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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Trio Permata - Restaurant Masakan Padang, Bogor

The next morning we woke up early....really early leh...coz over the 6am Indonesia time, the sun already burning the bum bum leh.

Went downstairs for the complimentary buffet breakfast.

Selection not bad leh. I like their orange Juice. Being kiasu, Mamarazzi went up stairs and got an empty mineral water bottle down.

"Tapau-ed" a bottle of orange juice for me to drink later and 5 hard boiled eggs. Papa went for the meeting while Mamarazzi and me hang out in the room watching television .

Noon, Papa came back and we packed up. Next destination, Uncle "Brown's" home in Bogor.

Halfway in the Taxi I got wrried coz I was not sure if Mamarazzi packed my stinky lamb lamb along. I asked Mamarazzi and she said she had packed but I took Lamb Lamb out from the luggage to play with.

Oh no...I can't recall whether I did put it back or not. Mamarazzi said if lamb-lamb was left in the hotel then it means bye bye.

Papa called the hotel and the cleaning crew said they have not cleaned the room yet but will take note if they found my lamb lamb.

Despite everything, I managed to sleep on the way to Bogor. Woke up at this restaurant.

Papa suggested we have lunch before hunting for hotel. Uncle Brown and the taxi driver discussed. They suggested this restaurant

For those who are not aware, "masakan padang" is Padang Cuisine. Usually in restaurant like this, customer do not need to order. Once they are seated, the waiter will bring out all sort of dishes and stack it up on the table. Customers only need to pay for the dishes that they ate. Customers will not be charged for the untouched dishes.

It's amazing how the waiter can carry so many dishes in one hand

Mamarazzi like the "Ayam Pop"(Pop Chicken). Taste a bit like out herbal baked chicken. 

I was not in the mood for eating. Saw the garden by the window. Went and have a look.

Beautiful garden. There were fish and tortoise in the small pond

Not sure of the exact address of this restaurant but it's located along Jl.Pajajaran, Bogor, West Java. You might want to try out the food here.


  1. Untouched dishes will be retrieved after the meal? Sounds a bit odd for me in terms of hygiene factor :x

  2. Seems like a good place ! Besides Bali and Jamaica, I dunno any other places in Indonesia.

  3. The hotel's complimentary breakfast looks very good and filling. The complimentary breakfasts at hotels here are orange juice, coffee, and bagel or toast. This is what they call a continental breakfast. But I feel sad for whatever continent has to eat this for breakfast! I hope you get your lamb back!

  4. Oooooo....I love your t-shirt. such nice eyes. Got my size or not?

  5. wah…5 hard boiled egg??? Two are enough for me already!!! =]

  6. Aikks, J boy still holding his bantal busuk wherever he goes ka? I assume that lamblamb is his bantal busuk? Or soft-toy busuk?

  7. Ooh, they allow you to bring your own tumbler and refill the drinks there? Actually, I also did that before in the hotel. A few hotels. I took my own tumbler, and wanted to refill the juices into my tumbler, but the waiters saw it and said cannot leh...

  8. Whoa, 5 hard boiled eggs? Just for J boy or for the 3 of you?

  9. Masakan Padang yeah I heard of it. So how is the chicken pop? Sure good right?

  10. They are all train to take so many dishes at one time.

  11. Oh, got such cuisine! I wonder... hmmm... you know what I'm thinking? hahahaa...better not say it.. Anyway, it is nice to try different food culture, I am all for it!

  12. Wow, the waiter carry so many plates in one hand...

  13. Good morning....
    Hope you have re-united with your stinky lamb!

  14. 6am already very shinny out there?? then i guess the sun sets rather early also probably about 6pm?? but never mind lah, woke up earlier, Mamarazzi and Small Kucing still gotta nap for a while after breakfast when Paparazzi went meeting till noon~~ :p

  15. wah, kiasu Mamarazzi!! tabao-ed one bottle of orange juice and 5 eggs from the buffet!! errr, can do that ah?? nobody ever stopped Mamarazzi for doing that?? haiyah, like that Mamarazzi should have taken more and enough for lunch also lah, hahaha~~ :D

    1. Yalah! LOL

      Auntie Lina never thought of tapau juice before! Now can follow Mama Kucing style and do it! kekeke

  16. aiyoh, what a tragedy!! so where is that stinky lamb lamb now?? did Small Kucing get it back and now hugging him to sleep?? hmmm, at least Small Kucing didn't merajuk without the stinky lamb lamb and can still sleep soundly.. perhaps ate too much for breakfast till nyanuyk already?? :D

  17. oh, that Padang cuisine sounds interesting.. so it's like some of the dimsum shop we go here, they just put everything on the table, and you only take those you wanted and get them to take away those you do not want?? that was hell lot of dishes being served, wow, i like that!! the chef must be so busy cooking various types of dishes since early morning in the wee hours huh?? impressive..

  18. So did you manage to find your lamb lamb? Hopefully it didn't get left behind! Oh,heard about the Padang cuisine before.. quite an interesting way of serving although the food must not be very fresh then since they would be served over and over again for different tables if they're not touched...

  19. So many food to eat.. can finish a?

  20. Mama Kucing,
    Tapau juice using 500ml bottle or 1.5ltr bottle? hehehe

  21. So, got found lamb lamb or not?

  22. Tasted the nasi padang before and I just loved those different side dishes. The place looks very inviting and wonderful.

  23. Wow, now I know what is masakan padang! Really an eye opener~

  24. Not bad for a boy your age; you keep staying in hotels!

  25. I guess the hotel closes one eye when you tapao from the buffet spread. As for the masakan padang, do they just leave all the dishes on your table until you finished eating and then only take back those untouched dishes? Instead of asking you which ones you want and take back the rest immediately?

  26. What a fun restaurant. It's kind of like the Brazil thing they do. We lost "Minky" one day for my step-daughter. It didn't turn up until 20 years later, tucked way under the bed with many dust bunnies. We called her as an adult, and told her we found "Minky".

  27. Some of the complimentary breakfasts in the motels aren't too bad and offer a lot of food. Others... you are lucky to get coffee and a donut.


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