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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Big Bad Wolf FireBall Book Sale 15-23 February 2014


Well...not actually news flash la if you have been following Big Bad Wolf Books Facebook.

They will be having Fireball Books Sale from 15-23 February 2014

No 24 hours sale this round(maybe pending response from fans?). The official time is 9am to 9pm at MIECC

Big price slash leh...So better mark your calendar ya.

Hopefully Mamarazzi can get more Picture Dictionary for me as am crazy about them at this moment.

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post nor have we received any goods in lieu. Just sharing the news with friends. The above photos are taken from Big Bad Wolf Books Facebook.


  1. Maybe they can ship the books over and have the sale here. All those over there who would buy would probably have bought already, not going to buy anymore.

    1. LOL...maybe they will go there one of these days. Heard many fans kirim to buy on their behalf

  2. Thanks for the info, I won't miss out this this time!!! =]

  3. fuyoh fuyoh, Mamarazzi's favorite event is back!! wah, from 15th till 23rd February meaning Mamarazzi is going to be there for X-hours again??!! but no continuous 9x24 operations so mamarazzi cannot camp there for 230 hours again.. ok ok, waiting for mamarazzi to post photos of the books, and if got things ngam, maybe Uncle SK will tumpang beli a few - but aiyah, Uncle SK still have not touched any books he has bought the last round using BB1M, they are lying there handsomely on the rack collecting dust only, haha!! :D

  4. This news makes me happy! Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Kong Hei Fatt Choy!! Small Kucing, hope you enjoyed yourself with all the new year goodies, new clothesm meeting up with friends and family and of course, lots and lots of angpow.

    And your mama and papa must also have enjoyed themselves entertaining and visiting.

    May this new year of the Horse bring you all continued happiness, good health and prosperity!

  6. Thank you for sharing. For those who love to buy books, must make sure to go there!

    1. sure a must...those who doesnt like traffic jam better avoid that area lo sure super jam those days :p

  7. woot. MIECC ya, let me make time to go there this round.

    Thanks for sharing! and gong xi fa cai again!

  8. Its another book galore and probably I will try to go this time around.

  9. Thanks for sharing! This time I have excuse to visit the book fair during office hours cos my company's development project is nearby for my inspection. See you there!

  10. Wow, another BBW sales? Guess I will give this a miss also la =_-

    1. This one is sale of leftover books from last round


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