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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Finally Yip Kee Noodles House, Subang Jaya(Revisited)

Hmmm....tak puas(Not satisfied). Yesterday Mamarazzi posted about our visit to Yip Kee Noodles House whereby  wanted to have noodles but we end up having rice with dishes instead.

A week after that, we went there again.

This round we had noodles.
Muka boring while waiting for papa and Mamarazzi to decide what they wanna eat.

 Me...i know already what I want....NOODLES.

My Char Siew Wanton Noodles.


Comes with a bowl of wantan soup.

Papa had Roast Pork Wantan Mee. 

Mamarazzi had their Vinegar Pig Trotter rice.  The gravy taste good but the meat was not "fat" enough for Mamarazzi. Next time must ask them for more fatty meat.

I finished my noodles very fast leh. But still hungry for more wor.

Papa  ordered one more plate of wantan noodles to be shared with me. If not mistaken it was moo moo wantant mee....or was it not ah...

adoi...long time ago leh...forgotten liao. But I love the noodle la.

Taste good la.

They have loads of other food. So maybe one of these days will go back and try out more of their food.


  1. Now only I know Mamarazzi likes to eat fatty pork trotter. So Small Kucing is very satisfied with his noodles.

  2. Hmmmmmmmm ... seems like lots of noodles posts today. Stp also got!

    1. Seems like all your friends are having noodles. You going to be influenced? :)

  3. Small Kucing's bored face cracks me up;)

  4. Noodles look like those at Noddle House here, not so nice lah...go elsewhere eat kampua sooooooo much nicer.

    1. Lol...noodles noodles noodles everywhere. Pls refer to chris au's comment above :)

  5. Usually when I go for wantan mee, I will order the soupy one.. Most of my colleagues will order the dry one.. Weird but I like soupy noodles from young (ching tong).. Maybe I don't like the "black black sauce", keke.. But I like hakka mee though.. Coz hakka mee is not "black"..

    When I was young, mum used to tell me not to eat "too black" noodles, else, my face will have parut, or if I already have a wound or a (mosquito) bite, it will become darker and never leaves.. Rooted in my brain and today I am still wondering if was a myth.. Coz I have scars all over my legs, below my thigh, and it never goes away.. Still here until today nomatter what cream/moisturizer I applied.. During pregnancy, these scars (all over my legs) became darker.. After pregnancy and until present, the scars are still there, only lighter.. Hmm....

    Talking about wantan mee, hehe, yesterday we went to Pun Chun during lunch time.. I had soupy wantan mee.. And barley.. They are popular for their pandan barley (the whole thing is green), every table will sure order that everytime we go there..

    1. Me not particular on soup or the dry version.

      But mamarazzi dun like hakka mee .

      Got pandan barley ah? Didn't know. Usually ordered iced Chinese tea. Cheapskate ma

  6. Still hungry, didn't try to get another plate? Hehe!!!

  7. Please hand over the pig vinegar trotter. Just like you, I like all the fats.

  8. wah, Mamarazzi seems to like this Yip Kee noodles house a lot, went there for a second time.. first time for rice and second time for noodles.. give herself more excuses not to cook lah, no wonder, because another wave of BBWS is coming dei!! she sure need to camp there and have no time to cook..

    oh, i remember already!! that one in Low Yat is called Ah Yip Leng Tong (Ah Yip's nice soup), not Yip Kee.. the wantan noodles look nice woh, especially the siew yoke one.. but mamarazzi still prefer to have rice huh?? and somemore complained that the pork are not fat enough?? yierrr, if Uncle SK is going to eat that, sure he throw away all the fat meat and requested to have all lean ones.. but then sorry lah, he also don't eat the vinegar trotter one, hakka jar yoke yes lah.. :D

    wah, Small Kucing surely is growing up already lah.. one plate not enough but have to share another one with Paparazzi.. eih, Uncle SK only started to have 1½ noodles in high school but this Small Kucing still kindy already ate so much!! sure will grow up to become a strong man later..

    come to think about it, last time 1½ still not quite enough, have to have big ones with 2 noodles.. but then recently i think old already lah, 2 noodles will be too much for Uncle SK already, going back to 1½ noodles and sometimes just the normal single noodles.. even go buffet also the most 3 rounds already started to kenyang, so rugi lah.. that's why now no more plan for buffet lah, eat a la carte, just nice and no need to worry didn't eat enough worth of the food~~ :D

    1. Pandai la u...tmw bbws !!! Yay!!!!

      Fatty part of por trotter vinegar baru palinh best. Melt in the mouth like having smoothies.

      It depends on mood. Some time half also cannot finish. Sometimes one is just not enough. Lol

      Weird wor coz sometimes some dhop 1 1/2 very little. Dunno the noodles less or wat

  9. Haha....smallkucing too boring until putting the menu on his head !

  10. Haha ah boy don't so moody la! The noodles looks yummy also ma~

  11. Can 'geng' with Amani. Noodles lover. hihi

  12. Surely will go for the roast pork wanton noodles... Missing those!!

  13. Good job on making me craving for wonton mee =.="


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