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Monday, 6 January 2014

Taman Safari Bogor, Indonesia

Finally....continue on with our journey to Taman Safari (Safari Park) in Bogor Indonesia

After we left Raffles Resto, Gallery and Catering, we went straight to the Safari Park.

Entrance fees for those above 6 years old was :

Rp140,000(around RM45) for local 
Rp250,000(Around RM80) for international visitor. 

Entrance Fees for kids 5 years old and below was : 

Rp130,000(around RM40) for local
RP230,000(RM75) for international visitors.

Lucky for us as we were charged local visitors fees. Even if with International Visitors fees, it was real worth it as the fees includes touring the safari; watching various animals performance(elephants show, tiger & Lion Show, Sea lion show, birds of prey show, Dolphin show, Cowboy show, Globe of death show & various animals shows), Safari trekking and to play 24 type rides from the Amusement Park.  

I bet if Auntie Lina's family were there, they will sure go for Safari Trekking. 

There was even a Water Park in there but that one have to pay separate entrance fees la

Now I sound like advertising the place pulak. But then just wait till you scroll down the page and see all the fun we have had...and the most amazing part is we didn't even cover all the activities offered there as we ran out of time.

I was very excited...wanna feed the animals there

Errrr....elephants eats carrot ka?

Apparently they do.

 Then one lady with pretty eyes and long eye lashes came up to me and say...Hi! handsome...maybe I have some carrot please.

And then one become two..two become three...

Hi! my also want carrot?

Among all, we find that Zebra have the nicest table manners as Zebra would take time to chew its food and swallow first before asking for more.


Hippo also wanna eat carrot?

 WOw! he sure have BIG BALLS horns.

Some place were slightly flooded by water from the mountain

Lucky Papa was clever as he bought one whole big bunch of bananas coz not even 1/4 of the route we had already given all the bananas and carrots that the driver helped us to buy earlier.

There were loads of animals there to be fed...zebra, deer, Tapir, camel, cassowary, bear, orangutan, giraffe, nyala, sheep, ostrich ...

Speaking or ostrich...they sure have very sharp teeth/beak leh....I was bitten by one before...that was when I was very young.

Feeding all these animals sure makes me hungry leh...errr....well...if the animals can eat the can I lah.

Mamarazzi said she wanna snap photo of a "monkey" wor

Faster...roll up the windows.

Next come the Lion ..

And Tiger  place....

Soon we came to the end of our journey...but the other part was just beginning. 

I wanted to ride the Elephants. Papa asked the price ...aborted coz if not mistaken it was around RM80 for 15 minutes ride. Another one was RM10 or something for 5 minute ride. 

Instead I went for the free rides in the Amusement Park. Each rides can got on for one time only.

But I got to play more than once coz Papa gave me his wrist ban as he is not playing

Forced to smile coz Papa and Mamarazzi wanna move on to another part of the Safari. I haven't even finish playing all the rides leh.

 Lazy Leopard having an afternoon snooze.

Really fun leh in the Baby Zoo. I get to pat the Baby Orang Utan. There was a lot of nice scenery but we didn't get to roam much coz we were rushing to the Cowboy Show,

Caught a "train" that bring us right up to the top of the mountain . Yup! That's where the Cowboy show was located.

After getting down from the "train" we still had to climb up a pretty steep mini slope. 

No more energy liao....feeling like the Leopard liao.

Let's go! No more photo!

While waiting for the gate to open, Mamarazzi continued snapping't understand the word no ka?

 Why wanna sit so high...sit here la....nearer to the performance.

But then in the end it was lucky that we sat quite high coz the performance involves several explosions. The heat from the explosion was quite hot. There were a few explosion in the water. Those who sat in the first few rows got "free shower" when the explosions happens.

Though the entire show was in Indonesian language, I still find that t was very enjoyable. The actions made me laughed. Well done!

After the show, Papa asked if Mamarazzi want to catch the Globe of Death Show. She didn't want. All those bike zooming in the lah...better bring me to the Amusement Park.

After a few rounds of kiddie rides, I was starting to feel bored. Wanted to play something more "challenging". The zooming Space Shuttle looks fun leh. Can hear many people screaming when the ship went "WHOOOSH!". Too bad I can't play coz did not meet the minimum height.

Papa and Mamarazzi was exhausted. They sat there resting while waiting for my "battery" to run out. They didn't know where my "off" button is.

It must have been all the exercise coz I came and gobbled up the meatballs from Papa's bowl of bakso.

Nooooo....I am not tired yet. I wanna play some more...there is that "house" everyone going in there...I wanna go in and see leh...Naughty Mamarzzi said it's "Haunted house"....but I don't believe la..I am not scared leh...

But Papa and Mamarazzi said no...we have to move on coz have to go to Bandung from there leh.

Supposed to visit the Flower Garden at Puncak but abandoned the plans coz Mamarazzi was exhausted and the sun was setting.

For those who wish to go for this Taman Safari, it's best to plan your activities and go early in the morning. Check the shows timetable ; then you will have more time to explore.

Wah...when we got back to the car..we discovered that not only Papa friend provided us with the transport for the day but he had also given up two BIG boxes of tarts!

I must say...the bakery over there really took their time and give it all they got when they made these tarts. It's just so dainty and taste real good. sweet "lunch" at sunset. 

Next stop.......


  1. Wow.... that was a great place ! Kucing really enjoyed himself I guess.

  2. Wahhhhhh!!!! Very long commercial break hor! Muahahahaha!!!! Bakso, that one, right? I like...but not crazy about it.

    1. Next time you go there must intro them to kampua noodles... Muhahaha....give some fame to Malaysia pulak :)

  3. Interesting place, if i were to go, i will go Safari trekking too, hehe...

  4. Wah, RM80 per head is mahal wor, hehe, I am kiamsap ma.. But if I am there also I will go and forget about the price, coz already there ma, rite.. Yes, agree with you after reading your whole post.. It's worth to go and many things to see and play leh.. Coz I see all animals very skinny leh, except the hippo.. kekekeke..

    Wah, I guess J boy had so much fun feeding the animals.. Hahaha, J boy gasak the bananas himself ahh? Ooi, those are for the poor skinny famished animals la..

    1. RM80 mahal meh? No leh ...Zoo Negara if without MyKad already RM50 lor...if local RM30. And some of our local theme park price also higher than that leh...This Safari got so many shows and things to play and see wor. Dai tho lan lor...

    2. OMG.. Really? Zoo Negara also RM50 ahh? Shame on me.. I have to admit I never took the kids to Zoo Negara b4 leh.. That's why I don't know the price..

    3. Are you serious RM50 for zoo negara entrance? That is day light robbery, man! I think I paid about RM12 donkey years ago and yet I find that it is expensive and not really worth it!

  5. Wah, J boy run here there, tried this that, battery not yet flat ahh?

    Uiiks, I thought mamarazzi can show us some photos on the haunted house, but mamarazzi said no wor, cannot go.. Haiz..

    I had bakso once when I went to Bandung during my hen's nite.. Just like bihun soup with meatballs?

    1. no battery flat leh...can play where got battery flat geh

  6. I heard about this Safari before. The interesting part is having to feed the animals from your car. Awesome!

  7. wah, the long overdue post on the Indonesia trip!! hahaha.. okay okay, rewind a bit so that i recall mamarazzi went to Indonesia first.. :p

    eih, this Safari Park looks very interesting leh, a lot more interesting than our Zoo Negara lah.. but then one thing i find funny, the entrance fees for adults and kids below 5 are only RM5 difference?? i thought should at least half the price if not free lah.. but lucky you being charged the local rates, errrr, maybe mamarazzi looks like Indonesian?? hehe~~ :p

    interesting feeding the animals from inside the car, and close encounters with live animals too!! i think only those vegetarian animals are more friendly?? the lions and tigers seemed to be more ego, or maybe they know the tourists only have carrots and bananas and no meat for them, so they also lazy to go near.. or even if they try to go near, the tourists will fled away!! :D

    monkey in the car also wanted to eat the bananas?? hahaha.. eat already feel more excited for the rides huh?? but not much time to play because the park is really huge and got so many things to see.. and really a good experience lah, got the opportunity to get close encounters with the animals and somemore can touch the orang utans!!

    and mamarazzi was very smart and wise!! when watching all these performances, better don't get so close to the stage, because sure will kena the water splash and probably being brought up to the stage to be made out a fool of by the host, haha.. always safer to stay further and keep a distance dei~~ :)

    i wonder what time did mamarazzi reach the Safari Park?? yeah, looking at the huge park and so many things to see and so many activities to do, it's wise to go there early morning and also more worth the stay lah, haha!!

    oh paparazzi's friend so sweet and caring.. he got the tarts for you all while you were having fun inside the park!! next time if he comes to KL, sure Small Kucing must take out money from his piggy bank and belanja Uncle to makan okay?? :p

    1. too many photos to sort out. Just like Anay. Now I know why anay took so long to come out with a post. food post is much easier

      Coz the driver indonesia mah. He open mouth and buy the tickets lor so got cheaper

      of course la lari far away...takut kena tangkap go up the stage LOL

      reached there around noon. so we had a few hours there only. Initially thought go there 2-3 hrs then go botanical garden. But not enough time lor,

      There were rangers car/truck at the lion and tiger compound. Guess they will help if needed la.

  8. Hippopo so cute...(I'm writing the safari malacca at the same time)

  9. Good morning... Look you had tons of fun!

  10. So much fun!!
    The carrots looks cute. hehe

  11. Wah! This blog post can fly back to Indonesia again like magic!! Wakakakaka

  12. I like this zoo very much! So unusual and friendly place to get to know the animals better. You could even tell that Zebras have good table manners! Muahahahahahaha

    1. hahaha ya mah.,..telan first baru eat some more

  13. Honestly, I might get scared to see animals so close up to me! When I took the night tour of Singapore's Safari, I had goose bumps and shaky legs all the time as the roars of the lions and tigers scared me like hell in the dark. I prefer this one in Indonesia as you are safe inside the car.

  14. They really staged a daylight robbery to charge so high for elephant rides!!! Crazy!
    You can ask Kaldip for free rides inside the hotel room and just give him pisang la! LOL

    1. hahaha....maybe long trip lor. maybe next time we go the one in Bentong one cheaper la. can even bathe with the elephants

  15. Sounds like a fun experience! But the entrance fees are not cheap at all eh? :(

    1. actually kira as cheap lor since there are a lot of interesting things there. There were aninal performance. really worth going la.

  16. wow, that's one interesting place! I hvn't been there yet. Little Kucing really enjoyed himself very much! And it's a very educational one too.

  17. So funny how fed the animals at the beginning then at the end, fed Small Kucing pula. Hahaha.. I skipped this when I went Jakarta with my mom cause I think it would be more worth to bring small kids in future. xP

  18. Good afternoon there!

    Hmm the entrance fee macam a bit pricey leh!

    1. not really pricey if consider we can go for the shows there. each hour there are show ongoing.

      then all the games leh.

  19. Wah, the anak kucing sure enjoyed himself la.

    Auntie Lina wish Auntie Lina can join also. :)

    1. can arrange a trip there. sure will like the hiking

  20. Beautiful place and I need to check the details. Love the whole thing, the safari, the food and the fun your little one had.

  21. How fun going through the Safari Park. We have one something like that a few hours from us. My parents took us there when we were very young.

    1. it must have been fun for the kids . Each time they visit you, they can go to the safari

  22. Oh my goodness I have a 13 year old grandson who would L O V E to go there too! Your son is adorable and oh what lessons he had to learn from all that! I would love to go myself. sandie

  23. So many fun activities in a day, small kucing must have really enjoyed himself.

  24. he looks so brave, getting near to all those animals :D

  25. feeding animals in safari sure very fun!

  26. The next time I visit Indonesia, I will surely visit this amazing zoo.

    I love the feeding animals, so cool!


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