrive early at the buffet as by 9pm most food were gone. The staffs there doesn't seems to refill anymore food. But I guess after 9pm, not many will come to have buffet anymore la.

The next morning, Mamarazzi woke up early.

She woke me up too. 


hey...nobody at the Theme Park yet.  

We woke Papa up


Off we went for the free buffet breakfast. This round I ate for free coz Mamarazzi gave her voucher to me. She was not hungry.

As there was a huge crowd, the resort added canopy by the beach and we had our breakfast there.Much nicer to makan under the canopy coz....


.....after I had my fill of food, I can go for a walk by the beach


Crazy about playing sand. Asked Mamarazzi whether I can bring some sand to the Theme Park. 

Off we went for final round of playing water


Naughty me splashing Papa.

Syok wor...


But then...kena back from Papa.


Gold Coast Morib Resort was certain a good place to be for me. I get to play as much water as l like. From what Papa said, seems cheap too as they give free entrance ticket and meal vouchers too. Worthwhile to go with family.


  1. Can really see Small Kucing having great fun at the water park! Go again soon?

    1. not going there so soon more school holiday

  2. Haiyar!!! Should have given me the voucher! I would have gone over for a nice stay at the resort. Sure I would have brought lots of toys...and kampua for you one! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  3. Uikkks, wah, this post was saved since Christmas ahh? Hehehehe.. I think ahh, mamarazzi has many posts saved as drafts, then only publish it slowly one by one, keke..

    Oohh, I heard of Gold Coast here.. Wait, is it in Sepang or Morib? Or both tempat are the same? Sorry ahh, me a bit jakun.. Only heard of it, but not exactly know what and where lor.. The hubs is not someone who would bring us here and there for makan & kai kai.. So I became a jakun.. *sad* :(

    Eh, pic #3 & #23 similiar, must be fun playing with water hor.. Normally J will telanjang ad only wear underwear when he plays with water.. But this time, wah, fully "dressed" wor, in his swimming costume.. But yes la, have to respect the rules, in a public water park must wear proper swimming costumes hor..

    1. Coz December tarak blog lor. so now baru blog ...

  4. Didn't jio me go, wkakakakakakakaka....

  5. Good morning... thanks for sharing your review! Seems you truly had a wonderful time at the water park!

  6. I have passed this Gold Coast Morib few times and never entered yet. So many good reviews of their outdoor activities are tempting. Perhaps I am too old to slide down the pools!

  7. I also heard of the room conditions in several blogs ~ Good & Bad ones. I think you were not lucky enough as some rooms looked new according to some reviews. I have become more fussy too as I aged. I often ended up paying more for good hotels after thinking that I need a good rest & sleep with my hard earned money.

    I love that jacuzzi with water jets! That one was huge in your room and you 3 could mandi beramai-ramai!!!

    1. Mamarazzi also fussy about rooms too...If not comfortable whe will make noise

  8. Heard so much on this Gold cost morib but never been there before. The water park sure attract kids !

    1. The water park was fun la...something like mini sunway lagoon

  9. hahaha, it seems like Mamarazzi is "reviewing 2013" these few days ah?? good also lah, good memories must be kept and not forgotten.. how come i don't have anything backdated to blog about?? hahaha.. my life is such a misery, so dull and so boring until i got nothing interesting to write lah~~ :D

    1. yea....gotta clear back log for 2013 before go to 2014 backlog

  10. yalah, bought already the vouchers must use lah, else so wasteful lah.. rather waste petrol to go there than to waste the voucher to let them earn without any reason right?? haha.. and maybe it's school holidays ah?? so the room wasn't cleaned properly because too many people staying in?? aih, i always like to go travel during non-peak lah, but then i also understand for family with kids, memang impossible lah, always have to wait until school holidays..

    1. family with kids hard to travel during non peak time lor....unless ponteng school la

  11. i notice a new thing here, mamarazzi numbered the photos, wah, make it easier to comment if want to refer to a particular photo!! eih, keep on doing that lah, easier for us also.. like that the probability of commenting on every photo also higher mah.. haha!! but total 27 photos, Uncle SK will faint lah, haha~~ :D

    1. coz this one so many photos...sure kena complain :p

  12. hahaha, still better to drive out to Tg Sepat for your dinner hor?? i think probably nothing to eat inside the resort, or maybe there is but not nice and expensive right?? better go somewhere PLC though need to waste some petrol, but then still worth lah.. somemore can tabao some fishballs from Tg Sepat (errr, next time can consider to bring rice cooker then can steamboat inside the hotel room, hahaha)~~ :D

    1. That one was for lunch....dinner at in the hotel it self coz lready kasi free voucher

  13. wah, happy lah looking at Small Kucing playing in the pool.. this time mamarazzi didn't forget his swimsuit, but what about sunblock?? did he make any new friends there?? hmmm, maybe too crazy splashing water on Paparazzi till he has nobody else in his sight already.. never see any leng lui there in the pool?? haha~~ :p

  14. but so strange ah?? only given free tickets to the adults but not the children.. hmmm, so pandai do business hor?? because they know the adults may not probably want to go, but for the kids, sure they want to go to the theme park.. like that guarantee can earn more money if the adults are bringing children lor.. i thought usually kids go in for free with accompanying adults~~ :p

    1. family 2 kids they already earn jor

  15. The kettle's wire looks so dangerous leh, better don't use it!!! >.<!!!

  16. much fun for SK aka Small Kucing.... I think my kids have outgrown this already... really nice to bring them here if they were kucing's age... sure lots of splashing, I saw my name suddenly...OK la... this trademark used globally one... :)

    1. Think your kids will like too coz got place for adults too

  17. Thank goodness the last time we went, the room was decent despite there was this musty smell too.

    No worries, at least Mamarazzi had her fav sambal petal.haha

  18. Wah! Syioklah Small Kucing.

    Nice stay, yeah? Despite the boo-boo in the room at first.

  19. Why Small Kucing didn't request for a room switch?
    On 2nd thought not sure i wanna to go to this resort for my weekend escape from City of Potholes ;-)

    1. Coz the place fully books . doubtful have room to change also

  20. Many of my friends went to Gold Coast Morib and said it's quite a nice place!

    Hmm, hopefully I can bring Aden there one day ;)

  21. While there were so hiccups here and there, I am glad that Joshua had fun. Somehow I am quite particular about cleanliness of hotel rooms. Even the smallest dirt, I will make noise and request to change room.

    1. fully booked leh the place. Doubtful that there will be room available

  22. I was also planning to bring my kids here during school holidays, but so far read many bad reviews about the place esp about the condition of the room.Hopefully they will sort it out soon.

  23. Nice place for family getaway!

  24. I'm curious how much the Gold Coast Morib Resort package cost but I'm pretty sure Small Kucing indeed had tons of fun there.

  25. So lucky got petai in the buffet spread, on my stay, the food was just so so only :(

  26. I really enjoyed looking at your photos - the Gold Coast resort really looks like a good place for a lot of water play. I bet that you have a lot of good memories and pictures to put away into storage after that fun trip hey?


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