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Friday, 28 February 2014

Homi Curry Puff at Restaurant Hock Seng Two, PJ

We have pass by this restaurant many times and each time when in the evening though all the rest of the stalls had closed, Mamarazzi saw this stall selling Curry Puff still open.

And many people are buying for this stall .

Got curious so one day few months ago, papa stop by this stall and Mamarazzi got down  to get two piece of curry puff.

Saw got the Ho Chiak sticker there and some newspaper posting.

Huge curry puff. If not mistaken it was RM2. 

Mamarazzi like the flaky skin. Me too. Quite a lot of fillings in the curry puff. Hmm....looks tempting hor...Maybe Mamarazzi can try her hand in making the curry puff? But how to make the flaky skin ah?

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hi-5 House Party at KL Performing Art Center, Sentul

Me really "terror" in December 2013. Full packed days. Zoom zoom to Big Bad Wolf Books Sale..Zoom zoom to school trip...zoom zoom to water fun at Gold Coast Morib Resort.

Then on the same day check out from GCMR , I zoom zoom home. Changed baju and zoom zoom to KL PAC.

I have been looking forward to it for sooooooo long. I kept worrying that I will missed the show. When I heard going to GCMR on 26th and coming back on 27...I told Mamarazzi don't wanna go la coz 27th have Hi-5 leh.

But still...we managed to arrive KL PAC in good time. Got lost a few times. Silly GPS.

Checking out the merchandise. 

Saw this...But Mamarazzi don't wanna buy for me coz kedekut. 

Met up with my friend Yash.  Yup...we've got 4 tickets but Papa said me and Mamarazzi go la. The other two tickets, Yash can join us with his dad.

Yohooo!!! Am finally here !

It finally started. No snapping photos and video recording but Mmarazzi curi curi snap a few la .

It felt like a blink of the eye and the party was over. I had fun dancing in front there with my friend. Just too bad they don't allow to bring in mineral water. Kids show mah. A lot of jumping around does makes me thirsty leh.

Nevertheless, thirsty or not....I did enjoy the show very much.

Thank you to Sophia of and  Dumex Mamil® All ‘n One™ for the House Party tickets.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Water Fun at Gold Coast Morib Resort

Papa bought Gold Coast Morib Resort stay voucher back in Dec 2012 or early 2013. Valid for a year but we didn't seems to be able to make time to go. It's valid during week days only.

Since it was December 2013....die die have to use lor else wasted leh.


Made reservation for 26th December 2013. Christmas decoration is still up. Everyone still on a Chrismassy mood. 


We arrived pretty early in the morning but can only check-in after 2pm-3pm.  Papa went to the counter to get tag for the Water Park. They were giving two free entry to the water park for adult. For kid have to pay RM20. 


Off we I went playing water. 


Though there were a huge crowd due to the holiday season, I had great fun. 


Hopefully the guards at the Water park gate will be more stringent on people bringing beer into the park is instead of bringing a drink or a bite for kids. After all we have to respect others religion too.


Pretty soon, Papa and Mamarazzi said it's time for lunch. But I didn't wanna go off leh. Having too much fun playing water.

But they insisted. Off we went to Tg Sepat. As we got into the car, my tummy started to  grumble. Lucky still have half packet of Nasi Lemak from the morning. 


Had lunch at Baywatch restaurant. Food as good as ever.

Borong some fishballs and pau back to the resort. 

By the time we arrived back to the resort, there was a huge crowd at the reception.

Good thing about them is that they opened two more counter at the Customer Service for Guests who had check-in earlier to pick up their room key. 

We got kinda lost  coz did not receive proper direction to our room. Finally found our room but the room key not working pulak. Got kinda angry but kudos to the staff who "ronda" the floor as he was quite calm. 
After some ding-dong.....managed to get into our room. 


Mamarazzi was kinda dissapointed at the room condition as there was a musty smell when we entered room. Saw some holes on the wall.

The cup in the mini coffee bar have stain. Nevertheless, all these can easily be rectify. Small matter.  


Found the water Kettle not in a good condition. The power cord was wrapped in black tape and there was exposed part.

Hopefully the Management will look into this in the future as it could be hazardous to Guests. 


Mamarazzi was looking forward to the jacuzzi but the condition was not too good. The handle bar was gone. There were holes where the handle bar should be. 

Please note that the above is just a feedback. Am sure by now the said room would have been fixed and  in a tip top condition. It could be because the sudden huge crowd during holiday season, the Resort Management did not have enough time to do all the repair needed. 


One quaint thing that she found in the bathroom is the tap at the sink was "movable". Clever idea. Sure makes the Cleaner job much easier.No need to use toothbrush, like Mamarazzi  to clean under the tap


I had fun in the Jacuzzi. Had fun time puzzling which knob is for what. 

Mamarazzi also no help coz she also didn't know how to operate the jacuzzi as there was no instruction . 

Press here ...choo choo there ..brrr brr massage? syoknya. 

Cheese! Auntie Claire's trademark


By evening I was dead exhausted but Papa and Mamarazzi said let's go downstairs for free buffet dinner. Not free for me la coz I had to pay. They free for adult only.

Me no mood to eat. 


I had their cute cakes and dessert.

for Mamarazzi...she ate a lot oh...Found her favourite Petai there. Lucky we arrive early at the buffet as by 9pm most food were gone. The staffs there doesn't seems to refill anymore food. But I guess after 9pm, not many will come to have buffet anymore la.

The next morning, Mamarazzi woke up early.

She woke me up too. 


hey...nobody at the Theme Park yet.  

We woke Papa up


Off we went for the free buffet breakfast. This round I ate for free coz Mamarazzi gave her voucher to me. She was not hungry.

As there was a huge crowd, the resort added canopy by the beach and we had our breakfast there.Much nicer to makan under the canopy coz....


.....after I had my fill of food, I can go for a walk by the beach


Crazy about playing sand. Asked Mamarazzi whether I can bring some sand to the Theme Park. 

Off we went for final round of playing water


Naughty me splashing Papa.

Syok wor...


But then...kena back from Papa.


Gold Coast Morib Resort was certain a good place to be for me. I get to play as much water as l like. From what Papa said, seems cheap too as they give free entrance ticket and meal vouchers too. Worthwhile to go with family.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Roaming With Mamarazzi In Berjaya Times Square Food Court, KL

When we came back from Indonesia,  Uncle "Brown" also came back with us. He have a meeting in KL. He stayed with us and the next morning, Papa sent him for his meeting.

Mamarazzi and me tagged along lor. We jalan jalan at Midvalley looking for Christmas pressie. Yup...another late post. What to do...Mamarazzi ponteng Niv and December last year. Didn't update post then.

As it was barely 9am, Mamarazzi and me stopped by Esquire Kitchen for breakfast. Nah...not rich la...saja stopped there coz the breakfast offer was real affordable. RM5 or was it Rm5.90 for a bowl of Hor Fun and a cup of Kopi O.

But the same can't be said for my glass of soya bean lor. Mamarazzi don't remember the exact price. It was like rm3 or something like that.

Shared the bowl of Hor Fun with Mamarazzi as both of us don't eat much in terms of breakfast

Hmmm.....that time they were just starting to decorate the place

Wow.....these pine cones looks those we kutip leh in Bogor

Managed to "bodek" Mamarazzi to buy me a pair of goggles. 

 After the meeting, Uncle Brown wanted to get some good quality T-shirt with Malaysia Logo. Not the Petaling street quality type. Asked us where can get...

Alamak....we locals seldom go buy punya leh. Been to Central Market before but those similar to Petaling street quality. 

So thought try our luck at Berjaya Times Square la since that is one of the prime tourist area.

When Uncle Brown goes browsing, we went "makan-ing". Saw this Ikan Bakar stall...

Guess what is this? Ikan Bakar? Nope...Chicken...LOL...funny Mamarazzi...go Ikan Bakar(Grilled fish) stall but buy grilled Chicken pulak.

Why? coz been eating a lot of fish that week so felt like eating Chicken for a change lor. Cheap leh..If not mistaken ..price was RM8.90 . It comes with rice and a fried eggs.

Papa said dunno wanna eat what...asked Mamarazzi to buy "anything" la. She bought this lor.  Taste dunno nice or not oh.

Also a bowl of ABC(Ais Batu Campur).

Not satisfied ....Papa ordered a plate of CKT pulak.

Me? didn't feel like eating lor....wanna zzz....sleepy leh been running about the whole day.

Comment about this food court...well, at least it's pretty clean and a lot of place to sit. Not so cramp.

The downside is that it uses "card" system. Buy a card from the cashier at the front of the Food Court. Pre-load it with certain amount of money. Then go to the stall you wanted and buy food using that card. Kinda tedious coz our card ran out of "cash" when Mamarazzi was buying one of the meal. Gosh...RM50 fly so fast.

Guess this card system is to prevent the staffs manning the stalls from "masuk pocket"(pilfering) . Saw pasted on the wall was yellow notices asking customer to report staffs who accept cash and a reward of RM100 will be given.

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