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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

Gong Xi Fatt Chai! Happy Chinese New Year!

May this year brings you good health and wealth. 

Don't forget to fill your rice container full to the brim ya!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Chargrilled Whole Squid with Lemon and Black Pepper

 As Mamarazzi mentioned in earlier post, Uncle Anton gave us a whole lot of fish and sotong(Squid).

All quite big. SHe was not sure how and what to cook it with. Sambal Petai? Hmm ...fridge no petai wor.

Look for Mr G la. Found Jamie Oliver's recipe for  "Chargrilled whole squid with chilli & mint". 

As usual...Mamarazzi didn't have the complete ingredients so she "pakai hentam" la. Slitted the sotong like what Jamie Oliver did.

Put lemon juice,extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and salt then drizzled all over the squid.

Sumbat(stuffed) the whole tray into the oven . 

 As the sotong were turning white, before it hangus start to char, she too out and spoon up some of the "juice" from the tray. This to be use as dip for the sotong.'s ready...

Taste...not bad. Fuiyo...the sotong were full of "eggs" (roe) . Papa love to eat the roe.

Well, kira as not bad la for first attempt making this Chargrilled Squid.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Wonderful Christmas and Housewarming

 Yikes! Chinese New Year just a few days away, Mamarazzi had better post up Christmas post la  Cham...."holiday" too long for December many backlogged post.

Last year we had a mini housewarming and Christmas part at our home.

Nice of not? I made this with Papa. The cones are the ones we "kutip-ed" from "Raffles Resto, Gallery & Catering, Taman Safari".

 Ah Kong and Ah Mah came for medical check up again Mamarazzi and me took the opportunity for a short meet up with Auntie Lina and  missed SK by a few minutes.

Collected  pressie from Auntie Lina and SK. *muka tembok China*. Errr...SK's gift is not here...missing in action coz when I heard pressie from SK, I straightaway "dig" the pressie...he really know how to make a kiddy smile with joy.

Auntie Lina too whole load of gift but what I love the most is the Banana Boat Sunblock...She know me well...ahem waiting for swimming suit pulak....

 We walked around Midvalley for a bit and I got free cotton candy from the stall there! My second time having cotton candy.

 Came home found this lovely handmade card from 小影.
 We received quite a number of cards too but somehow Mamarazzi kinda forgot to snap photos. Blur blur stong. Thank you very much to Wenn, Azura and anonymous from Taiping for the cards and gifts.Thank you for thinking of us.

Big thank you to Sharon from Singapore for your Christmas and New Year Card. It came just in time.

Guess who is this from? Got it on the morning of our housewarming party. Thank you very much Auntie Claire! So special.

(Photo credit to nylusmilk)

Yeah.... Mamarazzi have been slacking off. Didn't snap photo of the mini housewarming and Christmas party. Thanks to Nylusmilk for snapping photos and forwarding them to Mamarazzi

Yup yup...Mamarazzi was busy showing off her library ...

 I had so much fun showing off my room and dug out all my toys to play with my friends

Aiyo..really paiseh..friends and family also brings gifts for us.

 On Christmas day I was very excited to see what Santa brought for me and also to unwrapped  the pressie. I have been looking forward to it for whole week long leh.

But the imagine my shock....YIKES! what happened to all the pressie???

Mamarazzi said must be because I was naughty for the past few days. Santa came and took away all the gifts and gave to other kids.

I hunted around the house but...nope..elek....tarak gifts.... they were gone.

But by evening, Santa must have pitied me . When I woke up from my afternoon nap, the gifts came back. I became "good" for a few days before starting again.

Thank you very much for all your cards and gifts...Uncle Arthur, Uncle Patrick, Auntie Florence, Auntie Siew, Auntie Elin and family, Auntie Chee Yee and family, Auntie Alice and family, Auntie Liew, Auntie Yoke Li, Auntie Fay, Auntie Kristen, Jie Jie Nylusmilk, Mommy "Yen", Yee Poh, Kaw Kaw LL, Papa, Mamarazzi and Anonymous(s).

And  Yashveer too for this Lego Monster Battle Truck! Me "loike".....

Monday, 27 January 2014

Double Liver and Smoked Duck Rice @ Restaurant Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot, Sg Buloh New Village

This was back in October or November last year. After my tuition, tarak tau what to eat. Dropped by  Restaurant Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot la. Thought eat something not so filling like steamed boat.

But then Mamarazzi saw this. Hmm...long time have not eat this. She ordered one small pot.

Ordered a bit of stuffs for the steamboat.

I wanted "noodles" for the steamboat

But I was very hungry at that time leh....hmm...the "yee Mee" already fried...errr...can eat like "mamee" gua...nice and crunchy leh

This quial eggs I ordered punya. I love quail eggs. 

Finally Mamarazzi's Wax Duck Rice arrived. Tak sempat snap photo , the waiter "gaul" the things already

MMmm....Mamarazzi said smell so nice. taste not bad. But Papa ate said he didn't like it coz of the strong smell.

As for me...I eat it with "kar Liu"(add ingredient). Yup...I added the quail eggs to the rice. Weird but I do it my way.....

Hmm.... Chinese New Year is just around the corner.. guess it's the best time to stock up those wax duck and Chinese sausages. Can make in to "Lap Mei" rice. should be good.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Belitung, Jakarta and Home

The next morning we did not have their buffet breakfast coz our plane was an early one. Another long wait at the hotel's reception counter as many were checking-out from the hotel and only one staff was on duty there.

The staff did not give Mamarazzi the voided credit card deposit slip when we were check-out and Mamarazzi was blur sotong. Didn't think of asking.

End up when we arrived KLIA, she received SMS text from XXXX bank  telling her a transaction was performed on her card on the  day we check-in...Really panic beruk lor...called the shitty XXXX bank and nobody pick-up the call. Tried for more than an hour. Even tried to call their "Report Card Lost" line also nobody attend.

End up so damn frustrated that she e-mailed them and told them to call her back, failing which she would escalate the matter to BNM. It seems to work a the very next day a staff from their CRU contacted her.

Okay...enough of ranting...the matter finally solve after two weeks of ding dong.

Well, my last and final chance to bully Uncle Anton before flying back...I made him accompany me to the playground by the airport and play with me coz Mamarazzi was too lazy tired to layan me.

Haiz...this Mamarazzi....wanna snap photo pulak...faster la... later the plane fly off without us.

Another round or waiting at Jakarta Airport.  This one long wait leh.

So we had some lunch here. I had this noodle. Not sure what was the name. By then Mamarazzi was blur sotong liao. Tasted a bit like our Wantan Mee but with more things in it.

Mamarazzi had their fried rice. Hmm....taste...Okay la though she would like the rice be less soggy.

Yawn...sleepy leh....but no where to sleep.

So went to J.Co for a coffee fix lo. Papa bought coffee and they gave him a free donut. 

 Hmmm....sugar fix....

Duracell bunny is back ...battery charges

But soon battery low again.....Mmm...Mamarazzi wondered how they put the writing on that piece of choco.

Arrived home was pretty late but I was very excited as Uncle Anton said his daughters had packed a big box of pressie for me. Wow! Thank you very much Uncle Anton!

Not only that...he also bought loads of seafood for us to bring home....Muahahaha.....soon you will be bombard by Mamarazzi's fish and sotong post lor. .

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Kedai SS - Ayam Tulang Lunak , Belitung Island Indonesia

After having by the beach, we went off to see sunset on the other side of the island pulak. 

It was still early. We stop by the "playground" and Uncle Anton rented "beca" for me to play with. Hmmm....Mamarazzi also never saw these before. The passenger seat in front instead of at the side or behind. 

My first passenger!

That "beca" was a bit small for more adventurous...want bigger "beca" ...can bring two girls "gai-gai_ at the same time.

Next...who wanna "naik" my "beca"?

But pretty soon, I had to stop coz the adults wanna snap photos of sunset by the beach . No photo here of me coz I was pouting.

Uncle Anton was very patience as he "layan" my "moodiness". He bring us to play "fishing" but soon the rain interrupted our game.

As it was near dinner time, uncle Anton bring us food hunting.

 Wahhh....the restaurant very clever wor...once seated they put a plate of these on the table. 

 It's something like Pulut Lepa.

 We had "chicken" rice. I had the ayam goreng(Fried chicken) though it doesn't looked fried. Portion just nice for me.

 Papa had the rib set. It comes with rice

 and tempel

Uncle Anton who is accustomed to the food there had the ribs with extra bird eyes cili paste .

 Mamarazzi had their Bebek Set...Bebek is duck. ...Forgotten the way it was cook but taste good. well marinated and not "ducky" smell.

 The set comes with so many things leh...soup , ulam(uncooked vege), cucumber, keropok and cili. Service was fast and friendly.

Not that pricey also as the set price ranges between Rp13,000 to Rp28,000 depending what meat and way of cooking you choose. That is around RM4 to RM10 per set. Cheap.

Not sure where exactly is the location but it's at Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. Google search found there is one mention of the restaurant with address as Jl Gegedek 29, Tanjung Pandan Belitung. Tel 0811 7 111010

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