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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Trans Studio, Bandung

We checked into Ibis Hotel in Bandung quite late at night. Room was a bit small which makes Mamarazzi feels irritated.

But I got a good night sleep that night coz Papa said next morning going to bring me to Theme Park.

Early in the morning woke Papa up and all of us went downstairs for breakfast

Quite a large variety of food there but I was not in the mood for eating. I am too excited.

Mamarazzi really like their fried Tang Hoon. Taste real good. Guess everyone seems to think so too coz it finished very fast. Had to wait for them to fry some more.

"Bodek-ing" Mamarazzi while waiting for the food.

The hotel was next to Trans Studio. We walked there.

How many time more wanna snap photo ni....


Entrance fees was Rp. 250,000 per person. Week days cheaper, Rp. 150,000 only.

They gave us each a card called Mega Cash...something like Touch N' Go card la. 

If wanna buy food and drinks in there have to use that card to buy.

Very vast area leh......what to play first ah...I know! CAR!

Am waiting for my "car" to come

Disappointed coz I was not allowed to "drive". Not tall enough. 

But I sort of become back seat driver la.

What's next? many games I cannot play geh coz too "ketot"(short). 

Okay la...Go for Si Bolang Adventure lah. It seems that this Si Bolang is a famous TV show over there. Something like our famous Upin & Ipin show

We took a ride in that car and it took us from state to state in Indonesia. There were cut out figures of the Si Bolang adventurer in each state showing the cultural reference there ..this and that.

What else ah....Next I want to go to the four storey high playland.

Papa and Mamarazzi waited for me outside and had some makan.

Mamarazzi thought I would be in this Pirate Ship Playland for at least half a day...just like what I did during the Big Bad WOlf Books Slae...but to her surprise, I came out within half an hour.

I said I didn't like it there coz they scold me. She asked why they "scold" me but I didn't wanna tell her. Well, after some time, I told her that they scold coz I took out my socks. Mamarazzi laughed said coz of my stinky feet la .... *pout*

Saw this pretty Jie Jie.She invited me to go in. It's Trans Studio Science Center.

Human body system

Got dancing magnet leh

Uiks!!! This plane is exactly like the one I played in Petrosains KLCC. In fact, they have a lot of things here. Maybe as big as Petrosains leh. 

We spent a long time in here.

When we finally done with the science center, my feet are itchy pulak...wanna try out rock not tall enough...

Okay la...I climb kiddo ropes lo...

I saw many people playing this exciting ride...I wanna play too. Papa said he don't wanna play. Mamarazzi said she is scared.

Well, I finally managed to pull Mamarazzi to play with me... Fuiyoh! It was sure fun!

All wet liao...13 meters drop leh....aiyo...why they don't provide rain coat geh. Saw they have two machines to blow dry us but both machines were out of service.

Second thanks...

I think I better find something less exciting to play. Papa said he wanted to go for Special Effect Action Studio...

But while walking to the Special Effect Action Studio, we came across Live Show, Legend of The Prince's Throne , about to begin.

So we sat there and waited la. Kinda cold coz wet from the ride.

The show begin with impressive introduction.

Oh my! the special effect were amazing and so does the sound system. It's really like you were at the theatre!
There was this man who thought himself invisible came. Everyone was sitting down guai guai enjoying the show and he just walk up and stood in front of us snapping photo of the performance. Stood there long time blocking my view. I can't see. I walked up to him and said excused me. He ignored me. But after I called him a few times, he finally got fed up and walk to the other side to block others people view. Think somebody told him off too coz he finally sat down.

There were some acrobatic performance too in the show. Amazing!

Then it was time to do what Papa wanted pulak...which is to watch performance of Special Effect Action. There was a long queue going in. Some didn't even bother to queue up!

 Impressive...there were fire and explosion. Bikers and stuffs like that. This time we were clever. we went to the seat furtest away from the stage. *LOL* those sat in front got wet  in the explosion .

After the show we search for more things to play. As I was holding the Map..Mamarazzi decided to go to the Information Counter to get one more Map for herself. 

At first she took the English version Map. Then she saw that they have Bahasa Indonesia Map also. She took that too. 

Oh boy was she glad to have taken it too coz she discovered that Kiddy Land was not listed in the English Version of the Map. That is the place where kids like me can play
Yay! bumper car!!!!.


I sure had fun there. Not only they have bumper cars but also bumper boats, teacups ride, train rides and a few others.

From morning play till night time 7pm...still don't wanna go back..I felt that there are still many show and games that I have yet to play leh ....but then Papa and Mamarazzi were exhausted. 

Reluctantly I went back with them la. 

They stopped by the Food court at the Mall to have Lunch cum dinner but for me...once my bum bum hit the seat...*snore*...It was sure fun fill day.

Couldn't wake up for dinner so Papa and Mamarazzi ate without me.  When arrived at the hotel, I had cup noodle.

Trans Studio Bandung
Jalan Jendral Gatot Subroto, Bandung, Bandung City, West Java 40273, Indonesia


  1. Hi There, What a neat place for kids... What did the little one enjoy the MOST... I laughed at him getting scolded for taking off his socks.. How funny is that!!!! ha

    Seems like you all wore him out since he missed dinner.... BUT--to him, it was all worth it!!!! GREAT place for kids.


    1. To him it is sure all worth it. Doesn't feel hungry with all the playing

  2. Jealous to the max! hehe....
    J is having too much fun. :-D

  3. Wahhhhhh!!!! So much fun!!! Next time you go, book my ticket also, I want to follow. I pay for myself lah...don't worry! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  4. Wah the activities at this Trans Studio is more fun wor.. Wah, sekali dengar Trans Studio macam Universal Studio.. Haha.. Minus all those cartoon characters like Batman la, keke..

    Oohh, the car picture looks like in Genting theme park.. Then the Science Centre looks like Kidzania pulak..

    Eh good wor, they have all these science thingy activity for kids.. Educational and play, both learn & play at the same time.. Don't say J boy, me also likey leh... Can spend long time there somemore.. As long as the kids suka, kan?

    Fuiyoh, rock climbing timm... Not tall enuff then become rope climbing ahh? Ok ma, better than nothing.. No orange, dapat lime pun bagus jugak, kan? J boy sure sweating very busuk, got bring extra clothes mou? Somemore kena water splash... If no bring extra clothes, then later "ngap ji ngap ji" kena cold how?

    Wah, from morning til 7pm battery not yet flat.. Forced to leave only battery flat, no dinner somemore, only cup noodle in hotel.. Hehe.. Ala, nevermind la, eat biscuits also delicious, coz can play whole day liao..

    1. hahaha ya till surname is what also dunno liao

  5. No wonder many of my colleagues go to Bandung.. got shopping, got theme park so canggih... now I know...

    1. when you going to go shapping...bring empty luggage there :p

  6. Wow, tired! Looking good, traveler

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  7. for kucing ! But must eat la....else fall sick.

  8. Good fun for your little fun, no wonder so tired and poor thing got wet.

  9. Good morning... hope you are wide awake now...hehehe! I pening following you around many things to see and do!

    1. hahaha you pening...we lagi day here one there there and half day here :p

  10. Seems like a nice place to explore! But i'm slightly over-aged :P

    1. eh no many games for adult which Mamarazzi did not highlight here coz we didnt play. Many games I cant play coz too short

  11. why mamarazzi felt so irritated with the small room?? haiyoh, small as long as tidy and clean and comfy can lah, somemore smaller room can get closer with paparazzi mah, correct?? hahaha.. but then i guess the irritation soon gone because of that plate of very nice fried tang hoon?? eih, this time mamarazzi tapao anything to bring to the Trans Studio for lunch?? :p

    1. it's like very cramp lo...wanna pusing also susah...shower room very tiny leh....something like First world genting la

  12. wah, this Trans Studio is really huge, i can see from the map!! it's even bigger than Genting Theme Park?? true also lah, Indonesia is so much bigger and populous than Malaysia, sure their things need to be big enough (while Malaysia all small scale ones)..

    1. Entah bigger than Genting or not but jalan till feet also hurting lor

  13. wah, so many photos and i can see there were a lot of things in that theme park, so how much is Rp150,000?? about RM40, not expensive at all considering there are so many things inside.. but too bad lah, maybe Small Kucing needs to grow taller in order to play all the games in there.. but poor Mamarazzi kena dragged to play that water splash game!! muahahahaha, Small Kucing all wet, but Mamarazzi didn't seem to get wet at all?? she pushed Small Kucing to the front and hid behind him?? tsk tsk tsk..

    1. The exchange rate have to divide aboyut 3.3 ...yeah around there la...

      both also kucing basah lo.....kakaka

  14. eih, really not bad lah this Trans Studio, got so many things to see and do, RM40 worth lah.. somemore stay there one whole day until 7pm woh, and also got pretty Jie Jie invited him to go into the Science Centre and probably because of that spent more time inside there huh?? eih, like that this is even more worth than Petrosains right?? :p

    1. vast area and many things to see and play and learn it's like genting theme park + Petrosains+ performing art all ad together...there were shopping too which we didnt even venture

  15. adui, kesian lah this Small Kucing, many days during this Indonesia trip also slept on the chairs in the restaurant while waiting for food to be served.. haha!!

  16. Alamak!

    Papa Kucing so naughty didn't book the presidential suite for Mama kucing ke? hehehe

    Small room ah? Big rooms always feel nicer, right? :)

    1. yea lor big big room like in bogor baru best mah

  17. Really respect ini kucings!

    Jalan-jalan macam tak penat lansung!

  18. From the look of small kucing, he was having so much fun!!

  19. Macam at Kidzania but here got more games ehh..

  20. Wah this place seems interesting and worth going! Little kucing happy la, can play and learn at the same time!

    1. certainly worth going lo. Must bring aden there when he is biggger. sure he will enjoiy the games and you enjoy the shopping


  21. This's so fun, so a great attraction for family vacation, and not much people recommend this place, thanks for your sharing!!!

    1. Guess not many here know about it maybe. Usually when say bandung, people will immediately think of shopping

  22. Wah so many things in this theme park...for a moment I thought it looked like Kidzania...then it also looked like Petrosains and Genting indoor theme park. No wonder morning play until evening also cannot finish haha :D

  23. Looks like you sure had a super great day.... No wonder you fell asleep as soon as you hit the seat.

  24. Hubby once stayed at Ibis Hotel Hong Kong and he told me that the room was extremely small too :P

    1. yea.....mainly for business stay la. Go there meeting then zz and check out


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