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Thursday, 16 January 2014

From Jakarta to Belitung Island, Indonesia

Our trip to Indonesia was free and easy. After Papa's meeting there was nothing much planned so the next few days we were free.

Where to go ah? Jakarta was very crowded . Then Papa's friend got to know that we were in Indonesia and he invited us to visit his place in Belitung Island. He helped us with the flight arrangement.

That morning, off I went for a morning swim before check-in out from the hotel.

Breakfast by the pool. 

 This hotel certainly catered for health conscious people. They have a Healthy Corner. Papa loves the fresh fruit juices there.

There were plenty of local fruits there too. Buah Salak (Snake skin fruit) Passion Fruit and the golden oranges.

Over here we have Teo Chew porridge where we put salted fish, salted eggs and the condiments but over there it was certainly more lavish.

There was a separate chicken broth to be poured into the plain porridge. Then they have like 10-12 types of condiments for people to add.

I had some....hmmm....Papa seems to like it. Taste certainly different from what we have here

Noon, we check-out from the early. Kinda worry about the traffic jam. But we got to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

While waiting had a Vitamin C boost. I love their Vitamin C drinks there.

Mamarazzi was hungry so we had a pricey soup tulang. Taste okay la. Portion was big. She can't finish it so Papa ordered another plate of rice and helped her to finish the balance of the soup.

Pretty soon our flight was called. Bye bye Jakarta. Wow...a city full of houses.

And it seems like a blink of an eye, we were going to land on Belitung Island. Such vast difference landscape between Jakarta and Belitung Island.

I didn't even get to eat the bun and drink that the airlines gives. Yup... this round I doze off as soon as my bum bum hit the seat.

Certainly a BIG warm welcome from Uncle Anton and the clan at the airport. Our luggage were whisked away by his pals for safe storage while off we went for fun by the seaside.

If not mistaken this is Tg Pendam Beach. Uncle Anton rented a "boat" and I get to have my very first "boating" experience here.

Wee!!! It was fun!

Such lovely sunset view. Uncle Anton said this many people come to this beach to take Pre-wedding photos.

Gosh...the view here was amazing. Beach was very clean with fine sands.

manyak syok leh

I had a wonderful time playing with my new friends, Uncle Anton's daughters.

 Pretty soon it's time to makan. Off we went for a feast at a stall by the beach


  1. No belitung? Go Belitung island and did not eat chup chup... How can?

  2. Uikks, sekali pandang the title nampak macam "balitung", ingatkan that island lots of kerang, where you can hand-pick the balitung and then grill on the spot to eat.. Then read properly, oohh, "belitung", wakakaka..

    Wah, ad-hoc flying.. Sure J must be excited lor, suddenly get to sit plane again.. When I was small, I like to sit aeroplane la, especially the takeoff part, but when I grow older and began to travel for work/vacation, I don't like to board a plane lor.. Waiting for the plane very sien one, especially when I had to check-in 3 hours in advance, then waiting to board, like waiting for durian to drop ahh..

    Your breakfast by the pool picture very funny la.. When I look at the first (fruits) picture, I thought, hah, what, only fruits for breakfast? Yau mou kau chor, but when I scroll down, oohh, fresh fruit juice corner yer? Ok, then I also see porridge, etc.. That looks more like it, haha.. But where's the bacon/cheese/toast section? Ada sapu ka? Sausages/omelette/ham/baked beans leh? Ada space lagi?

    Wah, you all like celebrity.. Reached airport aje, already BIG greeting and welcome from papa's fren AND his clan.. (wahlao, write the word clan somemore, like the whole kampung mari).. Luggages whisked away and terus go beach play.. Really like greeting and celebrity arrangement leh.. Did mamarazzi put on a big black sunglasses, a hat and a scarf to cover the face boh? Celebrity ma, scared kena cam, hehehe..

    Aiiks, where's the dinner food pictures? Tengah baca syiok syiok, then, *diong*, habis liao.. Food in next post izzit? Can't wait to see what Uncle Anton and his CLANS whip up a big feast for this celebrity family leh :)

    1. hahaha...cannot eat one this...

      betul lo..have to wait long time for the plane...rather exhausting.

      They have fresh fruit juice corner very good wor.

      dinner photos lain post lo

  3. This popular Kaldip has so many friends everywhere!! Even in a remote island Belitung, he has buddies. Now Small kucing has also found new girlfriends there!

  4. Eh I like that kind of hotel that supplies fresh fruit juices....I would drink gallons of them to rejuvenate myself. I often had constipation in overseas due to the change of environment and toilets! Gah!! So I had to hunt for fruits instead for help. After reading this post, it made me think that only SE Asian countries have fresh fruit juices available easily and cheaply too. I didn't see anyone blend juices in China or Japan for me to drink.

  5. Mamarazzi has been drinking lots of sup tulang and her bones must be like steel now to throw Kaldip into the air!. I must cultivate this sup tulang habit too.

  6. Oh boy, I am glad you visited Indonesia at such young age!!! So lucky dei....nice exposure and eye opener!

  7. Wah, you and two babes on the beach! Haha... looks like you had loads of fun!

  8. oh how nice, paparazzi was invited to an island where a friend stays!! nice experience to have a place to go which is so much different from the bustling Jakarta huh?? so how long is the flight?? like flying from KL to Penang??

    1. it's more quiet....less noise. Calm and serene

      Flight was like a blink of an eye

  9. the breakfast at hotel so nice lah.. besides loads of fresh fruits and juice, the teochew porridge looks very nice!! hmmm, quite different from what we have here huh?? chicken stock for you to add in if you think it's too bland, hmm, nice idea, over here we only add in kicap, haha!! for me, if i see those condiments, i sure add a lot of everything (not a little bit of everything)~~ :p

    1. theirs is different...even have cili padi if want

  10. wow, having so much fun in Belitung Island huh?? i think this must be the best place for Small Kucing as he can play on the beach, and of course together with two leng-lui they were swimming, playing with water and the sand, so romantic huh?? haha~~ and then having coconut juice on the beach, Mamarazzi sure enjoyed herself a lot while reading a book and blown by the breeze..

    1. and some more first time get to play boating in the sea leh

  11. The beach is nice and serene. I see your little one having company and enjoying himself.

  12. A nice getaway in an island.

    Psst, small kucing, is that your girlfriend in swimsuit there? ;)

  13. How's Belitung Island? Nice?

  14. Ad hoc trip is full of fun surprises. Glad that you and family enjoyed your holiday.
    Would like to take this opportunity to wish you and love ones "Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year"
    My blog is :

    1. LOL,,,,,yea was fun. Yea i have your blog in my reading list

  15. I always see people having their holidays in Indonesia, as for myself... I've never set foot on that country before.. People go to intriguing places that I've never heard before, like Belitung Island.. but I'm not keen to go to Indonesia anytime soon.. so at the moment, I'll just see postings about it from others ;)

    Happy New Your too! :)

  16. I always see people traveling to Indonesia.. seems like an interesting place, but I've never set foot on that country before.. Some places people go to are not know to be, like Belitung Island.. I'm not keen to visit Indonesia anytime soon.. so for now, I'll just see postings from others :)

    Happy New Year too!

  17. Belitung island looks like a very serene place to visit. Haha, Small Kucing found some nice friends to play with. The hotel in Jakarta really provided you all with healthy and delicious food.

    1. It is a a serene place. Ya nice to rest and relax

  18. I also love taking picture from the aeroplane.

  19. I could go for a nice breakfast by the pool. I don't think I have ever done that. Looks like you stayed at a super great place.

  20. wow looks like a fun trip on beach ;D

    hehe.. miss the beach where I go... so long no go beach.


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