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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Chap Goh Mei, Valentine Day & Big Bad Wolf Books Fireball Sale 2014

How was your Chap Goh Mei and Valentine Day? Our was great. Papa cooked for us.

 Papa even chilled a bottle to be drink at dinner.

Naughty Papa asked Mamarazzi to finish up half the bottle. Mamarazzi said later mabuk and next morning cannot wake up to go for Big Bad Wolf Fireball Sale how?

He said same result...if he finish all...can't wake up  early also won't be able to go...


 Luckily Mamarazzi managed to wake up at 6.30am. Woke me up and we got ready. By 8am we were out of the house.

Arrived at MIECC there were many people but no problem in finding parking. That was her major worry.

This Fireball sale looks like similar to last year's Fire Sale. The sale only occupied around 1/4 of the Big Bad Wolf Books Main sale venue.

Mamarazzi was very happy to see the books at the Children section were arranged neatly. She was able to find all the books she wanted to get for me.

While Mamarazzi was busy picking up books, me and Papa went hunting for Playland. ....Got playland but not managed by Big Bad Wolf Books Sale geh...I miss the pretty Jie Jie that manned the Playland in December.

 As the books were arranged neatly, shopping was a breeze for Mamarazzi. Within 2 hours plus she managed to get a good load for me.

Went and pay.

Discovered that after the payment counter, BookXcess is there too. This round the occupied another 1/4 of the floor area.

 Irresistible. Imported sticker . RM5 for 10 packets!. Meaning only 50sen a packet! Wah lau eh...even Pasar malam selling for RM1 a packet dei....

She bought RM10 of the stickers, Can mix.

 Also got three balls for me at RM3 each. What a great bargain.  It seems that there are plenty of others stuff there but Mamarazzi didn't go and browse and she was feeling quite blur blur sotong from hangover and lack of sleep. Too excited about the fireball sale gua and worry about parking and the crowd. A needless one it seems.

 I can't wait to see what's in the trolley bag for me.

 Shhh....quiet....lemme look at this book.

Love this book about Plane. I remember Uncle Anay gave me one such book before I like looking through it though I don't really understand it.

 Mamarazzi managed to grab this three great bargain set of Team Umizoomi Preschool Maths Kit.

Each cost RM12 only and inside of it have 1 DVD, 1 Story Book, 1 Workbook, 1 activity book, Mission Card, Pencil case, Pencils and Eraser.

 Some facts books at RM8 each. Hardcover.

 These discovery books cost RM3 each. Nice interesting facts there. There is a spinning wheel in each book. I bet I will have fun with it.

 These two encyclopedia were RM10 each. Hardcover and nice paper leh. Still got the "fresh book scent" on them.

 Sobs....why la Mamarazzi buy these Maths books for me.....means more homework dei...but she said cheap wor...RM2 and RM3 only wor.

 The Encyclopedia of Knowledge cost RM15. WOw....there is even a "show" on how the plant catch flies for food!

How Things Work Encyclopedia was RM12 while the one with aeroplane was RM10 only. The picture dictionary was the cheapest among the four at RM6 only!.

 Argh.... another RM3 book which Mamarazzi expect me to do "homework" with. 

 She reminded me to keep this set of "100 Facts" books carefully wor . Said the most expensive among all buy coz it was RM45. Expensive meh? RM45 for 6 books and there was a big poster about the human body attached wor.

Another set which she bought for me. A set of 10 books at RM20. Hey! I saw the Monkey and Apes books from Anne Ooi's storytelling last week at the Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme. 

By the way....tomorrow Subang Jaya Book Exchange is on from 3pm-5pm. For further information. please visit the Facebook

Last but not least RM1 storybooks.  

Looks like I'll be very busy for the coming days lor. 

Mamarazzi is very happy with the books from this round Fireball sale. Condition of the books were good. Some can even be said as look pristine. Still have the new books scent. New books old books....same to Mamarazzi. As long as the book impart good's a good book. 

Today is the first day of sale. You still have a week to visit the Big Bad Wolf Books Fireball sale before it ends on 23rd February 2014 which is the same day which somebody gonna sing "Happy Birthday" song to me.  *hint hint*


  1. 6.30...8 baru keluar from house. Took so long berak, is it? Constipate after eating your papa's chicken the night before. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. wow, so sweet lah the Big Chef cooked for Mamarazzi on V-Day!! and also forced her to drink half a bottle of wine, hehehe, so naughty!! but i like how he responded to Mamarazzi lah, so cheeky and yet so true, haha.. didn't let Small Kucing had some of the wine ke?? if he had, i think sure the next day Mamarazzi couldn't even wake him up at 6:30am..

    wah, Mamarazzi's favorite event lah, of course cannot miss lah.. she goes to BBWS is like Uncle SK goes to Doraemon Expo only lah.. maybe the first day only so the books are all still nicely arranged?? wait till the last day and Mamarazzi goes there again, see how's the situation?? but pity the staff there also hor?? i think all the time working there, 90% they need to arrange the books into the proper order.. just like those fashion promoters have to fold clothes all the time..

    wah, those stickers so cheap and so nice leh.. even the wholesaler in Petaling Street also selling at RM1 each leh.. can buy a lot at RM0.50 each leh, stock up and then can keep them as gifts for Small Kucing's classmates later.. and those books, actually can think of the same thing lah.. nowadays kids birthday need to give presents to classmates instead, so can keep those goodies for future use.. haha!!

    adui, only books for Small Kucing only this round.. hmmm, Uncle SK foresee this will not be the last and only time Mamarazzi will go to the BBWS lah.. one day later she will be there again to borong her own books, probably few folds more than what she got for Small Kucing today.. haha!!

    1. LOL ya lor...naughty Papa

      Biasa la. THat is why must go first day coz after first day books will be jumble up. hard to find leh. Kesian also the staffs there.

      That's why buy till rm10. LOL...otherwise jarang buy lo.

      You so pandai la...this will be last round la coz heard something brewing....muhahaha...I wonder what

  3. Oooo nice haul. I am hoping to go too, if I can find the time. Hopefully weekdays won't be so busy!

  4. Nice haul. Mine will be up soon on the blog, not even on FB yet, haha.

  5. Your Chap Goh Meh comes V-day is 10 times better than mine! Got hearty home cooked meal wo!

    I just went for a simple dinner with my 2 men, not really satisfied cause the food sucks!!

  6. So many books for Small Kucing! Lucky boy! Hahaha Paparazzi is so smart to tell Mamarazzi if he drink all the wine also cannot go the next day. I think I will go to buy the cheap stickers. Hope they are still available when I can make it there.

  7. Jealous, can go book hunting again. Hmm, small kucing got so many books this round? Mama must be hinting to small kucing to study hard this time.

    That is nice to have papa cook for the V-day. I dont mind my hubby to cook for me sometimes.

    Oohh. 23rd har??? Happy birthday in advance. :)

  8. Happy buying Books!! Show us your treasure later!

  9. If i stay near you, can borrow books from you to read, kakaka...

    1. But you mentioned you dont read geh....

    2. Got read, but take a long time to read a book, kaka...

  10. Great to half someone who cooks and makes you happy. The book galore is simply superb.

  11. Aiyo, I forgot about this lo....must find some time to go before 23rd....(thanks for bring it up!!!)

  12. Whoah! Sudah give early hint for birthday lah! LOL

    1. that have ample time mah :p

  13. Wow...manage to grab more treasures!

    1. Yesssss.....going? Saw a lot of arty thingy there. suit your girls

  14. This time borong how many boxes of book? LOL

  15. reading is good but my son no interest in reading :(

    1. Maybe try out with picture or activity book first and go from there

  16. Used to hate those horrible hangovers. Can't indulge any longer,... so no more hangovers.

    1. LOL.....Lucky this happens only once in a blue moon

  17. I am drooling looking at the meal and also the stickers, hehe.


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